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The following story is fiction about spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking, paddling and tawsing.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Spanking Improves a Boy's Behavior


I was not pleased when Roy gave me the note from school.  They were most upset with his behavior and he was suspended.  I was required to have a discussion with his advisor immediately.  "It's just a formality, Uncle." said Roy, "It's not really serious.  Several of my friends got notes like this one.  It's nothing."

"Of course it is serious.  I have to go to school because of your misconduct." I retorted.

I better explain that I had not planned on having a family for I never got married.  I became the legal guardian of my nephew Roy after the tragedy that took his parents a couple of years before.  His dad was an only child and my sister is my only sibling.  It was in their will and the court affirmed it.  Both our lives were tossed about like a skiff in a hurricane.  It was a learning curve for both of us but we worked things out pretty quickly.  Roy was an intelligent young man already entering adolescence when it happened and evolution had programmed him to metamorphosis into a man early.

The advisor talked to us for some time.  It certainly had an effect on Roy for he certainly got the idea that high school was very important for his future after that.  One of the things the advisor strongly recommended was the use of corporal punishment.  They even had a maxim: Spanking Improves a Boy's Behavior.  It was in truth more than a suggestion for we were required to see one of the sport coaches for me to learn how to spank my nephew.  It was a hands-on laboratory class for the two of us.  I was hesitant and Roy was quite adamant in his refusal.  Nevertheless it was off to see the Coach after the advisor proved how persuasive he was.

After considering how much stronger the Coach was than I, Roy accepted that he would get a spanking and paddling from me as we both learnt the proper and safe ways.  Fortunately, Roy was not very shy.  He had been changing with his team and classmates for a long time and was proud of his body.  He had even boasted about it to me and was justified in doing so.  Based on the bulge I had seen he had in his swimming suit, he could be proud of his development there also.  I was glad that he would not be embarrassed by being ashamed of his body.© YLeeCoyote

The Coach provided me with a stern lecture to use as he had me slowly strip my nephew.  He was definitely a well-developed young man who would have many lusting after his beautiful body as he grew older.  As instructed, I took him over my lap and got a good grip on his waist and started to spank.  I gave him a few spanks and coach instructed me to hit harder.  Roy, although not amused by his little kid position, was amused that my spanks were not being effective on his steel hard butt.  The Coach upped the ante by handing me a sole from an old sneaker.  This was more effective based on how Roy stiffened but he did not yell or anything like that.  A month later he confessed (er, boasted) that his biggest problem was not laughing at my efforts and angering the Coach.

The Coach was very experienced in the practice and art of spanking teen boys and we quickly moved on to more effective methods.  We looked at the wooden paddle and I gave Roy four WHACKS as a test.  They definitely got his attention for this time he was struggling to keep from yelping.  The Coach did not like the paddle because of its tendency to bruise so he also introduced us to a tawse.  "They are especially designed to be safely effective on the likes of boys like him."  He gave a demonstration cut.  Roy reacted very much.  I gave him ten and by the end his bottom was fully red and it was clear that Roy most certainly did not like getting his tail roasted.  The Coach instructed me to practice on a naughty pillow to learn control.

Roy got dressed and we went shopping.  A couple of hours latter we were on the way home.  Roy was not happy with the contents of the small package he was carrying.  I took that as a good omen.

"Uncle Norman are you really going to spank me?" he asked with some obvious concern.

"Yes!  When you have earned it with bad grades or behavior.  We can work out some rules like they suggested so it not arbitrary but fair and you know what is expected and what is prohibited conduct."  He reluctantly agreed but insisted that it really would be a WE that worked out the rules.

A couple of days later, he returned to school and we had The Rules of the House that we agreed on neatly printed and signed by both of us.  Roy was very pleased that we had worked together for this rather than me just presenting it as a authoritarian, controlling parent to a child.

It certainly was quite effective for everything was so good after a couple of weeks that I called the school to be sure.  It was the next weekend that the first infraction occurred.  Roy and some friends went to a movie and then hung in the arcade until well past his curfew.  We discussed it and agreed that it was a real violation, that his friends' actions did not matter and he should get five cuts.

He was not happy about fetching the tawse and having to bend over for it.  Yet, he did it without a hassle to prove that he was responsible and not a little kid.  As agreed, he went to his room, stripped and got into position with the tawse on the desk.  When I entered the room, he bravely said: "I am ready for my punishment, Uncle Norman."

"This is for missing your curfew, Roy." I said as the lecture and raised the tawse.  I brought it down hard and he grunted but remained in position.  It was the same for the other three cuts.  "That's it, Roy." I said, "You took it very well."

He thanked me for doing my duty and the compliment.

The next time really threw me for a loop.  He said that the housekeeper had left a note explaining why she had skipped something.  We easily agreed that was a covered offence and a tawsing was indicated.  Then he showed me the note.  The issue was because I had left out so much stuff that it was impossible to do my room. He had gotten me to admit before I saw the note that if the maid complained like that, he would get five cuts.  Then after I learnt that it was I who was the culprit, he noted that the Rules of the House did not talk of age or anything like that and that they applied equally to one and all.

I was trapped!

There was not anyway out of this that was honorable.  I was truly trapped.

A couple of hours later, I was in my room, naked, the tawse at the ready when he came in quite gleeful and anxious to do his onerous duty.  He did not shirk from it at all.  I can truly say that it hurt like the blazes.  I did not take it as well as my young nephew had to his credit.

The next day he said that he had gained a whole new feeling about tawsing.  I had also.

Since then I have managed to break the Rules of the House once or twice a month.  Roy strictly held me to the rules and I got between three and ten hard painful cuts each time.  There was not anyway I could avoid such chastisement  without losing the respect of my nephew.  Roy, on the other hand, managed to keep to the rules and I never had any excuse to spank him.  This has not changed even though Roy is not in graduate school.

About four months after the first meeting with the advisor, we had a follow up meeting.  He gave me a very good report including that Roy was definitely behaving better and more maturely.

"Thank you, Sir.  After our meeting with the Coach and a second tawsing at home I definitely changed.  Every week or two I take the tawse out of the drawer as a reminder that I should be more grown up and responsible.  It has really helped me.  I'm sure that Uncle Norman agrees."

What could I do but agree for it was true.  Even the maxim the school told us – Spanking Improves a Boy's Behavior – is true in our case.  Unfortunately for me it does not specify if the boy is the spankee or the spanker.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 20, 2014

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