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The following story is fiction about an immature teen and others.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the second part of the story, please start with the first part where the characters are developed.

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Sleepover Gone Wrong – Absolutely Not


I was not happy when I heard that my brother's friend was sick and that he would also be staying with the Stelly's (just like I would be).  He certainly would be a pest and annoy both Paula and me.  I admit that I did not anticipate how Paula would exercise her power over him like she did with her kid brother, Jason.  It was far better for she shared her power with me so that I bathed and spanked my immature, naughty older brother much to his horror.  Previously she had been teaching me how to deal with, i.e., control, the kids – especially the boys – that I was babysitting.

Mrs. Stelly ruled her house (including Mr. Stelly) and had Paula in charge of her brother.  Now Jason was about four years younger than she so it was quite normal although he was more mature than my brother, Kenny.  Jason was totally compliant to her and not only had I seen him naked but I had bathed and spanked him also.  When I told Paula that I would like to see an older boy she said they are all the same – immature and although the older ones generally have bigger penises and pubic hair.  Actually, I was disappointed when I did get to see Kenny for he was still just a bald little boy and actually smaller and less developed than Jason who was much younger.  Paula promised me she would arrange for me to see a more mature boy and that my brother's immaturity would help me to dominate him.

Right after Jason asked for his spanking, Paula said it was time for me to do it.  She explained that it would do my brother a world of good to see how his little sister dealt with a naughty boy.  At that time I never dreamt that I would be doing the same to Kenny just a short time later.  Jason has learnt that it is best to cooperate so it was easy to strip him and roast his cute little butt.  He wasn't shy because not only had I seen him naked several times before but his sister had trained him well.  Kenny was wide eyed at that and later saucer eyed when Jason got his bath.  Of course, he insisted that he could shower by himself so Paula let him do it and then nailed him good.  He failed a simple inspection showing his total incompetence which earned him being given a bath and a spanking for lying.

He was humiliated at having to submit.  Jason was smirking and I was thrilled.  I had proof that he could not keep himself clean and then saw that he was not any more developed than Jason.  Of course, he was mortified that this was all happening especially with me playing a major role.  Saturday provided more fun of the same kind.  One might have expected that Kenny would have been careful and try to show he was grown up (like at least a ten-year-old) but he proved he was more like a seven-year-old.  All that meant was he got spanked and bathed again by Paula and me.

I suspect that he missed being spanked on Sunday only because we all had to do our homework and he could not get into trouble before the folks picked us up.  I was delighted that Mrs. Stelly told Mom about Kenny's terrible behavior and that I had participated in taking care of both little boys with their baths and spankings.  Kenny was blushing and trying to disappear while Mom seemed impressed by that as much as displeased by Kenny's immature childishness.© YLeeCoyote

It only took a couple of days for wonderful changes.  Our parents were discussing Kenny's hygiene (or lack of it) at dinner.  They agreed, much to his horror that he needed to be inspected regularly.  I saw my opportunity and pounced.  "I can help with that." I offered as though I was doing everyone a great favor.  (Actually, it would be easier for Mom since she would have had to do it otherwise.)  As you can imagine, Kenny objected strenuously.  Just as Paula predicted and so I played my trump card.  "You have nothing to hide from me as I've seen it all.  Actually, you don't have anything to hide at all since you're still just a little boy with a little hairless pee-pee.  Remember that I bathed and spanked you just a couple of days ago."

Kenny was bright red instantly and hanging his head in shame.  I think he was on the verge of tears when Mom spoke.  "Janis that's a most generous offer.  Please do check your brother every night."

I barely got the "Yes, Mother." said when she continued.

"And if Kenny does not cooperate or does not keep himself clean, you are to spank and bathe him."  I was elated and Kenny absolutely devastated.  He was sniffling like he was actually crying.  I was partly in charge and that was exciting but I wanted more – like Paula had with her brother.  I resolved to make it happen right there at the table.

