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The following story is fiction about a boy who gets spanked by girls including his younger sister.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Spanker Power


"Drop your pants Ricky and get over my lap.  I'm going to spank you." those are words I don't want to hear but when I do I have to obey my sister, Patti, who is a year and half younger as she is in charge because she has SPANKER POWER.  If I don't, things will get worse so I do as I am told.  I'm not allowed to be shy so I quickly over her lap to get my tail roasted.  Perhaps I'll be fortunate this time and she'll only use her hand.

No such luck for after a few hand spanks she switches to the hairbrush.  That mini paddle quickly reduces me to crying little boy who hopefully has learnt his lesson.

It's a bit complicated how she got to be in charge.  First some basics though.  I'm the oldest of three kids in the family.  Then there is Patti, who is a year and half younger and Marty, our kid brother, who is three years younger than I.  We have had a quite normal upbringing by normal rational parents who definitely followed the normal/standard rules.  Somehow something went wrong for Patti is in charge even though she is not the oldest and if I forget it, she turns my bottom bright red to remind me.

She was not put in charge by our parents but has taken control of both Marty and me when our parents are away.  Although they leave me in charge as I am fourteen-year-old it is Patti who gives the orders and both Marty and I obey them.  If we don't mind her then we get spanked.  My parents don't spank us but Patti spanks.  Marty has been spanked only a few times because he is quite obedient.  I, on the other hand, have gotten it dozens of times in the last year.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

This strange reversal was because of Eliza.  She started sitting us when I was nine and she was twelve.  In a few years from now I will realize that she is a dominant feminist but back then all I knew was that she was very strict.  She introduced spanking into our household.  Spanking of boys that is but not of girls as would become evident after a while.

After my first spanking I complained to Mother who questioned Eliza about it.  I don't know what was said except that Mom told me that if I wanted to avoid being spanked then I should be a good boy and obey Ms. Eliza.  It was like Eliza told Mom what to do.  I couldn't ask Dad because he was away on a business trip.

A couple months later, I got up in the middle of the night to pee and heard Mom and Dad arguing.  I was amazed by what I heard.  I could tell that Mom was very angry because of the tone of her voice.  She told Dad: "You act like a little boy, a NAUGHTY LITTLE BOY at times.  I think that a SPANKING would do you a world of good just like it helps Ricky.  Perhaps I should get Eliza to SPANK you like she does him."

I was very confused.  After a lot of hard thinking I came to the conclusion that Eliza had some special authority, power, right or something to spank for two reasons.  First, that she convinced Mom that spanking was right and, second, that Mom was going to ask her to spank Dad rather than just do it herself.  Of course, that was nonsense but I was just a little kid back then.  Accordingly, I decided that I better behave extra good for her.  That, as you will see, would lead to my present situation.

Among the things that a babysitter does for her charges are to bathe them and put them to bed.  When Eliza started sitting us I was very young and I did not care about being naked so that not only did she see me but so did my siblings and I saw them.  Sometimes Eliza brought her little sister, Nina, who is a year younger than I.  She would play with us and also see us naked.

Eliza was training Nina to be a sitter so she helped especially with Marty.  She would help him get undressed, put on his pj's and especially in the bath.  Now Marty was a very good boy but occasionally he had lapses.  One of these times Nina was present and she spanked him.  That taught me that Nina was special like Eliza was with SPANKER POWER.  Patti wanted to do everything like Nina did so Eliza taught her also and she even got to spank Marty thus I saw that she was one of the chosen – a spanker.  That meant that she had SPANKER POWER like Eliza had.

Gradually things changed and Marty and I would get bathed together by Eliza assisted by Nina initially and then also by Patti.  They would not just wash us but also dry us using the soft fluffy towels that Mom supplied which also felt good.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was when I was getting to be twelve that I began to object to being bathed by the girls especially by Patti and Nina.  Eliza would not hear of such rebellion.  "It is my job [as your babysitter] to bathe you, boy.  You have nothing to hide from any of us as we been seeing you naked for years.  Both your sister and mine need to learn how to care for little boys as they will be babysitting soon."

