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The following story is fiction about corruption in Santa's workforce.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping of boys and elves.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Scandal in Toyland


The headline was shocking.  It ran across the top of The North Pole Daily Despatch on a New Years Day extra.  It was truly the scandal of century involving many elves.  The keepers of the naughty and nice lists were corrupt.  Some elves had been extracting favors from innocent children.  A few of those children were properly eligible for the 'nice list' were tricked by some corrupt elves intent on satisfying their own perverted desires.  Others, were similarly made to pay to clear the slate but remained on some copies of the 'naughty list'.

Your diligent reporter managed to interview several of the renegades' young victims.  The names have been changed to protect the unfortunate minors ensnared and abused in the name of the most honorable Mr. Kringle.

Here is one typical report from a ten-year-old, nice-list Billy in the fifth grade in a mid-west USA city:

I've gotten to the age where I don't really believe in the fat guy in the red suit anymore but I played along for the sake of my kid brothers and to keep the parents happy.  The day after we did the 'sit on his lap at the mall' bit I was home alone – working hard raking up the last of the leaves.  This was not the week to skip my chores.  Suddenly, this elf appears before me.  Peldir, as he called himself, just popped out of thin air like a character in a fairy tale.  He knew I had been at the mall and said that when they checked my records they showed that I had eaten more than my fair share of treats three times this year that my parents did notice.  He said that I had one chance to clear the slate before the lists were closed in a few hours.  That's exactly what dad says when he's about to spank me.  I was trapped.  I was wavering in my disbelief because this elf was real.  He lead me to porch steps where he sat down.  He opened my jeans and pulled them down.  Then with a wicked smile he pulled down my briefs.  He stared at my privates and pulled me over his lap.  He spanked me hard.  Very hard.  Harder than dad spanks.  He made me cry.  Then he stood me up and said that the lists would be fixed and not to worry.  I saw that he had a stiffy as he vanished just like he had come and leaving me with a very sore bottom.  I hope that justice is done.

Just because a boy is not so nice, does not mean that he should be abused.  Here is one typical report (put into standard English) from twelve-year-old Henry in the six grade in a depressed area of a USA city.© YLeeCoyote

H***, I never believed the Santa Claus s*** and I ain't got any stockings to hang from no mantle and no fire place with a chimney either.  If I had, I would wear them to keep my feet warn in the cold.  I had just grabbed some milk from the cases left on street in front of the store and was drinking it in the alley when Emlindir popped into view.  That's not right but he popped about a few times and convinced me that he was real and an elf who works for Santa.  He was even wearing a stupid red and green costume with tights.  He told me that Santa was real and he could help me get on the good list which would mean presents.  "How, man?" I asked.  The prev told me that he wanted to beat my ass.  Guaranteed that it would get me on the good list which would mean presents.  I fell for that scam.  I gave him my belt and my jeans fell to the pavement.  I pushed my boxers down and his eyes bulged when he saw the meat I was packen'.  I leaned on the wall like The Man was frisking me and then he gave me twenty hard hits with my heavy belt.  He popped out of my life and I got nada for Xmas except a red ass.  I sure was f***ed by that pointy-eared prev.

Great kids still exist as shown by this report from almost thirteen-year-old Eddie who by protecting his nine-year-old sister, Maryann, was abused.

I was in the backyard pushing Maryann on her swing that she loves and had gone into the house to get a drink.  When I returned there was this elf who said his name was Dimaethor.  Maryann was frightened and said he just appeared and said she had to be spanked.  I told him to get out of my yard or I would call the police as I tried to get my sister into the house.  He jumped about a few time and said he was an elf from Santa which got Maryann very interested.  Dimaethor claimed that Maryann was on the naughty list and need to be spanked to get on the good list.  She really believes all that stuff.  Worse was that she believed this elf and was eager to get across his lap to guarantee still another Barbie doll under the tree.

No way was I going to let this elf get his paws on my little sister but she believed him. I wanted to jump the elf but he could pop through space and get away and leave Maryann crying.  I was desperate.  Then it came to me.  I said I would take the spanking and Dimaethor agreed with a smile, a leering smile.  He sat on the bench and took down my pants and briefs before pulling me over his lap.  He spanked me very hard with his hand.  Maryann held my hand which gave me the strength not to cry.  Then he finished, told us the list would be fixed and disappeared.  I hurt for a few days.  This MONSTER should be punished most SEVERELY.

* * * * * * * * * *

The investigation was very thorough and the trials fast.  There were many thousands of elves charged and most were convicted of one or more counts.  All the convicted were reduced to the lowest pay grade, stripped of many powers such as teleportation and reassigned to the least pleasant jobs at the local station.  Additionally, for each guilty verdict they were to get a session in the spanking machine.  This was a public shaming along with the CP aspects.

The heavy demand required the construction of several more spanking machines but as the holiday peak season was past the factory was able to produce them quickly.  Working around the clock, it required almost three months to deal with the errant elves.  It was easy to identify them since they had to wear hideous red and yellow checked jumpers and green and yellow striped tights.  The good (and even some of the naughty) elves thronged to the spanking arenas to observe the naughty ones getting their spankings.  The arenas, especially the first few days, were packed to the rafters with voyeurs anxious to observe the degenerates' punishment.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 10, 2011

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