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The following story is fiction about young man who is disciplined by a younger friend and girlfriend.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Spanking Changed My Life – Part 1/2


It's my first date and I'm terribly nervous.  She isn't a stranger at all.  I've known Merari since we were in the fifth grade and now, at fourteen-years-old, we're still together in the ninth.  Even after I got over the 'girls have cooties' nonsense I couldn't get up the courage to talk to her about anything except homework on rare occasions; not even at school parties.  I've only managed to get this date because of my buddy, Rick.  Yesterday, he twisted my arm and forced me to text Merari and ask her out.  To my surprise, she accepted.

Well, that not exactly the truth.  Rick did not literally twist my arm to make me do what I should have done two years ago.  He twisted it metaphorically.  Yesterday, we were alone in my room and when I admitted that I did not ask Merari once again, he did exactly what he promised he would do.  He spanked me.  Yes, spanked me like I was a little kid and he was my parent, big brother or babysitter.

As soon as I finished my confession, he grabbed me, pulled me over to the bed, opened my jeans and yanked them and my briefs down below my knees and hauled me over his lap.  He held me in place with one arm in a hammerlock and his leg over mine.  Then he pounded my butt really hard.  He was determined to get me to ask her and was using a flip-flop to make his point.  That's just like a small, rubber paddle and he can spank and spank and spank me without feeling a thing while I suffer like I was in hell.  Well, it was effective and soon I was more afraid of that flip-flop than I was of the buttons on the phone and the girl at the other end.

You should know that Rick and I have been the closest of best friends for even longer than I've known Merari.  The other item of importance is that he is the leader and I'm the follower.  It wasn't always that clean cut but it has been increasingly so for the last two and half years.  It was about two years ago that he first gave me a real, honest to goodness spanking.  I was being rude to my mom and he just dragged (literally!) me to my room.  "Scotty that is no way to talk to your mother!" he scolded before he spanked me.  Pretty much like I just described the latest spanking and made me cry.  I had been just wearing shorts and before he pinned my legs, I had kicked them off.

After I stopped crying, he dragged me back down and made me apologize to Mom.  While I was still half naked, Mom saw my snotty and teary face, my little hairless willy and my hot, bright red bottom.  To say I was embarrassed and ashamed does not come even close.  Even worse, Mother thanked him for spanking "the rude little boy good and proper". After that, he spanked me regularly either because Mom asked him to because I was naughty, negligent or disrespectful.  Or just because he decided that I earned a spanking.  It was really a strange situation because he was two years younger than I.  There was one more thing that I did not tell you for you are surely thinking that I should have been able to be in control of a younger boy.  That's normally true except in this case he was pretty much through puberty and I was barely starting which gave him a big hormonal advantage.  He was also much more mature than I am.  Mother said that I was still a child otherwise Rick could not be the leader.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm due at Merari's at two pm to take her to the park for some ice cream and ask her to be my girlfriend (one word) or at least my girl friend (two words).  I've been terribly nervous all day.  It was at one that I was insisting that I had to cancel because I could not go through with the date.  That got me another spanking.  Rick said that he is going to make sure that I'm more afraid of another spanking than going through with the date.  So I lost my pants and undies again so that he could spank me again.  Since I was still sore from yesterday, it hurt more than usual.  He even promised me two spankings a day until I asked her and he always keeps his word.

Rick kindly promised to stay close but warned if I bolted that he'll catch and spank me wherever we were.  I knew he meant it because Rick never kids about stuff like this.  I peed for the zillionth time just before setting out for Merari's house.  She was ready and looked extra pretty and I really noticed how nicely her tits stuck out.  We walked to the park and although my conversation was inane Merari did not reject me.  We stopped at the stand and I bought two cones and we headed for a bench by the lake.  I had to stop at the facility because I had to pee again.  Rick managed to catch up to me inside.  He didn't have to pee and all I managed was a few drops.  He gave me a couple of spanks on my slacks to remind me not to bolt.

Merari and I got to the lake and we found an empty bench and sat.  I remembered to sit down carefully so not to hurt my tender butt.  We talked.  It was a lot better than when we started.  She seemed happy and took my hand as we sat.  That was so exciting.  I managed to blurt out my request for her to be my girlfriend.  I was petrified that she would say "NO!" and run off.  But she smiled and told me: "Of course, Scotty, I've been waiting for you to ask me for years." and then she gives me a little kiss.  I felt hot for I was blushing.

We walked around the lake and I felt so elated.  Rick certainly was right about asking her and I made a mental note to thank him for getting me to do so although I wished that it had not taken two spanking in the last twenty hours.  Merari lead me to a bench and we sat down again.  Unfortunately, because I was most pleasantly distracted, I sat down fast.  I almost yelled because my butt was so sensitive and jumped up.  Reflexively, I even rubbed my butt before sitting down again slowly and carefully.  I hoped that she did not notice.

"You been spanked, Scotty!" she said, obviously surprised and with a smile.  I did not know what to say.  I was certain that this was over.  "That's what a spanked boy does when he sits down fast – jumps right back up because it hurts and even rubs his bottom like you just did."  She must have sensed my discomfort for she went on.  "It's OK, Scotty, lots of boys are spanked – even ones older than you.  Cathy told me that she even watched her cousin get it last month and he's almost sixteen.  I've spanked at least a dozen boys when I babysat them and the oldest one was almost twelve."  I still couldn't say anything.  She gave me another little kiss on the cheek.  "I think it's cute just like the rest of you is."

