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The following story is fiction about a man being changed by a couple of very aggressive trick or treaters.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving, bondage and gay sex with implied mind control.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Some Tricks Are Really Treats


It was getting late and the trick or treaters had pretty much stopped ringing my bell.  That was probably just as well because I was just about out of candy with only some of the junky stuff left.  As the evening had progressed, I noticed that the kids were getting bigger and there were fewer hovering parents watching.  The costumes were also changing.  The cute little princesses and animals were gone.  The girls trying to look like sluts were also disappearing.  "What could their parents have been thinking when they allowed them out like that?" I wondered.  Now I was seeing teen boys in stereotypical macho getups of military and heavy construction outfits.

I was about to turn out the lights (signaling not to ring here) and lock up when the bell rang.  There were two guys there.  It was impossible to tell how old they were as they were both over ​five foot eight inches​ (​173 cm​).  Each was in black from crown to toe.  They could have been ninjas or navy seals on a moonless night mission.  I complimented them on their outfits and offered them some candy along with an apology that the pickings were slim.

They laughed and grabbed a couple of things each.  Then I got my first shock – one of them hugged me.  I had the silly thought that his favors came cheap but I did not say it.  After all they were kids, otherwise known as JB.  Then things changed in just an instant.  They pushed me back inside and I was floored – literally.  The hugger held me down while the other one slipped some rope about my wrists and then my ankles before I even realized what they were doing.  Then they put out the lights meaning that nobody else would ring the bell.  I was worried.  They could do most anything.  There was not any way I could overpower the two of them especially since they now had tied me up.  They put a hood over my head which covered my eyes although my mouth was left uncovered.  "What the fu…" I started but then something was shoved into my mouth and tied in place shutting me up.

I was scared!

They half carried and half-dragged me into my bedroom in the back and dumped me on my bed.  They opened my belt and pants and yanked them along with my underpants as far down as they could.  I was turned prone and they tied my bound ankles to my bound wrists.  Hog tied and gagged I was now completely helpless.  "We'll get back to you later, boy." said one.© YLeeCoyote

"At the witching hour." added the other.

"Don't go away."  They laughed. They put earphones on my head blasting disco music so I could not hear anything else.

I was very scared!

I was not sure if they had left or not nor what they wanted.  Not only was I uncomfortable but I was getting a headache from the noise which did not help one tiny bit.

I tried to think but with the noise blasting in my ears I couldn't.  I could not move and if I did at best I would fall off the bed and hurt myself.  All I could do was wait until they decided otherwise.  Then the noise changed to a different kind – heavy metal.  It was just as loud and nerve racking.  It seemed like days before they returned.  I had lost all sense of time.

The earphones were removed and I was ordered to be still or else.  They undid the last rope and stretched me out on the bed.  Other ropes were attached to my ankles and about my neck and tied tight.  I could not get free yet they could twist me about which they did as they striped me.  Soon my shirt and T-shirt were off.  Then my shoes and socks went.  My pants were already down.  A hand got a good grip on my balls.  "Don't even think about moving, boy."  They untied my ankles, removed my pants and retied me with my legs spread.  Then they untied my wrists and finished tying me spread-eagled.

Now I was naked, tied, gagged, blindfolded, helpless and extremely scared.  I did not have any idea what they wanted or would do.

They pressed some stuff to my chest which I could not identify at first.  It became painfully clear what it was all too soon as they yanked the tape off which pulled my hair out with it.  It hurt but I could not scream.  They laughed some more.  "You're our boy-toy, boy."  Then they pulled strip after strip off yanking my chest hairs out each time.  "Remember that you are OUR boy-toy."  Then there was a buzzing and I felt some vibration in my armpits and then on my pubis.  They were clipping my hair off with a shaver.  That certainly was less painful than it being yanked out but it sent the same terrifying message that they had complete and total control of me and could do what they wanted.  Absolutely whatever they wanted!  Although I did not know what that was.  Nor, for that matter, what they wanted from me.

The ropes were removed but I was scared to move.  I knew that they were there and I was still blinded by the hood.  Even in my own house, running was dangerous and I could run into one of them.  I was pulled to my feet and then pulled down again.  I was over a lap and then I was being spanked.  This was not a birthday spanking but a real hard spanking.  The spanker was using something and it flexed yet it stung like a zillion bees sticking their stingers into my sorry butt with each hard spank.  I could not cry out but I was trying to.  Surely they knew they were being effective from the way I was twisting and jerking about.

I knew I was helpless which they also certainly knew and wanted.  I was not feeling like a man but a boy for I had just been spanked OTK while naked and I cried.  I understood what they meant that I was their boy-toy for they were in complete control of me and could do whatever they wished with and to me.

The gag was removed but the hood remained covering my eyes.  I was forced to my knees and my head pulled forward.  I could smell a male's musk.  I was pulled closer and commanded to open my mouth.  It was then filled with rock hard cock.  "SUCK, Boy-toy, suck well or else."  I hadn't any choice but to obey for I was fearful of any retribution they might use as punishment for refusal.  Strong hands gripped my head and controlled how deep the cock was driven down my throat.  After a while, he was close and pushed deeper into me and then he exploded sending a flood of cum down my gullet into my stomach.