I had a choice.  I could let them bathe me or get a spanking first and then let them bathe me.  I chose the former so that I could at least avoid one of the unpleasantness.  The next day Patti told me that it had been her turn to spank and she was disappointed that she would have to wait for another time.  We both knew that such a time would surely come.

That time did come just a week later.  In the afternoon before our parents were going out and Eliza would be coming to sit us, I messed up.  I got home late from school and Mom had taken Marty to the doctor leaving Patti and me alone for an hour in the afternoon.  It was then that Patti pounced sinking her claws deep into me.  "You got another chance to decide what will happen, Ricky.  You earned a spanking for being late."

I did not like the sound of that at all.  I did not have to ask her to explain for she went on.  "You can take your spanking now from me or later when Eliza and Nina are here to watch."  She gave a great big grin.  "Which will it be, Ricky?"

It was a terrible choice.  I knew that Eliza would back her up and that she would spank more and harder to impress her friend, Nina.  Naturally, I objected but she promised to be fair, honest and without any tricks.  I gave in for she was, like Eliza, one with SPANKING POWER and at least it would be in private.

She had me fetch the evil hairbrush and when I returned she sat on my bed.  I had to stand before her as she lowered my pants and briefs.  "Don't worry that I see your little penis and testicles because I been seeing them for years.  Now get over my lap."

Of course, I did not like that since her privates were exactly that – private – so that this was most unfair.  I wanted to run away but I got into position and she started with her hand.  Those spanks hardly hurt.  Then she got serious and switched to the hairbrush.  That was a different matter and those WHACKS actually hurt.  But she did not make me cry (although I think she could have).

My lateness and the spanking were not mentioned until Marty asked about my red bottom at bath time.  "Ricky was naughty and I spanked him." she said simply.  Eliza congratulated her and said it was the right thing to do.  At the time I thought that was better than the alternative but I did not realize was that it had set a precedent which would haunt me forever.

Patti managed to get to spank me this ways several times and it did not require that Eliza was due to watch us.  She took advantage that we would be alone some of the time after school.  To make it more official, Eliza appointed Patti as her deputy with full authority as she herself had.

* * * * * * * * * *

When I was thirteen, I tried to talk my parents out of having a babysitter but failed because Marty was too young to be in my care.  Eliza had not let my advanced age change any of her procedures so I still got bathed with Marty and the girls did the washing.

I tried to get a simple procedure change – that I could shower like I did the rest of the time but that was unsuccessful as well.  "When Eliza is in charge, she sets the rules." said Mother and that was final.  When Father supported her I was sure it was because Eliza had SPANKER POWER.  That I was getting hair was not of consequence either.  I was stuck.

One argument I tried using backfired on me with a vengeance.  I complained that it was not proper for the girls to see me naked because I was getting hair down there.  Patti not only did not agree but thought that it was funny.  "You ain't got pubes worth mentioning, boy." she chuckled.

When I insisted that I did and added that she would understand when she got older she practically ROTFLMSAO and issued a challenge.  "You have pluck out one of your hairs for every one of mine that I pluck out."  She paused and added: "And if you renege, then I'll spank you."

I should have just backed off for she knew how much hair she had while I just thought (obviously mistakenly) she would have a lot less because she was younger than I but I was revved up especially since I though that I would get to see something special so I agreed.  She immediately went off to get a tweezer.

WOW!  That was exciting.  I was anxiously awaiting seeing her privates and when she returned told me to open my pants as she opened hers.  Then she lowered her panties just a wee bit and exposed just the top of a huge expanse of dense hair.  I was amazed.  With a flourish, she yanked out a hair.  "Your turn." she said handing me the tweezer.  Alas, I never got to see more of her privates.

I was trapped!  If I did not do it, she would spank me so I lowered my briefs and yanked out a precious hair.  "Here." I said and started to zip up.

"Oh, no, Ricky.  We're just getting started.  The rules don't allow you to quit ever." and she plucked out another hair.

It did not take long before I lost the dozen hairs that I was ever so proud of.  She insisted on checking carefully if there were any more.  Then adding insult to injury she reminded me that "Little boys without hair don't have to be shy."  She made sure I stayed that for a long time with the plucking game.

Eventually, she allowed me to have some hair but she is still in charge and she still spanks me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 27, 2018

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