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The following story is fiction about spanking.  The story contains a scene of a spanking and paddling.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired by the wonderful drawing by Jonathan that I found at  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Spanked at the Circus


The two teens, Kris and Tony, had been looking forward to this evening for ages.  They had saved for it for months from lawn mowing and snow shoveling and car washing so that Dad could not deny them.  It was a real live one ring circus under an actual tent like in times past.  Dad was, however, his usual grouchy self and was not enthusiastic about going at all.

“At least one of you will mess up and earn a bare butt spanking by doing something downright stupid.  We best stay home where your tails are safe.” he was telling them at least two weeks before.  Frequently, he added the warning (threat!) “I won’t hesitate to spank you right there with your pants down for any misconduct.”

“We’ll be good, Dad.  We promise.” pair replied each time.  They knew that their dad would do it for he had several times in the past to their great embarrassment.

At long last the great day arrived and the three got into the car and drove to the county fair grounds where the circus tent and all had been erected.  They did not have any money to spend on any of the side shows nor even snacks.  They enjoyed everything as best as they could in the company of Mr. Super Grumpy.

As they entered the tent, they were warned once again.  “Remember – you cause any trouble you get it right here with your pants down and everyone watching.”© YLeeCoyote

The show was so different from the ones they saw on TV.  Everyone was enjoying things for the atmosphere was exciting and noisy and upbeat (except for Dad).  The ringmaster was so enthusiastic that they were cheering even before each act started.  And the clowns were really great fun being silly, interacting with each act and distracting everyone from the set changes.

The Red-nosed clown had a pair of hands on sticks and was waving them about and even clapping with them.  “Those hands would make great paddles for whacking a naughty boy’s bottom and turning it bright red.” proclaimed Dad.

It was a surprise to one and all when a young man who surely should have known better jumped into the performance area which, of course, was off limits to patrons.  The performers were just taking their bows and relishing the applause when he ran to the leading lady yelling “I love you.” and begging for an autograph.

Everyone was incensed at his outrageous conduct.  Several of the lady’s co-performers and the Red-nosed Clown rushed to her side and grabbed the naughty blond man in the brown leather jacket.  Up in the stands Dad said “If that had been either of you would be over my lap with your pants down getting the spanking of your life by now.”  Both boys were very, very glad that their butts were safely covered and they had been behaving properly in their seats even to their grumpy dad’s strict standards.

The Ringmaster was up to this unplanned event.  He was ad-libbing about an extra act not on your programs especially added to this night performance for your pleasure.  Everyone, especially the two brothers, was watching intently.  The lady and her troupe had quickly departed.  A couple of roustabouts had gotten hold of the intruder and were holding him tightly albeit none too gently.  They would have hustled him out but the clown stopped them.

The clown called him a naughty boy and ringmaster played that up directing the crowds’ attention to how he was losing his pants and even his underpants.

“WHAT HAPPENS TO NAUGHTY BOYS?” asked the Ringmaster.

“Spanked.” shouted many in the crowd.

“Spanked how?” asked the Ringmaster.

“BARE BOTTOM!” the crowd yelled anticipating what was going to happen.

The clown sat on an elephant circus stand and the man was dragged over his lap by the roustabouts.  “STAY!” they hissed signaling that he better not try to run.

The clown began to spank the upturned bare bottom with his hand.  He spanked hard and soon the target was red.

One of the roustabouts handed him one of his prop hands.

The Ringmaster explained “Our clown is prepared with a special PADDLE for Very Naughty Boy Bottoms.” and the crowd cheered.

The paddle-hand was very effective.  It made the naughty man’s butt glowing bright red and caused him to howl in pain.

The clown stopped spanking and pulled the man up as a couple of policemen came in.  With his pants still about his ankles, they handcuffed him and arrested him for trespass.  Then they dragged him out to face the judge.

The Ringmaster introduced the next act for the show must go on.

As they drove home, Dad commented “I warned you that there would be a hard bare bottom spanking in public for any misbehavior.”  The brothers in the rear seat dutifully agreed while carefully hiding their smirks behind their hands.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 24, 2022

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