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Realist II from has challenged us to write a story about two pictures showing a British schoolboy climbing in a first (British; second, American) story window.   Click to open the image off-site.

In my usual trickster way (living up to the North American native image of the coyote – my namesake – being the Trickster), I do not have the line from some responsible adult (like all the other stories posted) considered essential in some form: "don't yell for the lad might be startled and fall" nor does my second story boy need to be caned for that act.  Matter of fact, this is a boys only story.  The boy's clothes, however, set this in a UK style school so I've used that as a venue.

I've shown my western influence again in the title doing a play on "Second Story Man" which you in the east (using British English) call a "Cat Burglar".

The public school setting I have has a second form monitor in each of the first form studies for four first formers.  A tip of the hat to Mike Ward for his helpful suggestions and guidance to British schools.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Second Story Boy


First formers Powell and Prentice kept their cameras carefully focused on second former Jeans as he made his way along the outside ledge of Quint Hall and through the window into the display hall of the science wing.  The display hall had been busier than a beehive all week but especially today.  Well, until 17:00 when the Head cleared everyone out and locked the door.  That was the absolute deadline for finishing the term's science projects.  Tomorrow at 09:00 the room would be reopened and at 10:00 the judging was to start.

Powell and Prentice thought about reporting this transgression.  They were not sure what Jeans would be doing in the sealed room.  Was he sabotaging other boys' projects?  Was he working past the deadline on his own project?  The schoolboy code was very strict on such matters yet if he was cheating or wrecking something that would harm another that could not be ignored and go unpunished.

The matter was not made any easier by Jeans being the nastiest second former and uniformly disliked by each and every first former.  Powell and Prentice even believed that he was not liked by the second formers either.

"If he's ruined someone's project he should be expelled." said Powell .

"Yes, but we can't tell.  We'll be outcasts if we did." said Prentice.© YLeeCoyote

"Tell what?" asked Parker who just walked into the study and it was immediately echoed by his mates, Atkins and Ford.  Before they could explain, Jeans was climbing out of the window and the question became moot.  Several more pictures were taken as he went along the ledge and down the drainpipe to the ground.

A lively discussion followed which came to decision.  There were two cases: One, that he had bollixed up someone else's stuff in which case he would have to own up to the Head or leave the school.  If not, then the pictures would be made very, very public about the school.  Second, it was a lesser misdemeanor; in which case they would deal with the miscreant themselves by having him submit to the first form's discipline for the rest of the year or confess to the Head.  They thrashed out the details of the punishment and even decided that Jeans would get the pictures at the end of the year – just four months away – if he had reformed.

After dinner, in their study, first formers Powell, Prentice, Parker and Pitkin had a serious discussion with the errant second former, Jeans.  He was shown a couple of pictures (the wonders of modern technology).  He immediately became very concerned and attentive to his younger schoolmates' every word.  He instantly denied that he had harmed anyone else's project and was open to discussion on how to keep the matter private.  A less forgiving narrator might say blackmail.  They negotiated the agreement for the rest of the term.

Jeans accepted the following terms:

  1. He would accept three whacks from the slipper from everyone in the first form (at the rate of four sets a night).
  2. He would drop out of the contest the next day.
  3. Should he harass any first former that first former would be entitled to administer ten whacks (in addition to the regular twelve each night).

The necessary document – in strict conformance with all the legal formalities of the most sacred Schoolboy Code – was drawn up and signed with blood.  A few minutes later, Jeans lowered his shorts and pants and bent over.  Powell, for getting the initial pictures, had been selected to get first crack at Jeans' bum.  He was glad that he had spent some time experimenting with his own slipper to determine the best way to grip it for whacking.  When Powell had taken his place, Jeans surprised them by actually asking: "Please, Powell, give me my three whacks."

Powell could not ignore such a polite request and gave him the best three whacks he could manage.  He put them each in exactly the same place with the intent of inflicting the most pain.  Jeans took them bravely.  All the firsts admired the deep red spot on Jeans' bottom.

