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The following story is fiction about school spankings as CP and with some gay sex.  The story contains scenes of spanking and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. This story was inspired by a pair of images on Tumblr that were posted together and without any attribution nor identity at I think that the images are composite and the exact location is not known nor significant for the story.   Click for external images

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Spanked on the Train


Everyone was looking forward to the trip.  It was the annual trip for the senior class.  The school had chartered a train for the trip.  That was not because that would be cheaper but would reduce the travel time by two hours each way each way and avoid transfers.  Even more significant, however, was that it was far more secure as the doors would remain closed until they reached their destination preventing any pupils from getting out to stretch, escape or get lost.  Headmaster Wintringham had had some unhappy experiences in the past which he was determined to avoid.© YLeeCoyote

The plan was for the boarding boys to be bused to the train station and the day boys were to register by seven A.M. at the train.  The Headmaster was most unhappy receiving a phone call from the station master at Five A.M. complaining that several of YOUR students were out of control at the station and to please take care of the matter.  Immediately!

Eighteen minutes later the Head and two senior prefects were getting out of the school car at the station.  When they got to the platform they were too late to witness the rowdy behavior for station’s security man had gotten things under control even before changing into his uniform.  The trouble makers had stayed out all night and showed up at the station after everything else had closed up.  All the Head could witness were the last clothing adjustments being made.  The images of what might have happened in his mind’s eye were sufficient to make the Headmaster furious for endangering the trip.

Fortunately there were not any women nor young children to be offended by the Head’s tongue lashing of his most errant boys which, as the saying goes, would have made a sailor blush.  Then they then herded into the waiting train as the security man wanted.

The errant boys with burning ears immediately plopped down on the seats.  They would have fallen asleep but for the yelling of the Head.  The enraged head was not satisfied with just yelling and had CP in mind.  It was only then that he realized his favorite implement was back in his office and that he would have to improvise.

As he took a seat at the end of the carriage, he commanded Rosbottom, the first of the sinning lads to remove his trousers and pants.  “You are getting the spanking of your life.” he growled.  The boy was too scared to object and a minute later was half nude.  The head immediately pulled him over his right thigh and started to spank him as hard as he could.  As he spanked, he mused about whether a childish bare bottom hand spanking over his lap would be more effective because of the embarrassment factors.

The two prefects quickly concurred that they were brought along to help with the CP and were not going to risk missing such a golden opportunity by asking.  They ordered Ismond and Bancroft, two of other despicable boys, to strip ASAP and for Kettle to wait his turn.  Need one say he was not anxious for his turn?

The prefects then sat and got Ismond and Bancroft over their respective laps and began spanking hard, exactly as the Head was doing.

The sound of hard spankings filled the carriage bringing spanko joy to all but the four naughty lads.  As three bums turned flaming red, the railway security guy relished it more than any of the others.  Even his K-9 seemed happy being a witness.

The Headmaster finished spanking Rosbottom and sent him to stand at the end of the car with his nose on the wall.  He then went to apologize to the Station Master.  The two prefects also finished and sent the two red-bottom spankees to study the finish of the carriage wall like their mate.

The two prefects agreed to share roasting Kettle’s bum.  The first prefect ordered the lad to strip and get over his lap.  He then proceeded to spank his left check until it was as red as the six other red checks on display .  Kettle was puzzled that only one side was being spanked albeit very throughly.  He got up as directed and was suddenly pulled down over the other perfect’s lap who had his turn roasting the left check.  He was spanked good and hard until the color of his cheeks matched.  Kettle then joined his buddies at the wall.

Both prefects had a hard problem because they were dragged from their beds earlier than expected but they knew how to solve it.  They made lots and had the four miscreants each select one.

They called the two ‘winners’ to kneel before them as they opened their trousers to free their problems.  Directions were not required as their hard cocks entered two hot mouths.  They were able to climax so that it was all over in a couple of minutes and safely before the Head returned.

Along with the lunch boxes the kitchen staff had sent breakfast boxes for the three spankers.  It was a while before the four miscreants were allowed to redress and sit much to the amassment of their classmates who wished that they had witnessed the baby spankings.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 11, 2023

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