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The following story is fiction about two young men who are disciplined by a younger friend and girlfriends.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and sex (both gay and het).  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the second of two parts; you should start with Part 1

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Spanking Changed My Life – Part 2/2


I've been having dates with my first girlfriend at least once a week for three weeks.  They were pretty simple dates like going to the park or the food court at the mall although there was one evening movie where we held hands.  The plan for this day was that I was to pick her up after lunch and we'll go to the park to listen to the band rehearsing for next week's concert.  We were on the line for ice cream at the park stand when my phone went off.  My first thought was that it would be Rick with an encouraging message.  Instead it was Mother – twice.

Scotty, you were to clean your room BEFORE you went out rather than play video games.  It had better be done before I get back at 5.
Also call Rick for a spanking.

Merari took the phone from me and read the messages.  She frowned and shook her head.  When we got the head of the line, she said that naughty boys can't have treats and so only she got ice cream.  She also insisted that we go to my home to deal with things immediately.  I tried to argue that we could listen to some of the rehearsal but she would not give in so home we went and she lectured me all the way.

"Your room is a disaster zone." she said when she saw it.  "Now get to work."  She was tougher than Mom and gave me lots of instructions.  It took me a long time since she had very high standards and I had to do some stuff over.  Well, it was done before Mom was due to return and my room had never looked so great.  I still had to be spanked but I never had a chance to call Rick because she still had my phone but Mom would give me some time for that so that was not a concern.  I was totally surprised by what she did next.

She sat on the freshly made bed and told me to stand in front of her.  Then she repeated her lecture adding that we should have been enjoying the music in the park but now I was going to have to face the music – a different kind of music.  I protested that it was Rick who was supposed to spank me.  That got me nowhere fast for she repeated that she was going to do it.  Without a further word she opened my belt and jeans.  She pulled them down to my knees and then my briefs quickly followed.  She already knew that my little thingy did not have any hair about it so that was not a surprise for her.© YLeeCoyote

I got over her lap and she started to spank with her hand.  It hurt more than I expected but that was just the warm up.  Something harder then connected with a loud and painful WHACK.  "This is your mother's hairbrush.  It's the right implement for a mother's spanking her naughty little boy."  I was howling immediately and in a few minutes my crying switched to bawling.  When she stopped I was sent to the corner with my jeans and briefs still about my knees.  I was not allowed to rub but had to keep my hands on my head.

As I recovered in the corner, I heard talking and then realized that Mom and Merari were talking about the spanking she had just witnessed.  Mother was very pleased at how well my girlfriend had dealt with her immature, naughty son.

When I was called out of the corner, I covered my crotch but Mother told me to put my hands at my sides for I didn't have anything to hide from either her or my spanker as I stood hobbled by my jeans.  I was directed to thank Merari for her help in doing my chores and of giving me a right proper spanking for being a naughty little boy.  Only then was I allowed to pull up my pants.  Mother said that since I had been spanked so well, that I did not have to call Rick to do it.  I was then told to escort Merari home.

The walk to her home was just as pleasant as the others and she held my hand.  That the hand I was holding had just roasted my tail made things more exciting.  At her door, she warned me that I better not mess up and any of our dates with important stuff or she would spank me double.  Then she gave me a kiss and a goodbye spank and admonished me to remember to be a good little boy all the time.

It was as I floated home that two things struck me.  One, that Mother now knew that was just as undeveloped as I was when she saw me after that first spanking from Rick about two years before.  She would use this fact to justify not giving me more privileges, not respecting my privacy and insisting that I continue to wear tightie-whities.  The second was even more puzzling to me that Merari did not mind that I was still a pre-pubescent boy and perhaps even liked it.  She also insisted that I stay in tightie-whites and preferably briefs with super heroes.  But it was so nice to have a girlfriend and the other guys noticed that which helped my status.

* * * * * * * * * *

Rick was very interested in all the details of my date gone wrong and I gave him a full report.  When he inspected my butt, he agreed that Merari had done a good job as I had claimed.  He was little annoyed that he had not gotten to spank me this time.

