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The following story is fiction.  It contain a scenes of spankings and the non-consensual use of a chastity device.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Note that this story is set by implication about a century ago

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Second Childhood


Life was not easy for Angela Udstuen.  Angie had been bedeviled by one misfortune after another.  In the old country she was beset constantly with sickness.  On the long voyage by sea to the new land of great promises she was seasick the entire time.  As always her father had little patience with her and ignoring her sickness spanked her at least twice a week.  He cared naught for her modesty but proceeded the same as back at the home they had just left in the overcrowded cabin they shared with other families.

Angry words, a slap across the face (which always made her totally docile) and then across his lap.  He lifted her long skirt and petticoat over her back and clamped her into position with his strong arm; he had no need to hold her hands for she had long since learnt painfully to keep them out of the way.  Then he reached his other hand into the waistband of her drawers he yanked them down to expose her bottom for the spanking and for all to see.  Then hard and fast spanks soon had her bawling in earnest and kicking.  Her checks turned bright red under the assault.  The other children took great pleasure in watching the color change of her bottom and especially the boys also getting glimpses of her cunny.  She, of course, was greatly embarrassed.  Standing in the corner with her skirt et al tucked into her collar and her drawers about her knees made things worse.

Then the even scarier railroad trip – another 1,500 miles (2400 km) across a strange new land to settle on a homestead requiring a great deal of hard work.  Her family stuck at it for a decade and had to give it up.  She tailed along with her father after her mother died until she met Zach.  He, she mistakenly thought, was to be her salvation and she married him.  The two of them settled in a small town and she lost track of her father.

She became a housekeeper – actually the drudge – for the Zyzelewski's and Zack could only manage to get odd jobs in town.  Like her father, Zack beat her when he was in a foul mood and/or drunk which was most of the time.  Mrs. Zyzelewski was a demanding mistress but she and the baby had a place to sleep and enough to eat.  The mistress was almost kind and even tried to protect her from Zack by making him sleep in the woodshed when he was at his worst.

When Zack took up with the bar wench the town people snickered.  When he married her and they left town she was scorned as an unwed slut with a bastard baby.  If Mrs. Zyzelewski had not be willing to keep her on she would have been run out of town with little more than the baby and the clothes on her back.  This was a mixed blessing.  Mrs. Zyzelewski felt that it was her duty to shelter the lass and the baby for the world was not the place for a young lass of thirty with a baby to be alone.  The down side was that Angie was now treated a wayward young lass of thirteen needing strict guidance and discipline.  Also, all the Zyzelewski's became more demanding and the little cash pay became less and the hours longer.  She though about leaving but there was no place to go.© YLeeCoyote

Angie was trapped.

When she refused to go to the Zyzelewski's church, they treated her like she was their own contumacious lass.  First, the mistresses slapped her face.  Twice, once on each check.  Then (even before she could agree to go) the master grabbed her and pulled her over his lap.  Shocked, she could not escape before he lifted her dress and petticoats and clamped her into position just as her father had done many a time.  Her old drawers disintegrated as he roughly yanked them down to bare her bottom.  He spanked her long and hard; like he spanked his own son, Damon, who was carefully watching the show.  As an only child he well knew all as the spankee and even of being taken out to the woodshed for the strap.  In school he had often watched as others got paddled by the teacher.  Even though that was not done on the bare, he always got a woody like at no other time.  This was even better.  Angie was bare and not a mere girl but a full grown woman.  As her checks turned pink, red and deep crimson he paid rapt attention.  This diligence was rewarded with views of her hairy beaver and butthole as she kick and squirmed.  He practically came in his pants then and there.  Afterwards, he would always get hard even after coming just thinking about her cherry checks.

Several spanking later, Damon's parent 'noticed' that the slut was flaunting herself at the lad.  It never occurred to them that adolescents like him are usually attracted to women.  They decided that things need to be 'arranged' so that she could not corrupt their innocent boy.  They thought about sending her on but then the baby would suffer (as would their pocketbooks).  They spoke with the deacon and the arrangements were made.  On Tuesday morning, while Damon was in school, the deacon, the doctor, the blacksmith and several matrons came about.

Angie quickly succumbed to an ether soaked cloth.  It was the work of just a few minutes for the cruel and wicked deed.  As soon as she was under the matrons stripped her of her drawers and she was laid on the table with her legs held up and apart.  The doctor easily made four piercings in her labia minor.  The blacksmith carefully let the staple cool to almost body temperature before slipping through the newly made holes and bending it closed with his large tongs.  Fully cooled the metal rectangular ring could not be unbent without destroying it.  Nothing larger than a pencil could slip past the gate.  She would be chaste from now on.  She soon healed from the physical injury.

