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Sissy Boy Spanked – 2/2


Neither Julian nor Melissa had any idea how much just one spanking would affect their relationship forever.  Actually it was not that one event per se but it was the catalyst that would start to make the changes more significant.  It certainly left them both confused.

Julian felt that his head was spinning from all the conflicting emotions and thoughts that were flying through his head.  Thinking back he couldn’t understand why he submitted to a spanking from his kid sister.  Melissa was not confused for she certainly was relishing the rush from exerting such awesome power.

* * * * * * * * * *

Melissa along with her two friends, Ruby and Tana, were sun bathing one afternoon in the lower backyard.  Julian had been prohibited from going there since the girls were only going to wear undersize postage stamp bikinis which they were permitted to use only in extremely private spaces.  Perhaps if Julian was still under petticoat punishment he might have joined in but that, much to his relief, was over a few days earlier.  The bored boy, however, decided to spy on the girls.  It felt like something, something naughty, that he was supposed to do and thus a real adventure.

It took him some fifteen minutes to circle around and find his way through the woods to the back of Auntie’s property.  There was not a fence so he was able to get quite close to the girls.  Unfortunately for him he was clumsy and Ruby heard him.  She quietly shared this intelligence and the three girls quickly made a plan.  They jumped up simultaneously to dash to where Julian was hiding and easily captured the surprised boy.© YLeeCoyote

“Auntie will surely put you back in that pretty dress and all, Julian, once she hears about how you disobeyed the direct order to leave us alone.”

“He wears a dress?” questioned Tana incredulously.

“That is how Auntie punishes him.  He’s ever so cute in that outfit.  I guess that you will see it for yourself real soon.”  The two visitors smiled at the prospect.

“Please, don’t tell, please.  I hate that dress and all.  Please.” he pleaded.

“You have been very naughty and must be punished, Julian.  What would you suggest?” Melissa asked with an evil smile enjoying tormenting her brother once again.

Julian caught on. “You can punish me.” he said looking down and fearing what she might do but certain that it would not be as horrible as the dress.

“Very well, I will spank you and my friends will help.  Otherwise, it is Auntie’s dress and then a spanking for you.”  With a sniffle and a nod he consented.  “Ruby, take his shirt off.”  The young girl did not need any additional encouragement and quickly pulled his T-shirt over his head.  Similarly, Tana undid his shorts which instantly dropped to the ground.  “Step out of them, naughty one.”  When he took one step forward he left them and his flip-flops behind so that now he was just wearing his tighty-whities.  Both Ruby and Tana watched wide-eyed as Melissa hooked her thumbs into the waistband and lowered his undies leaving him blushing all over just in his birthday suit.

After Melissa slapped his hands away which were covering his privates, Tana snickered as she noted he was smaller than her younger brother.  Melissa sat on the ground and ordered her big brother to lay over her lap.  Then she proceeded to spank him with her hand.  After he was nice and pink she switched to using a flip-flop and proceeded to continue to spank.  Just like the rigid hairbrush ‘paddle’ this flexible ‘paddle’ was very effective in the hands of a determined girl so that by the time his tail was blazing red-hot he was bawling like a preschooler.

Both Ruby and Tana gave him a few spanks each and then he was put in the ‘corner’ with his nose up against a tree for a while.  When released he picked up his clothes and totally ashamed ran away with his ass ablaze into the woods.  The girls resumed their sunbathing with a new topic of conversation.

Melissa was really happy thinking about how she was controlling her brother once again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Julian did not know what to do with himself one afternoon.  It was too hot even to walk about.  He went into the kitchen to get a soda and encountered his Aunt.  “You seem at loose ends, Julian.  Please help me by doing the dishes.” she said.

It was a simple task that would have required only a few minutes but the boy was an expert in making trouble for himself.  As he got his soda, he said: “No, that’s woman’s work.”  That was a double offence of backtalk and sexism and his aunt would not have any of it.  In just seconds she was leading him by the ear and lecturing him.  Once upstairs it was short work to strip him and redress him in the hated, cute short dress, panties and all.

