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The following story is fiction about a young teen interested in spanking and who joins a club which significantly changes his life.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, hairbrushing and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Spanking Club



I was surprised when I saw the announcement of the clubs for the next quarter at the community center.  There it was right between skating and swimming in alphabetical order.  The blurb ended with "… this is not your daddy's spanking."  I signed up immediately knowing that there was not anything I would love to do more the next twelve Saturday mornings and hopefully more.

First Meeting

There were only a few others there for the first meeting.  The leader, Cedric, explained that a lot of people liked spanking as recreation, some still used it a punishment and some both ways.  In all cases, it was important to learn how to do it safely without injury and effectively to provide either the pain or pleasure desired.

I learnt a lot that first day.  My initial ideas were very vague when I signed up mainly centering on my bratty kid brother and, in my humble opinion, his need to be spanked – a duty that I would have been most delighted to undertake.  Others had much different ideas.  Ken was unhappy that his father had stopped spanking him and was now grounding him so that punishment seemingly lasted forever.  Ned and Rusty were friends and had been playing spanking games for years and they were only twelve.© YLeeCoyote

I also learnt that strictly speaking spanking was the striking the buttocks by an open hand, that common usage also included contact with a whole array of implements and it could be even done on the covered butt.  Cedric explained a lot of safety issues, which I won't discuss, about where and how to deliver the spanks and holding the spankee for both control and to preventing falls.

We then had our first lab to illustrate the basics.  Ken was the first subject.  We had to arrange some mats (recycled from the gym) about a simple straight back chair.  Cedric explained that the mats were good enough to cushion a simple fall but the coaches insisted on better protection for heavy use in the gym.  We all gathered around to watch as Cedric demonstrated on Ken.  Cedric started with a three sentence lecture just to set the mood for a punishment spanking.  Then he required that Ken stand passively as he undressed him.  Once his shirt was removed, it was "Hands on your head." immediately followed by Ken starting to lose his pants.  Cedric explained that it was good that the spankee lose control as much as possible.  Being undressed is a sign of weakness and submission.  Ken lost his jeans and then even his underwear leaving him naked.

Ken admitted that even though this was a voluntary exercise, he felt small and helpless surrounded by the rest of us who were dressed.  Cedric sat on his chair and pulled Ken over his lap.  "It is good to enhance the feeling of helplessness by pulling the spankee over rather than having him/her get over your lap.  Cedric then showed how shifting his knees he could control the orientation of the spankee.  We had only just started and already I was learning how complex this was.

Cedric asked Ken to try to get free but he had a counter moves that prevented any escape.  We were also shown how to grip wrists and use an over leg hold.  We then got to see how differently shaped hands had different effects and that the loudest spanks did not leave the most marks.  Ken's butt had turned a nice warm pink by the time Cedric was finished and he was stood up.

Everyone was surprised by all the details that mattered.  Ken found it necessary to rub his tail even though this had been a very gentle demonstration.  Ken quickly got dressed and we thanked him for being the first spankee.  We discussed a lot of what we had seen and then Ken got to practice.

Ken picked Percy as his spankee and proceeded to go through all the steps.  It went slowly as everyone was expected to evaluate the procedures.  The first error was that Percy was not instructed to remove his shoes before starting.  "They just get in the way later and they are hard to remove.  Best to start without them."

Things went smoothly until Percy was down to his briefs.  When Ken reached to put his thumbs into the waist band, Percy objected.  Ken backed off and Cedric asked us to comment.  Cedric explained that this was very important so that the spankee's body is exposed – in the open – just as his/her transgression was.  When Ken tried again, Percy objected a second time and that provoked sharp comment from Cedric.  "Hands back on your head NOW, boy!" and Ken reacted by yanking down his briefs leaving him naked like he had been in the first demo.

Percy tried to cover himself then but Ken had caught and slapped his hands away while ordering him to put his hands back on his head.  Cedric praised him.  "The embarrassment of being naked is part of the punishment." explained Cedric.  "Note how effective it can be even in this play situation.  Although many spankings take place at home and in the privacy of the boy's own room, it might be in the family room with others watching or even in public space such as at the mall or a park."

Ken then went on with the more fun part – spanking Percy.  Cedric had him experiment with different sorts of spanks and then finished up with a few real ones like he had gotten.

That wrapped up the first meeting.  I went home with my head spinning and a strange feeling in my undies both fore and aft.  I was already counting the days until the next session.

Second Meeting

Several of us were early and waiting for Cedric the next week.  Even Percy was early.  He explained that he was anxious since he would have the opportunity to strip and spank someone else so he wasn't worried about being embarrassed.  We all joked about it noting that we were sure to both get it and give it so it wasn't as bad at it seemed at first.  In retrospect, Percy admitted it wasn't any worse than in the locker room at school or the pool.

