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She Is in Charge


"Hi, Randal.  You're early.  My brother is in his room and expecting you.  Go right on up.  I've got to go out for a few minutes."

That is how I was greeted when I went to see my classmate, Dalton, at his house.  His sister, Kari, let me in and then I saw Dalton parked in the corner of his room like a well-spanked little kid with a glowing red ass.  «What the fuck?» I thought as I entered the room but then Dalton started to talk.  At first, I though he was talking to himself but then I realized he was talking like a little kid to a new imaginary friend so he apparently had the mind set of a kid.  It turned out to be a long story.

You wonder why a college freshman is standing in the corner with his hands on his head, his pants puddled about his ankles and his butt glowing like there is a fire inside.

Well, it's because his kid sister took his pants down and spanked him good and proper with her heavy hairbrush and then parked him in the corner.

Yes, she is some fifteen months younger than I but this started long ago when I was eleven but was setup in the years before that.© YLeeCoyote

I just did not know how to respond.  Certainly he was going to stay in the corner until he got some signal so there was not any point to try to change that.  I was about to speak but he continued so I remained silent.

It all started when I was just a toddler.  Mom did not believe that boys should be modest in the least.  I was kept naked a lot.  Lots of kids play on the lawn running in the sprinkler and a lot of them are naked.  I did that way past the time the others got to wear swim suits.  Then when I used the backyard pool it was always – and even now – skinny dipping.  My sister had other rules to follow.  She was always covered since she was a two-year-old even when we were bathed together.

I guess that it started in the bathtub when Mom washed us both.  Gradually Kari became Mother's Little Helper and she got a hand – both hands really – into action and actually washed me.  She particularly loved to wash my boy parts and mother encouraged her.

I guess I was probably nine or so when she started to give me spanks in imitation of Mom.  When I did not cooperate in the bath, Mom would give me a spank especially if she was washing my middle (either fore or aft).  Kari was even more generous so I tried extra hard to be still and cooperative but I still got to feel her little hand when it made a big smack on my botty.  That was even something she kidded me about – her hand print on my tussie.

My friends got caught up in this as well.  In hot weather, we were naked for the sprinklers and pool while my sister and her friends were in their bathing suits.  You would think that there would be objections and there were occasionally a few but running about naked and skinny dipping were usually irresistible fun.  Also, Kari was sneaky.  She and her friends waited until us boys were stripped and in the pool and then would bring us drinks and stuff or join us in the water.  Most of the guys got used to it.

There was an intermediate stage as well.  A few times Kari got annoyed at my friends and I while she also had friends over.  She took advantage that we were naked to give us a couple of spanks like she did in the bath.  Her friends did the same if they caught us.  But it was pretty much playful with a lot of giggles not like what was to come.

I was eleven when Kari caught me in some stupid mischief.  I begged her not to tell Mom.  She gave me a choice which sounded pretty good to me then.  "We both know that you earned a spanking.  If I tell Mom, she will spank you good and proper.  However, it is not right for you to avoid a spanking, so I won't tell Mom if you get over my lap and let me spank you like you deserve."

I made the choice that I'm still living with today.  I let her spank me.  It was not any problem getting naked as for her as I was used to that.  She sat on the bed and I lay over her lap for the first real spanking from her.  I confirmed the deal and she repeated her promise not to tell.  Then she started to spank me.  Her little hand did not hurt like Mom's big hand at all.  I was certain that I had made the right choice.  I was glad that ended the incident.

A week later she caught me again.  We made the same deal but the results were terribly different.  It all started the same way but suddenly there was the WHACK that actually hurt big time.  She had switched to a flip-flop and even the power of her little muscles were greatly amplified.  It hurt enough that I actually cried.  When she stopped we both knew that I had been satisfactorily punished with a good and proper spanking.  I wasn't sure about the deal anymore.  I was thinking about getting out of it but events over took me.

Mom learnt about my misdeed that very day and that meant a spanking.  I was sent to my room to wait.  Kari came by and said she had promised not to tell and hadn't.  When Mom stripped me she noticed that my ass was red obviously from a spanking and demanded an explaination.

