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The following story is fiction about slavery with the obvious domination and submission aspects.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, role reversal, enforced chastity and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

Anonymous has given permission to post and continue his story "The Slave Boy Game" which is at Part 1It is necessary to read that first as it defines the universe and characters used here.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Slave Boy Game (2/2)


You have been with Señor Manuela for a month.  The collar that is locked about your neck has never been removed since you enthusiastically proffered your neck the very first day you were in the slave boy trainer's villa so that it could be locked on.  The cage that encases your undersized penis which was locked on just a few hours later has not been removed either.  You have learnt a lot in the month since the day you arrived.  You are no longer curious about what a sex slave boy's life is like.  You no longer worry all the time about the red line on the Master's tab always showing that you are still happy playing the slave boy game.  Your only concern is that you obey the Master and keep him happy so that you do not get beaten.

You are happier today than usual for you do not have the dildo plugging your slave boy hole.  You do not know why as part of your morning ablutions after cleaning yourself out the instruction screen did not order you to put one in.  You knew better than to ask while you served your Master breakfast and enjoyed receiving his first cum of the day which is now in your belly.  You were confident that the Master would tell you when and if you needed to know.  You know that asking, even just speaking without permission, would earn you a red tail which you do not want.

As the Master is finishing up his coffee, he orders you to explain the rules about visitors.  He is pleased that you do so properly and even ask the critical question about if they are to be obeyed immediately or only after checking for his guidance.  "They are to be obeyed immediately."  One of the house slaves, announces that the guests are arriving and you follow the Master to the garden.  He sits.  You get into your kowtow position with your forehead on the ground to show the proper respect to the visitors.  You feel like a toad.

The visitors are escorted in and exchange greetings with the Master.  You dare not move until given permission.  You don't even try to peek at them.  Your first glimpse is when a foot is planted on each side of your head.  You can see that they are small feet, unlike the Master's, and the visitor is wearing jeans.  You are glad that the feet are clean for you kiss and lick each of them like you were a puppy dog welcoming his master home.  Unlike a puppy dog, however, you do not look up.

"Señor Manuela, may I go swimming?" the visitor asks politely.  The pro forma approval is given.© YLeeCoyote

"Slave, stand and undress me." the visitor orders.  The commanding voice is vaguely familiar although you cannot place it.

Nevertheless, you rise immediately and are horrified to see that your pro tempore Master is Eduardo.  Your eleven-year-old cousin who is three years younger than you but who is as tall as you are and will soon be taller just like Rodolfo, his older brother, is.  He is grinning at your predicament as he looks you over from top to bottom and then back to your small cocklet which is shamefully trying to get hard in its tiny cage.  You are totally humiliated before you remember to drop your glaze back down.  You see that his jeans are proudly bulging like yours never did.  Not only does he have a hard on but a lot more manhood than you do.  Your heart is racing.  For the first time in days you remember that all important red line and realize it must be soaring.

"Slave, undress me." the visitor orders again.  You are too shocked to move.  He quickly opens his heavy belt and pulls it from his jeans.  You are too petrified to move as he folds it double.  It leaves your view only to crash into your tail with a vengeance.  You yell in pain.  He gives you three more before you obey by reaching for his shirt buttons and undoing them.  You fold and place his shirt on the table and then remove his jeans which you also handle respectfully.  You remove his underpants.  You can't believe your eyes.  He has a full bush while you are still a hairless baby.  His cock is erect and must be ​six​ (​fifteen​) or at least ​five and a half inches​ (​fourteen cm​).  He is already a young man at eleven while you are still just a boy at fourteen.

Eduardo places his hands on your shoulders and presses down.  You drop to your knees.  You are transfixed by his hard cock directly in front of your eyes and lick your lips.  You stare at the drop of pre-cum forming at the eye of his trouser snake.  You dread that he might say the word "Suck!" yet at the same time desperately want him to and you lick your lips a second time.  He barks that order.  You open your mouth and envelop his potent young cock.  He grabs your ears and fucks your face.  His cock is smaller than the Master's but still large enough to hit the back of your mouth.  He quickly explodes filling your mouth with his sweet cum which you swallow.  He dives into the pool, laughing.

The Master snaps his fingers and you rush to his side.  You see that Grandpa is next to him and has witnessed your humiliation.  "Did you like that, slave?" he asks.  You deny it but he shows you the red line on his tab.  It has reached a new high.  "This proves different." he says.  Grandpa agrees with him.  They both strip and dive into the pool.  They congratulate young Eduardo for how he used you.  You feel their contempt for you – just a lowly, impotent slave boy to be used.