Soon after Mrs. Zyzelewski died and was buried.  Life went on in the household with Angie frequently finding herself being spanked by Mr. Zyzelewski for even minor transgressions.  She considered herself lucky that he did not drag her out the woodshed like he did Damon for harsher treatment.  It was only because of the ring that she was permitted to stay in the household with two males.  Damon always enjoyed watching and even dreamt of doing himself.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Zyzelewski had to visit his sick sister in the next county so Damon and Angie were alone in the house for a few days.  On wash day there was much work to be done.  So much that Angie could not clean up the house particularly Damon's mess.  When lad returned from his after school job he quickly became incensed that Angie had not cleaned up his mess.  He cared naught about reasons or excuses or that the baby was sick; he was just like his father.

"Father will be displeased!" he ranted.  "Hell, I'm displeased!"  Angie quivered in her shoes wishing she was elsewhere.  She even wished that Mr. Zyzelewski was there.  At least then she knew that would happen.  As he harangued the poor girl, Damon got the idea.  He was the head of the house in his father's absence and, as such he decided, he would do what his father would have done.

He grabbed Angie and sat down on the straight backed chair.  A couple of yanks and she was over his lap.  As he had seen his father do scores of times, he flipped up her dress and petticoats and clamped her in place with his arm.  Even though he was not as strong as his father, Angie did not move away.  Then for the very first time, he grabbed the waist band of her drawers and yanked them down.  His already hard cock stiffed more as it was crushed by the lady across his lap and the new view of her butt.  He raised his hand and brought it crashing down on the ladies bottom with a loud SPANK!

The first thing is noticed was how much he felt it and then how he could see the pick impression of his hand on her bottom.  He spanked long and hard until his hand hurt too much.  It was only then that he realized how red Angie's bottom was and how she was sobbing.  He lifted her off his lap and directed her to prepare dinner.  He dashed off to his own room.  He had insistent needs to take care of in private.  He ripped open his trousers and pushed his drawers down.  His shaft was oozing and harder than ever before.  A few quick strokes and he exploded blasting his load across the messy room.

He knew that he would have do this again.  He wondered if his father got this sort of thrill.  In the morning, he had some more sobering thoughts: 'What if father did not approve?'  There was the definite risk of a strapping.  Nevertheless that evening he rushed home in the hope that Angie would have fail to finish her work.  He had rationalized that spanking her again would not entail any additional risk.  But he was disappointed that the house was in order and dinner ready.  The following day was different however to his delight.  There was ample cause for rage, berating and (best of all) spanking the wench.

"Please, Master Damon, don't spank me again," she pleaded, "I'll catch up tomorrow when the baby is well, The Lord willing."

Her pleas feel on deaf ears.  Actually, they were not so much deaf for Damon relished her cries for they made him feel more of a man.  He was even more fortunate for today she was wearing a blouse and skirt rather than a dress.  He fumbled as he opened the unfamiliar buttons and let the garment fall to the floor.  Then he quickly yanked down her petticoat and her drawers getting his very first view of her beaver from the above and front.  He could see how it was chastely secured by the metal ring.  He pulled the yelling wench over his lap and gripped her tightly in preparation for spanking her the second time.


He spanked rapidly and hard.  Her bottom turned red almost immediately and he repeated the action adding a lecture that she must do her chores even when father was away.  It is doubtful that they heard each other although Mr. Zyzelewski listened and watched – proudly – as his fourteen-year-old son punished the errant servant twice his age like a wayward girl.  He even watched as she flashed her private places as she kicked about and lost her drawers completely.  Now he understood why Damon loved to watch him spank the wench.


As she reached for her clothes, he further commanded: "Leave those off like you were in the corner."  The slut scurried off to the kitchen, sobbing.

It was only then that Damon saw his father.  "Good evening, Father.  I hope your trip was good."  He did not mention anything about the spanking for years of experience had taught Damon to wait until his father brought up a subject.  He got the shock of his life then.

"You did that very well, son.  I'm proud of you.  You are growing up and showing responsibility."

"Thank you, Father."

"I was afraid that the wench would slip into slovenly habits in my absence but you are obviously most capable of applying the proper corrective action."

"Thank you, Father.  I did my best to follow your example.  May I be excused to do my homework, Sir?"

"Of course." answered his father.  Damon dashed to room to tend to his pressing need as he did two days earlier.  This time he relished the thought that he had leave to spank her more.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 1, 2003

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