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The following story is fiction about a parental strapping.  The story contains scenes of a strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Short-sheet Slasher


The cousins Erik and Ron were as close as brothers.  Ron looked up to his two-year older cousin Erik because of all the help he got from him.  Ranking high among the useful information was about the things that went on in the dorms at boarding school.  He was told of what must not be done and what must be done according to the most sacred Schoolboy Code and other things.

When he was away for the first time, all that intelligence was most useful.  It prevented faux pas and surprises that would have been embarrassing.  Of course, when pranks actually occurred was a surprise but not what they were.

But there was one exception.  One night Ron did get an unexpected surprise.  He got into bed.  Or more precisely, he tried to get into bed but could not because his bed was short-sheeted.  Not a terrible thing but he got yelled at by the house master for being late (although not punished as he was the victim) as he was remaking the bed and the others laughed.  He did his best to laugh as well.

A few weeks later during a school break he visited his cousin.  One afternoon while Erik was at the dentist, Ron remade his bed.  He was happy about being able, for a change, teaching his older know-it-all cousin something.  Of course, bedtime came and the results were not as Ron expected.

Erik got into bed but there was a ripping sound as his feet busted through the unexpected folded sheet.  Erik was shocked.  Ron was shocked.  Obviously there was not anyway to hide this damage.  Erik's mom was called and his dad tagged along to assess the situation.© YLeeCoyote

Both lads were relieved when the man calmly declared: "These things happen.  Sheets wear out.  We have more sheets.  I remember short-sheeting in the dorm.  It's just a harmless prank."  Erik was also relieved for seeming through no fault of his own damage had been done.

As Mom remade the bed, she held up the ripped sheet.  "This is not an old worn out sheet but only slightly used one.  It should not have ripped from just a kick or two.  What did you do, Erik?"

"Nothing Mother, I just pushed my feet down as I got into bed as usual." answered the lad, "and the sheet ripped."

"Very strange." said his dad examining the sheet.  "It looks like it been cut or slashed."

"Let me see your feet, Erik." ordered Dad.  "Ah ha.  Here is the problem.  You have been neglecting cutting your toe nails again.  You now have claws.  Claws that catch!  Just like the frumious Bandersnatch!  Claws that catch and do damage."

"No wonder all your socks have holes in the toes." added mom.

"We have spoken to you before about his, Erik." said his dad.  Suddenly Erik looked very worried.  "What did you agree to?"

"To cut them regularly, Father."

"And what did I promise if you did not?"

"A spanking, Father." he said, very quietly, and now truly worried.

Mom discretely left leaving the males alone.  Dad extracted his belt from his pants.  "Get into position, son."  Erik knew what was expected without delay so he dropped his pj's bottoms and leaned on his bed as Ron watched closely.  Dad folded the belt and found the proper spot to administer the punishment from.

The folded belt was raised and brought down directly on target.  Erik tried to suppress his yells but was only partly successful so Ron heard his cries of pain showing that he was not super macho.  The red stripe showed on his butt before the next cut.  The action and result were repeated five more times.  Ron watched intently as his cousin was strapped for it was most fascinating how his bottom turned red.

"I'll check your nails in the morning, Erik."  The nail cutter was immediately fetched and used.  Erik would never again forget this simple task.

Ron was delighted seeing his cousin's bright red ass.  It was the highlight of the visit although he never told Erik.  Back in the dorm was a different matter, however, for Ron's dorm mates were delighted hearing all the details of the story.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 13, 2018

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