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The following story is fiction about domestic discipline. The story contains scenes of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story was inspired by the drawing “A Shop” by Barb[ O’Toole] that was at  Hover on the thumbnail to enlarge and click to download.  The drawing made me wonder “Why was the boy naked in the small emporium?” for he obviously needs clothes.  It also made me think of the 1953 movie “Shane” set in 1885 for the hero gunfighter needs some store bought clothes, rather than his leather togs, to do settlers’ work so he goes to Grafton's Supply Store.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Shopping for Clothes


It was already September and Kory Leitzinger was not looking forward to what always spoils September – the resumption of school.  He absolutely loved the summer.  He was a responsible member of the family with work to do every day, like his father and older brother had, so that they would have a good harvest and more to live all year.  Although he was not quite twelve, he was no longer a mere child who played all day as the animals needed lots of attention and so did the crops.  He did the same vital chores, dare we say tasks, most days and was proud that he rarely disappointed his father with a failure.

But it was not work, work, work for Kory all the time.  He had many hours to enjoy on the farm and especially in the life-giving stream with its wonderful swimming hole.  And summer had one super-dupper special feature.  He did not have to wear any clothes.  Not a stitch!  He could be the nudist/naturalist he wished to be even though those words were unknown to him.  Kory rejoiced in being naked all summer long.

One bright day Kory washed off in the stream just before returning for lunch.  His mom told him to ready the buckboard so she could go to town after lunch.  He noticed his sister was in a fresh dress.  When he was ready, Raven loaded some eggs and caged chickens on the buckboard while Mom brought some baked stuff.  Then the three of them were off to town.

Once in town they went to Peckinpaugh’s Emporium.  It was the towns’ small store that dealt in general merchandise even purchasing from local farmers for the town folks.  Little in the store was of interest to our hero with the exception being the jars of candies which required pennies that he did not have.  But a boy could dream.  An enterprising boy with a dream might even ask “Mrs. Peckinpaugh, do you need anything delivered?” and earn a highly desirable coin or two in exchange.  Alas, fortune was not in the boy’s favor today.

The first order of business was to sell the farm stuff and then Mrs. Leitzinger started on what she figured would be the hardest thing – getting clothes for Kory.© YLeeCoyote

Meanwhile, Raven started to socialize with her friend Stacy who was also there.  The main topic was fashion as they both wanted new clothes as school was reopening in just a week.  They studied the collection of fancy dresses and frilly drawers available.  There was ever so much more in the great wishbook from Sears and Roebuck but there was a wait and shipping charges.  Carefully each girl made her selections – one dress for Sunday and one for school.  (Last year’s Sunday’s would be for this school this year.)  They would discretely change in the back room and come out for their Mothers’ approval.

Mrs. Leitzinger’s undertaking would prove to be a difficult one as Kory hated clothes.  But clothes he needed for school so clothes he was going to get.  Reluctantly, he tried on a shirt.  He did not care which of the few patterns Mother selected as they were all the same to him.  As soon as Mom said OK, he quickly removed the shirt.  Britches were a more difficult item.  Although made of the same cotton as the shirts, they were stiff and heavy and scratchy and restrictive and confining and uncomfortable!

Kory’s reaction was intense.  One would have thought that they were lined with nettles from the cries he made as he immediately shed the first pair.  Fortunately his vocabulary was limited.  “Kory stop all this nonsense!  You need clothes for school for the winter will be freezing cold.  Let’s just get this over with.” said his mother sternly.

Raven immediately recognized the warning signs her brother missed and whispered to her friend “I’ll bet he’s going to get spanked.”  They positioned themselves strategically to watch the delightful event.  A spanking is one of the few things more interesting than shopping.

Foolishly, Kory did not heed the warning and continued to object needlessly.  His mother had little patience however.  She grabbed him, sat on the conveniently located chair and pulled him over her lap.  Obviously, there was not any need to undress the lad.  This immediately caused changes in his attitude and he begged not to be spanked and made promises.  That, however, did not save his bottom, for she had already raised her hand to start to spank him hard.  Everyone was watching.  Mrs. Peckinpaugh saw a sale opportunity.  The girls all were giggling.

The Proprietress selected a very heavy wide hairbrush from stock and approached her customer.  “Mrs. Leitzinger, perhaps you would like to try this very effective hairbrush?”

“Yes. Thank you very much, Mrs. Peckinpaugh.  That is exactly what I need.” Kory’s howls increased as his mother continued spanking but now with the heavy brush.  Although Mrs. Leitzinger was strong and her hand hard from taxing farm work the brush was far more effective as evidenced by Kory’s greater reaction and deepening red shading.  Soon he was bawling and she parked him in the corner.

While Kory was serving his corner time, the world moved on.  Mrs. Leitzinger continued her shopping and the girls got the approvals for their selections.  Everything had been taken care of except getting some clothes for Kory so she returned to that difficult duty.

Kory’s joy in trying on clothes was as low as before his tail roasting but his attitude to follow his mother’s stern orders was unrecognizable.  Kory put on each item at his mother’s direction until she decided what to get for him.

As she negotiated the price, the kids loaded the wagon.  Kory was subjected to teasing about how rosy his checks were by a couple of girls when they were out of parental hearing.  He chose to return home standing behind the seat rather than bounce on it.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 24, 2021

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