Just as we were getting settled, two new people showed up.  One of them was a girl.  A couple of the others objected but she insisted that it was her right since there was some Federal money supporting the Center and that meant that the equal opportunity title something or other law applied.  Cedric explained to Raven that she would not be treated any different than the others and we all would have to be naked at times.  Raven agreed she would play like the rest of us.  Harrison wanted to quit but immediately got teased about being afraid of a girl spanking him so he had a change of heart and stayed.

Raven explained that she had often watched her parents spank all of her brothers' bare butts starting with babyish slaps on their little bottoms to heavy strapping when they were seniors.  "I promise that I won't stare at your junk." she said, "Of course, I'll look like you surely will at me and do at the other guys in the showers just like my brothers do."

The program was to review what we did the first week to reinforce the important stuff and to bring the two newcomers up to speed.  It was Percy's turn to be spanker as we expected and he picked Louis.  (The two newbies were exempt for this round.)  Louis wasn't at all hesitant for he quickly kicked off his sneakers and got into position.  We went around the group to explain each step as Percy had his fun.  Because of the newbies, Cedric asked him to vary the presentation of the spankee's butt and during that time Louis managed to get free although he may just have fallen.  Happily, the mat prevented any injury.  By now it was clear that not only wasn't Louis shy (unlike Percy) but he was excited enough to be hard.  I made a mental note to try to get to know him better.  Perhaps I could suggest that we practice on our own during the week.

After we discussed how everything went, it was Louis's turn to be the spanker.  I'm sure he noticed how Raven had been watching intently and he chose her.  She objected but Cedric gave her an ultimatum to participate or withdraw.  Cedric was delighted as he noted that there were a few differences but he mentioned them as we continued.  Barefoot Raven took her place.  Louis was really smiling as he lectured and then started to strip his spankee.  After her blouse was removed, Cedric talked about ladies with very large breasts and that they should keep their support on but Raven was to lose her bra.  "She's young and moderate in size so it's ok."  Several of the guys already had tents in their pants including Louis.  I must give Raven credit for just standing there without the shameful objections that Percy had.  Her jeans came off with some tugging as they were a snug fit and then her panties slipped down quite easily.  She was the first girl I ever saw naked.

Then she was hauled over Louis's lap who was delighted to spank her.  Of course, he was required to use various hand shapes like the others had.  Raven's bottom turned a very pretty rosy pink.  I wondered how Percy would have behaved when he was stripped if she had been there the first week.  Once she got past that initial hesitation she behaved very well.  Any differences were really insignificant and she did not seem terribly uncomfortable naked in our presence.

One of the reasons she had come was that she felt that some of the brats she babysat needed to be spanked just like her brothers were.  Incidentally, she thought about each and everyone one of them.  All this became important when she chose me to be the next spankee.  I was horrified, not at being chosen, but because she was a girl.  I confess that I thought of running away but that would have been easy for the nonce and cowardly.  «Hey, if a girl can get stripped in front of ten boys by a boy without any problem then surely I can find the guts to let her strip me.» I thought so I stayed.

Right after I kicked off my sneakers, she asked: "Should I be your mom, sister or babysitter, Ken?"

That was an interesting question.  I took a minute to answer.  I had enough spankings from my mom, I don't have a sister although a cousin would have been the same and I thought having babysitter was for little kids so I countered with something different.  "Girlfriend." although it was not clear if that was one or two words.  Actually, I was thinking about a boyfriend (again one or two words).  She smiled and began.

Raven followed the rules and started with a lecture but with a difference.  Her brothers had evidently taught her what naughty things boys do and she gave me a lot more than three sentences about chasing my ball through old Mrs. Rosenberry's carefully tended flower beds.  I was cringing at her words as she pulled my T-shirt off.  She put my hands on my head and then opened and lowered my jeans leaving me in just my boxer briefs.  Of course, they were quickly lowered leaving me starkers.  She had been so effective that I did not think about my nakedness but only what a naughty boy I was and deserving of the spanking she was about to give me.

I had no trouble whatsoever feeling her hand landing on my fully exposed ass as she followed Cedric's instructions about different kinds of spanks.  At the end she managed to fire for effect, as they say in the in the war movies, and I knew I had gotten spanked.  I realized that she could have made me cry with a little more effort.  Damn, she was effective.  It was break time and she just parked me in the corner rather than allow me to rest.  "My naughty little boy needs some corner time."  I guess I could have objected but it seemed proper to do as she directed.  I did not know it then, but she was already dominating me.

