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Shot Inoculation


Ulysses was the doctor's office staff's worse nightmare.  He required an injectable medicine once a week.  However, the plucky ten-year-old hated getting jabbed in the butt and put up a fight each and every time.  The nurse and the aides had a struggle every time the lad was brought to the office.  Screaming and fighting occurred each and every time and it took two aides to hold him for the nurse to administer the shot.

Of course, they had tried "everything" to get the boy to cooperate so that the critical medicine could be delivered.  Nothing had worked.  Neither special rewards or loss of privileges had been successful.  They were at their wits end.  The doctor did not have a solution nor could he refuse to treat the boy because there was not anyone else qualified in the community.

It was a real dilemma to say the least.

One week there was a substitute aide because the regular one was on vacation.  The others forewarned him of the situation so that he would be prepared for their weekly struggle.  He had an idea for a different approach.

"So the shot hurts?" he asked the boy.© YLeeCoyote

"It is torture!" he replied loudly obviously thinking that it was the stupidest question he every had been asked.

The man looked through the boy's chart as the boy watched and then suddenly looked up.  "Did you get the inoculation against shot pain?" he asked.

"NO!" he replied emphatically.

"Well, the doctor ordered it and it is in your chart.  But like you said, it doesn't show that you got it.  We can take care of it right now and solve the problem."

"Is it another shot?" asked the lad warily.

"No.  Not at all.  Shall I give it to you right now?"  The boy nodded.

The man sat down and had the boy stand in front of him.  Then without warning him he yanked the boy pants and undies down with one swift yank.  While the boy was still stunned, he pulled him over his left leg and clamped him into place with his right leg.  It took a couple of minutes but he soon had a grip on each of the boy's wrists and then brought them together to hold them with his left hand.

The boy tried to struggle but found he was quite immobilized.  This was something new for it always took two to hold him and even then he sometimes escaped.  "I shall now start the special inoculation."  With that, he raised his right hand and administered the first spank.  The boy yelled both from the pain and the shock.

A couple of dozen more spanks and he was crying from the pain.  He lifted the boy up and let him cry on his shoulder.  After a few minutes Ulysses stopped bawling and was just sobbing.

"Let's see if it is effective." and he called the nurse who quickly used the alcohol wipe and then give him the shot.

"OK." said the nurse handing him the lollipop treat.  "We are all done for today, Ulysses."

"What?" he said incredulously.

"I see that the treatment I gave you was most effective.  You did not even feel the shot today." said the man.

"But…." stammered the boy quite confused with a hot red bottom.

"No 'buts', young man.  You got your weekly shot and it did not hurt at all.  You did not even feel it."

"You … sp…sp…spanked me.  My ass is on FIRE!" he moaned trying to rub out the ragging fire.

"The fire will go out by tomorrow.  It's just a side effect of the treatment.  Nothing to worry about.  You can go now but be sure to get an appointment for your regular shot next week."

Everyone on staff was amazed.  "We see next week how effective it was or if he will need a boaster treatment." said the man.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 17, 2019

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