"You don't mind?" I asked expecting her to tell me to get lost.

"Mind?  Of course not!  It seems right for your personality because you do act childish at times."

That's what Rick and my parents tell me too, I remembered although I didn't tell her that.  "And you know of others who get spanked?"

"Absolutely! You're definitely not the only one."

"Please don't tell.  The others will laugh at me."

"But you got to tell me who spanked you? Your mom? And why?" Again I was at a loss for words.  "Tell me or I will tell." she blackmailed.

Now I had to own up.  But telling her the truth about Rick seemed even worse than a lie.  "Mom did because I didn't do my chores again."

"Oh, that's so, so cute.  I'll bet she takes your pants down.  And your undies too."  I couldn't face her so I just looked away.  "Don't be embarrassed, Scotty.  That's the way it supposed to be.  A little boy's mommy is supposed to spank him on the bare.  I can see it in my mind and it is so cute."  I think I would have run away if she had not been holding my hand.

"Maybe I better go.  You must think of me as a baby."

"Don't you dare, Scotty.  I've been waiting for you to ask me for years and I'm not letting you go for anything as silly as your being spanked.  And furthermore you better be a good boyfriend or I'll take you over my lap and spank you myself.  I'm sure you'll find it is just as cozy as your mom's lap."  To say that I was shocked would be an understatement.

Merari wanted to walk some more and she led me to the undeveloped area of the park which is like a forest and very quiet.  She gave me a couple of spanks as we walked and, since my butt was sore, I reacted strongly.  We got to the old stone fence which was there from when this area was farmland.  She lead me to the quiet side of it and she sat on the ground with her back against the fence.  I sat next to her.  We were hidden from view by the stones.

Merari repeated what she had said earlier about being happy I had finally asked her and her promise that if I wasn't a good boyfriend she would spank me.  She continued with telling me that I should lay over her lap so that we could see how well I fit although she promised not to spank me – this time – so I did as she said just like I obeyed Rick.  She rubbed my butt through my pants and gave me a little pat.

"You fit very well, Scotty.  Are you comfortable?"

"It's OK." I said.

She corrected me.  "In this position, Scotty, the answer is always ends in Ma'am.  Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am."  It did feel so strange.  She told me that I may get up and I resumed sitting next to her.  All my nervousness had faded away as we talked about past times we had shared and, looking back, a lot about me that was private.  I wondered why I had been so worried about getting close to her especially since it felt like I was with Rick.  Later I realized that she was leading me just like Rick did.

Merari told me that she wanted to see how red my recently spanked bottom was.  To do this she said I should open my belt and slacks and get back into the spanking position like before.  Then she would discreetly take a peek.  I hesitated but she soon convinced me so I unzipped and got into position.  She pulled back my slacks and saw my underwear which is something that I never anticipated that she would see. That probably wouldn't have mattered except for the type.  She would be sure to laugh and reject me.  What a stupid choice I made this morning!

"I see that you still wear briefs.  That's exactly right for a boy who still gets spanked like you do.  Boxers are definitely not for a boy like you."  Well, at least I picked the right underwear.  Then she pulled my slacks back some more and saw that I was wearing Spidey briefs.  Rather than laughing she joked.  "No wonder your mommy spanks you bare otherwise Spidey would protect you."  Then she lifted the waistband of my briefs and looked at my bottom.  "You are very red, Scotty.  Your mommy did a good job." and she touched to test how tender I was.

I got a shiver when she did that which was pleasant but I wished that she wouldn't keep saying 'mommy' rather than 'mom'.  With my slacks still open but everything covered, she asked if I was still comfortable in the spanking position and said I was.  She was pleased and we talked some more with me lying over her lap.

"Let take this one step more, Scotty." she said, "Let's lower your slacks and Spidey.  Raise up a little, please."  I did and she pulled everything down fully exposing my red bottom to her view.  She gently caressed me and her hand felt fantastic.  She wanted to know if my mommy used just her hand or an implement of some sort to make me so red.

I hesitated and she gave me a real spank with her hand.  Before I could recover, she gave me a second on the other cheek.  "Implement, Ma'am.  Please don't spank me."  She caressed my hot butt again and demanded to know exactly what Mom used. It was too difficult to lie and I admitted that the 'implement' was Rick, who she knew from school.  It followed then that I had to tell her everything.  I also admitted, under her questioning, that I deserved a spanking for lying to her about Mother spanking me.

"Yes, Scotty, you certainly do deserve a spanking."  Then she gave me a gentle one of a dozen spanks on my already tender red bottom and I managed not to cry even though it hurt.  She warned me that other spankings would be much harder but because I had confessed and was repentant she had been gentle with me.  After a while she said to get up and fix my clothes.  She helped me up to my knees and that is when she saw my front.  I quickly pulled up my briefs but it was too late for she had seen that I just had a small willy like a little boy since I was without any pubes.

I escorted her back home.  Even after everything I told you about she insisted that we were BF and GF and that I had better fulfill my duties as boyfriend or her little boy would be soundly spanked on his cute little naughty bottom.  At her door she gave me another kiss and, when I turned, a parting spank.

I was one happy but very confused boy as I made my way home.  Rick caught up to me and I told him everything although he had been watching us from afar he didn't hear our conversation.  I especially thanked him for forcing me to do what I should have more than a year before.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. May 24, 2012

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