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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of gay teen sex, male domination, spanking and shaving.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

There are two versions of Sibling Rivalry – Resolved and Unresolved.  The first 1500 words are the same and then they go off in different directions.  Which do you like better?  This story was inspired Bound to Masturbate by Derek3B which I found in the Nifty Archive.

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Sibling Rivalry – Resolved


I'm just under two years older than my brother, Teddy.  For the most part I was a good older brother.  You know the nice sort of stuff – sticking up for him, showing him all sorts of things and the like.  Of course, it wasn't all sweetness; he had to endure his share of brotherly bashing and teasing because he was always smaller.  Adolescence was a hard time for me as I was one of the oldest in my class but the very last one to grow a pubic bush and my classmates gave me a hard time about it.  As Teddy was younger and had the misfortune to be available, I took out some of my frustrations on him and flaunted it when I finally did get a bush.  In retrospect, I realize that I made his life unpleasant and I deserved what happened.  For the few months before the events I'm about to describe happened, my brother and I were on different schedules and I had not noticed that his body was developing.  He went through puberty less a year after I did.

It was a rainy Friday after school in February of my sophomore year and our parents had left us alone for the weekend.  I was just hanging in the playroom when Teddy and his lifetime buddy, Bobby, joined me.  After a while, Bobby suggested that we play Military Scout and Indians.  From the lofty height of sixteen and a half years I told them that it was too childish, but Teddy said: "Why not?" and beside it's his birthday next week.  What the hell, I thought, and then I'll be able to give him a real birthday spanking.  In a couple of minutes we were wrestling like we used to.  The object of the game was for two little Indian braves to overpower the lone scout and force him to betray the troops.  Previously this only happened when I intentionally lost the game but today was different.  Alas, very different.

They were both almost as big as me and working together they quickly overpowered me.  Teddy was sitting on my chest keeping me down while Bobby tied my legs to the columns supporting the first floor.  It was hard to breathe and they were very quick. When Teddy first got on top of me, I noticed that there was a major change from previous games.  As his pants pulled tight into his crotch, I could see that he had a major hardon.  This in itself wasn't strictly news but its size was.  My little brother was no longer little.  I couldn't help but stare.  This had two consequences: first, it kept me distracted and second, Teddy noticed.  "See something you like?" he asked with a big smile.  I sure did.  It looked real juicy and yummy but no way was I going tell him that so I remained mute trying to show disdain at even being asked.  My hesitation gave Bobby his chance so just seconds latter he was slipping ropes about my wrists and securing them to another column.  I had missed my chance to get Teddy off of me and now I couldn't.  O.K., I thought, they had won the battle, but I still expected to win the war.

"Let's get him stripped and then he'll talk." declared Bobby.  They removed every stitch of clothes that I was wearing being very careful never to untie more than one limb at a time.  There was no way that I could effectively resist them or attempt escape.  Soon I was a naked captive tied down on the ground.  I must confess that it was very exciting and my prick was at attention, proclaiming my sexual excitement and thus betraying me.  I saw that both my captors had tented pants and the place reeked of male musk.  Teddy resumed his position on my chest and, while rubbing his tool through his pants, asked again this time a with a sneer: "See something you like, helpless soldier boy?" I did not know where we going but I did not like the situation at all and said: "I've had enough; let me up." adding a few colorful words for emphasis.  While simply ignoring my demands, Bobby suggested "Let's show him the merchandise." and they both stripped.  I was surprised for they both had hard slim, although very young, bodies.  They were no longer just little Indian braves but were already humpy, young warriors.  Their full size cocks were obviously ready for action.  Still again Teddy tried to get me to ask for his cock, but I refused.

"We will have to soften him up." one of them declared and Bobby left and returned with some stuff which he dumped beside me.  By that time Teddy was kneeling between my legs and started to play with my cock, balls and pubes and while Bobby started to take photos.  I have to admit that it felt good even when they covered me with shaving cream.  When Teddy showed me the RAZOR I realized that they were serious.  "No!", I shrieked; "Please don't shave me, Teddy; I'm your brother." I pleaded, "The guys will all laugh at me in gym shower, please."  He didn't answer, except to play with the shaving cream covering my pubes.  "O.K., I'll suck your cock, Ted, but please don't shave me." I begged realizing the power he had over me.  But I was too late for my little brother had taken the first stroke with the razor leaving a wide band of bare skin from my navel to my cock where my pubic hair was and should be.  Even if he stopped now, I would still be the laughing stock of my gym class.  They forced me to watch as conquering Teddy stripped the first sign of my manhood away.  As dreadful as I know the future will be, it is still very sensuous and exciting.  When he finished, he dried me off.© YLeeCoyote

"Just like a little boy!" he proclaimed.

Bobby felt me and added: "Yea; his pubis is just as smooth as a baby's ass!"

