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The following story is fiction;  It contains scenes of caning and shaving of an adult male.   If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop reading now.

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Schoolboy Clerk


It had not been a good week for Daniel.  At least three customers had complained to the manager about him already this week and even though today was a half day he was not looking forward to it.  The initial signs were not good.  He had not gotten out of bed until the second snooze alarm rang so that he had to rush.  He spilt his coffee on his last clean appropriate-for-work shirt and he had to put on yesterday's which was quite crumpled, for he had balled it up when he had tossed in the corner the previous night.  His bus was more than punctual this morning and he had to wait for the next so that he was tardy for work.  After another customer complaint and his manager observing that he messed up a potentially big sale, he was ordered to see the owner in his office after closing time.

At 1505, after the shop was closed and everyone else had left he was sitting in the anteroom of the boss' office.  He had a terrible feeling of déjà vu.  He was just thirteen, he recalled, and waiting nervously outside his father's study because of some infraction or other.  It had been more than a quarter of a century ago and he no longer recalled exactly why he was there.  He remembered though that he was very glad that the chair was padded, for his bottom still hurt.  His bottom hurt  from the kisses it had received while fully exposed in front of the entire class from the teacher's tawse that very same afternoon while Daniels trouser's were about his ankles.  He knew even then that after the interview with his very strict and stern father that he would not be able to sit at all.  He would have preferred to have waited standing up but his father's directions precluded that.  Young gentlemen sit while animals pace he had declared definitively.

After what seemed hours, his father had called him in to the study.  His father was at his prime and looked it.  He had the teacher's letter open on his desk.  The dreaded cane was not out.  'Perhaps there is some hope' thought Daniel.  His father spoke, sternly as always: "Daniel, do you have anything to say about this?" handing him the dreaded letter.

Daniel read the letter.  The teacher had been meticulously accurate in every detail.  He had not even exaggerated even a single one.  There was no need for Daniel's crimes had been great.  There really was little to say.  "No, father, I regret the errors and promise not to repeat them."

His father took back the letter and gave him a long lecture.  Now he remembered only the last sentence: "Get the junior cane from the cupboard and get into position."© YLeeCoyote

He did as he was ordered promptly.  Delay was not acceptable.  When he opened the cupboard he saw not only the junior cane but the senior cane.  His older brother knew about that one, just as he would in the future.  After placing the cane on his father's desk in the prescribed position, he removed his blazer and placed it neatly folded on the side chair.  This was soon followed by his tie, shirt, trousers (folded, of course) and underwear.  Then his shoes and socks were placed under the chair.  He was naked.  He felt even more venerable than before.  This was the first time his father has seen him naked since he had gotten pubic hair.  He felt ashamed that even though he was a young man he was being treated as a little boy.  Far more shame then he had felt before he had hair at his crotch.  Fortunately his brother was not here to watch his humiliation and canning.

He lay across the desk and griped it tightly so as maintain the required position.  Not only did moving get rewarded with extras, but derisive remarks casting aspersions on his masculinity.  His father picked up the cane and moved into his position.  He winced as his father swung the thin cane to check its flexibility.  Then the cane was swung again, this time with significantly more effect.  It hurt!  But he managed not to cry out; he knew a mark had been left on his bottom.  Five more times the cane was raised and five more times it crashed painfully into his bottom leaving its mark and delivering pain.

He heard his father open the cupboard and knew that the caning was finished.  He did not move, however, until his father told him to return to his room.  As he dashed up the stairs and through the hall carrying his clothes he had hoped that his little sister, mother and the maids where elsewhere.

His reverie was interrupted by the owner calling him.  The owner reminded him of his father some ten years earlier when he died in a tragic accident.  Impeccably groomed with exactly the same moustache and traditional style of suit.  He got the lecture he deserved describing his error in excruciating detail.  He then got a choice that he did not expect: the sack or the cane.  He took the cane; jobs were hard to come by.