Prentice was a lefty so he was on the other side of Jeans.  He liked symmetry (fortunately for Jeans) so he made Jeans' right cheek match his left.  It was agreed that he did as wickedly good job at it as had Powell.

Parker put his three evenly across the top of the canvas.  One on each side of the bum and the last right on the crack.  Pitkin put his evenly across the bottom of the canvas.  The result was a rectangular outline composed of eight spots – two deep red ones on the side and three light red spots top and bottom.

"Thank you, gentlemen." said Jeans as he pulled up his pants and shorts.  They all got to their studies.  It was only after bedtime that they realized that they had forgotten to get photos.  But, they realized that there would be many opportunities to do that.

The science master was surprised that Jeans had four really eager firsts attentively studying his project.  His withdrawal was more subtle than the firsts had expected.  Only he knew that his project had a fatal flaw that the judges would catch although the science master (in his arrogance) had missed it.  Jeans made a change and powered up his project.  In less than a minute something burnt out creating a big stink.  Obviously, he was out of the competition but without incurring the penalty of not being ready.  The firsts thought that they had been snookered but they had to accept that twist without reporting it in keeping with the Sacred Schoolboy Code.  More important, however, none of the other students indicated that there had been tampering.

Jeans' bottom got a couple of days of rest because it was the weekend.  The word quickly spread through the first form about the subjugation of Jeans and the firsts were eagerly anticipating their own turns at delivering three whacks to the bare bum of the disliked second former.  It was a bright spot in their lives at the bottom of the pecking order where, it seemed, that everyone was allowed to whack or cane them; at last a target of their own.

Parker, Pitkin, Powell and Prentice became the leaders of this endeavor for two reasons.  First, they had caught Jeans and got him to surrender and, second, he was in their study.  The Four-P's (as they became known as) agreed with Jeans that this should be kept a secret although for different reasons.  The Four were afraid things would be stopped and some retribution taken by masters, prefects or second formers.  Also, Jeans was ashamed of this degraded position being known to his mates.

Shortly into the Monday prep, one first former from each of four studies eagerly made his way to the loo near the Four's study.  Parker was waiting inside with Jeans while Pitkin was on guard duty.  Steels and Marks were the first two.  Jeans presented his butt and they each, in turn, got to deliver their three whacks to the surprisingly compliant second form boy.  Roger and Atkins come in a couple minutes later and had their turns.  Jeans' arse was a nice warm pink form the twelve whacks it had received  Not as hot and red had they been from a master or even a prefect since if they had been then there probably would not have been a dozen.

It was decided that it would probably be safer to do this in the Four's study and so that was the procedure used the rest of the week.  Twenty-four happy firsts from six studies had their turns by the end of that first week.  As the week progressed there was an increasing nervousness about all the time spent out of studies.  The firsts, as a group asked for the rotation of monitors so that every study would get the opportunity to have some interaction with each of them.  It would take more than three weeks but the Masters agreed.  The rota was established and Jeans was effectively passed from study to study to get his daily whacking.

The procedure was pretty much the same in each study.  Shortly after the start of prep time, Jeans would be asked the question: "Do you have any request of us, Jeans?"  Of course, he certainly did and the firsts were more than delighted to oblige him.  He would lower his shorts and pants and bend over the desk.  Then each of the firsts would have a turn and give him the allotted three whacks with the slipper.  It was most handy that a slipper as well as a cane was kept in each study for the convenience of visiting prefects and masters.

It was a month before every first had his turn to apply the slipper to Jeans' arse.  This constant whacking had its effect on Jeans.  He was most well behaved for he feared additional punishment more than most of the lads since his butt was constantly sore.  He also changed his attitude in general for it was hard to look down on another group when they had the power to chastise one particularly when they were doing so regularly.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., September 22, 2006

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