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Sleepover Gone Wrong – Absolutely


A sleepover changed my life when I just had became a teenager.  I was almost fourteen and my sister, Janis, was two years younger.  Our parents were going away for the weekend and the two of us were scheduled to stay with friends.  Basically, an extended sleepover with the usual condition that we would be under the same rules as our friends who were our hosts and subject, naturally, to the same discipline.  When I got home from school that fateful Friday, I leant that plans were changed.  My friend had gotten appendicitis and I was going to stay with the Stelly's along with my sister.  My mom said she had called the mothers of several of my other friends but none could accommodate me.  There was not any other option.  "You can play with Jason" she said.  Jason was sis' friend Paula's eleven-year-old kid brother.

Friday evening was quite a surprise.  The folks dropped Janis and I off at the Stelly's and went off on their weekend trip.  Janis and Paula did what one would expect – talked in Paula's room.  I went to Jason's room and did some homework.  There was little else to do since I was alone as Jason was late getting home.

Then there was a racket as Jason got home.  His mom was annoyed that he was late.  The next thing I heard was him knocking on Paula's door and saying: "Sis, please spank me."  I was amazed.  He came into the room and explained.  "I was late coming home and Mom gave me a choice – wait until later and she'll spank me or ask Paula to do it.  Sis does not spank as hard and waiting is terrible so this is the better option."

I was trying to get my head around that when the two girls came into the room.  There were a few questions and answers so that Paula could decide what sort of spanking.  She had Jason fetch their mother's spanking hairbrush and then stand in front of Janis who had sat down.  "Time for some practice, Janis, for when you babysit.  You watched me spank him several times so you can do it today."  This clearly implied that my sister had seen Jason spanked before – which was definitely news to me.

Janis was beaming at this while Jason just stood still.  It did not take very long for Jason to lose his clothes as Janis pulled them off.  I could not help but to notice that his junk was at least as big as mine even though I was almost three years older.  The thought that I would have to keep them from finding out immediately passed through my mind.© YLeeCoyote

Janis got him over her lap and gave him a fearful spank with that brush.  It immediately left a red blotch.  Jason did not yell but he obviously felt it from the way he jerked.  My little sister was having a ball and soon had turned Jason's butt bright red.  She was beaming the entire time.  Jason was sniffling but not crying.  When it was over he thanked the girls for spanking him, apologized for being late and promised not to do it again.  Then he got dressed as the girls left.  Paula was praising my sister on her spanking skills.

That was three big surprises in a row.  First, that he asked his sister for the spanking and, second, that he was at least as developed as me.  The biggest, however, was that my own sister roasted his ass most effectively.

I was puzzled that he did not care that he was naked in front of the girls or that they spanked him.  "Paula been like my babysitter forever and frequently has her friends help her.  She has been seeing me naked since I was a baby and spanking me for several years now.  It's actually better than Mom spanking me because she understands why I get into trouble more and is more merciful." he explained.  Then he added: "It is best not to object.  If I do, Mom spanks me and then send me to Paula for the spanking I tried to avoid.  Your sister treats me the nicest of all her friends."  He had an entirely different perspective on life than I did.

We had dinner and then some TV and then I got my next shock at bath time.  Jason was not going to shower or even bathe himself but Paula was going to do it.  This time he undressed by himself and went to the bathroom calling for Paula.  I followed to see what was going to happen.  Janis tagged along with Paula.  The first thing was that Jason wet a paper towel, rubbed it on the soap and then wiped his crack.  "Clean!" he said proudly showing it to Paula and then dropping into the toilet.  Paula ran the bath and Jason got in.  The girls washed him all over even his bat and balls.  He did not seam to care that he was exposed to the girls like he was a baby but even appeared to like it as he got a boner.  Janis got to dry him and he was smiling.

I was left to shower which I did super quick.  I was too quick and that was a great big mistake!  After noticing that my hair was totally dry Paula insisted on inspecting me.  I refused until I was reminded that I was required to follow the rules my host had to follow.  I quickly failed with dirt behind my ears and about my fingernails.  "It is clear that you need help bathing, young man.  I better check your crack now."  My protests were over ridden and both Janis and Jason were grinning.  Things got even worse when I failed that inspection also and provoked snide remarks that I cheated completely with my shower.  (In all honestly and to my great regret, I'll confess to you that I had cheated.)

Up until now I had managed to preserve my modesty but Paula required me to get on my hands and knees in the tub so that she could clean my dirty bottom with some paper towels and used the hose to rinse away the filth.  Then she filled the tub to give me a real bath like she had with Jason.  In a word it was horrible!  As you can imagine Janis helped Paula as much as she could.  I don't think that she could have been more than delighted to be able to handle me and especially my junk than Jason's.  While she dried me with the towel she told me that I was just a big baby.