Ted got up on my chest where I could see his large cock rampant from his lush bush and the horrifying reality of the situation registered.  At least for now he is the dominant brother for he had taken full control of my body; stripped me of my manhood.  I should have hated this all but I didn't; strangely through I liked it.  I knew what he wanted now and that I could not refuse him for he now had the power to enforce his will.  He leaned forward to present his cock to me.  Reluctantly, but compliantly, I opened my mouth.  He pushed forward so that his cock entered me.  I started to suck his cock for the very first time.  Bob continued taking pictures and waiting his turn.  Ted takes complete physical control by grabbing my head and thrusting in and out hard until he shot his load deep into me.  I tried not to swallow, but he stayed in me, still hard.  I had no choice for it was either to choke or to swallow.  He had secured the psychological collar about my neck very firmly.  I remained hard as these two fourteen-year-olds humiliated me and took me sexually.

Bob replaced Ted on my chest and presented another hard cock for me to service.  I didn't even think to resist.  As I eagerly sucked I wonder if he will be as sweet as my brother.  He was very hot and quickly blasted a large load into me which I eagerly accepted fully.

Ted started playing with my boyishly hairless groin again.  I could not conceal that I was very hard and oozing lots of pre-come.  "My LITTLE brother is enjoying all of this." he sarcastically noted to his buddy.  How could I deny the truth when he held the evidence in his hand.  Even worrying about the future did not dampen my ardor.  I wonder if I will be able ever regain control or at least equality.  One thing for sure – they can always gang up on me; that the future is bleak was apparent.  But for the moment my sex drive was ruling and was overpowering my intellect.  "I want; I need; I must have relief; I must come." I thought while silently I was praying that he will be kind and let me have some release.  He must know I need it.

They carefully turned me over and re-adjusted the ropes so that I was fully spread-eagled with my ass in the air.  My cock was pulled down and the pain emphasized how they had full control.  My ass was fully exposed and my heart was racing as I realized that they could (surely will!) fuck me should (when) they chose to. Ted and Bob knelt opposite sides of me.  "Time for your birthday spanking, Bob." Ted stated and they started.  "One." Ted's leather belt caresses my ass quickly followed by Bob's.  I yell knowing that at least another thirty blows will follow.  This was not a playful birthday spanking but a real hard one and by the half way point, to my shame, I had lost control and was crying like a baby.  They have completely broken me.  I no longer felt the need to resist and try to regain my position as the older, and thus dominant, brother.  They know it for they finished the count but with lighter, more playful slaps and then they untied me.

Ted held me in his lap, like I used to hold him many years ago.  Words aren't needed now any more then when I comforted him as a little kid.  After a while he asked if I remembered what I gave my friend Steve for his fifteenth birthday.  I shudder as I recalled that I given him my own brother for a day to be his 'younger brother' to bash or whatever.  As Ted wiped the tears from my face, he very gently asked: "Would you do something for me little brother? I would appreciate it a lot." Those were the exact words I used to him almost two years ago.  How could I refuse when Ted didn't then and I didn't even (explicitly) threaten him.  If, like a baby or sissy, I refused I would surely completely lose the little if any respect they still had for me and they could and would probably force me.  "Sure, big brother" I whispered resigned to my faith.  Ted got a piece of gift wrap ribbon and tied it around my neck with a big bow and then, taking me by the hand, led me to Bob, placed my hand in his and said: "Happy Birthday, Buddy".  Just before he left he whispered into my ear: "He won't rape you."

Bob's intentions were very clear.  He gave me a hug and immediately started to play with my hot buns.  I implored him not to fuck me but he reached for and grabbed my hard cock, rising from my now hairless groin.  "If this were soft, I wouldn't but you really do want it little hairless one; don't you." he asked rhetorically leading me to where his pants lay on the floor.  Even as I tried to will it down to prove him wrong (and save my ass) my dick only got more erect.  His dick was even harder and, of course, hairy.  I started to play with it as he played with my butt hole.  He took out a condom and a small packet of lube.  He coated my fuck hole with the lube and slipped a finger in.  It was the first time and it felt good.  By the time he got to three fingers, I was asking (begging!) him to fuck me. He directed me to put the condom on him.  I ripped open the packet and, with fumbling fingers, rolled it on to his eager hard, young shaft.  He took me doggy style and I finally got some relief for as I shot as he fucked me hard without even touching my dick.  When we recovered he patted my ass and told me to cleanup the place, take a shower and come up for dinner.  He took his clothes when he went upstairs with those damming photos.

I did as he directed without knowing why.  I should have whipped his fourteen-year-old butt and then done the same to my uppity kid brother.  However, in retrospect, I realize that I was always with younger kids but still had to struggle to be top dog and about this time was trying less and less to be the leader.  Apparently then I was overwhelmed and just docilely did as I was told.  When I got upstairs I found that they had the dinner that mom had left us ready as if nothing extraordinary had happened.  It was only when my brother sat down that I realized he had taken dad's place and was serving Bob and me just as dad did.  He even told me to clean my plate before I could have dessert.  After dinner Bob left with those damming photos and we went off to bed.  Ted took me to his room and to his bed.  "It will be fun to cuddle up like we use to" he said.  I was still so perplexed by the events earlier, that I just did everything he told me to.  Soon we were cuddled up under the blankets.

