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The following story is fiction about domestic discipline. The story contains a scene of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Sharing Presents


It was the same every year.  The family celebrated the holiday at the grandparents’ house.  Grandma always made the greatest dinner.  And then Teddy and his cousins got to open the presents they been eyeing all afternoon that were stacked under the big decorated tree that reached the high ceiling with the star on top.  Teddy, now thirteen, was the oldest and felt he was past this but he had the talk and had promised not to spoil things for the still innocent younger ones.  Whether this had this been the result of parental bribery, threats or his maturity was still an open question.  It was definitely a trade off to be the head of the children’s table and control the serving rather than be the adult table.

Once the gifts, supposedly made by elves, started to be distributed and the wrappings shredded and the glees of joy shouted, truth be told, Teddy was happy also.  The great wonderful gifts (as seen by their recipients) of the four youngest were of zero interest to him.  Now as a teen, thus practically a grown up, the toys of preteens were now just a big yawn.  Perhaps if Nicole, less than a year younger, had been a boy rather than a girl he might have had some interest.

Teddy received several teen toys, er, things which he had coveted, er, wished for and not of interest to the others.  Those included an elaborate model to actually construct rather than to snap together, boxer shorts (from his favorite uncle) and a hairbrush.  The little ones had zero interest in his gifts as they were far too involved.  Nicole’s brother, ten-year-old Scotty was interested in the model so Teddy let him look but not touch so that nothing was lost nor damaged.  It was far more complex than the model that Scotty had received.  The adults were surprised that Scotty did not complain but they did not recall nor know that he had suffered such a calamity himself with another model a few months before so understood and respected Teddy’s concern.

It was the hairbrush that was the cause of all the trouble.  It was a strange sort of gift for a boy, er, young man with short hair.  It was a very traditional design having a heavy, hardwood back about ​two and half inches​ (​sixty-four mm​) wide.  He knew that it was not for brushing hair especially his own but something he did not want to think about at all.  Nicole wanted to ‘play’ with it – in the family tradition of the kids sharing gifts.  Teddy made a tactical mistake and refused.  “It’s a personal item.” he claimed.

After a while Teddy was admonished by an Uncle, an Aunt and eventually his mother who even used his full name to emphasize the point.  Reluctantly he handed the hairbrush to his cousin.  Had Nicole been a boy, he would have been admonished for being a smart-aleck but since she was a girl there was praise for her being clever.  Nicole carefully inspected the brush.  She studied its heft and felt its impact on her palm.  She clearly knew what its real purpose was.  She guessed that it had been given to Teddy by his mother.© YLeeCoyote

The adults retired to dining room for coffee and quiet talk before setting off for home leaving the kids in the rec room.  The little ones were quickly happily playing their own games with their new toys and with the TV blasting when Nicole declared emphatically “I want to play with the brush and you, Teddy.”

“Nothing to play with a hairbrush.” he replied.

“Yes there is and if you don’t play like you been told to, I’ll tell and your Dad will spank you in front of us all.” she threatened.  It was not such an idle threat since he had been warned thrice already.  Perhaps if he had been clever, he could have said he would brush her hair but he was not.  He certainly did not want to suggest spanking and put the idea out in the open.

“I want to play house.  I’ll be the Mommy and you’ll be the naughty boy.” she stipulated most forcefully.

“We’re too old to play house.” he countered.  However, she was most insistent and highly motivated and quickly wore him down.

“Come with me Theodore Frederick Sulling.” she said and led him into the little room away from the others.  She sat on the single bed cum couch and made Teddy stand in front of her.  Teddy was surprised by her lecture for it was actually more scathing than those of his mother.  It had a profound effect on him.  He just stood there as she opened both his belt and his pants and yanked them down to his ankles.  “Still in little boys’ tightie-whities just like Scotty.” she mocked as she yanked them down.  “No wonder you were elated to get boxers as a gift.”

Teddy had tried to grab his briefs but she had been too fast for him.  Even his verbal objections were too late.  “Nothing to hide, Teddy.  I saw your little thingy last summer when Scotty and you were playing in the sprinkler.”

“Over my lap now, you naughty boy.”  Teddy complied so she would stop looking at his still bald boy-size junk.  He was all the more conscious in this position that she already had little tits that he coveted and thus surely pubes as well.

She gave him a few spanks with her hand.  That was all it took for her to understand why the brush was the long time choice of mothers for unlike real little boys his bottom was hard and her hand hurt.  Before she learnt this she managed to make a couple of hand prints on his bottom which pleased her.  Then she switched to the brush.

What a difference!  The little paddle, er, hairbrush made a great impact on his bottom but none on her hand.  She spanked and spanked as it was great fun – at least for her.  Her joy was even greater when Teddy complained and reacted like a real little boy.  His bottom was bright red and hot to the touch.  He was whining and promising to be good.  At first she had no idea why he was doing that and then realized that boys are always naughty so he felt guilty about something.

Nicole stopped and had him stand up.  His hands flew to rub his hot butt now without caring that his junk was fully exposed.  He even did a little spanker’s dance.  As Nicole pulled up his underpants, she said: “You little boys are all the same.”

The sound of giggling made then both turn to the doorway.  Standing there was Scotty with a big grin.  “Nicole really spanked you good, Cousin.  Gave you a good lecture as well.”  The disaster was even worse than Teddy had first thought.

Next she helped pull up his pants and noticed that his eyes were overflowing with tears.  The whole experience made her feel so grown up.

Everyone left about nine so as to be home before the heavy snow due to start about midnight.  When they were leaving, Nicole told Teddy’s mother that they had played with the brush and that it was great fun.  Teddy blushed redder than a fire engine.

On the way home when Teddy could not explain about the game he played with his cousin, his mother guessed exactly what Nicole meant by the brush working so well for after all that is exactly what she planned to use it for.

Nicole had a wonderful time telling her girl friends about her holiday at granny’s especially the game she played with her older male cousin.  They were all green with envy.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 24, 2020

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