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The following story is fiction about the spanking of two youths.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The School Note


Fourteen-year-old Paul was not a happy camper.  Without any advanced warning his parents had to be away for a week yet he had to remain home to attend school.  Paul would have been quite happy to stay alone but his parents refused to allow him to do so.  "Eleven-year-old kids babysit and I'm fourteen.  I know how to take care of myself.  I can keep myself clean, change my clothes and even wash them.  I can get to school and back.  I can buy food (if you leave me the money) and know to eat." he argued in the manner of an attorney.  His parents were not persuaded.  For various reasons he could not stay with friends so his cousin, Tony, who was all of seventeen, was drafted to stay with him for the week.  Unfortunately, the two did not like each other and it did not help that Tony was given great powers including the right to discipline.  However, there was one important difference between the two families regarding discipline.  Paul's parents did not believe in spanking.  Not only did Tony's parents believe in spanking but so did he and he hoped that there would be a situation that he could spank his cousin.

On the second day of this unpleasant arrangement there was trouble at Paul's school.  Along with a lecture the VP gave him a note expounding on his alleged infraction for his parents which had to be signed and returned.  Since the note had to be returned within two days, he had no other choice but to ask Tony to sign in as he was in loco parentis.

"A note from school!" declared Tony with some schadenfreude, "That means a spanking."  Paul doubly protested that, first, he was innocent and, second, that he never got spanked.  "A school note does not get signed until you get spanked."  repeated Tony.  "That is the rule!" he insisted dogmatically.

Even though he was innocent and was sure that it would become in due time, returning the signed note was a requirement to prevent suspension.  He also knew that he could not convince Tony of his innocence so, most reluctantly, he agreed to be spanked.

"Strip and wait in the corner with your hands on your head and I'll be there in a few minutes." ordered Tony quite thrilled at being able to give a spanking after so many years of receiving them.  Even better, there was not any doubt that it was justified according to the rules he grew up with so there would not be any need to justify the spanking.© YLeeCoyote

Tony spent a few minute luxuriating in the anticipation of the joy of giving his first spanking before going to Paul's room.  Once there he observed the youth whose cute ass he would soon make blazing hot.  He pulled the desk chair out and sat down.  "Come here, Paul, and get over my lap for your well-deserved spanking." he said cheerfully and smiling.  Paul turned and headed for his doom silently for he did not want to humiliate himself again by pleading his case to an unfair judge.  He placed himself in the shameful and embarrassing OTK spanking position.  The first few hand spanks hurt but were certainly bearable and he did not cry out while absorbing the pain.  He resolved that he would, as the stories put it, take it like a man.

It was without warning that Tony made a change.  Having had the pleasure of watching his hand prints form on his cousin's butt and then coalesce into a red blob, he switched to a far more effective implement – the old hairbrush with its heavy wooden back.  This would prove to be a fateful decision.  The first spank with this old fashioned implement caused Paul to react strongly.  First, he howled as loud as a pack of wolves does at the full moon.  Second, the seriousness of this assault registered.  Finally, he responded quickly, vehemently and physically.

He sprung up and grabbed Paul's arm as it was descending again, stopping it like a brick wall stops a man running into it.  It was not that he was stronger than his older cousin but that he was driven by the adrenaline – the fight hormone – that suddenly was racing through his veins and gave him super strength.  He yanked Tony out of the chair and practically threw him onto his bed.  He grabbed the hairbrush and leaning on his cousin so that he could not get up began to spank him with the hairbrush.  He spanked Tony very hard and he was hurting, even though he was wearing pants.  Over and over Paul beat his older cousin who was soon howling and bawling.  Only then did Paul stop.

Brush in hand, Paul easily convinced Tony to sign the school letter.  Tony retreated to his bedroom and cried himself to sleep.  By the time he got up, Paul had already left for school.

It was shortly before the final bell, that Paul was summoned to the VP's office.  The secretary gave him another letter for his parents.  It explained that the previous letter was a mistake and that Paul had not been a party to the offence.  It casually stated:  "We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."  This letter, Paul noted, did not have to be signed and returned.

It was with some glee that Paul showed Tony this second letter.  Tony's immediate reaction (before reading it) was that it was obvious that you are in great need of strict discipline.  He turned red when he read it.  "I told you that I WAS INNOCENT.  You should have believed me." Paul declared forcefully.

Fortunately, Paul parents returned the next day.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 29, 2011

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