As directed, he got the cane from the cupboard; it was a senior cane.  He undressed as he had for his father.  He was painfully aware that at forty he was being treated as an errant schoolboy of thirteen.  He got into position over the desk.  The owner got into position and tested the cane.  The whoosh it made brought back painful memories.  He braced himself for, although it had been more than twenty years since he had felt the cane, he still vividly remembered its vicious bite.  Seconds later he felt it again and it was as painful as ever.  The owner stopped after six.  He thought he was done but he was not.  The owner went to the other side and gave him another six.

He was dismissed and told to get dressed in the anteroom and then leave.  If his performance did not show improvement he would be dismissed without a reference.

Daniel walked slowly away from his place of employment.  He felt bad and his ass, no his bottom (as appropriate for a schoolboy) hurt greatly.  He was not in the mood to take a bus and to be forced to be near all sorts of strangers.  He stopped in a bar.  It was one that he frequented occasionally.  It was not busy.  He had a couple of straight doubles rapidly.  They dulled the pain and made him tipsy for he was not a drinker.  He had been watching a very attractive man in the bar.  He was in leather and looked like he could have been one of Tom of Finland's models.  Daniel spoke with the man who introduced himself as Jake.  When he stood next to him he felt small for Jake was at least 20 cm taller than Daniel.

Jake was very domineering.  He looked just like the last Prefect Daniel had when he was in the Public School.  A Prefect that he had great respect for he was very intelligent and fair although extremely strict.  Almost immediately Jake had full control of the interaction.  Jake ordered him to sit at a table with him.  Daniel's objections on the grounds of pain were immediately overruled and, reluctantly, he obediently sat as commanded by the younger man.  Daniel's natural affinity for men like Jake, particularly while under the influence of alcohol and the cane got him to tell his entire story to Jake.

"Daniel, I really expect be obeyed as a Prefect by errant schoolboys that have gotten caned.  They quickly learn to obey or pay a penalty.  Men get flogged, but not schoolboys like you Daniel; schoolboys get caned.  You're just another little schoolboy.  Aren't you, boy?"  Jake was staring into Daniel's eye as he was talking.  His shear animal magnetism made Daniel yield to Jake's will.  It was not hypnotism but simple dominance.

"Yes, Prefect Jake, I'm just an recalcitrant schoolboy who has been caned today."

"The head sent you to me for special instructions."  As Daniel nodded Jake continued.  "You will do as I tell you to without question or you will be caned again."  Daniel continued to nod in acceptance.  Jake then explained that sometime boys grow hair where only men (and not boys) have hair and mistakenly think that they are men because of it.

"That is not good." said Daniel without knowing why but following the lead of the Prefect who was giving him personal attention.  "They do men's things and get into trouble."

"Like you did, boy?"

"Yes, like I did.  I'm really to young to have pubic hair like a man.  I'm just a boy.  A schoolboy with twelve fresh cane stripes on my boy bottom."

"I want you to keep thinking that Daniel.  You're just a boy and should not have any pubic hair."  Daniel kept nodding.  It was a secret thought he had been incubating for a long time.  This was the first time that it was being vocalized though.  Deep inside he knew that he should not have pubes, but he did not how to solve the problem.  Daniel had a wish to be a boy again and to be under the control of strong men like his sorely missed father.

Jake was formulating instructions.  "You will go home now.  When you get there you will strip and examine yourself in the mirror.  Your cane marked bottom is that of a boy.  You will clip your pubes so that you don't look a man there.  Then you will shave it very smooth.  Understand?"

Daniel said he understood and repeated back the instructions.  Jake took Daniel's phone number and sent him home.

Daniel rushed home for he had a task set for him.  Jake had given him the answer to a problem he had long had.  Once home he stripped and examined himself.  It was not good.  He was incoherent.  One side a boy; the other pretending to be a man.  He knew what he must do.  He got his little hair clipper out and turned it on.  He moved it over his pubes and the hair fell away like stalks of grain in the reaper's path.  He suddenly felt better.  He noticed the hairs in his armpits.  That did not match either so he clipped them also.  The he got into the shower and shaved himself smooth.

