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The following story is fiction about CP with age reversal.  The story contains scenes of spanking with hints of young femdom and also some male/male spankings.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story was inspired by this drawing  by the artist Dimos  Click for external images

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The boy narrator 10 April His stepsister 8½ Alex His cousin 12
His stepsister
His cousin
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Spanked by My Kid Sister and Cousin


I had just bounced the ball a couple of times in the hall when April yelled at me.  “Kelly!  STOP THAT!”  April is my goody-goody kid stepsister.  We had been left alone for a couple of hours while my stepmom made an emergency trip to the store.  We had promised to be good while she did some unexpected errand rather than being dragged along and April had caught me misbehaving.© YLeeCoyote

“Mother has promised you two spankings if you play ball in the house again.” She reminded me with a great big grin.  That was, unfortunately true and she would be able to watch.  Again!  Twice.  April gleefully watched every time Mom spanked me especially intently when my pants were taken down (which was most of the time).

“Please don’t tell.” I begged.

April just laughed.  “And miss two spankings?”  I was doomed – again.  I realized that it was hopeless and I headed for my room with my head drooping.  As I started up the stairs, she spoke.  “I won’t tell if you are punished before Mom gets home.  I’ll be in my room.  If you come and ask me to spank you I’ll help as best as I can.” and this time she gave me an evil grin.

I continued to my room with this giant problem.  There were two alternatives.  The first was to let my twenty-month younger stepsister spank me once.  The second was to let her to tell and get two spankings from Mom with her gleefully watching.

It certainly was not a happy choice.  I easily decided that a spanking from Mom would hurt a lot more than one from April.  Naturally, two spankings would hurt even more.  I certainly did not want a spanking but that was surely what was going to happen shortly.  Both would be humiliating.  A few minutes later I knocked on April’s door.

“Is there something I can do for you, Kelly?” she said with a smile.

“Please spank me and don’t tell Mom about my playing ball in the house.”

“Of course, brother, straightaway.” she said sitting up “Please get over my lap.”  I went to her side and she pulled me down.  She really did not have to support my weight as she was sitting sideways on the bed.  She gave me a few light spanks on my pants.  I immediately thought that this was going to be very easy to take.

I was wrong.  I was very wrong for she pulled my pants down as fast as possible.  I realized that I should have worn pants with a belt but too late now.  Then April gave me a few more spanks on my TW’s.  These were harder but still not of concern compared to Mom’s spanks.

“You know that Mom always says ‘That a proper spanking is on the bare.’ so your undies have to come down also.”  She then put her hand in the waistband and ordered ‘Lift up.’ and yanked them down to my knees.  Now she was looking at my bare bottom.  That she had seen many times before but this time it was with the new perspective that it was over her lap.

I then learnt that she was quite strong for she started to spank with full force over and over.  “You have been a very naughty boy playing ball in the house, Kelly.”  However, I was nowhere near crying as she continued to spank hard although my bottom was surely red.

Without warning the next spank was very different.  It hurt enough that I gave a yelp.  She was now using a hairbrush like Mom did.  Those spanks continued and I now knew that I was being spanked for real.  Eventually, they stopped and she told me to get up.

I was standing before her like I did when Mom spanked me even rubbing my hot bottom which was a much greater concern than that my boy parts were totally exposed to her, even more than when she watched Mom spank and bathe me.

“Go stand in the corner and think about why you got spanked, Kelly.” she said precisely like Mom did.

Automatically, I responded exactly as Mom had taught me saying “Yes, Ma’am.” as I hobbed into the corner and parked my hands on my head.  I felt like I was the kid, rather than older, brother.  I was very ashamed as I realized that my kid sister had spanked me – exactly as mother did – and I had even called her “Ma’am”.  However, it certainly was good that I did not feel guilty about playing ball in the house now that I had been spanked.

