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The following story is fiction about a teenage boy spanking his charge.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Spanked by the Babysitter


Young Barry was not very surprised when his parents told him that they were going away for a week and that his grandmother would come and stay with him so that he would not have any disruption in school.  Although his grandma was a lot fussier than his parents about him keeping his room neat and doing his chores there was a great compensation.  She was a great cook.  She really made great food starting with unprocessed ingredients.  Barry was happy with the trade off.

The surprise was that she would not come until Sunday morning while his parents were leaving on Friday right after he got off to school in the morning.  They had arranged for Chuck to stay with him for the forty hour gap.  Until a couple of years ago Barry usually had teenaged girls for babysitters but he insisted that he was growing up and did not need a babysitter.  Even if his parents had agreed, the law required that he not be left alone so they compromised and did not use the distasteful B-word.

Then in the last year, there was another problem.  The gender of the sitter.  Barry complained that the girls were too interested in his body especially his privates.  He carefully explained that he really would be quite happy being nude in the right environment or if they behaved appropriately and respectfully rather than treating him like a specimen to be examined.  (He knew it was not his imagination for he had overheard some of the girls talking about his male development.)  He even had an answer to his parents telling him he was being silly.  "I'm ok with you and Granny and even at the doctor's being naked.  None of you treat me like that."  After that they hired teenaged boys for the task.

On Thursday evening, Barry's parents talked to him about how he must be extra good for Grandma and even for Chuck.  Barry did not have any problem promising that he would be for he was normally a good boy.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

After dismissal from school Barry did not go home but headed to the forest on the edge of town.  He did not get very far into the woods for he went into the swamp at the edge.  A few steps in and that was as far he got before slipping and falling into the mud.  It took him a few minutes to get up.  He was not hurt but he was a complete mess.  He was covered in slime and mud from his crown to his soles both on his clothes and his skin.  He was quite uncomfortable as he made his way home.

Chuck was concerned.  Barry should have been home by 3:30; 3:45 at the latest.  He resolved to wait until 4:00 in case Chuck had just been with some friends and forgot to call.  He was about to pick up the phone to call 911 when he heard the yell from the back porch.  He hardly recognized Barry all covered with mud.  "I guess that you had better hose the mud off, Chuck.  I got a little messy on the way home."

Chuck concurred and turned on the hose.  The water was icy cold but this was the only way not to track mud into the entire house.  Chuck told Barry to remove his clothes one by one as they lost the mud and then washed the mud from his charge.  He ordered the naked boy to run upstairs and shower to clean up and warm up.  Ten minutes later the boy was dry, dressed and back downstairs.  The washer still had not finished its extra dirty cycle.

"I'm disappointed in you, young man," lectured Chuck, "I'm going to have to tell your grandmother about your misbehavior which is very deserving of punishment."

"Oh, no.  Please, please don't do that.  She won't do anything except tell my folks and I'll have to wait more than a week for the spanking that Dad will give me.  That will be absolute TORTURE!" whined the boy in horror.

"Well, you deserve to be spanked.  You were very naughty boy."

"Er, er, yes but to have to wait a more than week is not fair." pleaded the boy obviously unhappy with the prospect.

"I'm sorry but there nothing I can do about that, Barry."

"Well, you could do it.  Please Chuck.  You could spank me.  Please don't make me wait ten days."

"I'm not sure how to do it." Chuck said trying to avoid doing the deed.

"I'll tell you.  Then it will be over and you won't have to tell.  Please, Chuck, please."

Chuck hesitated a bit more and then having decided that Barry really wanted to be spanked reluctantly agreed.  "Tell me how your Dad does it."

"He sends me to my room to stand in the corner with my hands on my head until he comes up.  Then he sits on my bed and calls me to stand in front of him.  He scolds me as he undresses me before taking me over his lap."

"Barry Oscar Woods go to your room.  Stand in the corner with your hands on your head until I call you." said Chuck.  He remembered how he was called by his full name some years ago when he was a naughty little boy.

"Yes, Sir." said Barry as he rushed to get into place.  As he stood in the corner, he started to dread the imminent spanking and thought that waiting might have been better.  But it was too late now for he couldn't tell Chuck to stop after pleading with him to spank him.

Chuck thought about what he would have to say to the boy in a few minutes so his wait went fast.

"Come here, boy." he said as he sat on the bed.  Barry quickly got in front of him with his head bowed in shame.  "You have been very, very naughty Barry Oscar Woods.  You have earned a hard spanking."

