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The following story is fiction about a young man who learns about domination from the web.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Self-educated Top (1/2)


Mason finished the tenth story in a row on his favorite site.  He had been on a trip and his access to the web had been very restricted.  Today was catch up time.  Although he was not quite fourteen, he had been reading stories on adult sites for a couple of years.  Of course, he had his favorites – stories, authors and most important even a genre.  Absolutely nothing got his heart speed racing and cock harder than a story of a youth – not much older than himself (or even better younger) and still just a young teen – taking control and being the head of the house.  The best scenes were when the controlling teen found cause to discipline the adult who would normally have been charge.

Mason slipped deep into his fantasy world.

He was nearly ​eight feet​ (​two and a half meters​) tall and the man cowering before him a tiny ​5 foot 7 inches​ (​170 cm​).  "You did not do your chores, Father.  Again!" he snarled angrily.

"Sorry Son.  I'll get right to them now." pleaded the man hoping to avoid a strapping although that was most unlikely considering that strap was dangling from his son's hand.

"Strip and get into position." he barked sharply.  The man obeyed instantly and in half a minute was naked and bent over presenting his naughty butt as required.© YLeeCoyote

He raised up the strap and brought it crashing down on the target.  The man could not keep silent but yelled as the heavy leather strap kissed his butt hard leaving a wide red stripe.  The man always yelled like a little boy because, in his head, he was not a man who must be stoic.  The action was repeated five more times with the same results leaving the man's butt a painful solid red.  "Get to your chores now, Father." was the order.  And, of course, he did.

Mason shot as his fantasy father replied: "Yes, Sir."  It was wonderful but Mason knew that it would always just be a fantasy.  His actual father was bigger than he was and not a wimp like the fathers in the stories were.  He knew that this would never happen.  That was a bit disappointing on the surface but deep inside he did not want such a father.  He would have to satisfy himself with just fantasies.

Of course, the possibility of another man who was not his father could be under his control was conceivable but also out of reach.  He was certain that such men existed but he did not have any way of finding them.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mason's interest was not just limited to the above but he also relished what he thought was a more practical arrangement – that of a guy like himself having control of an older guy such as a big brother, a cousin or a neighbor.  He thought about taking control of his brother but had essentially the issue as with his father – he was the wrong type for he dominated his buddies.  Naturally, that left those buddies as possible subjects but then he would be competing with his brother and that could annoy him.  It would have to be someone on the outside he decided and he would have to bide his time.  Perhaps, he thought, he find someone in the high school he was starting.

Like all entering freshmen, Mason had little time to consider his fantasies with a myriad of new and vital things he had to learn about.  Included in all those things were keeping track of zillions of people.  Those with official power and those with unofficial power and the rest, like himself, without any power at all.  The first thing he learnt was to avoid those wiseass sophs who thought themselves the king of the hill even as the juniors and seniors rolled over them like they were mice.

One guy who had a locker in the same corridor section caught his attention.  Percy Karlin was a senior but acted worse than the annoying sophs.  Mason soon decided that Percy was an immature bully.  He quickly learnt that Percy had a not so nice reputation and was a loner who was not included in any of the senior friendship groups (cliques).  Mason witnessed several incidences of bullying of his classmates by Percy although none were directed at him.  He decided this was because he was bigger than almost all his classmates as he was in the ninety percentile of height for his age at ​5 foot 9 inches​ (​175 cm​) and even a lot of the upper class guys.  It is well known that bullies are generally cowards and prefer to pick on those smaller then themselves.

Soon after these realizations, Mason decided both that Percy should be and, of course, needed to be punished (so that he would change his behavior).  Additionally, he concluded that the adults around were not only not doing the job but were not even interested in doing the job.  It must, therefore be a job for SUPERBOY – a.k.a. himself.

The next time he caught Percy bullying one of his classmates he was proactive and intervened.  He assumed the attitude that he was in command and projected it when he confronted Percy in his dastardly act just like the stories talked of having command presence.  He was not one of the timid freshman that Percy picked on but an aggressive hyena with his jaws locked on the throat of his prey.  Percy was flummoxed and did not know how to respond.  Mason pushed his advantage.  "Come along with me, Percy Karlin.  It is time that you were taught a lesson about bullying.  We'll see what VP Ashlock has to say about this."  As he said that, he grabbed the bully and started down the corridor.

Percy assumed that he was being dragged to the office and began to protest.  "Let go of me.  I don't want to go to the office." he whined and tried to pull away which was just the reaction that Mason wanted.