After the break, Raven helped me get dressed.  It felt strange, although not wrong, for she was getting a close up look at my privates like my babysitters had years before even though she was more than a year younger than I.  When we discussed her performance everyone agreed that she had done very well.  I had to acknowledge that I did feel like a well punished naughty little boy.  Cedric praised her and said that he was delighted that she had joined.

It was my turn to practice spanking and I was even more scared than when I was selected as the spankee.  I was feeling so little that I was unsure.  I chose the littlest guy there, Kip.  He probably was only eleven while I was almost fourteen (ok, thirteen and a few months).  We started and my lecture was pitiful.  Everyone thought that I should do better and it took me three tries and even then it was still terrible.  I was told to practice during the week and I moved on.  I was able to strip Kip without any problem but it didn't help that he was an early bloomer and was more developed than I was.  I tried and was able to hold him on my lap and even could adjust his position.

I guess he could sense how insecure I was because he managed to escape.  He was the first one to intentionally do so.  That was so embarrassing far more than how Raven had crushed me for she did so with style and skill.  I did carry on but couldn't spank Kip very well.  I felt inadequate and my bottom still hurt from Raven's spanking.  I was soundly criticized.

Fortunately, our time was up and we all left.

After Meeting 2

When the club meeting was over Raven said we should have lunch together and she made me call home to get permission.  We went to the food court in the mall where we each could find stuff we liked.  We spent the entire afternoon together.  I quickly learnt that I could not say 'no' to her and was doing just as she directed me to.  Under her questioning, I told her all about me.  We agreed that we should be friends.  Little did I know what that would lead to.  I figured that it would help my standing for only a few of my classmates even had girl friends (much less girlfriends) and they were looked up to.

I felt strange because we had seen each other naked.  Because she had undressed, spanked and redressed me I felt like I was a little boy to her although having seen her spanked did not make her seem like a little girl to me.  She tried to put me at easy about that and again told me that she had seen all her brothers – two older and two younger – not only naked or in their underwear but also spanked.  "I'm very used to seeing naked boys, Walter," she said, "that is why I wasn't staring at you and the other guys.  My brothers are totally used to me seeing them that way and don't give it a second thought."

"Really!?" I said in amazement.  She went on to explain that she joined the club to learn how to spank and that I was her first spankee.

"You did a very good job.  It will be a long time before I trample Mrs. Rosenberry's flowers again."  This backfired on me later for my mom picked us up to get us home.  Before we dropped Raven off, Mom learnt about that spanking and my casual remark.  Raven offered to 'encourage' my doing of my chores which I had admitted to be careless about at times.

"That might be the very thing that Walter needs, Raven." Mother said,  "We have been avoiding spanking because it doesn't seem to make a change in his behavior.  Maybe we are doing it wrong and should take you up on your kind offer."

"MOM!" I yelled quite humiliated.  After we dropped off Raven, Mom suggested that I best be more attentive to my chores.

Meeting 3

We finished up with everyone being spanked and spanking by hand and moved onto implements.  There is a whole class of nasty but very handy things that con be used when the spankee just bends over, preferably with pants down so that the spanker can roast the proffered bottom.  These come in several groups.  The first group is short paddles such as a hairbrushes, game paddles, slippers and flip-flops.  The second group is long paddles and straps (belts, tawse) and canes.

Cedric discussed the short paddles first as they are the easiest to handle properly especially since the spankee supports him/herself.  We all got a few practice swings at a padded target to make sure we knew how to control things and then we all got to try for real.  We all had to strip and it was not surprising that Percy was still shy.  He was encouraged to drop them but he resisted so a couple of the guys held him and invited Raven to do the job.  He was bright red but survived in spite of himself.

Everyone was required to give and get with each implement to gain the experience.  Chance decreed that I was to bend over when Raven had the tawse.  Quietly she asked if I had done my chores on time and my expression must have told her that I had not.  "Well, young man, for not doing your chores promptly, you are getting three cuts." she said.  She swung quite hard and I knew that this was not the usual practice but for real.  Then she told me that after the club was over that I was to go home and do all my chores.

After Meeting 3

Unfortunately, I did not do as she said, figuring that there was not any rush.  It was a bad thing that I didn't listen to her for she called later that afternoon and spoke with my mom.  She biked over a short time later.  I was dismayed at what happened.  Raven said that she had wanted to go to a movie with me but since I was a naughty boy, I would get a strapping instead.  Mom told me to go to my room and Raven followed in my footsteps.