Mom called in Kari and she confirmed my embarrassing report.  She went on to say that she just helped me get the unpleasant inevitable over with promptly.  Also, she added that I had been sufficiently punished with a proper spanking and, therefore, I shouldn't get a second one.  Mom quickly approved for she was impressed by what a good job Kari had done.  That was a relief since it meant that I would not be spanked again.

Unfortunately, she also added that Kari had the authority to spank me when it was appropriate.  After Mom had left, Kari beamed and said that she would help me again whenever it was necessary or I asked.

A few months later, things got worse for Mom being very busy just told sis to spank me since she did such a good job.  It was quite clear that I had jumped from the frying pan into the fire.  Kari's spankings hurt as bad or worse than Mom's and she was more generous with them and could often watch me even when Mom could not thus putting me in greater and immediate jeopardy.

And watch me she did.  Since then she has spanked me more times than I can count.  Each and every time it has left me with a red-hot butt that really hurt. Every spanking is actually a double spanking.  First, I lose my clothes if any and then it is over Kari's lap for a warm up with her hand.  She definitely gotten stronger over the years but my butt has gotten tougher as well.  Nevertheless, she does because it is lots of fun.  Not for me but for her as she told me lots of times.

Then it's the serious part with an implement.  The first one was a flip-flop.  That is not as harmless as it sounds for it is really a little rubber-like paddle.  It has quite the sting.  She likes leather for she has a variety of leather paddles of various sizes and weights.  Some, obviously, hurt more than others.  And then there are the leather straps, belts and tawses which can be more serious.  Now that I'm in college she has gotten a fraternity paddle because that is the culture.  That is a very big OUCH!  That what roasted my tail today.

There was a pause like Dalton's imaginary friend was talking and asking a question.

Yes.  Definitely Kari spanked my friends in the same way as she spanked me.  She proposed the same deal that she had with me and it was usually accepted.  Because of the past there was never any issue with them dropping their pants (if they were wearing any) because they had been exposed previously.

My friends were usually surprised by how painful her spankings were especially when she used a leather paddle or strap on their bare behinds.  The spankings that I shared with my friends were easier to bear.  I liked watching how their tushies turned red although I never told any of them that.

Her friends also got in on the spanking as well as seeing us boys naked.  It was like they had formed a club – Mommy's Little Helpers – and they specialized in spanking us boys.  Some other boys got spanked by their sisters and then complained that their sibling relationships had changed significantly.

I was startled when I heard Kari speak.  "OK Dalton, say goodbye to your imaginary friend and come out of the corner."  Dalton did as she ordered.  He was surprised to see me.  "Randal has been listening to your private discussion which is most rude." she explained.

"That wasn't very nice, Randal." he said to me angrily.

"Sorry." I said not knowing what else to add.

"Sorry doesn't cut it, Randal." said Kari definitively, "You have earned a spanking."

Hours later when I could think clearly again, I realized that Kari has charisma as well as being dominant.  When she said I should be spanked it was just after listening to Dalton's life story which distorted my thought processes to his view of the world, so I buckled under her orders.  Basically, I was dumbfounded but Kari was not and she took full advantage of that.

With a couple of quick tugs she opened my belt and shorts.  A two handed yank got them down and another had my boxers at my ankles just as fast.  Kari then sat on the chair I had been using and pulled me over her lap in an instant.  The first spank was just seconds later followed by a hard and painful barrage.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I yelled when I could but it was far too late.  But all that got me was another barrage.  And then it got worse.  She was now using some sort of implement and the pain increased by an order of magnitude.  Over and over that whatever whacked my butt and the pain got intense.  I switched from yelling to crying like a baby.  I went limp.  I knew (deep in my soul as well as my intellect) that I had been well-punished when she stopped and parked me in the corner.  Instantly, I had a far better understanding of Randal's relationship with his sister and a lot more respect for her as well.

"Stay in the corner ten minutes, Randal.  You may talk with Dalton but no rubbing and keep your hands on your head." and she left.

"Your butt is a lovely blazing red, Randal." said Dalton.  "Oh, and welcome to the Club."  I was certain that I would have preferred not to join.  We talked about Kari for a while before getting to the studying I had come over to do with Dalton.

Before I left, Dalton showed me some pictures of my flaming butt and how it got that way.  "It is best that you not talk at school about how Kari is in charge.  The other guys wouldn't understand without seeing some details."

I definitely agreed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 3, 2018

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