The two men get out of the pool and you dry them and dress them.  They get comfortable before Eduardo gets out of the pool.  When he does, you dry him off but he does not want to get dressed.  He orders you to get a mat which you obediently do expecting that he will want to sun bathe.  You are ordered to lie on your back and he gets between your legs and raises them up.  You see that he is very rampant.  He does not waste any time before driving his cock deep into your boy slave bottom hole.  Fortunately, he is smaller than the Master so he does not rip you apart.  "This is your proper place, boy – a fuck slave." he taunts you with a huge grin as he climaxes shooting his seed deep into you.  You are ashamed for you know that he is right for you will always be only a contemptible slave boy and never a man in his eyes.

You spend a few minutes sucking his cock clean and dressing him before he joins the adults for lunch.  As you serve them, both men praise him highly for becoming a real man and showing how he is destined to be a Master like they each are.  The tab is on the table and you see that the red line is soaring.  If Eduardo is a man and Master than you are certainly merely a boy and a slave.

The three talk and you can see that your young cousin is being treated like a man rather than a boy.  You recall that when you were still a free boy at the family dinner the adults always gave him more respect then they did you.  It was just like when both of you were punished – he would be strapped like a young man by Grandpa while you would be spanked like a baby by one of the nanny slaves in the nursery.  Now it was clear that he gained even more as you were brought down.  You find this exciting and shameful.  Unfortunately, it also makes you careless and you drop the wine as you are refilling Eduardo's glass (something that you were considered too young to have even when you were free).

They are all angry.  You clean up the mess and beg forgiveness by kissing everyone's feet.  But you don't get off that easily for Master orders you to get the martinet which you run to do.  When you return, you kiss it before handing it to Master and then get into position.  You have been trained sufficiently not to require being put into the stocks.  You do not get lashed immediately for Eduardo is to first have a lesson in how to punish a careless slave boy.

Master explains how to use the instrument and demonstrates.  Eduardo then gets into position and gives you a cut.  His technique is criticized several times and eventually he gets it right.  Then you get ten punishment cuts from him.  They are all very vicious and many not only mark your bottom but your also thighs.  A couple were given vertically so that they get into your crack and below.  They are especially painful when the tails hit your little nuts.  When the punishment is finished, you crawl over to Eduardo and kiss his feet to thank him for punishing you.

Master has Eduardo heft and squeeze your balls.  He reports that they are full.  "The slut needs to be milked." the Master declares.  Unlike you, Eduardo knows what that means and is anxious to do it.  You get up on the milking table on your hands and knees.  You wonder how Eduardo will be able to reach that magic spot inside your rectum like the Master does since his fingers are smaller.  You find out all too soon, for the Master has him work his entire hand into your slut hole to reach that special place.  You hate this because you have zero control but you are super excited at what is happening.  He moves his hand about and your body reacts to his commands.  It is an exquisite torture as it feels wonderful yet as your seamen drains out you know that you are a true slave.  At the end you are as horny as when the day started but now your balls are empty although you did not have any release.  Eduardo inserts a butt plug into you.

Grandfather and Eduardo are ready to leave.  You are instructed to pick up the martinet.  The Master commands: "Eduardo and his Grandfather are taking you for now.  Eduardo is your master and you are to obey him totally.  Do you understand, slave boy."

"Yes, Master." you say to Master and then you drop to kiss Eduardo's feet and voice your submission: "How may I serve you, Master?" as you have been trained to do.

Minutes later you are strapped on the luggage rack of the buggy as it heads back to the family's hacienda.  You know that unimagined humiliations wait you at the hands and rampant cocks of your cousins.  Your cocklet strains in excitement in its unyielding cage.  Up front Eduardo is ecstatic at having his first slave.  He knows that his brother and cousins will be terribly jealous, especially as they are all older, since none of them has had a slave of their own.

* * * * * * * * * *

After letting Grandfather off at the front door, Eduardo drives the buggy to the stables where the slaves will take care of the equipment.  He also has them unload you and hose you down to get rid of the road dust.  He hooks a leash to your collar and leads you to Boys' Club House.  That is sort of a nickname but it is the place where the males of the family play, exercise, receive instruction in all things away from all the females.  The only females allowed in the place are the pleasure slaves.  When you are assigned a sleeping pod, you realize that you will not be able to implore your mother to get you freed.  The slaves that are around do not have any contact with the household.

The cousins usually get together before dinner and this day Eduardo took the stage.  "Guys, I have a special announcement.  Our eastern wussy cousin is back with us.  Granddad and I have fetched him home."  You are waiting in a closet and you hear a few boos reminding you that they don't like you.  You dread the moment that Master will open the door exhibiting you to your cousins.  You know who is there.  Who of the five will see the collar that marks you as a slave – mere chattel – first?  Will it be sixteen-year-old Marc or one of his younger brothers – Stan who is your age or twelve-year-old Ricky?  Maybe it will be Eduardo's older brother Rodolfo who is thirteen.  It could be the other only child Tyson who is fourteen also.  You know that it does not matter for they will all be laughing at you together.  They have all talked about ramming their big, manly hard cocks into slaves.  You are sure that they will each get big hard ons that will make their pants tent.

