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Second Chance


It was barely ten minutes after that horrid burglar and trespasser had run away after having wrought such havoc on their home when there was a knock on the door.  Papa bear responded and found that it was Ranger Smoky with an urchin in tow.  The very scamp that had made its escape just moments before.

"You got that thief." declared Papa gleefully.

"I saw it running from your house and thought that there might be a problem." stated the Ranger.  "What damage did it do?"

"It made a mess, broke some furniture, ate Junior's breakfast and spoiled ours.  That man-cub needs to be punished." stated Momma Bear so forcefully that even Junior shivered and he was totally innocent.

All four could smell that the man-cub's fear level had increased as it tried to wriggle out of the short leash held by the Ranger.© YLeeCoyote

"Please, don't hurt me," begged the urchin, "I'm just an orphan; very hungry and tired." © by Y Lee Coyote

Papa poked the urchin several times.  "Not worth the effort to skin; no meat on its bones.  Just break its legs and leave it for the jackals and crows in the meadow, Smoky."

At this harsh pronouncement the urchin swooned and Smoky let it fall to the floor.  As his mother said that was a bit harsh, Junior ambled over and licked its face getting a taste of his own porridge from her lips.

Goldie recovered but with Junior's paw on top of her she could not move.  "Please," she begged, "I'll be good.  Please don't break my legs.  Please don't kill me."  And she kissed Junior back with a lick.

"Maybe something less drastic, mother." he said in his sweetest, politest, most respectful voice.

"Junior's right, Father.  What it did was not a capital offence and it's just a cub."

"Well…" papa said, softening.

"You just would have spanked me, papa."

"If I spank that, I'll break it, Junior.  It's too fragile."

"I'll can do it, papa.  I'm strong enough but not too strong.  Please, father?"

Goldie was too afraid to run and docilely let Junior lead her over to momma's chair where he sat down.  He glided her over his lap, lifted her skirt up and placed a paw across her back.  They both knew that she could not move now.  He pulled her panties down with his other paw.  He rubbed her smooth soft bottom.  She forgot to feel scared for the moment.  He raised his paw and brought it down hard.  She yelped in pain and remembered to be scared again.  In just moments she was bawling like a baby and trying to make promises to be good.

When Junior stopped spanking her she hugged him tightly as she continued to cry for a long time.

"Time to take it to the pound." said the Ranger with authority.

"May I keep it, mother?  I'll take good care of it; promise.  I've wanted a people for so long and this one's so pretty.  Please mother; pretty please with honey on top?"

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 17, 2000

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