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Coyote's Shorts Directory

Over the years I have written many short stories mostly for the Summer Story Contest but also a few others.  They are individually indexed on this page.  The links take you directly to each story so that you miss the general warnings about the content.

SSCSummer Story Contest  (The year and page here is shown.)
BSFSFThe 2003 Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival
FishnetDesmonaDesdmona's Erotic Story Contests
Just shortsJust the ones under 500 words. 



 Alfie – Version 1SSC20022(T/b, spank)  Child
 Alfie – Version 2SSC20022(M/b, spank)  Child
 Alfie – Version 3SSC20022(b/b, spank, sex)  Child
 Alfie – Version 4SSC20022(M/b+, spank)  Child
 Alfie – Version 5SSC20022(spank)  Child
 An All Too Short a LifeFishnetDesmona  (MF, sex)
 The Annoying BoySSC2006Child
 Another Collection DaySSC20053(t/F, spank)  Child
 ApocalypseSSC2001(edge, cat)
 As Plain As the Nose On Your FaceSSC2005(M/b, strap, parental)  Child
 Assville High School RulesSSC2003Verse
 Ball Boy's SolutionJust Shorts(t/M, spank)
 Be There Tigers?SSC20022First/last
 Beach ComingBSFSF2003t/t,sex
 Bed Time; Story TimeSSC2003(M/b, spank)  Child
 The BetSSC2000Buddies
 Birthday SurpriseSSC2003(M/M, paddle)  Adult
 Black Stockings Are So SexyFishnetDesmona(t/t, sex)
 Blind Date DisasterSSC20062Child
 Boris Gets SpankedSSC2003(M/M, spank)  Parody
 Boris Spanks BackSSC2003(M/F, spank)  Parody
 A Boy's First SpankingJust Shorts(M/b, spank)
 A Boy's Thank You LetterJust Shorts(M/b, spank)
 Boy Gets SpankedSSC2003(M/b, spank)  Fan fiction
 A Boy, His Wagon and the InfantJust Shorts(M/b, spank)
 The Boy on the SwingSSC2010(M/b) Picture
 Brother's Helping HandSSC2009(t/b,flip-flop)
 Bus Driver's DelightSSC2003(M/t, spank)  Child
 BustedSSC2002(M/t, spank)  First/last
 Cabin of HorrorsSSC2006Picture
 The Cane Acts at HogwartsSSC2007Missing scene
 Caught by the Post PoliceSSC1999Judical
 Caught in the Wrong Part of Town  SSC2010(t/m) Wildcards
 Caught NappingSSC2002(MM/tt, parental discipline)  Period
 The Chair in the New HouseSSC2011t/t
 Changed at The Open CageSSC20072(Not my kink
 Classroom ConspiracySSC2011M/t,school
 Co-opting in the Computer LabSSC2000(M/m, strapping, nc, schoolboy)
 Conradin's Personal God Intervenes AgainSSC2010(M/M) Imbalance of Power
 Collection DaySSC20053(M/t, spank)  Child
 Company PunishmentSSC2006Picture
 Conflict ResolutionJust Shorts(M/t, spank)
 Conversation with Mr. BBSSC2007Child
 Corner ChatSSC2003Adult/g, spank)  Mini-saga
 Crawford's First CaningSSC2003(M/t, cane)  Line
 Crime and PunishmentSSC2000Domestic
 Crime and PunishmentSSC2006Edge
 Crime and PunishmentSSC2000(M/M, spank, Assville)
 Dalliance on the BeachBSFSF2003(Adult, spank, sex)
 David and DaddySSC1999(M/M, rom, spank)
 Day AloneSSC2006Fanfiction
 Day at the ZooSSC2007Child
 Dental SpankingSSC2000(Dentist/patient)
 Destiny ControlSSC2003Lines
 Disciplining the Negligent MaidJust Shorts(t/F, spank, role reversal)
 Dismissal TimeSSC20072Beginnings
 Disobedience AftermathSSC20053(b/F, spank)  Missing Scene
 Doctor of the Third KindSSC2001(child, M/b, spank)
 Doctor’s OrdersJust Shorts(F/M, ​spank, ​slipper)
 Doing His DutySSC2009(M/t)
 Driver EducationSSC20053(F+/M, spank)  Adult
 Duty: His &  HersSSC20052(M/F, spank)  Adult
 EdgeSSC2001(edge, parental, androgynous, spank)
 EligibilitySSC20022(t/t, spank)  Child
 The Enchanted FrogSSC2004(M/f, sex, fractured fairy tale)  Child
 The End of the FeudSSC2001(edge, adult, parody, humor, paddle, machine)
 English LessonSSC2003(M/m, spank  Mini-saga
 Entrance ExamSSC20072Gothic
 Eros at the BacchanaliaSSC2000(F/m, spanking, parental)