After a while she told me to go back to my room and to be a good boy.  Again she sounded like Mom so I said “Yes, Ma’am.” once again while quickly pulling up my pants and left.  Straightaway I stopped in the bathroom to wash my face and saw how red my bottom was.  It was just as red as when Mom spanked me.

By dinner it was clear that April hadn’t told for Mom said “Boy, stop fidgeting like you’ve been spanked.”  Dad agreed with her.  April just grinned.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was after I was in bed with the lights out that I could reflect on the new experience of the day.  The facts were simple – my kid sister had spanked me exactly like her mom spanked me.  It certainly was not comforting that I responded the same way as when my stepmom spanked me.  I was even laying on my front the same way after being spanked.

The only clear thing was I was confused and conflicted.  April did not spank as hard as Mom which was certainly an advantage.  Being spanked is always humiliating but more so when it is your kid sister doing it.  I don’t think that she talked about it because I think she could get into trouble for it.  I’m puzzled that I treated her like she was my mother because she is a younger kid.  Is that a side effect of having a hot red butt?  I noticed my dad said the same sorts of things to my stepmom which he did not do with my real mom.  I slipped off into dreamland with all these questions unanswered.

It was a few days later and Dad was at work, Mom shopping and we were being sortta of being watched by Mrs. Barland from next door.  April came in and asked what I heard.  I listened and it was the garbage collection truck and it was reminding me that it was my turn to drag the stuff to the curb.

I had forgotten and my parents would be very angry which meant I would be getting a spanking.  April knew it also and was grinning.  “There are two options and you get to pick which one.  One, I tell that I took out the garbage so that you have do my turn and Mom will spank you twice.  Two, you ask me to spank you.”

I still had not resolved those difficult questions mentioned before and now it was happening again.  I was trapped again.  She was smiling.  “Wait here naughty boy and I’ll be right back with my hairbrush.” and she dashed up the stairs.  Obviously, she knew what my answer would be.

April was back in a minute and asked what I had decided.  “Please don’t tell and spank me.” I managed to mutter not that I had a real choice.

“Of course, brother, straightaway.” she said just like the first time.  “Do you need the lecture, naughty one?”  I sadly shook my head no.  April immediately went into action.  She pulled me in front of the couch and then yanked my T-shirt up over my head while ordering me to remove my socks.  Once that was done, she opened my shorts and very efficiently yanked them down with my TW’s.  I stepped out of them and I was totally naked.  I felt like I was just six and she was my babysitter.  I did not have any will to resist.

April sat on the couch and pulled me over her lap.  “You are such a naughty boy, Kelly.” she reminded me as she patted my bottom.  Spank after spank rained down on my bare tail.  Increasing they hurt and then she switched to her brush.  That caused me to howl and sob.  She also reminded me that “You must not forget to take out the garbage.” and finally “Go stand in the corner and think about being a good boy, Kelly.”

I could not think about it for I heard Mom say “What is going on here, April?”

“Hello Mother.  Kelly was a naughty boy again not taking out the garbage which I did and then chose that I spank him rather than telling you.  Please don’t spank him again as that would not be fair.”

Mom then asked if that was correct and I admitted that it was.  She then added that I should stay in the corner until April tells me my corner time is over.  She then praised April for being so mature, for correcting my behavior and spanking me good and proper.

I was certain that this would not be good for me.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was at dinner that I learnt that my world was changing in a way that I never expected and that I would never be able to modify.  Mother told Dad about April spanking me and how I accepted her discipline and control.  April was beaming with pride especially when mom made it official.  April now was in charge of me with the right to punish me with spanking and more.  I no longer had a say in the matter.

Dad said that it was an excellent arrangement and would prepare me for later life.  He also emphasized that I must obey my stepsister just like I had to obey my stepmother.  He also praised April and told her that she should be very strict with me.

April thanked our parents nicely and promised to do her best.  That made me fear for my bottom.

Things went on as you would have expected with April spanking me every week.  Those weeks that she did not catch me being naughty she gave me a maintenance spanking.  These, she explained, were to assure that I did not forget what a spanking was like but there were differences.