"Yes, Sir." Barry replied, "I'm sorry.  I won't do it again.  Please don't spank me."  As he scolded, Chuck undressed the boy until he was entirely naked.  Barry noted that Chuck did not stare at his privates like a girl would have done so he did not care that he was naked.  This is what he told his mother long ago.

"Now you got to take me over your lap and spank me with your hand until I cry." Barry explained and Chuck did exactly that.  He had to adjust the position until they were both comfortable and then he switched back to his father role.  He started to spank and after a couple of weak spanks, Barry interjected: "You have spank much harder than that.  Those were only baby spanks."

Chuck got that message and increased the force of his blows hard.  He wondered about his hand stating to hurt but he kept at it.  The spanks were hard enough that Barry really felt them and started to kick and squirm.  "Better put your leg over mine so I don't slip." he said just as he started to cry.

Chuck liked that maneuver because it enabled him to spank harder and more effectively.  He sensed that he was being effective by how the boy was reacting.  The boy was really crying and trying to resist but it was too late for that for he was well pinned between Chuck's legs and held down by his non-spanking hand.

Chuck stopped spanking and let Barry up.  He immediately threw his arms about his pseudo-father and sobbed on his shoulder.  In due course, the boy recovered but still held on.  When the boy stopped crying and calmed down, Chuck took him to the bathroom and washed his face.  Then he helped him dress.

They had dinner and a very quiet evening watching a movie with Barry cuddled up against his spanker.  In the morning, Chuck took Barry to the zoo which they both enjoyed.  While they had lunch, Barry made a confession.

"Chuck, thanks for spanking me yesterday.  Dad would never do that.  Some of my friends get spanked and I wanted to know what it was like."

"What's it like?" asked Chuck.

"It hurts a lot but better than being grounded for a week."

* * * * * * * * * *

On the way home, they talked about whether all his friends get spanked like he did yesterday.  "Some get grounded and extra chores.  A couple have been promoted to the strap.  Usually, it's a belt folded double and a number of cuts equal to age."

After they had taken care of everything they had to once when they were home, Chuck said: "Barry, you have been a naughty boy for you lied to me.  You need to be punished for that."

"But I confessed and apologized.  It not fair." complained the boy.

"You could have just ASKED me to spank you rather that going through all the shenanigans you did to trick me just for a simple spanking." he paused and added: "And just a baby spanking at that."

"I didn't think of that.  I'm sorry.  Really.  Please forgive me.  And that was a real spanking that HURT."

"It was a little boy's spanking.  A young man like you gets it from a strap or a belt at least.  Do you really want to find out about spankings?  About spankings for young men?"

Barry was surprised at all this.  In his ignorance he had not worked it all out as he usually did.  Like he had gotten his parents to stop getting girl babysitters which had gone perfectly.  "Yes, I do.  Please Chuck." he said not sure what he was getting into.

"It would be best to have a reason to punish you with a spanking.  We can use your lying about your Dad spanking you."

"That sounds interesting.  Please teach me more Chuck."  Barry agreed not knowing exactly what he was letting himself in for.

"Barry stand in front of me." ordered Chuck getting things going.

Once Barry was in position, he continued: "Barry Oscar Woods you LIED to get me to do things that I ordinarily would not have done.  That was very, very naughty of you.  Is there any reason not to punish you, young man?"

"I'm sorry, Sir.  I'm afraid not."

"Very well.  Give me your belt, boy."

"Drop your pants and underwear and lie over the end of the couch.  Don't get up until I tell you to." ordered Chuck, folding Barry's heavy belt double and snapping it so it made a fearful sound.

"Get your butt up higher."  The boy shifted position a little.

"Count each one.  Loud and clear."  There was another belt snap.

Chuck took careful aim and swung the belt at the waiting target.  The sound of the belt hitting was almost drowned out by the yelp from Barry.  Then after a pause "One, Sir."  Chuck watched the red stripe form rather than continuing immediately.

"Don't yell like a baby.  Take it like a man." directed Chuck before continuing with the second cut.

The pattern was now set.  After watching each stripe form, Chuck swung the belt again and Barry counted.  Slowly they got to the end and Barry said: "Eleven, Sir." with some relief.

"That's it, Barry.  You may pull up your pants now." and he handed him his belt.

Later they talked about it.  Although the belt hurt more, Barry said it felt much more grown up and he was proud that he didn't cry.

"It is hard not to cry when you are OTK and getting spanked." explained Chuck.

The marks had faded by the next morning when Barry's Grandmother arrived.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 30, 2014

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