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The following story is fiction about a young man who learns about domination from the web.  The story contains scenes of paddling and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  It would be best to start with Part 1.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Self-educated Top (2/2)


Mason was quite happy about how he had gained control over Percy and was exercising it very regularly.  But, power is addictive and Mason wanted more.  His primary wish was, as always, to be in control of an adult man rather than a mere teen just a bit older than himself.  The biggest obstacle to fulfilling his wish was the lack of such a man.  More precisely, knowing which man he could control.

Mason got his break when he was visiting his cousins, Nelson (fourteen) and Tyler (eighteen) on a long weekend.  His uncle ran an erotic goods store on the other side of town where respectable people presumably did not go.  Living over the shop allowed his cousins access to materials that were normally off limits to minors although his uncle was careful to obey the law about not giving minors access to restricted materials.

What they did have free access to were the security cameras displays to help out with the family business in spotting shop lifters.  When they did they alerted the clerk on duty who could review the video history and gain payment.  The boys were delighted with this task and especially the cash it got them.  They also were on the look out for the patrons getting touchy-feely with each other and even excessively with themselves while still in the shop.  It was best that they pay first and take the merchandise home to enjoy.

It was on this momentous weekend that Mason spotted Mr. Jefferson Balvin.  Balvin was the most hated teacher in Mason's school for he was an arrogant nasty guy who seemed more than delighted in handing out school punishments of pops and detentions as if he had gotten them cheap at a fire sale and loved to share.  As soon as he id'ed the man, his cousins let flow a torrent of information about him.  Mr. Balvin was a regular customer who selected gay material with dominant/submissive themes.  It was evident from the cover pages that many featured DOMINANT TEENS.  As soon as he heard that, Mason was raring to go to take his own paddle to the naughty man's ass and more.

Mason now had an adult target.  The question was how could he gain control?  Keeping his promise to his uncle not to read the adults only material he settled for summaries about Balvin provided by his cousins.  It would might be helpful to know what Balvin liked to read for that could also be the best stuff to do.  This project would take a lot of planning but surely worthwhile.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

Mason spent a lot of time preparing for his conquest of the man.  The web makes for a wonderful detective tool with lots of easily searchable information.  Because of the way one little fact ties to another little fact again and again, big facts soon emerge for the careful and persistent investigator.  Mason started his program for conquest with a simple email.  As part of the plan it was sent with fake information so as to be non-traceable and, of course, it was not signed.

You are surely happy today – you sent several guys to the VP for paddlings and detentions.  No doubt about what you'll jerk off to this evening.

Some silly adolescent boy being insolent thought Balvin as he deleted it.

Mason did not really care what Balvin thought about the emails as long as he did.  He suspected that it would not be very memorable but others were to follow.  A few days later he sent the second one.

Dreaming of the hot red butts of the guys you sent to the VP for discussions with Mr. Paddle.

Another one thought Balvin pretty much ignoring these strange message as some silly student prank until he got this one:

You probably would have come in your pants if you heard the VP using Mr. Paddle today on those naughty guys you sent him.

This one hit close to home.  He couldn't ignore nor respond to them yet he did not know what they meant.  However, his cock knew what to do and it poked its head out for attention which gave him pause.

A careful observer, such as Mason, might have noticed a slight change in his behavior scrutinizing the students in the hall more closely as if he was trying to work out a puzzle.  Mason now intensified the pressure by sending messages daily.

Bet you would have liked to have seen that heavy paddle whack those seniors today which would have left you with a sticky mess in your shorts.

Do you dream of swinging that paddle at those hot teen butts turning them FIERY RED?

Wouldn't it be fantastic to be there when Mr. Paddle is turning butts bright red?

Wouldn't it be even nicer to have a hot red butt of your own once again?

Balvin was being drawn into the trap, although he did not know that there was one, for the messages had become intriguing.  The last one was most potent because it had the cover image of an old issue of Dominant Teens, one of his favorite magazines, attached.  The cover image was that of a young teen swinging a paddle at the red butt of a middle aged man with the caption «He's regretting his disrespect – now!»

The next one was a change for it was not a teaser.

Although you won't have a hot red butt tomorrow you can pretend by having your bright red tie on instead.

Balvin immediately scoffed at the idea some anonymous jerk telling him what to wear. «I'll wear what I chose!» he told himself. «I'll wear my favorite blue tie.» and even laid it out on his dresser for the morning.

In school the next day when Balvin checked his appearance before leaving the teachers' lounge he was shocked and confused to see that he was wearing his bright red tie rather than the blue as he had planned for he must gone to the closet for his tie rather than the one prepared.  Mason was delighted to see that his order had been followed although it could have been a coincidence.  The next email was another directive.

