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The following story is fiction about young teens getting caned.  The story contains scenes of caning.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Shimmering Pool and Cane


The four of them had been best friends for years since they went to the same state schools.  Perhaps it was that they lived on the same block, all had birthdays in October and were thirteen.  This day was blazing hot and they all wished for some relief from the heat.  They lay on the ground in the shade of the great tree trying to keep cool and shooting the breeze with fantastic wishes.

"I know – let's go swimming." suddenly stated John.

"Great.  Where?  The nearest water is miles away." responded Harry and was quickly supported by George.

"We can't afford the town pool and if we could it is far too crowded." added Pat.

"There's the pool at St. Gorgonia's.  We can sneak in when they are eating.  Nobody will be around." proclaimed John with a grin.  The others quickly agreed.  A half hour later they were at the fence surrounding the posh public school.  They watched as the fields cleared as the boarders all headed inside to cleanup and then eat.  In just ten minutes the place seemed deserted.  The refreshing water beckoned as it glistened in the evening sun.© YLeeCoyote

It was easy to scramble over the fence and head for the pool.  They quickly stripped and jumped into the refreshing water.  Fantastic does not come close to describing how refreshing it all was.  Perhaps if they had been quiet they would not have attracted the two Prefects who were on patrol for errant lower class boys.

Dixon and York entered the pool area and stood by the hastily shed clothes.  One of them blew the lifeguard's whistle that had been hanging on the stand.  The four porpoises returned to reality and were ordered out of the water.  They could not flee as they were naked.  As they dressed, the Prefects grabbed hold of their collars to prevent them fleeing.

They were quickly lead to the Head Master's study where they waited until he returned after his meal.  He was less than happy learning that they had been in the school pool.  That implied that they had trespassed as well.  He lectured them for a bit and noting that if they were St. Gorgonia's boys they would be caned for swimming without a lifeguard.  Eventually he got to say that he would call the police since they had trespassed.

That, of course, scared the four young teens.  Even if the police just took them home (unlikely), they faced parental sanctions.  "Sir, rather than calling the police, could you treat us like we were students?" said Harry and the others quickly indicated their agreement.

The Head Master had his doubts but the four pleaded and finally agreed.  He went to the cupboard and the four were awed by the large selection of canes and other nasties hanging there.  He selected the most junior cane and closed the cupboard.

"You will remove your trousers and pants.  Then step to the desk, place your feet on the marks and lean on the desk with your bottom up.  Do not move until I tell you that you are done.  Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir." the four agreed.

John was first.  He dropped his [short] trousers, stepped out of them and got into the position specified.  He felt the cane gently checking the position and then felt the searing pain from the first cut.  The others gasped but John was resolute in staying still.  He bore the four cuts well.  When told to get up he immediately grasped his flaming bottom and rubbed to try to reduce the pain.  He had to be reminded to return to the line of his friends and put on his trousers.

Harry went through the same ordeal just as bravely.  John now realized exactly how his own bum must look and knew exactly what pain Harry was enduring.  Harry also took it well and soon was back in line with his friends.

George was not as stoic as the first two were.  He could not help but to yelp some and even jumped up after the second cut grabbing his buns.  "Stay in position or there will be extras." warned the Head Master.  George then gripped the desk very tightly determined to stay in position for the last two cuts and not embarrass himself any further.  Then he too rejoined the line.

The Head Master was discombobulated when Pat's trousers hit the floor.  He even stopped speaking in mid-sentence before being able to articulate "… you're … a girl.  I can't swish you."

"Sir, I'm a tomBOY and my dad whacks me just like he does my brothers.  It would NOT be fair if you didn't treat me exactly like my mates."  With that she got into position.  "I'm ready." she firmly declaired.

The Head Master was still unsure of himself as he gave Pat the four cuts.  The others noticed that they were not as precisely positioned as they had been with the others.

When Pat had redressed, the Head Master had recovered enough to tell them to get out and get off the school grounds.  That they quickly did.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was the next evening and the four were again under the tree.  Of course, they were lying prone to keep the pressure off their still sore buns.  John and Pat's older brothers happened by and boasted about how they had gotten whacked with a Plimsoll.  "We took it well." they boasted and then showed off their red bums.  They always showed the 'babies' what real punishments were like to taunt them.

"That's nothing.  Anyone can take that." sneered Pat.  "Came back when you get the cane and have something real to show."  The others concurred.

"And what do you know about that?" John's brother asked.

"Plenty!" said Harry.  "Let's show them."  The four got up and dropped their trousers showing off their tram tracks.

The older two just gasped.  Never again did they show off like that.

The four thirteen-year-olds readily agreed that made getting the cane worthwhile.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 19, 2019

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