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The following story is fiction about vigilante injustice.  The story contains a scene of a strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Spanked On Arrival


It had been a very rough flight.  The seatbelt sign had been on for more than two hours.  To make things even more unpleasant, one of the lavatories on the plane was out-of-order and the flight attendants were preventing people from standing in line.  Pat had to go desperately.

Once Pat was in the airport terminal he rushed to the Ladies' room.  He had to wait a couple of turns for a stall.  The other ladies did not like that a man had come into their space.  Some rushed out fearing the worst.  Others called their mates and boyfriends waiting nearby.  At least one called 911 to get the pervert arrested – "There's a bearded man in the Ladies' Room." was the report.  There was a great hullabaloo.

By the time three of the outraged men rushed in Pat, was finished draining his bladder.  They busted the stall door and dragged Pat out to cries of pervert and worse.  Perhaps if the little girl hadn't asked: "Are you going to spank the naughty man, Daddy?" additional violence would have been avoided.  But ask she did and the Daddy knew he had to show his little princess that big people get punished just like she and her little friends did.

Pat was pushed over a couch and his pants yanked down.  That was easy to do since he had not been able to close them properly when he was yanked from the throne in the Ladies' Room.  A couple of the angry men pulled off their belts and began to strap the horrid pervert.  They swung hard at the target.  If Pat's underpants had been pulled down the little girl (and the others) would have been able to see how Pat's bottom turned red as he was most justly punished.  They did see, however, how his thighs turned red and, of course, heard his yells of pain and cries for help.

Well, the police did arrive and quickly arrested him for disorderly conduct and immediately locked on handcuffs without questioning.  It should be noted that he did not resist arrest nor argue with the officers.  The Police carefully recorded all witnesses' statements along with their identifies.  They were most happy with the photographic evidence they provided.  They especially praised the spankers.  The local press was delighted.  They took lots of pictures and the story was immediately posted on their website.  They were extra pleased to add a video one of the witnesses took of the entire event.  The police wasted no time getting Pat to the police station and booked.  Nobody had any doubt that the pervert would quickly be convicted and sent to prison.  Both the police and the press expected that the Governor would be pleased for this was exactly what he had talked about when he signed the law to big fanfare.© YLeeCoyote

It was hours latter when Pat was being arraigned and charged that the proverbial fecal matter hit the rotary air mover.  The defendant's lawyer insisted on precise charges and the police were more than delighted to show the pictures and list the witness.  The Judge added that the defendant should have used the Men's Room to avoid arrest.

"With all due respect, Your Honor, my client is following the Law as enacted by the Legislature and signed by the Governor of this State that REQUIRES a person to use the facilities based on their assigned gender AT BIRTH.  My client was born as a female.  He is a FTM transgendered person." stated the lawyer loudly so that all in the courtroom could hear.

The silence was deafening for the Court and all present were shocked.

"We can present a certified copy of the birth certificate when my client gets his luggage, Your Honor.  Meanwhile, we present this wallet size copy for the Court's examination." continued the defense council.

The Judge had no choice but to dismiss all the charges for he realized that he would be overruled on appeal otherwise.  Further, he chastised the Police for not making the simplest of inquires.

The defense council then spoke again.  "Your Honor, we note that sufficient evidence has been presented to charge several people with assault and battery on my client and others with disturbing the peace.  It is requested that arrest warrants be issued for these persons responsible for these crimes and that the Court assure that the evidence is preserved.  We shall press charges as soon as this proceeding is over."

The national media and standup comedians had a field day with this event.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 9, 2017

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