I thought that I could get away to bed now but I was wrong for the horrors continued.  Paula noted that my faking a shower was the same as lying which, you guessed it, earned me a spanking.  I barely was able to digest this pronouncement when Janis, hairbrush in hand, sat down and ordered: "Get over my lap for your spanking, Kenny."  It was only after Paula said she would spank me for refusing that I realized I did not have an out.

"It best that you cooperate Kenny or mom or worse Dad will spank you for disobedience." chimed in my little grinning host.

So just like Jason had been a few minutes before, I was naked over my little sister's lap for a spanking.  It was terrible even before the spanking began.  She gave me a few hand spanks and then switched to the heavy, hard wood backed brush to let me know what a little naughty boy I was.  I know that was the message because she lectured me as she spanked.

I was anxious to put my pj's or underwear back on, but it turns out that Jason sleeps naked unless it is cold so I was required also.  Before we got into bed, I was complaining about being naked as I was almost fourteen-years-old.  That got me a batch of put downs about not being grownup enough to keep my ass clean and being baby smooth with just a little pee-pee.  I could see that Jason was working hard to suppress a smirk while my dear sister was sporting a huge grin.  I'm sure she was having evil thoughts.

After the girls left us, Jason told me that I should go along with what his sister says as it is easier that way.  He re-bluffed my objections by noting how my childish behavior had got me bathed and spanked by my sister.  He was surprised that it was the first time.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Saturday I went to the movies with Jason.  He had planned to go with his friend and the friend's older brother, Austin.  Since it was an action flick, I decided to go.  Austin was a cool dude and after the movie we took the interesting way home.  It was lots of fun even though both Austin and I both slipped and got completely covered with mud after we wrestled some.  The two kids thought that this was hilarious.

After we had separated from them, Jason predicted that I was going to catch it when we got home.  "It's just mud – it will wash off; no big deal." I replied.  He just laughed and repeated that I was going to have a hot red ass – again – tonight.  I'm sorry to report that he was right.

We had just gotten up on the porch when the door opened and Mrs. Stelly looked at us.  "You're COVERED IN MUD, Kenny.  Go around the back.  Jason use the hose to wash as much mud off as you can."

We did as she said.  That water was ice cold but it got most of the mud off.  When I was ready to go in, Paula and Janis were waiting for us.  Since Jason was clean and dry he was allowed in after removing his sneakers (in case they were muddy).  "You're not coming in and messing up the house all wet like that, Kenny.  Strip."  I removed my shirt, jeans and sneakers but that was not sufficient.  "Remove your underwear, boy.  It is drippy."

I was not happy about doing that, but I did reason that they had seen me naked the day before.  Then I had to get the belt from my jeans and give it to Janis.  "You have been a very naughty boy, Kenny.  You are going to be strapped with your own belt.  Get to the bottom of the stairs and bend over."

I tried to argue but Paula just cut me off.  "If you're not in position in ten seconds, I'm going to strap you also.  Ten.  Nine. …"  I got the message and rushed to get into position.  One strapping would be bad but two much worse.

"Kenny, don't get up until I tell you may." snapped Janis.  "You have been very naughty."  It was then that I realized that Janis had taken the lead rather than Paula or Mrs. Stelly.  My thoughts were immediately suppressed as the belt connected with my tail.  I yelled and jumped up.

"Back into position!" snapped Janis.  Where did she learn to be so bossy?  I managed to hold position after that although my ass was quickly ablaze.  When she had finished I just stood there rubbing my unhappy butt no longer caring that my junk was out for the girls to see.

Actually, Mrs. Stelly was also watching for she spoke next.  "Now that he is dry, give the naughty little mud boy a hot bath."  I said I could do it myself but she scoffed.  "I heard how your bathe yourself – a five-year-old could do better."

Janis grabbed my hand.  "Come along, Kenny." and she lead me into the house like I was a little kid and to the bathroom.  I tried to get her to let me shower by myself but she refused reminding me of my cheating the previous evening.  Fortunately, I passed the butt crack check so I got a normal bath.  Janis did a very thorough job although, thankfully, she was gentle.  I was not happy about it in the least especially that she gave my bat and balls very close attention.

I ended up eating dinner sitting on a pillow and naked.  Mr. Stelly said I should be ashamed of myself for being such a baby.  Jason teased me about it all after we were alone but there was not anything I could do about that.  Even worse, he predicted that Janis would continue to spank me.  I told him "No way, José."  He just laughed.

At least on Sunday things were OK.

* * * * * * * * * *

It took a couple of days until my life was permanently changed.  The folks were horrified by my terrible behavior over the weekend and decided that Janis would have authority over me like a babysitter or a nanny.  Her charter was very broad and included the right to spank me.

It definitely was a disaster!

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© Copyright A.I.L. April 4, 2014

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