Your Master opens the closet door and leads you out.  Everyone is surprised and Eduardo explains that you are HIS slave boy and he will share you.  Also, this is a secret from the women, especially the slave's dam.  We can get into the other rules later but now it is time to feed my slave.  They draw cards to determine the order and you are soon eye-to-eye with five hard cocks.  One by one you suck your cousins and they fill your belly.  You thank each of them for the honor of receiving their wonderful essence but it is clear that they know you are contemptible.

You don't have the time to think about your feelings but when all six have had their turn, Eduardo locks you up until after dinner and you are left alone.  You know that your cousins will demand more sex when they return.  You wonder if the red line drops, if Eduardo will release you but you can see the red line is nowhere near normal.  That makes the question academic.  That is not all that they will want.  Four of them think that you evaded real punishment by not even getting spanked by a nanny several times and want to give it to you properly with Grandpa's belt.  Actually, they all want to roast your ass and you know they will.

After dinner they return and discuss what to do with and to you.  Eduardo insists that you belong to him and he must approve everything before it happens.  You sit in the corner worrying what might happen but you are amazed that he wins the argument.  You wished that you had been even half that forceful with Señor Manuela the first day and had not become a slave boy.  You are glad that you belong to Master Eduardo because he is so strong and will protect you from the others.

Grandpa drops by and explains all the facts to all your cousins.  Technically, you are free but playing the Slave Boy Game so that you are effectively a slave boy.  That you are happy with this is proven by the red line on the tab.

"Does it belong to all of us?" asks Stan.

"No.  It belongs to Eduardo because Señor Manuela gave him control.  You must respect that but Eduardo will share it with you all.  It is NOT to be injured.  Eduardo has the final word in all matters.  Understand?"  They all did and promised to keep to the rules.  Grandpa then says this is a secret and not to be shared with the women.

Your young Master sends you to fetch Grandpa's special belt.  The belt that all of your cousins have felt on their tails.  Before you are strapped, you are ordered to remove the butt plug.  It is shameful as they all watch and when you have finished you learn that doing this raised the red line.  The decision is that each cousin gets to give you three cuts with the belt at least one of which must be backhanded.  They decide to do it in age order.  Marc who is a big young man of sixteen goes first.  He takes and folds the belt and finds his position.  WHACK!  You howl like a banshee from the pain and everyone laughs.  The second is the same.  Even the third one, backhanded, is torture.

Stan who is your age is next.  He has stripped down and you can see how muscular and strong he is.  Soft, his cock is bigger than yours is hard.  He also hates you and is most delighted to use the belt on you.  He lets lose with the belt and the pain is far worse than from Marc.  He has got you right in the crease.  Not only do you scream but you jump.  He does the same with his backhanded cut from the other side.  You are crying and he gives you the third right in the middle of your butt.  You are in real pain.

Tyson who is also fourteen is next and surely will not be out done by his rival.  He is very businesslike and quickly gives you his quota.  They are extremely hard and are especially painful.  Rodolfo is anxious and gives you the promised three leaving your tail totally red and the tears gushing.

The strapping over, Eduardo asks Grandpa if he would like to feed his slave.  Grandpa is delighted to and you kneel at his feet.  He orders you to open his trousers and get your man cream.  You obey as your cousins watch your humiliation.  They applaud the old man's performance.  Everyone else gives you a second helping of their man cream.

Eduardo sends you to his cubical and orders you to wait in the corner.  A few hours later he enters ready for bed.  He decided that you are to be his bed warmer.  What he really wants is sex and more sex.  Of course, you obey him.  The night is one of the most pleasant you have known even though your cocklet can not get hard in its cage.

In the morning you are favored with fresh hot man cream from each of your horny cousins.  They again draw cards and Marc wins the right to give you a maintenance spanking.  He decides that you are a momma's boy and takes you over his lap and lays into you with his bare hand.  You are amazed at how strong the sixteen-year-old athletic youth is for he makes you bawl.  Your cousins all think it is very funny.

The next three days are just a blur to you for six horny free adolescent boys constantly release their semen into you and keep your tail red.  You too are horny but with your cocklet locked in the cage you can never get proper release.  You hope that when they fuck you that you will cum but does not happen.  Eduardo promises that he will milk you the next evening to reduce the pressure build up.