Back in the kitchen, he was again directed to do the dishes now that he was dressed properly for such woman’s work.  He did it quite quickly and taking his soda headed upstairs to hide, er, not disturb his sister who was entertaining her friends.  That was not to be because Aunt Jacquline had prepared some refreshments for the girls and ordered  “Take this tray to your sister and her friends in the family room, Julian.”

Julian did not dare to object although he was slow.  “Perhaps you should be in a maid’s uniform?” she said.

“Oh no, Aunt Jacquline.” he said fearing that she might actually have one and took the tray to the girls.  Their reaction was most predictable.  The visitors both thought Julian was positively a cutie in his frilly dress.  Melissa immediately took joy in the anticipation that she could spank him again.

“Well, Julian, are you just showing off your pretty dress today or have you been a naughty boy again?” asked his sister as her friends snicked.  His lack of an answer led to the pronouncement that it must be the latter and that she was getting her hairbrush so he could have his spanking immediately.

Stripping him took longer as his sissy outfit was much more complex than his regular clothes but the girls were up to the task.  Rather than be directed over Melissa’s lap, it was Tana’s lap he had to go over this time.  She was delighted to have a practical lesson in spanking a boy and took to it quickly.  It was so very special to see her handprints on his bottom and to turn it fully red with the hairbrush.  Ruby got the second check to roast and was just as delighted as her friend.  Melissa gave him a few hard whacks to be sure he was properly spanked before he was parked in the corner.

* * * * * * * * * *

The three-week visit came to a strange end.  Julian was, of course, delighted to leave his hated Aunt and even Melissa was happy to go.  The younger girls were too immature for her and she found that even her aunt had became tiresome.  There wasn’t any doubt in her mind that the best part of the visit was after the first time Julian broke the rules.  This resulted in Auntie punishing him by making him wear a dress and she was able the inveigled him into submitting to her spanking him.  She was certain that she would remember that for the rest of her life.  The other two times were also great but there was not any question which time had been the best.

The phone call came in the morning from Dad.  He explained to Jacquline that his car had failed and would be in the repair shop for at least three days and asked if the kids could stay longer.  He was surprised when she explained that would be very inconvenient since she had deferred many things and had many appointments coming up.  Surprisingly, she had a suggestion: The kids could take the bus as it was only a two-hour trip without any changes required.

They had to rush a bit to get to the bus stop on-time so the inevitable lecture to behave and keep safe was cut short.  As the bus approached, she handed the tickets to Melissa and admonished Julian to mind his sister as she was in charge and most certainly not to fight.  Before the bus had even started moving she was exercising her power by deciding which seats they should take.  She even punctuated her first order “Sit here.” with a spank and a reminder that her hairbrush was at hand.

Julian hadn’t any intention of irritating his sister for it was essential that she explain that he had already been spanked for his bad behaviors on the visit.  He was certain that the Witch Jacquline had already told their dad and he feared that would be spanked double.  “Melissa, please be sure to tell Dad that I was already spanked for my misbehavior so he won’t spank me again.  I’m sure Auntie told Dad on the phone.”

“Of course, I will tell him that I spanked you properly.  Should I also tell him how cute you looked in that pretty dress and what a hard little tent pole you had in your frilly panties?”  She did not give him time to answer before adding: “And that you requested me too.”  Julian looked so horrified so she quickly promised to say the right thing.  She even noticed that he was tenting his pants.

They rode in silence for a while until Melissa spoke.  “I think I’ll be spanking you in the future, dear brother.”  He was shocked at her directness but before he could retort she continued.  “No need to say anything because I know that you like that as I see how your thingy just got super hard.”

The trip was soon over and they were picked up by their parents.

