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The following story is fiction about a teen getting spanked.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Spanking Date


Sorry, fellow spankos, this is not a wondrous erotic tale of planed spankings with another spanko preferably with two switches.  It is, however, the report of how my poor butt was unfairly roasted thrice because of a simple date.  And I do mean a simple regular ordinary date for a suburban high school senior rather than something fancy like the prom.

After trying for a couple of months I got Rosalyn to agree to a date.  I’m sure she sat home alone a couple of times when Mr. Fantastic ignored her so she could appear to be popular and make me want her more.  Well, she finally agreed to let me spend money on her.  I managed to talk Dad into letting me have the car for the evening although I had to promise to finish all my chores first which I did before I got the keys.

When I picked her up she was late and her father told me that I must respect his princesses and the usual other shit as I waited.  When she did come down her father reminded her that she must be back by her curfew.  Then we were off.  Of course, it was the less than romantic fast food drive through which was all my budget could support for dinner.  I had to tell her that we were too late for the movie at the Bijou (because she had been late) and therefore had to go to drive-in.  Actually, I preferred that as it was cheaper and we really wouldn’t be watching the picture anyway.

We had just settled in the back seat right after we got there which surprised me because she agreed to move quickly.  I soon found out why for she promptly turned into a monster bitch.  I guess she was that all along but I just did not realize it.  She was pissed at me because the universe was not perfect and insisted that I confess my naughtiness and get over her lap for a spanking or she would have a headache and have to be taken home.  If I had the proper foresight, I would have but I wasn’t ready to give up on the evening yet so I apologized and begged her forgiveness.  Looking back, I can that this just encouraged her outrageous behavior.

Rosalyn absolutely insisted that I lower my jeans and get over her lap for a spanking.  I tried to get her to relent but I lost that discussion also.  So with my jeans lowered to my knees, I was over her lap.  She even pulled my boxers down and gave me a few spanks with her hand.  That was actually fun but suddenly without warning it was no longer fun.  It was a HARD WHACK from her hairbrush that was the game changer.  Well, one spank I could have survived but a dozen, even from a girl, had an impact on my butt that I felt.  It was all I could do to not cry although, I confess, my eyes were full of tears.© YLeeCoyote

It really was quite a bad date even though we did make out some after the spanking.  Although my pants were down she never did what she should have nor did I ever get my hand into her pants.  I took her back home already feeling like a loser.

We were late.  Not much – just a few minutes – but her father was angry and ready to spank her and even insisted that I must watch because it was my fault.  Considering how badly she had treated me, I figured I would enjoy that.  Rosalyn’s kid sister wanted to see me get it and piped up with a terrible idea.  “You going to be a gentleman and take the spanking for the lady, Marlin?” she asked loud enough for everyone to hear.  Her father looked at me quizzically.

I was quiet not sure what to say and then he asked “Well, are you a gentleman or not, boy?”  What could I say?  I was trapped.  A minute later I was laying over the end of the couch with my bare butt up for a strapping from her dad’s heavy leather belt.  He did not even notice that my ass was already red.  He raised his heavy folded leather belt and I felt the first cut.  It was hard.  It was searing and most certainly painful.  I yelled in response.

I lost track of how many cuts turned my butt in a major pain center with two novae blazing inside.  Her dad told me to get going and the girls to get to bed.  I said goodnight but couldn’t get a goodnight kiss although she was smiling and her kid sister grinning.

I had completely forgotten my own curfew and Dad was waiting for me.  He was brief and curt.  “You are late, Marlin.  We’ll speak of this tomorrow.  I got called for another shift and now I’m late.”  He drove off quickly.  I filled a couple plastic bags with ice and went to bed.  The ice gave a little but pleasant relief for a short time.

I took advantage of Dad sleeping all morning to clean up the car so when he yelled at me for that I would have a satisfactory answer even taking it to the gas station to use the power vacuum and getting some gas.  However, there was nothing I could do about being back late.  Fortunately, the red marks from both the hairbrush and belt had faded.

I managed to avoid Dad until he ate and then went to him.  I apologized for being late and told him that I had serviced the car as he expected.  The later was effective although the former probably didn’t do more than save me a pop or two at the most.  Dad’s paddle, a relic of his frat days, was on his desk.  “You know what you did wrong, son, so I’ll skip the lecture.  Drop ‘em and assume the position.”

“Yes, Sir.” I responded as I dropped my jeans and bent over.  Father let me keep my tighty-whities on.  Of course, they really didn’t provide any protection for my ass but dad’s stories often included reports about his having to wear TW’s for paddling.

The paddle really stings and Dad awarded (that’s his word) me eight hard pops.  They hurt like the blazes but I managed not to yell until the fifth one.  Dad wants and even expects me to take it like a man and I try very, very hard.

On the way to my room, I got some ice.  A mirror check showed that I indeed was Mr. Apple Butt.

Final score.  One shitty date where I didn’t get into her pants.  I did get a hairbrush spanking, a strapping and a paddling, however.  Maybe, just a very remote maybe, I scored a point or two with Dad. The bottom line is that I should have stayed home.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 1, 2021

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