In school, Merari was concerned and asked me how my bottom was doing after her spanking.  She was really sorry saying: "I'm sorry that had to hurt my little boy by spanking him, but he was naughty and it was necessary."  I told that I did not blame her for what happed and apologized for her missing the band music.  She also said that it was partly Rick's fault because he had been too slack with me.  I wasn't sure about that at all but with both Merari and Rick anxious to have cause to spank me, I was very careful to do no wrong.  Mother was most delighted with my good behavior.

It was a non-school day and Rick had come over.  We both were up-to-date with our homework and had spent several hours blasting each other in video games.  We had gotten tired and were taking a break tossing a ball about.  This would have been just fine if not for two minor details.  First, we were doing it inside the house which, as everyone knows, is a big no-no.  I should have refused but I always follow Rick's lead without question.  Second, Merari dropped in just as the ball knocked over a glass.  Fortunately, it was an everyday one nor did it break.  But we were caught red-handed breaking the rules.

Merari said she was most disappointed in the two of us but she was smiling as she talked and declared that it was spanking time.  I knew better than to argue or to try to evade it for that never worked.  "You both stay right were you are while I get the hairbrush from your mother's room."  Once she had that, she sat on the couch and lowered my pants and briefs.  We all knew what little there was to be exposed and I did not have a problem about that any longer.  It was my butt that I was worried about.

Once I was exposed, I went over her lap and she roasted my tail with that hard hairbrush.  She did not cut me any slack because Rick was the leader but said that I was also responsible.  It was WHACK, WHACK, WHACK again and again.  I really felt it and reacted as always to a hard spanking with tears.  When she was satisfied, she let me up and I stood there trying to rub out the sting.

"OK, Rick, your turn.  Step over here, now."

"No way.  I don't get spanked." he replied.

"You broke the rules and were naughty just like your buddy Scotty was and he got spanked.  It isn't fair for you not to."  Now, get over here!" He still hesitated so she continued.  "What's the matter, afraid.  That's OK, because you're younger."  She paused.  "NOW, BOY!  Or should I call your mommy?"

Something must have gotten to him and he stepped over to her.  She quickly opened his belt and jeans and yanked them down.  Without any hesitation, she then pulled his boxers down.  She saw that he was developed like I had told her he was but she did not say a word.  "Over my lap, boy." she ordered and Rick obeyed.  She raised and brought the brush down hard on his ass.  It made a loud WHACK! and Rick yelled.  Over and over she raised and brought that hard, wood backed brush down on his bottom.

Rick was howling just like I did and promising to be good and begging her to stop.  He was just as big a baby as I was except that he had a bigger cock with lots of hair.  He was bawling when she stopped and didn't stand but lay on the floor bawling.  This was the first spanking he had received in four years.  Merari got down next to Rick and using the little hair trimmer that Mom used on my head, sheared off his pubes without a word.  Apparently she had gotten it when she went for the hairbrush and had kept it hidden.  I watched with amazement as she easily slid the thing over his crotch shearing his pubic hair off.  Rick started to regain control and when he realized what she had done, it was too late.

"You're just a little boy, like Scotty, and are not mature enough to have pubes." she declared.  He just sputtered as he was over whelmed.  Merari was calm and rubbed some cream on the stubble that the clipper had left.  Then I saw what she had just used – the cream that Mom put on her legs to remove her hair.  As Rick lay there sobbing, she removed his shoes, socks, jeans and boxers.  When he recovered, she told him to remove his shirt so the cream could be washed away.  Just like I did, Rick docilely obeyed her now.  She told me to undress while she lead the naked Rick to the shower to deal with the cream now that it had done its evil job.

Merari parked the naked Rick and I in corners with our hot, red butts hanging out to cool while she sat and read.  I expected Mother's return but not that Rick's mother would be with her.  It was quite obvious that we had been well spanked when they saw us in the corners.  Then we had to face them, with our hands at our side, our faces streaked with tears, while Merari explained what irresponsible, naughty, little boys we were.  Our mothers were not pleased and, of course, we were embarrassed to be naked in front of them.  Merari was praised for dealing with us – two now sorry, naked, well-spanked, naughty little boys.

