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The following story is fiction about men seeking release from a grueling work week.  This is fourth part of the story and the characters are defined in  Week 1: Getting Off  which should be read first.  The story contains scene of spanking, caning and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I hope that you are smarter than my characters and take proper care to prevent STD's.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Solving the Week's Final Problem
Week 4: My Eureka Moment


I was so grateful for the car as I was most overwhelmed with all that had happened in "Detention" that making my way home would have been difficult by myself.  Strangely once I got home, I stripped and got into bed.  I was not only elated but exhausted and quickly crashed into dreamland.  In the morning I was still flying but, most strangely, did not want to jerk off.  I relived the past three Friday evenings over and over again in my mind.  They were terribly exciting especially the last two.

Of course, all week I was looking forward to the upcoming Friday and another hot experience.  It was extremely difficult not to think of anything else, actually.  When I left work on Friday, I immediately headed for the dinner to get some food quickly before heading home.  I had just finished ordering when the kid,  you know the one I mean – the monitor last week and the messenger the week before, sat down at my table.  I studied him carefully trying to decide how old he is and why he was here.

"The proper comment is 'Good evening, Sir." or at least a 'Hello.' boy." he said.

"I'm sorry.  I was distracted, please forgive me.  Good evening, Sir." I said hoping that was correct.  He smiled so I felt a bit better and tried to relax.  He went on to explain the setup.  The whole thing is about power and yielding to it.  Two things were decided about me.  First, I tended to be a power wielder whenever and with whomever I could.  Second, when I am submissive I get extreme highs which are far greater than those I get when I am dominant.  I agreed that they had me correctly pegged.

"You will be assigned the role of a inept, trouble maker in the ninth grade or new recruit in the military or a cabin boy or an apprentice or the equivalent.  You can look forward to constantly being spanked, fucked and bossed about."  He paused before finishing with "And totally loving it."© YLeeCoyote

I also learnt that he was in charge.  Totally in charge of the entire operation.  I expressed surprise at that since I thought that the old guy was.  "Nope, Dad does what I say or he gets whipped.  I've been in charge of him for four years now.  In a few years I'm going to be running the business too." he explained as simple and incontestable facts.

As soon as he offered me the option to 'enlist', I accepted.  Then he explained that there was tuition and that I could afford it.  He handed me a small bag with a mustache clipper and a baggy.  I gave him a questioning look.  "When you get home, strip and clip your pubic and pit hair and put it in the baggy.  Then shower and dress for the gym with T-shirt, shorts, socks and sneakers.  If you're not outside and waiting by seven with the filled baggy, the driver will depart without you and never return.  Understood."

"Yes, Sir."  How could I say anything else as I was sure everything was going to get better than the previous three times.  He left and I quickly finished my food and rushed home.  I absolutely, positively, did not want to be late.

My mind was spinning as I rode home.  I had shaved a few crotches and knew how those guys became more submissive to me (and generally from what they said).  I wondered if doing one's self had the same effect.  Then I realized that it was not my choice but an order unless I wanted to quit.  I got harder.  Any shadow of doubt I might had about doing it had vanished.

Once, home I followed my orders.  I stripped and put some newspaper on the table and quickly clipped my pits.  As I put the hair into the baggy, I felt that I was a good boy.  I took one last look at myself before I clipped my pubes.  It was a little hard to do this as they represented so much to me in terms of my manhood but I knew that I had to make this sacrifice for the fun I would have.  I filled the baggy and looked at my reflection again.  I saw myself as an obedient boy.  The, er, MY master had given an order and I had obeyed as I should.  I put the clippers and filled baggy in the bag and went for my shower.  Not only was my cock hard but my heart was racing.  Hormones were flooding my body and giving a high just in anticipation of whatever might be in store for the evening.

In the shower, I felt the short bits that the clipper had left.  I immediately realized that this was wrong so I got my razor and finished the job properly.  Now I was baby smooth for the first time in almost two decades.  I made my face match and then put on my gym outfit.  At six-fifty I was outside, anxiously waiting with my cock pressing hard into my jock strap.  The car pulled up at exactly seven and I got in.

My orders were given to me as I got out of the car and I took the elevator to the unknown excitement that awaited me.  On the door was a sign: "Study of Perfect Kugler" I knocked and entered when he yelled: "Come".  The kid was behind the desk in a blazer, a blue dress shirt and a stripped tie.  Latter, I would see that he was also wearing grey slacks and dress shoes.  I would learn that it was a British public (which means private) school uniform and a prefect is a student monitor with great powers over other students, such as I.  This week apparently the setup was a British school, rather than an American one.  I doubted that it mattered for I knew I would get my ass beaten either way.

"Dobson, I know that you colonialists have strange customs but here in the UK you are going to learn to do things the right way.  In just one day you have managed to be reported twice." he said as he looked at some papers on his desk.  "Once, for not wearing your cap and, second, for your socks at half mast.  I've heard that in the States, they use paddles and straps.  Here we use a proper CANE!"  He stood up and took a cane from bin and showed me how he could bend it into half a circle.  When he let go, it snapped straight.  "I assure you it hurts more than you expect but you will not be left wondering for long."  He paused to let that sink in.  "Now since you have two offences, you are going to get it bare.  Strip."