I was not given a minute to rest but was thrown prone onto my bed.  My legs were kicked apart and one of them roughly mounted me.  He was naked and lay on top of me.  I could feel his hard cock rubbing about my bottom as he got a tight grip on me by reaching under my armpits and grabbing my shoulders tightly.  He raised his hips and moved a bit and soon his hard tool was poised in position to enter me.  There was not any point in trying to resist penetration as they were in control.  Resistance would have been painful and futile.  I yielded to the inevitable and he drove his rigid shaft deep into my butt hole.  I hoped that he was using a condom.  He began to fuck me, slowly at first and then increasing faster and harder.  His hard cock kept banging into my love nut making feel good.  I lost control and soon was begging for him to "Harder!  Fuck me harder!" which he did.  I came before he did.  He blasted spurt after spurt of hot gizz into me though.

That's all I remember for I slipped into a deep sleep.

I woke up refreshed and feeling great with soft music playing in my ears.  The music was coming from my PMP for they had stuck the ear buds into my ears.  It was new music and the screen showed "Music for a boy to sleep by" set for continuous repeat  which my visitors apparently must have loaded for me.  The thought occurred to me that I will be sure to use it every night as it was so relaxing.  I went to the bathroom to empty my bladder.  Seeing myself in the mirror I see that I look juvenile without any chest, pit or crotch hair.  Why the thought of calling the police passed in an instance I don't know but I showered and shaved.  After dressing I had my usual cup of coffee.  I looked  about the house and saw that everything was properly in place before going to work.  I was more puzzled than ever although I felt better than good.

* * * * * * * * * *

After work and dinner I was back home still puzzled about the strange events of last night.  I would have expected that I would have felt violated after being abused and used by strangers but I don't.  There was really nothing that I could have done about it.  When I was ready for bed, I remembered to get my PMP.  I've never have done that but tonight I feel compelled to for I remember that I slept ever so well the previous night.  I search for "Music for a boy to sleep by", select it and get into bed.  Instantly, it seems, I'm asleep.

In the morning I felt great just like the previous morning.  This continues for three nights and days.  Then after work on Friday, I went to have dinner at the food court at the mall.  I don't normally do that but it felt as the right thing to do that day.  I was sitting at a corner table pretty far from where most people were as it was not busy yet and then two youths sat down at my table without asking me.  I did not know them, but they must have known me for one said: "I see that you have been a good boy, Nicky, and were here on time."

"How are you feeling and have you been sleeping well, Nicky?" asked the other.

"Very good, Master." I replied although I don't understand why I used that word.  They smiled at each other.

When we had finished eating, I followed them to the drug store where we selected condoms and hair remover.  I paid for these things and took my Masters home to my house.  Once there, I stripped and kowtowed to both of them and kissed their feet.  Then they took me to the bathroom and covered me with the hair remover.  I had to stand in the tub for twenty minutes until they washed me off leaving me as smooth as a baby.  I just obeyed them without question as that was the natural and proper thing to do.

Once I was hairless, they questioned me about my week.  They wanted to know whether I had done everything I was supposed to both at work and at home.  I confessed to several fuckups and was immediately told that I was to be spanked for my lapses.

"What the fuck?" I exclaimed without hesitation.

That was a mistake for I was immediately dragged back to the bathroom where one of them soaped up a washcloth and I was told to open my mouth.  "You will not use such naughty words, Boy.  We will wash them out of your mouth."  In shock, I opened my mouth and the soap laden cloth was shoved in.  It tasted terrible but trying to talk and dislodge it was another mistake for that squeezed more soapy water out into my mouth.

"Please." I begged.  But they held me still for some time.  I quickly learnt that I had best be careful what I said.  Even after they allowed me to rinse out, the terrible taste persisted.

Back in the bedroom, they returned to the spanking theme.  This time I accepted their decree and got over a lap as directed just as a little boy should when ordered by those in charge of him.  I could not believe how much a spanking could hurt but I was certainly most sorry that I had been naughty and I was crying.

I stood in the corner while they watched something on the TV with my roasted ass hanging out and the taste of soap lingering in my mouth.  I was a naughty boy being punished.

While they continued to watch the TV, I was called from the corner and ordered to suck cock.  That I did immediately and not because I was scared of further punishment but because I wanted to.  I had the previous week and had learnt that I liked it very much.  They both fed me large loads of man cream which I greedily swallowed.  A little later they each fucked me hard and made me cum without touch my cock.

Before they left they put me to bed with my PMP playing that wonderful "Music for a boy to sleep by".  I woke up feeling wonderful and at peace knowing that I had been properly punished for my lapses of the last week.  I was sexually satisfied also.  I noted that my PMP had been updated with "Music for a boy to sleep by 2".

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm ever so glad that I got such a wonderful treat on Halloween.  My two Masters are so wonderful to me.  I'm looking forward to their next visit.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 10, 2010

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