Mason held fast and twisted Percy's arm up behind his back and even grabbed his collar with his other hand.  "You need to be punished, boy." growled Mason as they proceeded down the hallway.  The whining continued and Mason pushed Percy into an empty classroom.  Percy was more confused than ever especially when Mason pushed him over a desk.  "STAY BOY!" he ordered and pulled his belt out of his pants.  A second later he swung the belt at the target butt hard as he could and a few times.  Now in pain as well as confused Percy accepted what Mason was dishing out not sure if it was worse or better than a paddling from the VP.

"Stand up and drop your pants and undies, boy." he barked, "ASAP!"  Percy obeyed because he did not know what else to do for Mason was not acting like a kid but a commanding adult.  Now Mason had a proper target – a bare butt.  A naughty bare butt in position for a hard good strapping.  And that is exactly what he used it for.  Mason went at Percy with his folded belt a score of times turning the target bright red and leaving Percy sobbing.  As he took a couple of pictures, he admonished Percy to respect others and to stop his bullying.

A while later Percy slunked out of school quite confused at what happened with his butt hurting like never before.  Mason was most pleased with himself for managing to strap an older, albeit just by four years, guy as he had long dreamed about.  They, quite expectedly, disagreed on whether or not this should be a one time occurrence.

Percy seemed to behave better for a couple of weeks as far as Mason could observe.  But it did not last and once again Mason stepped up.  "That's enough, Karlin.  Leave Terry alone and come along." he said encountering Percy up to his old tricks.  "You need another lesson, boy."  Percy might have considered resisting but what if Mason spanked him again in front of the others – it was better to go and let them think they were going to the office.

They again found an empty classroom and Percy did not know if he should fear being strapped again or be glad he was not in the office.  Mason did not care about that but just ordered: "Drop 'em, Karlin and bend over."  Mason pulled out his belt and began to use it to turn Percy's butt into a fiery red pain center.  Unbeknown to the pair, Terry had followed hoping to hear the VP lashing into Karlin and was watching with his smart phone recording every bit of the action through the window in the door.  Terry was confused about why Percy was obeying Mason but it was totally awesome that Mason was strapping Percy's bare butt so that it was turning fiery red.  Watching another red stripe form after each belt stroke and then all of them merging together was mesmerizing.  This was better by far than hearing the VP scold the bully.

"That was wonderful, Mason, absolutely great.  Thank you very much" said Terry to Mason as he exited the classroom leaving the sobbing Percy rubbing his red-hot tail.  And before Mason could react, added: "I recorded it all."

Now it was Mason's turn to be surprised.  He quickly suppressed Terry's wish to post it fearing that he could get into trouble with the school although he did get a copy.  "It just that you got to stand up to bullies, Terry." he explained.  "When you do, they back down."

The video turned out to be a powerful incentive for Percy to follow Mason's orders as he did not want it publicized that he had been strapped by a mere freshman.  Mason decided that a weekly maintenance spanking was in order so he visited Percy at his home every Tuesday after school.  Mason required that Percy strip at the beginning and then experimented with an array of spanking implements and positions.  He found that his favorite position was with Percy over his lap and spanking him for a long time with a little paddle that otherwise was a flip-flop.  He especially loved the intimacy.

He also loved the superduper hardon he got each time.  One day he took the big step forward and after a particularly hard spanking that got Percy crying he pushed him to the floor on his knees and pulled his head into his bulging crotch.  Percy did not resist so he carried on by opening his jeans and pushing down his undies so that his hard shaft was poking Percy's teary face.  The senior first gave it a lick and within a couple of minutes was sucking it like a baby calf would have after been away from its mother's teat for hours.  Mason quickly decided that the stories were quite right about blow jobs being wonderful.  The only problem was that they were too short.  That was, however, easily remedied by doing it again.

Mason was a good student and in reviewing the course materials noticed that there was an alternative to repeating BJ's when they were too short.  He purchased the necessary special equipment.  On the next Tuesday, he spanked Percy extra hard and long because he absolutely loved seeing his hot red rump.  It was so erotic that it made his cock extra hard.  This time rather than pushing Percy to his knees, he pushed him over his bed.  He dropped his own pants and rolled the special equipment on his hard shaft and covered the target with lube.  Then he thrust forward and was not longer a virgin after a couple of minutes in that hot hole in that hot red butt.  This was even better than a blow job.  Mason found it interesting that Percy did not object.

The maintenance spankings were a good thing for Percy did change his behavior and stopped bullying.  He was still a loner and strangely looked forward to his weekly meeting with Mason where he was spanked by and serviced the younger youth.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

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