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The following story is fiction about CP.  The story contains scenes of paddling and taswing.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Shopping Trip


It was Marvin’s fourteenth birthday and custom required that he go shopping.  In keeping up with the times his parents had given him a debit card rather than just cash for the task as was the practice back in the twentieth century.  The card was, in and of itself, certainly a most welcome rite of passage signaling his passage from a little boy to a young man.

The expected purchase was also established by custom – an implement to whack his botty – no, his ass as he was no longer a little boy who goes over his parent’s lap for spankings.  Now, as a young man, he would be expected to drop his pants and assume the position when he required chastisement.  Furthermore, he was expected to take it like a man.  Marvin was conflicted about the change.  The up side was that he was becoming a man with more rights and independence and most certainly more dignified than being OTK.  The down side was that it would be more painful.

In the past the task was simpler.  The birthday boy would cycle to the general store or the department store to select a paddle from four or maybe even five models.  It would be shameful for him to chose the lightest but he was not expected to select one of the heaviest models.  It was simple and fast.  Frequently, the lad’s brother or best friend would accompany him for moral support.

That was until the encouragement of CP when the liberals were defeated in the upset election a generation earlier.  The paddle counter that was stuck under the stairs was gone from the big box stories.  Now one went to the state run Implement Shoppe which had a larger selection and handled other exotic items as well.  The one Marvin was to go to had a “try before you buy” policy.  Let it be clear that it was not just allowed or merely a suggestion but a requirement.

Marvin had a problem selecting his shopping partner.  He had gotten carried away when he accompanied Irvin, his best friend, a few months before and had over done things.  It was clear that revenge was in the cards so Marvin decided that he had to choose someone else as he did not want the adult clerk whacking him.  He decided that Luther, his kid brother who was not quite thirteen, was the one.© YLeeCoyote

The trio was at the bus stop bright and early to go to the Implement Shoppe in the Mall as Irvin insisted on going.  They were the first customers of the day at opening.  Since they were young, they were restricted to spanking implements section of the shoppe.  Luther was quite amazed at the range of selections which the other two had seen a couple of month earlier.  The sale assistant, Stefan, was quite pleasant and carefully checked their documents and registered all the details as per the State’s requirements.

Marvin really could not see the difference between the various paddles so Stefan explained that was why the trial was required.  “You want to get exactly the right one for you, young man.  The one that will be most effective on your posterior.”

Marvin managed to suppress that most infamous teen response “Whatever.” that a parent would have gotten.

There was a second pair of siblings also destined for Implement Shoppe at this time.  Ernie who was also turning fourteen and his almost thirteen-year-old sister Rita.  Along with their parents they were going to visit their cousin Louie to celebrate the boys’ common  birthday but, unfortunately their car failed and the several days delay required them to use this Shoppe to stay within the law.  As they were waiting their turn, they heard much of what the Stefan explained.

“Step over to the testing station please, Marvin, and disrobe completely.” said Stefan.

“WHAT!?  Irvin did not have to do that.”

“The procedure has changed.  We now have the latest computer equipment to assure the proper selection is made.  The physical details of every stroke are recorded for analysis.”

“There is no curtain!” the youth complained loudly.

“This is the facility specified by the State.  There is not any reason for (false) modesty as only real customers and their partners are allowed in this section as in locker room you have used.  Please undress quickly and I’ll attach and connect the sensors for your safety.”

Both Ernie and Rita were watching with great interest as you can imagine.

Stefan then turned to Luther.  “Please take a few practice swings at the test butt to learn the right force.  The computer will guide you.”

Reluctantly Marvin complied and then Stefan attached the sensor leads to his wrists, ankles, chest and even one around his genitals.  After checking the computer, Stefan said that all was ready.  “Please assume the position, Marvin, bend over the bar and grip the hand holds.”  As you would expect Marvin was a bit slow while Luther found his place instantly.

“Get to it Marvin.  You’re not afraid of a few whacks from your kid brother are you?” taunted Irvin.  Marvin declined to respond verbally but snapped into position.

Stefan selected the first implement and handled the paddle to Luther.  “Be very careful only to hit his buttocks.”