* * * * * * * * * *

You make a very bad decision when they all leave for dinner.  Rather than eat your tasty ration of hot SlaveChow® #4 which was generously provided, you sneak away into the empty fields planing to circle back later to the Great House and find your mother.  Surely she will stop this so called game without an end.  Your quest is guaranteed to fail because of the collar.  Even if that was the not the case, your mother is not there having gone on a trip with her sisters.

Eduardo studies the tracker information on the tab and decides where to intercept you.  He rides out leisurely and circles around you.  When you emerge from the dense growth, he rides up and orders you to halt.  You panic and dash back into the field.  Before you get five steps, you collapse in pain thanks to the controlling feature of the collar.  He summons you and you crawl to him and then kiss his feet.  He kisses your back in return with the martinet and snaps a leash to your collar.  "You have been most naughty, boy.  You shall be severely punished."  He remounts to return and you must trot to keep up with the horse's walking stride.

Returning the horse he has you hosed down and then he leads the you to a small out building that you never noticed.  Your other cousins are waiting and give him a round of applause.  "It was easy with the collar and tab."  He holds up the tab and shows everyone.  "See the critical red line is peaking again since I attached the leash."

The space inside the building is small.  There is a frame in the middle to hold the errant slave so that the implements hanging on the wall can be used to instruct the slave.  Eduardo taps a screen and the frame assumes the directed position.  You are shaking as you are put into position.  You are kneeling and bent so your body is horizontal.  Your collar and wrist and ankle cuffs magically attach to the frame so that you are held fast.  You start to beg, but that just gets a gag shoved into your mouth.

"Milking time." several say as Eduardo forces his hand into your butt hole and works on the magic place.  You can't help yourself as he manipulates you and your stored semen starts draining.  You hate this as it is everything except the release of the orgasm as you are emptied.  You get a few slaps on your rump.  They are hard and sting.  You realize that you are going to be severely punished.  The hand enters your hole again and milks you a second time.  You thought you had nothing more to give but you do and it drips from your caged pee-pee.

For the first time in five weeks the cage is removed.  A hand grips your cocklet and starts jerking it.  You do not get hard like you wish you could but the jerking continues for a while and you yield more milk.  You don't see it coming but something lands on your butt with a loud WHACK.  It is a heavy razor strop repurposed to punish slaves.  You lose count of the number of times it lands on your butt sending searing pain through your body each time.  If not for the gag your screams would be heard for miles.

Then it stops.  All you can do is bawl.  They all fuck you hard.  You no longer feel like a human.  You know that you are chattel and must obey.  You are given a salty drink and then put into a sleeping pod which is locked.  You do not sleep yet are not quite awake.  You run out of tears and can not even cry.  You are alone with yourself in the black silence and you lose track of time.

You don't know how long you have been in the pod.  You know constant pain in your bottom.  You know great hunger in your belly.  You know a terrible stink for you have messed your bed.  You know a great longing for a caress from your Master indicating that your transgressions have been paid for and you are forgiven.  Water fills the pod and you fear you will be drowned but it flushes away the mess you have made.  The pod opens and you are ordered to stand.  You are unsteady on your feet and fall.

Master is standing there.  You crawl over to him and kiss his feet.  You wait.  You regret your stupid escape attempt.  You know that this is where you belong – at the feet of your Master.  Something drops to the floor next to you.  It is a slave collar.  You reach for your neck and realize your collar is missing.  You are ashamed to be naked and grab the one within reach and place it about your own neck.  The click of the lock is comforting as it locks itself.

Another item drops to the floor.  You see that it is the cage that has imprisoned your cocklet for more than a month.  The cage that tormented you and pleased Master.  You snatch it and slip it over your cocklet and snapping the ring closed just like Señor Manuela did.  You don't comprehend why after more than a month of wanting to get hard and jerk off you put the cage back on without a direct order.  You fervently silently pray that you have done enough to appease Master.

"Suck, slave." comes the order.  You struggle to your knees and take Master's rampant cock into your mouth and suck the best you can to please him.  You delight in the sweet nectar that soon fills your mouth and slides into your empty belly breaking your fast.

No longer does the red line mean anything.  The game is over.  You have found your place in the world.

* * * * * * * * * *

You are sitting at Master's feet.  That his hand is tousling your hair makes you feel good as he talks to his Grandfather.  "Please tell Señor Manuela that the red line dropped to normal so I removed his collar from the boy as was agreed.  His equipment is in this envelope to return to him."  You are shocked at that.  You wonder what you are wearing about your neck.  "This slave; MY slave placed MY collar about its neck and MY cage on its cocklet as its last free act.  I would like to register my ownership of it as soon as possible.  Also, to have the vet clip it."

"You have done very well, Eduardo, very well indeed.  Although I'm afraid that your aunt will not be pleased with what has happened to her despicable spawn."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 22, 2014

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