The make matters very much worse, my brother Dylan was home.  He was delighted when she stripped me as he watched.  I nearly broke into tears when she lectured me and it was almost a relief that she pulled me over her lap and I could hide my face in the bedcover.  She started with her hand and just like at the club, she spanked hard with the most effective hand shape.  I was really hurting and finding it difficult not to cry when she took things to a whole new level for she had brought a hairbrush.  Later I saw that it was an old one with a heavy oak back (perhaps her grandma's who used it on her father) and very effective on naughty boys like me.  Over and over she spanked me with that and I soon lost control and was crying.

She parked me in the corner and told Dylan to make sure I stayed there for fifteen minutes.  Once she left, he lost little time before he started to taunt me.  He had no idea that his own butt could be next if Raven turned on him.  I ate supper standing and promptly started on my chores in the morning.

Mother was pleased and I continued doing them promptly.  Mother only had to hint at inviting Raven over to improve my attitude to get me working diligently.

Dylan wouldn't let me forget how I was SPANKED by a mere girl about his age such that I bawled out my eyes (as he put it).  He even told the folks that he would be delighted to help and that they don't need to get an outsider.  Unfortunately, our folks did not laugh at the thought much to his delight and my displeasure.

Meeting 4

The long impairments were harder to master, especially the cane.  We had to practice a lot with that to come close to using it properly and then were only allowed a single cut on a real butt.  It was necessary to know how a cane cut feels but Cedric did not want us marked like British schoolboys of many years ago.  We did use the strap (a heavy belt) and a couple of tawses to learn about them.

Raven managed to switch things around so even though we were paired that I never got to spank her although she spanked me exclusively.  She had us switch with the two big guys in the club so that I was strapping a big guy with little effect and she got it from his partner.  I was impressed by how well she accepted things.  I felt her cuts each time and learnt again how effective she was at spanking.

After Meeting 4

Since I reported that I had done my chores and my homework and thus was a good boy, Raven suggested that we eat and go to a movie, of course, I accepted (after getting permission).  It certainly was nice to snuggle up with her in the cinema.  Raven even held my junk through my pants which keep my heart racing although she limited my actions.  But it certainly was a real date.

She invited me to have dinner to meet her folks which I did.  She also had a hidden agenda.  She made me talk about the spanking club which was fine but also how she had punished me which I was unhappy about.  It was clear that she wanted such authority over her brothers.  Her second brother, Rey, who's about my age, was the most horrified and even the older one did not like it.  The younger ones already knew that she was bossy when she babysat them even without such power and realized that they were very much at risk.

Meeting 5

I was not expecting that we would have any new people but I was wrong.  Although I have been describing the activities as if it was a class it was a club – a group with a common interest meeting.  We had two new participants.  One was just another guy and the other was Dylan – my kid brother.  Cedric said that there would be some one-on-one time to review our past discussions but meanwhile we would do a new topic.

The new topic was friendly spanking where the participants wanted spanking play either mutually or one-sided.  The object was, in a word, eroticism.  We talked about how to undress one's partner or mutually undress.  The example was that it was sort of foreplay except that spanking rather than sex was the objective.  (Of course, then it might then get into sex but that was for another time and place.)

I had effectively proven that I was really a spankee rather than a spanker by my clumsiness in the past.  It really did not surprise me that Raven was a spanker since she had indicated that was her objective in joining.  She certainly had done a good job on my butt because of my neglect of my chores.  Dylan talked about his past experiences with his friends which I never even imagined much less heard about and that he was a spanker and that they had read about things on the web.  He even told about how thrilling it was to watch Raven, who was about his age, teach his wimpy big brother a lesson and giving him hope that he might do the same very soon.  The mere thought made me sick but everyone else thought it was great.

The same kid, Kip, whose spanking I messed up the second week volunteered to be spanked by Dylan to see what he could do.  It was absolutely terrible (for me).  My little brother really knew what he was about spankingwise.  He gave Kip a short lecture as he stripped him and then got him over his lap.  Cedric asked him to use various hand shapes and he actually knew about them.  Kip tried to escape but failed adding to Dylan's status.  He gave Kip a real, although short, spanking.

Kip reported that Dylan was a great spanker as he stood there rubbing his red-hot tail.  Kip then chose Raven as a partner which left me free and Dylan grabbed me.  I objected but no one would swap with me and, even worse, said it was a good arrangement.  Dylan was grinning like the Cheshire Cat in anticipation.

Dylan warned me that I had better play along or my girlfriend would get into the game and you know how she took care of you last week.  I was trapped.  Since it wasn't a spank and swap situation with my brother, he decided that he would act as my caregiver and I was a naughty boy.  I did not have any out.