 Fair CatchSSC20062Child
 Fantasy at the CastleSSC1999(M/fm, family)
 Fathers' Day GiftSSC2003(M/t, paddle  Child
 Feminine WilesSSC2000(F/F, domestic)
 Field Report – SummarySSC2003(M/t, spank)  Edge
 Filling the BoxSSC2006Picture
 First Adult DecisionSSC2004(Machine/t, strap)  Child
 First CustomerSSC2001(M/F, public, spank)
 First DateSSC2001(m/f, teen, spank)
 First MeetingSSC2002(Machine/bb, spank, rom)  Child
 First SpankingSSC2005(M/F, spank)  Strange Places
 First Vote; First StrappingSSC20052(A/A, spank)  Strange Places
 Forging a BondSSC2005(T/M, spank, domestic)  Ageplay
 The Fortune CookieSSC2003(M/t, spank)  Child
 Fully Insured, Fully ProtectedSSC2011M/t
 Gaining a New POV on SpankingSSC20053(T/t, spank)  Child
 Generic Fairy Tale, Class ISSC2004(parent/child, spank)  Mini-saga
 Genesis SpotSSC2010(t/t) Picture
 Getting the BullySSC20052(t/t, spank, public)  School
 Goldie at the Three BearsSSC2000(M/b, spank, parental)
 Goldie's Second ChanceSSC2000(M/f, spank)
 Goldilocks Makes PeaceSSC2000(M/f, spank)
 Gong ShowSSC20062Adult
 Good StartSSC20053(MM/MM, spank)  Age Play
 The Goody-goody Gets His Due in SpadesSSC2010(t/t) Slash
 Guy TalkSSC2006Picture
 Helping OutSSC20052(t/t, spank, paddle)  School
 If You Can't Do the Time, Don't Do the CrimeSSC2000(machine/male)
 I Need a SpankingSSC2011t/t
 Improper ExperimentJust ShortsM/b, spank, humiliation
 Jack and Jill – The True StorySSC1999(tt/mm, spank)
 Jack's SpankingSSC1999(teacher/b, spank)
 Johns' StrappingSSC2000(M/m, strap, nc)
 Just Another SpankingSSC2002(F/m, spank)  First/last
 Justice in Lone Black OakSSC20072Edge
 Justice Without DelaySSC2007Adult
 Kissing the Gunner's DaughterSSC2005(M/t, spank)  Strange Places
 Late for ClassSSC20053(M/M, spank)  School
 LessonSSC2003(M/b, spank)  Mini-saga
 Letter from Summer CampSSC2003(M/t, spank)  Child
 The LetterSSC2001(child, paddle)
 Little Red Riding Hood Comes VisitingSSC2003(teens, spank, sex)  Child
 Little Red Riding Hood Meets the WoodsmanSSC2004(M/f, spank, fractured fairytale)  Child
 Losing the SSCSSC20072Picture - Money
 Love of Chair – The Missing EpisodeSSC20053(M/b, spank)  Missing Scene
 The Making of a StarSSC2003(t/b, spank)  Child
 Marriage Contract ClauseSSC20062Picture
 Meeting With The HeadmasterSSC1999(M/M, cane, family)
 Midsummer's Night MysteryBSFSF2003(teen, sex)
 The Midnight TrainSSC2010(M/M) Picture
 Misbehavior in the MuseumSSC2011M/t
 Motel Room #7SSC2007Picture - Grille
 Moving OnSSC2000(Myth/Fantasy, Paddle)
 The Mugger, the Witch and the FrogSSC2004(F/t, spank)  Adult
 A Mugger's Tail/TaleSSC20062Adult
 My Bedroom CornerSSC2011M/M
 A New ProtocolSSC20062Child
 New SchoolSSC1999(teacher/t, spank)
 Not a Good DaySSC20062Historical
 Not the Last TimeSSC20052(M/t, spank)  Child
 Not the VeldtSSC2006Mystery
 Old Problem; Old SolutionSSC2005(M/t, spank, cane, school, SciFi, machine)  SciFi
 On the Job TrainingSSC20062Picture
 On The WallSSC20072Object Fetish
 One of UsSSC20053(F/b, spank)  Mini-saga
 ORDER OF THE ASSVILLE SUPERIOR COURT  SSC2004(M/M, strapping, public)  Mini-saga
 OversightSSC20052(M/F, spank) Ageplay
 The Pause That Refreshes – The Bike's ReportSSC2010(M/M) Picture
 The Pause That Refreshes – The Cyclist's ReportSSC2010(M/M) Picture
 The Pause That Refreshes – The Hiker's ReportSSC2010(M/M) Picture
 Parental Spanking LawSSC20052(M/t, spank, strap, public, judicial)  Child
 Party PoopersSSC2005(F/gg, spank)  Not My Kink
 Payday PayoffSSC20053(t/t, spank)  Child
 Payment Past DueSSC2002(adult/domestic, paddle)  Adult
 Persistent Enchantment – 2SSC2004(F/g, spank, fractured fairytale)  Child
 Persistent Enchantment – 1SSC2004(M/b, fractured fairy tale)  Child