Luther had no trouble at all getting in a good first WHACK which caused his brother to struggle to suppress a yell.  The second whack got the same reaction.  “You are doing very well keeping a consistent force, Luther.” complimented Stefan.  They quickly went through several paddles and because of the various difference in shapes each had slightly different impact which the computer could detect.  The humans all saw the same thing – every paddle was turning Marvin’s butt red.

“Sir,” said Luther to the assistant, pointing, “may I try one of those?  I’ve read about tawses.”

“Of course, Luther, we have two styles.” replied Stefan as he took them off the rack.

A couple of minutes later, Marvin was bent over again and Luther was getting ready to swing the first tawse at his big brother’s tail while Irvin was grinning broadly.  “The taswe may be used on the thighs.” noted Stefan.  The second stroke he placed on the Marvin’s thighs eliciting even a better response.  His reading had told him that was acceptable.  The testing was repeated with the second tawse which did not elicit as good, i.e., effective, a response.  The resulting howls were quite satisfactory as were the bright red stripes on the already red butt and especially on the thighs.

Stefan told Marvin to redress which he did without any hesitation although he quickly learnt that pulling up his underpants required some extra care after a paddling and tawsing.  Stefan inserted a new tawse into the marking machine which quickly inscribed Marvin’s name and give it to the lad after processing the debit card.

The computer also produced a certificate for Luther in two forms – one for hanging on the wall and the other to be carried in a wallet.  They both attested that Luther was qualified to discipline Marvin with the tawse as well as the paddle.  He was also given a booklet explaining his rights and responsibilities.

Luther was more than elated although his brother was appalled.  He questioned why he did not get a certificate when he came with Irvin and learnt that only relatives who have good control receive them.

The trio decided to watch the new comers for it is always fun watching someone else get whacked.  “Bet she does not hit as hard as you did, Luther.” said Irvin.  On her first practice swing the screen flashed bright red for ‘too hard’.  After a few swings she got it just right consistently.  “Irvin it’s a good thing for your butt that we didn’t actually make that bet.” said Luther.

By now Ernie was in position and Rita was ready to whack her big brother with a paddle for the first time.  She was smiling and he expected an easy time.  She swung the paddle and Ernie gave a howl when it landed right across his butt leaving a bright red wide stripe.  By the time she tested three paddles, Ernie’s tail was flaming red and he was having trouble holding back the tears.  She was beaming with pride.

As Ernie dressed, Stefan put a new paddle into the marking machine to inscribe his name and the computer finished the paper work.  They were greatly surprised by the certificate issued to Rita.  In the years to come Ernie would bemoan that their car broke down on this trip.

That afternoon Luther was very quiet at his brother’s birthday party declining to participate in the spanking ritual.  “I think it was sufficient to help him select his own personal tawse this morning.” he said.  Marvin’s friends definitely enjoyed using the tawse on the birthday boy who suffered many strokes.

* * * * * * * * * *

Over the next few months, Luther frequently mused on his shiny and unused certificate in exactly the same way as older youths do with their new driver’s licences and the family car parked in the driveway which they don’t have permission to use.  He had to settle for watching Dad use the tawse on his brother.  One time when Dad was rushed and he offered to handle the meddlesome chore he was firmly admonished that he best not try to spank his brother if he wanted to sit comfortably.

This did not stop Luther from fantasying that he caught his brother in some wrongdoing and would get to use the tawse to keep the matter secret.  The image was clear in his head every time he thought of it.  Marvin not only had his butt bare but was naked as he leaned on his bed docilely accepting proper stokes that turned his butt bright red.  To sweeten the deal, he was always thanked.

The wonderful opportunity came unexpectedly one Monday when Dad was on a business trip on Marvin’s own imitative.  “Dad, it not fair to make me wait until the weekend when you return.  Luther has the necessary certification.” he said to his dad on the phone.  What he did not tell Dad was that he had a party to go to and did not want to have to attend with a sore tail.  Luther was delighted, as you can imagine, to oblige his brother.

Happily – for Luther – it would be the first of many times.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 16, 2022

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