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The following story is fiction and contains scenes of teen male spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop reading now.

John wrote:

This story is based on a dream that I had after reading  Brothers' Red Butts – I  which should be read first.  I want to thank Y. Lee Coyote for helping me get the story started and providing helpful suggestions along the way.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  The author has given explicit permission for his story to be posted on my site.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Shocked in Swim Class


John David

School started quite normally that Monday morning until it was time for swim class.  My school is a bit old fashioned and us guys don't wear suits but go BARE ASSED.  The only reason I've heard for the practice is that they are worried that the wet suits will turn into mold.  Actually, I like the idea – now.  Although at first I was mortified.  I was very self-conscious and not all pleased about being butt naked in front of an entire group of boys.  I got used to it and concentrated on admiring all the good looking bare butts of my classmates.  It's a good thing the pool water is so cold as it keeps me from having an embarrassing hard on.  Several guys in my class have butts I could look at all day.  My best friends, Eddie and Nate, and two other guys, Tim and Gary have beautiful bottoms.  The guy with the best looking butt in the class had to be John.

John and I weren't exactly good friends, but since the beginning of the term had been lab partners in Chemistry.  John wasn't my choice as lab partner at all.  Nate and I had been partners for the first nine weeks, but Mrs. McGrath had decided to assign partners for this term in an attempt to cut down on the horsing around during labs.  John could be a real lazy prick sometimes.  And I often ended up doing most of the write-ups.  I always made sure I got a good look at John's buns.  I'd had many a wank thinking about putting John over my knee for a bare assed spanking for not doing his share of the lab work.  Well, today, I got a huge shock when I saw John in swim class.  He showed up without his bush.  He had lots of pubic hair since September of last year.  He could not hide his bald pubes and it was obvious that it bothered him.

The whole class was pretty much in an uproar about John.  Eddie made a couple of snide comments about the condition of John's pubic area and all of us guys wanted to know what happened.  John blushed beet red and was about to say something, when Coach Davis emerged from the locker room to see what all the racket was about.

Coach Davis started yelling at all of us to settle down when he saw John's pubes.

"What the hell happened to you?  I've heard of guys shaving the hair off their head for swimming but this is ridiculous!"© YLeeCoyote

"Well Coach, I was playing strip poker with my cousin and some of his friends and after I had lost all my clothes, my pubic hair was next to go.  I guess I should have quit the game before it came to that."

The whole class roared with laughter and Coach Davis ordered us into the pool.  John didn't have to worry about anymore razing during Gym class.  Coach doesn't put up with a lot of crap.  Just last week Eddie and I were screwing around and splashing and dunking each other.  Coach ordered both of us out of the pool.  Both Eddie and I thought we would be spanked.  Coach had a paddle in his office and had used it on the bare bottoms of a couple of our classmates.  We didn't get the paddle instead we were told if we were going to act like babies, we could crawl around the edge of the pool on our hands and knees.  We did this buck naked with our dicks hanging down and Coach yelling out "Baby this" and "Baby that" Our classmates roared with laughter.  Gym was third period and John and I would have Chemistry together fifth period.  I probably wouldn't get to talk to him then, but the next day he would be coming over to my house to finish a lab report.

When school got out for the day, I caught the bus home still thinking about John.  I went up to my room and had a good wank fantasizing about spanking Eddie, Nate and John on their cute bare butts.  When I had finished, I cleaned myself up and took a shower.  I started on my part of the lab report and hoped that for once John would do his share of the work.

I heard a key turning in the door and figured it must be my younger brother Joe getting back from school.

"Hey Dave."  he shouted from the entrance hall.


"How was gym?"

"What do you mean?"

"Any excitement?"

"Yes there was plenty of excitement.  Your buddy Tim's big brother lost his pubic hair somehow."

"Did he say how he lost it?"

"Some outrageous tale about a strip poker game with his cousin."

"Tim is going to love that one."

"Did Tim tell you what happened?  Why don't you get a couple of Coke's and tell your big bro all about it."

Joe grabbed two Cokes from the fridge and came up to my room.  John's little brother Tim and Joe are in the same class and Tim told Joe all about John moving his Dad's car.  Apparently John's Dad had given him a strapping and then had Tim and Mary Lou shave off John's pubic hair.  By the time Joe had finished the story we had both finished our Cokes.  I lay back on my bed laughing.  Joe jumped on me and the two of us had a roughhousing session.  I easily pinned Joe down and then put him over my knee.  I pulled Joe's pants and underwear down and gave him six playful smacks on his bare bottom.  This was the "penalty" for losing a wrestling match.  I was much bigger than Joe so I usually won these matches, except when I let him win every so often.

"Dave, I'm glad we get along better than Tim and John do."  Joe said as he gave me a big hug.

"So am I little bro."

The next day in gym John's bare pubes were again the center of attention.  I think that any of us would have been given the business if we had lost our pubic hair.  John was an especially attractive target since he grew pubic hair before a lot of us.  He used to think he was a big man and would razz some of the "late bloomers".  Those guys were really loving this.  I managed to keep my mouth shut about what I knew.  I didn't think anyone believed his story but I wasn't going to confront him in front of all the guys.  When school had finished for the day John and I caught the bus back to my house to finish up the lab report.

"John, you don't think anyone believed that ridiculous story about the strip poker game do you?"