April would come into my room but she would not be mad nor angry and she would not bring her evil hairbrush.  She would even be smiling.  She would lecture me about being good all week and praise me.  Then it was spanking time and she would strip me completely just like for a punishment spanking.  I did not fear this and had gotten used to being naked for her so I no longer tried to cover up my boy bits.

After several good boy spankings I was surprised that I was looking forward to them for they were fun and uplifting.  It seems redundant to mention that I still hate the usual kind of spankings for naughty boys.  Because of that I behave better in school and I’m even getting better grades.  Since April has not blabbed that she is in charge of me with spanking rights, I don’t get hassled by the other guys and so life is OK.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a special weekend because April had a school trip that started right after dismissal on Friday.  The folks wanted to have time alone together so they decided to leave me with my uncle and aunt.  Actually that was a great deal because my cousin Alex and I both wanted to see the special exhibit in the museum in the city.

Alex surprised me at bedtime telling me that it was time for my good boy spanking.  I was shocked that he knew but he quickly explained that it was not April who told him but that he had overheard our mothers yakking about it.  Only then did he talk with April to learn the details so as to plan for it so that I would not miss it.

I was reluctant but Alex quickly broke down my resistance.  I guess that was to be expected since he was a couple of years older and much more developed both physically and mentally.  He did not waste any more time as he immediately started to strip me.  It did not seem strange to be naked with another boy.

Once I was naked, I got the good boy talk which was not as polished nor effective as April’s as I got over his lap.  As my bottom was caressed Alex made comments about how lovely it was.  Then came the spanks.  It was also very different from April’s.

The most important difference can be summed up in just one word: HARDER.  And, as you can guess: it hurt even more than April’s naughty boy spankings.  It took some effort not to cry like a baby.  I was not sure if I liked it or not.  Alex’s hug and praise helped a lot.  I did complain that it was a very hard spanking.  Alex explained that he did not give “sissy girly spanking” and that men spank and get spanked harder than girls.

When Alex stripped for bed, I could not help but to admire his much more mature body especially that he had hair by his cock.  He explained a lot of things very quickly.  He also just got into bed naked and I did the same for the first time trying to act more like a big boy.

In the morning I got another surprise – we were going to the museum in the city by ourselves.  Of course, Alex was in charge and I had to promise to be good and do as he said.  As we waited for the train, he asked me what happens to naughty boys.  There wasn’t any doubt about the answer.  They get spanked.

Alex really knew how to get about not only with the train but also the subway to get to the museum.  We were first in and his family membership made it simple.  The exhibit was great and Alex helped me understand it.  We did others as well.

Unfortunately, I was too excited and Alex kept having to rein me in.  His repeated admonitions did not get me to tone it down.  When we went into the park for lunch, I learnt how displeased he was with my poor conduct when he lead me into a bushy area.

Alex sat on rock and held me in front of him as he lectured me.  He did better with a bad boy lecture than he had with the good boy one.  Of course, I was promising to behave better but that did not save my butt at all.  That we were outside albeit somewhat hidden did not save me.  He quickly opened my belt and jeans and yanked them down with my briefs.

My protests were in vain and just seconds later he began spanking me hard.  It was even harder than yesterday’s good boy spanking.  I lost the battle not to cry.  Perhaps that was good as soon after he stopped spanking me.  I was immediately rubbing my very hot tail as soon as he stood me up.  I quickly fell into his arms as I tried to rub the fire away.

It was not long before I promised to be a good boy especially when he promised more spanking if I did not.  We had more fun in the museum in the afternoon.

My painful butt reminded me to behave properly for the rest of the day in the museum and on the subway and the train.  Alex had warned me of more spankings if I did not.

The return trip was just as cool as the first and it was a great day.  At dinner we just talked about how great the museum was and not a word about the spanking.

The next day was quiet and then my folks picked me up.

The End

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