Rick got a terrible shock for his mother did exactly what mine had done a few weeks earlier – she gave Merari authority over her red-bottom son.  We were then informed that neither of us was allowed to get dressed until the next morning so that we would remember that we were just little boys and had to follow the rules or suffer unpleasant consequences.  This was harder on Rick than I because Merari held his hand she they walked to his mom's car when they left and, after Merari was dropped off at her house, then into his house while still naked.

There was a longer term consequence as well.  We both were demoted as we had been so childish.  We were required to return home right after school.  It was compulsory that whichever house we selected (either individually or jointly) that we be supervised by either a mother or Merari should they both be out.  To emphasize that we were both just little boys, we had to be naked as if we were under eight-years-old.

To put this simply, IT SUCKED!

It was not so terrible when one of our Moms were doing the supervising as they pretty much let us be being busy with their own stuff.  However, at least once a week, we had Merari as our babysitter for several hours in the afternoon.  She was much more intrusive and kept a close eye on us all the time.  Rick had a particularly hard time for it was she who had applied the terrible cream that kept him bald.  He begged her not to but she was determined to keep him properly boyishly smooth.  He even offered to take a spanking instead.  Not having started puberty, I was spared that weakly horror.

We both suffered from her weekly checks about our grades and keeping up with our assignments.  Failing to meet her high standards or forgetting chores earned a spanking.  Merari now experimented with other implements such as a wooden cooking spoon, game paddles and flip-flops although that devilish hairbrush remained her favorite.

I was also expected to continue to be her boyfriend and take her out.  Even thought she had the authority to spank me anytime, I managed to put that out of my mind on our dates and enjoy whatever we (usually she) had decided we should do.  These times were great fun.

Mother made a decision that Rick did not like and that was to select Merari rather than him to spank me when she felt that I needed one.  If there was time that same day, I was sent to see Merari for my spanking.  If it was late, then I had to ask Merari in school to "Kindly spank me at your convenience."  It seemed like she was always willing to oblige.  Several times there was a most appreciative audience – Merari's kid sister, Rufina, who was two years younger.

The first time I objected that she should see me naked nor spanked.  That totally backfired.  "Scotty you are just a naughty, little boy.  Little boys don't have any need for modesty and my mature sister is most welcome to watch how I roast your cute behind."  Then she stripped me completely before taking me over her lap and making me bawl.  Need I say that I was blushing all over due to my embarrassment?

When Rufina wiped the mess from my face and helped me dress, she commented how "You certainly proved that you are just a little crybaby, Scotty.  It's appropriate that your thighty-whites are printed with Robin rather than Batman since you don't have any bulge."  I would have turned even redder except that was not possible.

Rick and I were totally unprepared for the next development.  Our moms were out again and we were late getting to Rick's house.  As soon as we got in, we heard Merari yell: "Boys you are late!  STRIP and get in here."  As we quickly pulled off our clothes, we looked at each other knowing that we should not have hung out with the guys back at school.  We walked into the family room and saw Merari siting there and, to our big shock, right next to her was her kid sister, Rufina, with a big smile on her very pretty face.  If anything Rufina was prettier than her big sister.  My head dropped in shame for I knew that she would be comparing my immature body with Rick's more developed one.  I could tell that she had quickly shifted her glaze to Rick.  His surprise was similar except that he was pointing at her with his now hard cock.

"It is clear that Rick is happy to see you, Sis." said Merari. "Boys, sit down and we'll explain what's happening."  She pointed to the floor right in front of where they were sitting.  I wanted to use a chair but was informed that little boys routinely sit on the floor and that we were little boys.  We sat and listened just as little boys should.

"I have brought my sister today to help me and so that she can fill in for me when necessary."  We both were horrified at the idea that not only another girl was gaining power over us but a younger one at that, however, we were naked and helpless to do anything about it.  There were more details, but what was important was simple – Merari was sharing her power and authority.  Since Rufina and Rick were classmates it also meant that she would be watching him at school like Merari was watching me.  The second part was quite unexpected and certainly more pleasant and Rufina explained.  "It's great that you were so happy to see me because that means you want to be my boyfriend like Scotty is sis's boyfriend.  We can double date, have fun and keep you both out of trouble.  Also, this can happen even during your nude punishment period.