As bedtime approached, I went to see my brother.  He begged me not to bathe him again but to let him shower and promised to do a good job.  I hesitated a while and reluctantly agreed but only if he would cooperate afterwards when I did a thorough inspection.  I knew that he would have to capitulate so I stood my ground until he did.  I then insisted on watching starting with him undressing.  I had to remind him a was very familiar with his little hairless pee-pee and there was any point to try to hide.  As he showered, I watched and gave him instructions to be more thorough.  My inspection was intense and I looked closely at every bit of him.

I was most surprised by how fast Kenny changed for by Friday, Kenny was my little boy.  Just like a baby does not mind his mommy seeing and handling his body and is obedient and respectful to her to avoid spanking, Kenny accepted such treatment from me.  I even gave him an additional bit of motivation to be obediently docile and that was promising not to tell his friends if he was a good boy.  They were all gaining more freedom and he knew they would laugh at him if they knew our relationship.

All this required a lot of time on my part but I loved the power so much that I was willing to make the sacrifice.  Our parents just thought that I was being very noble.  There was another big bonus which was that Kenny would stay away from my friends and me rather than being a pest.

I expected that Kenny would actually mature but even after many months he did not.  He remained a little kid both emotionally and physically without any sign of puberty.  He required several spankings a month and to be watched in the shower or bathed.  Perhaps I should have strapped him because of his size but it was more fun to treat him as a little kid.  So each time I stripped him, took him over my lap and roasted his baby bottom with my hand and the hairbrush.  I usually started with a few hand spanks so I could enjoy my hand prints forming before switching to the brush for full effect.

Jason was very different.  He was growing up in every way.  His sister rarely had to spank him and he could be trusted to maintain a hygienic state by himself.  He also got into puberty with all the changes that it brings.  He did not mind being naked for his sister although he indicated that her friends were a different matter.  Paula still had her promise to keep about showing me a mature boy.  It turned out she was having trouble getting one to agree and asked Jason if he would oblige.  With a great big smile he agreed: "Sure, for Janis any time just like for you.  She's very nice." she reported was his response.

The three of us got together and he said I was totally in charge.  He was very cooperative as I undressed him.  I was quite surprised for his penis was more than double the size it was before.  It was not a surprise that he got an erection when I handled it.  Paula joked that he was being naughty doing that.  He apologized and admitted he deserved a spanking.  He was joking but I played along and got him over my lap.  I gave him a gentle spanking with just my hand and he was smiling when I let him up.  He was leaking and had to explain that was pre-cum for lubrication and not baby makers.  "You may see those if you want." he said.  I told him to tell me how.  Well, he did and I did it, thus getting to see him squirt.  It was a very educational time and we all enjoyed it.

Jason and I became pretty close friends after that.  Although he did not become my boyfriend, I gained a carrot to go with the stick I shared with Paula.  The 'carrot' was making him squirt.  Jason loved me doing that and, truth be told, I loved doing it.  Paula even told me when he should be rewarded for she did not think it was right to do it with her brother.

* * * * * * * * * *

The call from Janis was a big surprise.  She needed help with her 'baby' brother.  Kenny had messed up, again, and she was hoping that I could babysit him on short notice.  Part of his punishment was that he was grounded but their folks were out and he could not be trusted to stay in with the electronics turned off.  I was a bit hesitant but she made the request irresistible – he was also due a good hard spanking and she did have the time to give it to him.  Needless to say, I hot footed it over there anxious and excited to be in charge of her most immature brother especially since he was due a spanking.

Janis did not waste any time once I got there.  "Kenny listen to me carefully.  Your behavior has been terrible and you have been grounded – no games, no TV, no web, period.  Jason is here to make sure you do as you are suppose to – homework, bathe and get to bed on time.  You are to listen to him just like to me and if you don't he may spank you.  Understand?"

"Yes, Janis." he replied softly obviously very unhappy about everything.

"You will be sorry if I get a bad report from him."  If it were possible Kenny would have looked even more unhappy.  "Finally, Jason will give you the spanking you earned for your terrible behavior earlier."  Kenny tried to object but she shut him up with a word and then she left us.  Instantly, I was in charge of an immature fifteen-year-old who was some three years older than I and due a spanking.  Unlike the naughty boy, I was elated.