After earning a bright red butt for his insolence as shown on the cover of Dominant Teens that man was required to wear his blue tie for three days.  Show your empathy with him by doing the same.

Balvin again scoffed but found that he was following the instructions.  Mason was delighted and added more.

After earning a bright red butt for his insolence as shown on the cover of Dominant Teens that man was also required to get to bed by eight with all the lights out.  Show your empathy with him by doing the same.

«I'm awfully tired this evening,» thought Balvin «I better sack out early.»  Mason was most pleased that Balvin's house was dark when he cycled by just after eight.  As he lay in his bed with the lights out Balvin could not understand what was going on.  Why was he seemingly following these instructions?

The next message would be decisive.

Having a snack in the food court at 4 on Saturday will be most informative.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mason was carefully watching at the food court starting at 3:45.  Balvin showed up a few minutes early and took his tray to a back table.  At 4:10 Mason approached the table and sat down.  "Good afternoon, Mr. Balvin.  How are you today?"  Balvin could hardly answer for he was surprised at how young Mason was.  "I've got a present for you but just peek at it here.  We wouldn't want to attract attention."  Balvin looked into the plain envelope and saw a hot off the press issue of Dominant Teens neatly wrapped in cellophane.  "I'm sure you will enjoy it although I have not read it myself."

"What do you want, Metcalf?" inquired Balvin.  He was quite suspicious.

"I just want what you want, Mr. Balvin, to have a nice discussion with you.  You were most obedient over the last few weeks and it's time that you received a proper red butt as your reward.  Oh, it's MISTER Metcalf to you."  Balvin was too surprised to respond.  "Yes, we both know what you love and I love it too.  It is time to have some actual fun rather than all that virtual fun you been doing.  Now finish up your stuff and we can get going?  Oh yes, one more thing."  He pushed a small paper across the table which Balvin picked up.

"You can't be serious, Mr. Metcalf." said Balvin as he inspected the paper.  It looked exactly like those report slips he had filled hundreds of times except this time it was his name – Balvin, Jefferson – written in the space for 'offender'.

"Of course I'm serious – otherwise the administration will know about your … er… special interests.  Now be a good obedient fellow and lets go have some fun with Mr. Paddle in your home."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was not even 5 that evening that Mason was sitting behind Balvin's desk in his study with his paddle on it.  Balvin knocked and Mason yelled: "Enter." to get things started.  He looked up at his visitor.  Obviously, an errant student bearing a punishment chit.  He held out his hand and took the chit.  "Anything to say, boy?" he asked.

"No, Sir." replied Balvin, staring at the paddle lying on the desk.

"Very well, that will be twelve pops.  Get into position."  Mason was very anxious to see what Balvin will do as he had not specified the protocol.  Just as he hoped, Balvin opened his belt and pants and let them fall.  He hesitated a bit but then slipped his thumbs under the waist band of his tightie-whities and pushed them down past his knees.  It was clear to Mason that Balvin was aroused.

Mason had already gotten up and positioned the simple chair so that Balvin had something to bend over.  Mason's pants had shrunk (or at least seemed to) for they were now tighter.  He found the proper location and started.  He raised that paddle and brought it crashing down on the target.  The WHACK reverberated in the small room as the target turned pink.  Two hearts were racing with the excitement of this wonderful experience.

They each thought "one and eleven to go".  Mason was taking his time waiting twenty seconds between whacks so that he could savor the experience and watch how the target rump turned red.  The count increased steadily and Mason put his all in the twelfth and final pop.  Balvin had remained quiet for the first few and then increasingly got more vocal until he betrayed himself on the last pop with a cry.

"You may get dressed, boy." said Mason thinking how great it would be if he dropped his own pants and rammed his hard arrow into the dark center of that bright red target.  Maybe in the future but not today, he decided.  "I hope that you will behave better in the future." he said to wrap up the scene.

"Yes, sir." replied Balvin dutifully.

"Get me a soda, boy." he commanded and headed for the easy chair in the living room.  When Balvin came in Mason had his hard cock out and was playing with it.  As he took the drink from Balvin, he saw that the man was staring.  "You may have some man-cream, boy.  Fresh and hot from the tap."

Balvin hesitated a bit for he was unsure about their relationship.  "I said have a drink, boy!" Mason barked and Balvin yielded both to the masterful youth and his own hidden desires.

Mason felt that he was in heaven as the red butted man enthusiastically sucked his super hard cock giving him amazing pleasure.  He was looking forward to many more encounters as he filled the man's belly with his voluminous seed.

Mason told Balvin as he drove him home that there would be many more encounters but there would not be any mention of this at school as long as he was properly obedient.

"Yes, Sir, I understand." the man acknowledged as Mason got out of the car in time for dinner with his family.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 22, 2016

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