Rick really did not have a choice, but he was happy with the situation.  I liked the idea of doing stuff together.  Rick accepted very nicely.  "I think that will be great fun." I chimed in.

Rufina then asked it we had been good or if we had earned spankings.  We confessed to getting home late (well, they knew already).  "Right.  You were more than an half hour late getting home, boys." said Rufina.  "That means a spanking – immediately."  She patted her lap.  "You first, Scotty."  What could I do but obey.  If I tried anything I would be in bigger trouble with Merari and even Mother.  I got across her lap and she adjusted my position and grasped my waist.

Since there was not any armrest my feet hung down but my torso was resting on the couch.  Her nice soft hand caressed my exposed bottom which was very nice although I knew that in a minute I would not be happy about it.  I was right for she gave me a few spanks with it and then switched to a hairbrush that really hurt.  In a couple of minutes, I was crying.

I was replaced by Rick then.  He went through the same thing.  I know he tried to be more macho and not cry but she knew how to spank a naughty little boy and he soon succumbed the pain and also cried.  It was clear that Merari had taught her well.

"Since you been spanked, it proves you are little boys (and a naughty ones at that) so you are not allowed any pubes.  Come here, Scotty, so I can check if you started to grow any."  I was most happy that she found one hair although it may not have been a pubic one.  "Congratulations." she said, "This must go."  She took out a tweezers and with one quick yank removed it.

Then she inspected Rick.  "As expected, there was some growth."  She and Merari got up and Rick lay on the old platform bed that served as a couch.  Rick tried to be brave but I could see that he was unhappy about this.  "I prefer to shave you, Rick."  She was prepared and after preparing him applied some shaving cream from a can.  It did not take long to removed the little growth since Merari had used the cream on him.  There was one big difference however.  This time Rick had a big erection which pleased the girls.  (Later, he told me it pleased him also especially when Rufina played with his pole covered with shaving cream.)

We were questioned about other stuff but we both said we were up to date on both school work and chores.  Rufina told us that she believed us but if we were found to have, er, prevaricated we would get double.  I owned up with being late with an assignment and had to get back over Rufina's lap for another lesson from a flip-flop.

That next weekend we all went to the mall, had dinner in the food court and then a movie – a real double date.  Our classmates saw that we were dating and it was OK that Rufina and Rick were younger because she was Merari's sister.  What our admiring classmates did not know is that the young ladies were in charge of us.

Both Rick and I felt very good as we made our way home after taking the girls home and getting kissed.  Being with the girls all that time had made us both horny.  You certainly would expect that from Rick since he had started puberty a while back.  Although I had not, I was also hard – something that even happens to boys in the womb.  We both jerked and I came first although it was a dry cum and I still wanted more.  Then Rick exerted his dominance and forced my head down to his hard shaft.  I did not resist and quickly sucked him off.

* * * * * * * * * *

The girls really helped Rick and me to grow up.  Even more than our parents, they were very strict and did not let us get away with stuff and they were observers in school.  We also had the advantage of having girlfriends.  After we managed to go two months without earning spankings we were given more freedom and not required to be home and naked after school.  That certainly made for a more pleasant life.  We did not avoid spankings however for we got 'maintenance' spanking as weekly reminders of how the girls were in charge and what would happen should we mess up and be naughty.  Fortunately these maintenance spanking were gentler although we had to be naked for them.

I managed to escape being shaved for almost a year since I did not grow pubes.  The hair that Rufina plucked that first time was just a stray.  Rick was not so fortunate.  Rufina insisted on keeping him bald down below.  She said that since we were buddies it was a double or nothing situation.  I think she just loved keeping him looking immature although his cock certainty was not that of a little boy.

Once I really stated growing pubes, Merari removed them every week claiming that I was not ready for them.  This allowed Rufina to continue keep Rick hairless.  It was not a totally bad situation for the girls liked to play with our hard poles when they removed our hair.  They always made us come.  Merari even caused my first wet cum.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 24, 2012

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