It was not a surprise that the wuss tried to weasel out of being spanked with silly promises which he had to keep anyway to avoid additional punishments.  I gave him one chance to strip by himself but he wouldn't.  He quickly learnt that I would not take any of his nonsense for I quickly ordered him to stand still and began to strip him.  After I got his shirt off, I had him kick off his sneakers and then reached for his belt.  As I pulled it free of the loops, he again begged me not to but I reminded him that it was only recently that I saw his little bald pee-pee so he nothing to hide.  Well, maybe if he had grown up a bit he would have been proud to show off.  When I yanked down his jeans and briefs I saw that he was still a baby.  "Nothing changed; you're still a little boy, Kenny." I teased him as I got him out of his pants.

I sat on the corner of his bed and dragged him over my lap.  It was easier this way since most of his weight was supported by the bed.  As I stared at his bottom, I wondered who had spanked him besides his parents, his sister and my own sister.  I let my hand rub the nice target and asked him why he was getting spanked.  He knew the right answer so I raised my hand and brought it crashing down on the waiting target.  The SPANK resounded even more than when I was being spanked.  Perhaps I was in a better position to hear it or I was not being distracted.  As I watched my hand print forming in blood red on his butt, blood was also gathering in my body for my cock was getting ever harder.  I hoped that Janis would return before her parents so that she could have the pleasure of relieving the pressure that was building up in me.

I think that I probably could have spanked Kenny forever just then but I managed to keep control of myself and just spank him until his butt was a nice cherry red.  I felt most grown up as my charge was bawling like a well spanked little boy does for I had stopped doing that when I was spanked.  It was one of the advantages of having moved on from OTK spankings.  I got Kenny up but the wimp just fell to his knees and continued to cry with his head in my lap.  One of my thoughts was that his tears would make my jeans noticeably wet as he rubbed his head in my crotch.  I soon forgot about that for Kenny was discovering my rigid shaft and started to nibble on it.  I did not shift my worry to saliva from tears for this was unexpected fun.  Apparently Kenny thought so because he was barely sobbing as he was opening my pants.

I leaned back and waited to see what would happen after he got my pants open.  Of course, my cock sprung free and Kenny quickly went after it like a hungry fish goes after a wigging worm and closed his lips about it.  It felt delightful immediately even before he got seriously to work sucking, licking and going up and down on me.  He was as enthusiastic as Janis was and I just laid back and enjoyed his sucking.  It was much too soon that I exploded filling his mouth with my man-cream which he gulped down.  Kenny surely had been doing this before.

"Thank you, Jason." he said when he had finished enthusiastically swallowing my load.

"You do it very well so thank you." I replied afraid to ask why he did it but he explained that his classmates said it would help him mature.  I had not heard that before, but I was much younger.  "I hope it helps." I said not really convinced.  The rest of the time passed and Kenny showered properly and got to bed on time.  As a reward for good conduct, I let him suck me a second time before I tucked him in for the night.

Something bothered me about how good Kenny was about getting to bed at such an early hour (which was part of his punishment) so I decided to check up on him.  My worry was, alas, most justified for when I went to his room he was playing a video game.  When I flipped on the light he was startled but could not deny that not only was he out of bed but playing on his 'puter.  "Kenny!" I barked, "This calls for a spanking."

I pulled the belt out of his jeans and made him bend over the chair after stripping.  His naughty butt was still red from the earlier spanking.  I folded his belt and found my position.  "This is going to hurt and if you get up before I say so, the stroke will not count." I told him "So hold on very tightly."

I swung the belt hard and he yelled.  A stripe formed on top of the red from before.  He managed to stay in position for five hard cuts yelling at each of them and jumped up on the sixth.  "POSITION!  BOY!" I barked and repeated the cut.  He was crying for the last four cuts which left his ass cherry red.  I got him back in bed and warned him that the next time would be worse.  He stayed in bed after that.

Janis was most grateful that I had been able to help her out.  She did not find it surprising that her brother had earned another spanking and was glad that I provided it.  I'm looking forward for sitting him again.

That sleepover definitely did not go wrong.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 4, 2014

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