Ted held me tight and, particularly in my vulnerable state, it really felt good.  He was very gentle, but always in control.  However he made sure that I was constantly aware that my pubes were those of a little boy – smooth and hairless – while his sported a manly bush.  He also explained that he loved me dearly, but that I had taken a wrong turn along life's path and now had to go back to be a 'better person'.

As he held me from behind, I was aware that his hard cock was pressed up against my ass but he never tried to take me although I could not have resisted him.  Instead it was I that started to rub my butt in his crotch.  After a while he asked me: "See something you want?" I couldn't help but to say: "Yes, please.  Please fuck me." He gently put some lube on my butt and his cock and slipped his hard rod into my hungry hole for the first time.

We fell asleep with his man-cock in my boy-butt.  I did not know how it happened, but I knew that he was in charge now.  He had won the war and I was the spoils.  He had taken the dominant, commanding position of control.  There was some feeling of relief when I realized this and drifted off to sleep in his arms.

In the morning he asked me what I wanted to do and I said: "Whatever you like, big brother." His cock, still in my butt from last night, got harder as he rolled me onto my tummy.  As he started to lovingly fuck me, he said: "That right, little one, we do what I want." We stayed in bed all morning.  He fucked me some of the time.  I sucked him some of the time.  And we cuddled the rest of the time.

Ted expressed concern about what the other guys would do when they saw me in the gym shower; I don't want them making fun of you.  "They'll get over it and I'm the way you want me." I told him.  After a bit he came up with an idea.  If Steve was also shaved, then you could both have been losers in a strip poker game and they'll make more fun of him than you because he's so hairy.  Besides, I've wanted to get even with him for a long time; a very long time.  I asked him that question had been praying on my mind since he had given me to Bob: "Did Steve rape you that time?"  Silently and with a sad face he nodded yes.  I had betrayed my brother and he had never said a word about his pain.  "He promised that he wouldn't." I said, "Do you want his ass now?" Ted nodded again.  "Where and when?"  "Here! Tonight!" he said emphatically.  We laid plans and that evening the four of us were together in Ted's bedroom.  Ted gave Steve one chance to atone for mistreating him two years earlier, but he arrogantly refused.

As you can imagine, a little latter Steve was naked, cursing and eagle-spread on the bed.  Ted then shaved both his chest and crotch while we took pictures.  Steve was very upset as Ted reduced him to a hairless state; we did not even have to taunt him about it.  Then Ted gave him a choice: either to give each of us a blow job or to get fucked.  Steve was horrified and it got worse after Ted stripped showing off his lush bush and reminding him what he had said two years ago: "Hairy men fuck, hairless boys suck."

"He doesn't want to suck." Ted declared, "Let's turn him over." As we did Steve begged Ted not to fuck him and promised to give him, er, all of us a blow job.  "Too late, boy" Ted chortled as he started to lube up Steve's ass hole.  After putting on a condom and having gotten three fingers deep into his ass hole, Ted proceeded to roughly fuck the guy that had raped him two years ago.  Steve probably didn't want to respond consciously, but he was meeting my brother's thrusts by lifting up his own ass as Ted rammed into him.  When he was finished, he pulled out and said: "Thanks Stevie, I've wanted to fuck you for two years since you raped me."  Ted's revenge was all the better for having waited and done it before witnesses.

"Should we give him a birthday spanking?" asked Bob.  Both Ted and I said: "ABSOLUTELY!" Then they proceeded to spank him as they had done me yesterday.  Steve was tough, and didn't cry so he got the full sixty blows with their belts.  Bob had stripped down and he moved into place between Steve's legs.  A few seconds latter Bob's fourteen-year-old dick was pumping in Steve's seventeen-year-old butt with great enthusiasm.  Steve was resigned to his fate now for he had stopped complaining (at least out loud).  After Bob pulled out, he complained that he did not like sloppy seconds and suggest that I use the other end.  Ted asked Stevie if he would like to give his buddy a blow job or if he would prefer to get a third fucking?  Steve opted for the former as I stripped down and Ted and Bob untied him warning of dire consequences it he did not cooperate.

Steve was on his knees when I walked in front of him.  When he started to ask was I was hairless I just shoved my hard shaft into his open mouth and he started to suck.  He made me feel real good and Bob got some great photos of him in this very compromising position.

He wasn't a happy puppy, but he had to go along with the poker story we planned.  There was some hassling in school, but Steve got the worst of it.

Four months later school broke for the summer vacation.  That night Ted came and shaved me again.  He kept me smooth until school started again in the fall.  During the school year, he kept my pubes clipped short but long enough that I won't be hassled.  The next summer he kept me shaved smooth again.  Ted had started school only a year behind me but he got through high school in just three years so we graduated together.  We shared a condo all though our college years together.  The night before our high school graduation he shaved me smooth as he had done for the preceding two summers.  This time he told me that he would kept me shaved smooth from then on.  And he has! We never discussed it; not even the first time.  Obviously it was what he wished.  And my big brother knows what's best for me.

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© Copyright A.I.L., November 28, 1997

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