Soon he was lecturing me as he undressed me just like Raven had at home.  However, rather than neglecting chores, my offense was being selfish with my roommate, i.e., him.  After he got me naked, he sat on the mat and had me across his lap.  I tried to struggle a bit but found that it was even harder than if he had been sitting.  My little brother had me under his control and started to spank me.  He did not fool around and spanked very hard.  "You like being spanked Big Brother so now I'm going to be a great Little Brother and you are going to be spanked a lot from now on." he told me as he spanked me.

Soon I was crying because I could not help myself.  The spanking hurt terribly yet inside it felt really good.  When it was over he hugged me like a loving brother but I sensed that something had changed in my life.  Raven congratulated him on reducing me to a sniveling baby.  Kip agreed saying he hadn't broken down from Dylan's spanking and it had been just as hard.

After Meeting 5

Dylan and I returned home after the meeting was over as Raven had other things to do.  As you can imagine, he was overjoyed at having spanked me to a blubbering, snotty mess.  Not only that, he promised that he would do his very best to spank me regularly so as to keep me happy.  "You don't even need to do anything bad for such play spankings."  Actually, that did not sound so bad but I figured that Raven would do her best to spank me as much as she possibly could.

I found out about Dylan's hidden agenda midweek when I brought home a nastygram from school.  Mother was about to call Raven (since she was so much more effective in punishing me) to arrange a spanking for me when he spoke up.  "Mother there is not any need to call in a stranger.  I can give my very naughty brother Walter the spanking he richly deserves a lot better than his girlfriend."

Mother was quite surprised even though she knew that he had also joined the spanking club.  Dylan went on to explain that he had the opposite interest in spanking that I did.  "Because Walter actually likes being spanked, it is necessary to do it in a way that changes the pleasure to punishment.  Last Saturday at the club, I practiced and learnt how to do that."  I wanted to deny it but was afraid to lie because Raven would confirm his story.  Mother told him to give me a good spanking and that I must submit – threatening to ground me forever if I didn't.

As much as I dreaded it, I had to accede to my kid brother for a real punishment spanking.  By this time he knew what I liked and didn't and even how to make me cry.  I was practically in tears by the time we reached our room.  Once there, he lectured me about misbehaving in school and soon had me starkers.  He made me lie on the bed with my legs hanging over the side so that my butt – his target – was out and unprotected.  He got his heaviest belt and started to strap my poor butt.  Over and over that belt came crashing down on my unfortunate tail sending great waves of pain through my body.  I soon lost count as I cried.  He had taken me far past the point where it was kinky fun to where it was just terrible pain.

Then he spanked me.  He got me up and over his lap and he used his hand.  Because my hot painful bottom was so sensitive his spanking was most effective.  My crying degenerated into the blubbering of a tot as I lost control completely.  I no longer felt like I was thirteen but three.  He left me, now well punished, blubbering on the bed.  Next thing I knew was that he turned me over and there was something vibrating on my crotch.  I wasn't in any condition to know what was happening but later saw that he had used Dad's electric shaver to remove my little bush.  I was totally demolished looking like a little boy as well as feeling like one.  Dylan took me back downstairs to promise the folks that I would be good etc.  He would not even allow me to cover myself so that they saw that I was a hairless little boy with red eyes from crying.  He had become the brother-in-charge.  I soon learnt that I was helpless to recover my position proper position as older brother.

Meeting 6

When we got to the play period after Cedric explained more about spanking, it was most evident that I had lost status and my younger brother was in charge.  Dylan boasted to everyone how he had punished me with parental approval which delighted everyone.  I also unhappily learnt that he fully intended to keep me smooth so that I would remember that I was just a little boy and must behave.

After she especially congratulated him, Raven gave me a fun spanking which was the first of several I got that day.  I saw that Dylan was popular and asked by several others (including some of the older guys) for spankings.

After Meeting 6

Dylan joined Raven and I for lunch and talked about how good it was to discipline an older brother.  Raven said she would always be available to spank me but conceded that it was Dylan's right to have first dibs on me.  She also had her own great news.  A couple of days earlier she had been able to spank Rey, her second oldest brother (the one my age), because he had misbehaved.  Rey did not like spanking so that made it easier but he was not a wimp like me so she had to spank harder.  She was happy that she prevailed and made him feel well punished.  She had little doubt that she would soon be allowed to spank her two younger brothers and even had hopes about spanking the eldest one as well.

When we went to the movie, she sat in the middle but it was with Dylan that she snuggled with and he was allowed a lot more liberties than I had been.  When I whispered that was not right, she told me that Dylan was a man and had the right while I was just a hairless little boy and to be quiet unless I wanted a spanking in the lounge.

The End

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