 Pilgrimage to CanterburyBSFSF2003(M/t, spank)
 The Price of MessinessSSC20052(M/t, spank, paddle)  Child
 The Prince and the FrogSSC2003(F/t, spank)  Child
 The Prince and the Enchanted SleepersSSC2003(M/f, M/t, spank, sex)  Parody
 Privileges, Responsibilities and ConsequencesSSC2006Picture
 Proper Sibling BehaviorSSC2003(MF/bg, spank)  Child
 Protecting BillySSC20072Picture - Table
 Psychiatric TreatmentSSC2003(g/b, spank)  Parody
 Punctuality CountsSSC2004(M/M, cane)  Picture
 Punished Before the Entire ClassSSC2002(M/t, strap)  Adult
 Rampage in the ShopSSC20062Historical
 Red "F" and Red TailSSC2000(M/t, parental, schoolboy)
 Rent Day – Another RealitySSC2000(M/M, F/F, public, nc)
 Rent Day RevelationSSC2000(F/M, public, nc)
 Rent DaySSC2000(M/F, F/M, public, nc)
 Report Card Day DisappointmentSSC2000(M/mm, spank, strap, parental)
 ResponsibilitySSC1999(tf/MF, paddle, family)
 The Return of Spiderman to the TramwaySSC2005(M/b, spank, rom)  Strange Places
 Return VisitSSC2006Mini-saga
 The Right WaySSC20072Someone Else's Kink
 Sacrifice for a Blood BrotherSSC2007Child
 Sauce for the Goose is Sauce for the GanderSSC2000Domestic
 School Day in 6-6-6SSC2003(Adult/teen, paddle) Mini-saga
 School Disco DateSSC2001(adult, cane)
 The Scout and the ScoutmasterSSC2010(t/m) Imbalance of Power
 Second ChanceJust Shorts(bear/f)
 Sentenced to a StrappingJust Shorts(M/t, strap)
 Sequel – The Full StorySSC2002(M/brat, spanking, haiku)  Poetry
 SequelSSC2002(M/brat, spanking, haiku)  Poetry
 Sex, Lies and Big BrotherSSC20052(t/bb, spank)  Child
 ShipwreckSSC2001(first line, strap)
 Shopping TripSSC2002Mini-saga
 Sibling Lesson – 3SSC2003(F/f/b, spank)  Child
 Sibling Lesson – 2SSC2003(t/F, spank)  Child
 Sibling Lesson – 1SSC2003(F/t, spank)  Line
 Sin, Penitence and RepentanceSSC2010(t/b) Genre/child
 Some Paddlings are FunSSC2004(M/t, paddling)  School
 Sorry, No Coyote Story TodaySSC2000(machine/male)
 Spanked by the BabysitterSSC20022(t/b, spank)  Child
 A Spanking Hard DaySSC2000(M/multiple)
 Spanking Is FunSSC20062Child
 The SSC, El Greco and The Coyote's ProblemSSC2001(edge, nospank)
 Still Another Three Bear StorySSC2000(Bear/b, spank)
 Stranger in the ParkSSC20052(M/b, spank)  Child
 Substitute SpankerSSC2004(F/t, spank)  Child
 Summary PunishmentBSFSF2003(M/M, spank, sex)
 Take It Like a ManSSC2009(M/t,strap)
 Tawsed at SchoolSSC2004(?/?, taswe)  School
 The Temple GuardiansSSC20062Sci-fi/fantasy
 Terror in the School ShowerBSFSF2003(teen, sex)
 Thaddeus Throckmorton's Day OffSSC2006Picture
 To Be First in the SSC-2005SSC2005(A/A, spank, domestic)  Adult
 To Young to HangSSC2005(M/b, spank, judicial)  Historical
 The Toilet Seat CaperSSC2000(M/mf, spank, parental)
 Tokyo LessonSSC2001(M/M, edge, cane, public)
 Tom, Becky and the Camcorder – 1/2SSC2002(fff/f, spank, voy)  First/last
 Tom, Becky and the Camcorder – 2/2SSC2002(fff/f, spank, voy)  First/last
 Traffic StopSSC2011M/M
 Trial by DenSSC20052(t/t, spank, switch)  Child
 Undercover InvestigationSSC20053(M/t, spank)  Edge
 Une Leçon ParisienneBSFSF2003(teen, sex)
 The Unlucky MuggerSSC2003(M/M, spank)  Adult
 Unusual School DaySSC2007Picture - Desk
 A View to the Future – 1BSFSF2003(teen sex)
 A View to the Future – 2BSFSF2003(teen sex)
 A Visit from the Tooth FairySSC2004(spank)  Child
 War Crime PunishmentJust Shorts(f/b, spank, paddle)
 Visit with the Guidance CouncilorSSC20022(M/f, spank)  First/last
 Warm Up ShowSSC2005(M/bb, spank)  Child
 The Water Gun CaperSSC2003(M/b, spank)  Fan fiction
 Window Box BoySSC20062Child
 Winning the LotterySSC2011M/t,school
 You Got Mail – ISSC2000Domestic
 You Got Mail – IISSC2000Domestic

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