Once in bed, he felt relaxed, like a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders.  He kept his hand on his smooth crotch and it felt proper.   He was only a boy and that is how boys are.

Jake called him early in the morning.  He did not mind that Perfect Jake had woken him up.  The Perfect had the right to wake him for he was only a schoolboy.  A schoolboy with a smooth hairless crotch.  He told Jake, even before he asked, that he felt good about that.  Then Jake gave him his orders:

  1. He was to shave regularly to keep himself smooth as befits a naughty boy.  He would do it one month for every cane stroke he receives starting with the dozen of yesterday.
  2. He was to write a letter to the shop owner thanking him for a second chance and all.
  3. He was to get a notebook and log his canings and shaves.

Later Daniel wrote the letter.  It was easier than he had expected for his father once had him write a letter to a teacher before he was even in the Public School.


Thank you for the great kindness you showed me yesterday in allowing me to remain in your employ.  I promise to do my very best for you at all times and to maintain your high standards.

I beg that you not hesitate to chastise me again as you have done should I again fail to do as I should for you.

Again, thank you allowing me the honor of continuing working for you.

Your most obedient servant,

/s/ Daniel

Daniel delivered the note the next day in an envelope marked strictly private.  The owner smiled as he read it.  He had but one regret; that he had not done it a long time earlier.  He was sure that he would have further occasion to cane Daniel.

Shortly before closing a couple of days later Daniel noted that a customer has left an envelope on his counter.  When he examined it he saw that it was addressed to him.  It contained a brief note from Jake directing him to go to the bar where they met directly from work.  Daniel obeyed the Prefect's written orders.

In the bar he was approached by a young man who was not even half his age.  Wilhelm had been directed by Jake to inspect Daniel, inquire into his obedience and to answer any questions.  He was even empowered to administer punishment and give directives according to very strict rules.  In the men's room, Daniel lowered his trousers and shorts so that Wilhelm could inspect him.  He was surprised that he did not feel more embarrassed.  Later he realized the Wilhelm always addressed him as boy and boys get used to submitting more than men.  He had one question for Wilhelm – what should he tell the shop owner if he was to be caned again.   The answer was simple: "You better tell the truth as lying is punished by the cane."

It was five weeks after the initial caning that Daniel messed up again in the shop.  As he waited outside of the owner's office he recalled what happened the first time.  The owner was much quicker with him this time.  When he stood before the owner naked he did not feel so ashamed as he the first time.  Then he was exposing his man fur to another man and felt like a weak man.  Now he was just a hairless boy before a powerful man.  It was a more natural situation.  As he had feared, the owner asked the question and he told him the whole truth: Perfect Jake had instructed him that each cane stroke mean a month of shaven pubes.  The owner said that this was a good thing and if he ever saw him with prohibited hair he would get an extra six.  He received three strokes this time.  What Daniel did not know is that the owner was testing him for he had received a report from Jake directly a couple of weeks previously.

Over the next nine months, Daniel was called to the owner's office two more times, receiving three cane strokes each time with a lecture.  On the anniversary of the first caning from the shop owner he was ordered to report again.  He was very nervous for he did not know of any faults he could have committed.  He was pleasantly surprised to find that he was going to receive a small raise in salary.  However, the owner directed him to strip and to get over the desk.  Although puzzled he complied and then the owner gave him three light strokes with the cane as one might do with a small child.  He was given leave to stand and the owner explained that brought the total stroke count to two dozen.  Therefore he would be required to have smooth pubes for another full year.  "You have had a much better attitude since you have been hairless and I want that to continue."

"Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir."  Daniel was very happy after that.  In his inner soul he understood that his employer was right and was very grateful that he had met Prefect Jake.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 30, 1999

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