I quickly pulled off my T-shirt and dropped it on the floor and started on my shorts.  But he immediately yelled at me.  "Fold it properly and place it on the seat." and pointed to one.  "That's two extra for sloppiness."  I picked up the shirt, folded it and placed it on the chair.  I removed my shorts, folded them and place then on the shirt.  As I took off my sneakers, he ordered: "Trainers on the floor under the chair, boy."  I placed then there and put my socks inside.  I pulled off my jockstrap and stood in front of him.  "Little boys without pubic hair don't wear anything under their shorts.  Only BIG boys and MEN are permitted jocks."

He stood up and removed his blazer, tie and shirt and walked around his desk.  "Since it your first time, I will show you what the procedure is."  He then had me move the chair and bend over it gripping the legs.  He warned me not it get up as that is rewarded with extras.  I got into position and he tapped my arse (as he called it) with the cane.  "Don't move, boy."

It was like a red-hot poker had struck me.  I screamed and jumped up and grabbed my ass.  He laughed.  Back into position, boy, and we'll start over."  The second time I managed to stay down.  Well, I did but my cock didn't.  I was confused but junior wasn't as he found it most exciting.  He gave me two more and my ass was on fire.  "Since this is your first time, I'll let you rest, boy – for a price."  He leaned on his desk and pointed to the floor.  I knelt before him and saw how his pants were bulging.  I opened his trousers and his cock popped out.  He had a thick full bush and I knew that he was really a man from the way his hard cock rose proudly from it.  I gave it a lick and within a few seconds had engulfed it.  He helped guide me with his hands on my head assuring that I could not forget that he was in total control.  When he came, it was a large load and it slid right down my throat.  "Good boy." he said gently.

"Thank you, Sir." I replied understanding his superior station.  I was most excited with all this.  This was certainly different than what I imaged when I first saw him in my hallway.

He left me with my face in his hairy crotch for a while before he ordered me to resume my position for the rest of my caning.  I wanted to stay like a puppy at his master's feet but I obeyed.  I yelled for the next two (his count four and five) cuts and then he said the last was going to cross them.  It was a diagonal and hurt more than the others.  I screamed and jumped up.  That was a mistake for it earned me an extra cut.  He placed this one lower so that it was just where ass becomes leg and it seared more than the others.  It took great effort to keep my death grip on the chair legs.  I was afraid to let go and he was silent.

Then I felt his hand on my ass and he quickly slipped between my cheeks.  It did not take him long to work his fingers into my butthole and then he fucked me.  Even though he had just come a short time before, he had a hard shaft that pounded at my love nut and I came before he did again.

He became friendly after that and we talked.  He was glad that I had shaved and said he would have done it if I had not and ordered me to shave regularly.  He complimented me on how well I had taken the caning and had me get across his lap as if for a spanking.  However, he did not spank me but rubbed some lotion on which was soothing, like a loving father does with his well-chastised son.

I was then given a ring which was for recognition.  It was very much like a school ring so it was a common thing to wear.  The ring had special properties which were explained..  When two touched they would glow and the brighter one indicated the more dominant wearer.  Of course, the wearers were free to play as they wished but it was clear who had the final word.

He got dressed and then took me (still naked) to the next room where the several others where just sitting about talking and introduced me as the newest member.  They all admired the gate he had made on my butt.  I recognized one guy, Lance, with whom I had tricked a few months before.  I had insisted on being the top although he objected and told me that I was really a bottom.  I addressed him by name and that was a mistake.  "Boys are silent until they are given permission to speak." he snapped at me.  Simultaneous, he grabbed my arm and flipped me over his lap without any warning.  "Naughty, disrespectful boys get spanked." he said.  I tried to pull free but when he gave me a hard spank on my freshly caned butt, I howled and lost my will.  He gave me a dozen and left me crying in a heap at his feet.

"See", he said, "I told you that he's just a boy."  There was laughter.  Then he spoke to me.  "You own me a blow job, boy.  Get to it or I'll really spank you."  I got to my knees and opened his pants and both his manly musk and his hard cock seemed to explode out at me from his thick bush.  I quickly engulfed his shaft and sucked it hard.  Soon he was controlling my head with his hands and then blasted his load down my gullet.  I was required to lick up the mess I made on the floor.

The working of the rings was also demonstrated and I saw all the combinations.  My ring stayed dark when it touched each of the others just as I had been told it would.  It was explained that it was me and not the ring.  To prove this, I was told to swap rings and the results were the same.

I was sent to fetch everyone drinks and snacks and then sit, like a puppy at Lance's feet as apparently he had claimed me.  He petted me and gave me a couple of snacks.  A couple of the men wanted to play with me, but Kugler said it was my first day and it was time for me to go to bed.  Also, Lance did not want to share me but took me home with him.  I was treated like a houseboy required to serve him both in and out of bed.  In the morning, after he gave me a good hard fucking (which was wonderful) and also a good boy spanking where I just lay across his lap and he gently spanked me.

I was reluctant to leave but Lance promised that he would take good care of me and I would see him a lot.

As I made my well home I thought about the changes in my life and how I now had a, for lack of a better term, master.  A master who I wanted to serve and obey, who blistered my butt and who turned me into his boy.  I also had good feeling about the others whom I had meet and was looking forward to also serving them.

I also believed that I had found my proper niche.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 25, 2010

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