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The Spanking Chair Is Ready


It was Friday.  I had managed to get my homework done in study hall and in History class because the teacher was absent and they hadn't gotten a substitute.  I was looking forward to a fun weekend when I jumped off the school bus and headed home to get a snack and dump my backpack before joining my friends.

I opened the frig, guzzled a pint of milk directly from the carton because it tastes best that way and Mom wasn't here to yell at me for doing that.  Grabbed some munchies and headed for my cave (that's a lot more grown up sounding than 'my bedroom').  As I was walking past the spare room, I froze.  There – right in front of the window all by itself – was the spanking chair with the spanking hairbrush on the seat.

When the chair and brush are set out like that it means they are meant to be used.  I'm an only child.  I'm twelve and still get spanked although fortunately only for cause and after I have a chance to plead my case.  Immediately, no – make that instantly – I was worried.  I see the great unpleasantness of the past in my mind's eye.

I've been standing in the corner for some time dreading being called out and dreading having to continue to stay in the corner like a baby.  I stand before Dad listening to his lecture as I stare at the floor.  I only hear his voice but not the words.  The words are obvious anyway so I'm not missing anything.  What is in my mind is what that thoroughly wicked and evil hairbrush is going to do to my poor sensitive bottom that never hurt anyone.  It does not take long before my pants and undies are about my ankles and Dad sitting in the spanking chair, is pulling me over his lap.  I desperately wish that I could run away but that would be useless.

Dad gets a good grip on my waist and I feel him giving my tail a caress with his big hard hand.  I try to brace myself for the pain that is coming.  Then comes the first SPANK.  It hurts (what else) and I know that his handprint is forming before his eyes.  It is a pain to me but Dad likes to see it happening.  "It tells me that I'm being effective." he has explained hundreds of times.  For me, it's just pain. Dad then switches to the spanking hairbrush to really spank me.  WHACK.  WHACK.  WHACK!  I would like to be truly macho about this and just 'take it like man' without yelling or crying out in pain like when he just used his hand.  But I can't.© YLeeCoyote

I am bawling by the time he stops spanking me.

You are probably surprised that my dad uses a hairbrush for you think of that as a mother's implement.  Well, that is right and Dad talked about getting a real paddle to replace it.  He promised that it wouldn't be any bigger than the brush but I declined the offer.  The results would be identical.  The problem is that a paddle needs to be kept somewhere.  It would hang on my wall where all my friends would see it.  That would subject me to questions and teasing.  The hairbrush just sits on my dresser and is ignored by my friends who don't need to know for certain that I am still spanked.

But why are the chair and hairbrush prepared for a spanking session.  Usually the chair is next to the table and the 'paddle' is on my dresser disguised as a hairbrush.  What am I going to get a spanking for today?  I know for sure that I'm not in trouble at school for I was not given a note to take home.  It can't be for chores because I did everything last weekend and I have all weekend yet to do the next batch. Could it be for apple scrumping last week with the gang?  That was five days ago and I am sure that we made a clean get away without being seen by old Mr. Graugaard.  But maybe he or one of his workers saw us.  Perhaps they took a while to id us and someone ratted me out.  It was only one little apple I got although it was scrumptious.

Maybe it was for skinny dipping on Wednesday after school.  We were not swimming alone so why would that be a problem?  If any other guys saw us, they wouldn't care or they would have joined us.  Girls perhaps?  Naw, they would just enjoy the view of young handsome males since they are always peeking to see how our boy bits have grown since when they babysat us and found excuses to get our pants off.  Then again, Old Mrs. Knickerbocker could have done it again.  If she bitched to the Sheriff then he could have called Dad.  I've heard that she uses binoculars so that she can id the horrid naked boys.  Why she goes out of her way to see things she does not like and then complain about it I'll never understand.  I hope Dad will understand.

I've been pretty good this past week.  Nothing else comes to mind.  But I don't like it.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm surprised by the doorbell.  It is my cousin, Oscar.  "Mom texted me at lunch time and told me to come here as she and Dad are off for a couple of days.  She said your folks know about it and she'll drop off some clothes." he explains.

«Damn!» I think, «He's going to get watch me get my ass roasted and then tease me all weekend.»  He is thirteen – a year older than I and always a pain.  Always showing me up because he's a year older and thus stronger and bigger.  I hate him for that but now I'm taking him to my room so he can stow his shit which his Mom left.  I'm glad I closed the spare room door so that he won't see the spanking chair and brush otherwise he would start his teasing immediately.

I'm not really in the mood to hang with my buds any more and I have to entertain Oscar since he is our guest.  If I don't, Dad will make it a double spanking.  That I most definitely do not need.  We play some video games.  I can't concentrate so he whips my ass (metaphorically).  Something he surely will not let me forget for a while.  I certainly can't tell him why I doing worse than usual.  I even lose badly at game I often beat him at.

The folks get home and Mom gets to making dinner and Dad wants to talk with Oscar.  I hear everything.  My cousin is in big trouble and I am relieved beyond words that it is Oscar not I who will get spanked with an audience.

"Oscar, your dad got a call from your school about your antics this afternoon.  He asked me to deal with you right away."  This is not the first time that Oscar is going to get it from my dad.  He is not happy for exactly the same reasons that I am happy and it shows on his face.

Dad leads him into the spare room and he sees the spanking chair and hairbrush are set up.  He knows what that means just as well as I do.  He has boasted to me that he is no longer spanked but strapped like a young man but today he will be spanked like a little boy.

The lecture is longer than I usually get meaning that the transgression is greater.  I decide to risk it and set my phone to video record and let it do its thing while I hold it casually by my side.  If I was holding it up and focusing Dad would notice and roast my ass also.  Since Oscar has watched me get it a few times, Dad is not going yell at me for watching.  He will probably say that it is an object lesson.

HA!  HA!  I really enjoying Oscar getting his comeuppance.  I watch Oscar lose his pants and undies.  I see how he has grown for he has some hair and his dick is bigger.  That's just more thing for him to taunt me about.  Dad treats him exactly as he treats me.  I watch that first hard hand spank and then see Dad's handprint form.  That's one handprint I truly love seeing happen.  There are a few more spanks and then it's just a spreading pink blob covering his entire ass.

Dad switches to the hairbrush.  The WHACKS are now harder and leave oval prints.  It only takes a few good hard WHACKS for Oscar to show that he is a baby for he starts to cry.  It's sweet music to my ears.  Dad continues a bit longer and then parks Oscar in the corner for twenty minutes.  I get some carefully focused pictures of his hot red butt.

I leave Oscar to talk with his imaginary friends and secure the video and most of the stills.  When his corner time is up, I go to Oscar and let him know.  I take some pictures of his big red tail secretly, save them and take some that he knows about.  He is angry about the images but I don't fight very hard when he goes for my phone and overpowers me so he can delete them.  He thinks he is safe but I know better.  But there is not any rush to contradict him.

Oscar fidgets a lot doing dinner.  I enjoy my dinner and look forward to a good weekend with my red-bottom cousin.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 12, 2018

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