"Why not? That's what happened."

"Yeah right!"

"Look dude, its not like it's any of your business."

"That may be, but I don't like being lied to."

"I'm not lying dude!  I've already told you what happened."

"What if I told you that our little brothers had a very interesting chat yesterday?"

"So you know everything?" he asked as his face turned beet red.

"I know about the car, the strapping, the shaving, and the hand spanking that followed."

"It was really awful.  I mean Tim and Mary Lou have seen me naked before and we all get spanked in front of each other, but the shaving was almost too much to bear."

"It will grow back."

"I know that.  I wouldn't have minded too much if Dad had done the shaving.  I almost died when Mary Lou was doing it and she squeezed my dick when she moved it out of the way.  I couldn't even complain that the little bitch did it because Dad was watching."

"Wow! My sister hasn't even seen me naked in years much less touched my dick."

"Dave, you have to promise me that you won't tell Eddie and Nate."

"OK, they won't hear anything from me.  You had better hope that your siblings haven't told too many people."

"Yeah, I'd love to kill those two, but Dad has warned me to leave them alone or else."

"Alright, lets get moving on the lab report.  You were supposed to do the write up for our procedure and the first page of calculations."

"Uh Dave…"

"What, don't tell me you forgot to bring them."

"No, with all the trouble I was in at home, I forgot to do it at all."

"Thanks a lot John! Now it's going to take forever to get this report finished."

"Look Dave, it's not like I forgot on purpose."

"No and it's not like it's the first time you haven't done your share of the work."

"I'm sorry alright!"

"I'm sorry I ever got stuck with you as a lab partner.  I think I'll ask Mrs. McGrath for a new partner."

"Dave please don't do that, I'll really be in trouble."

"And why is that?"

"Because you are the fourth lab partner I've had.  She said that if she has to find me another lab partner she'd lower my lab grade by a full letter.  My Dad will really give me at least a strapping if not a hiding if he finds out about that."

"Well, maybe that would teach you to be a more responsible lab partner."

"Come on Dave, I'll do anything."


"Yes, anything."

"OK, I think you deserve to spanked for this but not by your Dad."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that as the injured party in all this, I should be the one to spank you."

"Fine! I'll let you spank me as long as we remain lab partners."

"Right.  I have to get something in the basement.  When I get back I want to see you wearing nothing but your underwear and socks."

"This isn't going to be bare assed Dave.  No way!"

"Oh yes it is.  Because I have heard that when you're giving a spanking, it's best to give it bare bottom."

"You're really enjoying this aren't you?"

"What I would really enjoy is having a reliable lab partner.  Now strip!"

I went down the basement to retrieve a ping pong paddle.  When I came back, John was sitting on my bed wearing a t-shirt, undershorts, and socks.  I sat down next to him and told him to lie across my knees.  John did as he was told.  He looked up at me and said:

"Please Dave, can't I keep my underwear on?"

"Sorry John it has to be bare bottomed.  Besides, we both see each other bare assed every day in swimming class."

"Yeah I guess so.  I really am sorry Dave."

"Not as sorry as you're going to be.  How many labs have we done together including this one?"


"And how many times have you not done your share of the work?"


"John, I'm going to give ten hand spanks plus two swats with the paddle for each time for a total of fifty hand spanks and ten swats."

"Yes Sir."

"Plus an additional ten swats for lying."

"Aw Dave!"

"And now to get to the bottom of this matter."  I said as I pulled John's undershorts down exposing his bare butt.

Smack!  Smack!  Smack!

I began John's fifty hand spanks hitting his left cheek, then his right cheek, and then the center of his butt.  John didn't make much noise until about thirty when he started to say ouch after each swat.  By the time I got to forty-five he was begging me to stop.  I ignored him and finished with the hand spanks.  I rubbed John's butt which had become nice and warm and picked up the ping pong paddle and brought it down on John's butt.





John started bucking around and I grabbed hold of his dick and balls to keep him in place.  The feel of his bare pubes was really weird.  I gave John his remaining eighteen whacks and by the time I was finished John had tears welling up in his eyes.  I let him get up and rub his spanked buns.  I told John he was going to standup at my desk and do his part of the lab report while I watched TV.

"Can I get dressed now?"

"Not until you finish your part of the lab report."

"What if Joe or your parents come home? I won't have enough time to get dressed."

"Alright, you can put on your jeans and shoes but your jeans are going to remain around your ankles and your undershorts will be pulled down in the rear."

John grumbled but complied and stood at my desk wearing a t-shirt, his jeans around his ankles and his undershorts covering his front but lowered in the back so I could admire his sore bottom.  John managed to get his part of the report done so I let him pull up his pants.  We finished the lab report and John ended up staying for dinner.

John and I have become great friends since that Monday.  His bush has since grown back but he still gets razed about it.  When the new term began and we were allowed to chose lab partners again, John and I decided to stay with each other.  John doesn't seem to have learned much about getting his share of the work done before we meet to put the final report together.  I've had to spank him pretty much every week.  Except for two weeks ago when John did his part of the work and I didn't.  Needless to say what's good for one lab partner is good for the other and I had to do my lab work standing up with my undershorts pulled down in the rear showing a spanked red bottom.

The End

The sequel What's Good for John Is Good for Dave is on the MMSA site.

© Copyright John David, March 25, 1999

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