* * * * * * * * * *

Melissa was even more anxious to tell Dad about the spankings as she had hopes – even expectations – of gaining more power over her brother.  She did keep her word although she emphasized how Julian had practically begged her to spank him so that he would not have to wait and minimized her desire to do so.  “But my brother was in need so I helped him.” she explained.  She even added how he asked her to punish him when he naughtily intruded when she was sunbathing.

Melissa had used her phone and had gotten pictures showing how dark red she had made his bottom which she shared with Dad to prove how effective she was.  Julian had requested and accepted the second and third spankings even after he knew how effective she was at spanking.

Dad also talked with Julian to confirm the facts and how effective her spanking were.  “They were as effective as yours, Dad.” the boy admitted.  Dad commended both of them for being so grown up.  Julian was relieved that he would not get spanked again by his dad while Melissa was sure that it was one more step closer to spanking him again.

* * * * * * * * * *

It started innocently at school lunch break when Gary called Julian a ‘dress wearing sissy boy’.  Now this was not just a random taunt for Gary was the brother of Melissa’s best friend and had overheard the two girls talking.  The taunt hit Julian hard for there was a lot of truth in it.  As others had heard it, Julian felt he had to respond but he went too far.  When Gary repeated the remark in his face, Julian shoved him.  This was the start of the perfect storm of the sort that Melissa was hoping for and Julian feared.

A teacher responded to the commotion and Julian was tagged as the physical instigator by the crowd.  By the time he left for home he was the unhappy bearer of a letter from school.

“You are too old for me to spank you, Julian.” his mother said, “Your father will deal with you on Saturday morning for he is working the swing shift this week.”  Because such letter not only guaranteed a spanking but also a day’s grounding there were more ingredients added to the storm for he had a party to go to on Saturday evening.  She signed the letter and told him to do his homework when he finished his snack.  The caldron was getting full as the storm brewed.

Melissa heard all of this as she also was having her after school snack.  “Perhaps Julian would like me to spank him this evening so he doesn’t have to wait, Mother?” she said thrilled at the opportunity.  Of course, she knew about the rules and the party, which would encourage her brother to submit to still another OTK session from her.  “You saw how effective I was, Mother, when I helped Father spank him a couple of months ago.”

Melissa’s offer wasn’t a total surprise for Mother knew about the spankings she had given her brother when they were visiting Jacquline.  “Whatever you decide, Julian, is OK either this evening from your sister or Saturday morning from your father.  Now both of you – go do your homework.”  It was time for the caldron to simmer.

It was settled at dinner when Julian chose Melissa and Mother set the time one hour before bedtime.  They gathered in the family room at the appointed hour.  Melissa took charge immediately scolding the errant boy most effectively before slowly stripping him as their mother watched.  She could not help being proud of her young daughter acting with such great maturity and, alas, just the reverse about her son.

It appeared effortless as the girl guided the older, larger boy over her lap and got him into position.  It was mesmerizing but the sound of one-hand clapping got her attention focused once again.  After a few hand spanks Julian was reacting as a little boy being properly spanked does.  Then things changed for she switched to the hairbrush and the first WHACK was instantly followed by a loud howl.  Those momentary thoughts Mother had that the spanking was too gentle disappeared as a red oval appeared on the target.  Ten minutes later, the spanked boy was a blubbering mess and Melissa got him up.

The lad’s bottom was glowing fiery red.  There was not any doubt that he had been throughly spanked.  “Go make pee-pee and go to bed, Julian.” ordered Melissa.  The boy obeyed.  She said goodnight to her mother and also went to bed.

Now alone, the woman wondered about her daughter.  Melissa had spanked her brother better than she herself had been able to even when he was a little boy for even though she believed in CP she was not good at it.  Melissa obviously had a natural talent for it and Julian obviously accepted her discipline.  She decided that she would talk with their father and they quickly agreed that Melissa should be Julian’s disciplinarian.

The young lady accepted her new role outwardly modestly as it was her duty to the family.  She deafly silenced Julian’s weak objections with a stern reminder that he must obey their parents.  “Yes, Ma’am.” he replied settling the issue.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 8, 2020

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