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The following story is fiction about domestic CP.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The character Petey in this story was inspired by a web chat buddy who explained “The parents thought I was a great babysitter and that their kids looking up to me helped them and the game gave them confidence.”  I’ll add that he is very much a sub and raised in a spanking family as were the kids he sat.

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Spanking Is the Greatest


As far back as I can remember I’ve liked spanking.  Well, to be more precise I loved to spank.  My favorite game as a kid was Playing House especially being the strict Mommy who spanked the naughty kids.  Even when I was just six, it was a lot more fun for me to spank the boys than to spank the girls.  It wasn’t just that I would get to see their little thingys, which I knew about from being bathed with Jeffery, my two-year older brother, but that they cared that I saw.

Even after Mother stopped the joint bathing when I was ten, I still watched her bathing him which was fun.  It was even more fun – for me – when I watched him getting spanked.  Jeffery was prohibited from watching when I got spanked starting about that time which he justifiably complained was not fair (which was true) but things did not change (happily for me).

As we got older Jeffery was more and more reluctant to play house, especially when he was to be the naughty boy.  We did play more with other boys, like Wade who was a little younger than I, for then Jeffery and I were the strict parents and the other boy was the naughty boy who got spanked.  Often a young girl would also play and be delighted when I pulled down Wade’s pants and got him over my lap after scolding him for some imagined misdeed.  It was not any surprise that she was less delighted when I got her over my lap, lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties for a spanking to the delight of both Wade and Jeffery.

When spanking a larger boy I liked sitting on the couch best so that the boy’s weight was on the couch rather than me enabling me to enjoy the spanking more.  Until I was ten, I only used my hand and that could not cause much pain but I loved the redness.  The boy always made a fuss which gave me joy.  I had to hold back with the spanking because otherwise they would not want to play again.  Sometimes I had to play the naughty kid and get spanked so I could spank other times.

Occasionally, I got lucky with an older boy willing to play.  Most notably there was our cousin Tucker who would play the Daddy to my Mommy with Jeffery as the naughty boy.  Because Jeffery wanted to play with Tucker he was trapped.  We both liked to spank and Jeffery, to my great delight, always lost his pants in these games but, in compensation, gained a red bottom.© YLeeCoyote

Tucker would sit on a chair and make Jeffery stand between his legs and take down his pants and undies and flip him over his lap.  He spanked a lot harder than I did and always made Jeffery’s bottom hot and red with just his hand driven by his strong muscles.  I would follow and pretend I made it so red with just my little hand which made me feel very good.  It also made seeing that Jeffery got hairs before he was fourteen possible because I had him stand naked before me for scoldings before I spanked him.  It was nice that Tucker would grin while I did that.

I even learnt how to scold well before spanking.  Mom and Dad did some of that and I saw that Jeffery responded well for it made him feel guilty of whatever misdeed real or imagined was in the game and more willing to get overlap and be spanked.

The strangest babysitter, Petey, we had was unquestionably the most fun by far.  Looking back he employed an unusual way of keeping us out of trouble by playing house which effectively put us in charge although we did not really know it at the time.  Jeffery and I were the parents and he was the naughty little boy.  The first time he was naughty I scolded him and spanked him.  I was surprised, but most delighted, at how very cooperative Petey was in the game for he did not object even when I opened and pulled down his pants.

I sat on the couch while he lay over my leg when I spanked him.  Jeffery was very helpful and handled me a ping-pong paddle which was more effective than just my hand.  I loved that he yelled although I thought he was just playing the game.  I even parked him in the corner for a while.

Two extra points should be noted.  I saw that there wasn’t much of a bulge in his tighty-whities for a boy of almost sixteen but that really was not my interest at that time.  Later, Jeffery told me that everyone at school knew that only little boys still wore TW’s so Petey must still think he was just a little boy.

The next time Petey sat us, we played house again.  Daddy Jeffery spanked him this time also and not only did he pull down his pants but his TW’s as well so we saw his thingy.  I’m not being cute now not calling it a penis for it was still very small like Jeffery’s was when he was eight.  Jeffery spanked him with flip-flop and he really howled.  We made him spend a long time in the corner admiring his hot red bottom.

It was a couple of times later that I really learnt what a great spanker I was.  Jeffery and I had school work to tend to and we got to it.  (That was because folks had told us that the day trip planned the next day would be cancelled if our work was not finished.)  Petey just played some video game like a little boy.  I wondered why he was not doing his own homework but that was not my problem.  Jeffery finished his work and then the boys started to fight over the controller for the games.  Their struggles knocked over the table where my school project was.  I was absolutely furious having spent a lot of time and effort on it.

Now I knew exactly how Mother felt when she was disappointed in us because we behaved badly for that is how I felt.  I got up and started to yell, er, scold them for being naughty and bad and inconsiderate and worse.  I must have been doing it very well because they stopped fighting and looked very guilty as they lay there on the floor.  They both behaved like little boys as if we were playing house even though we weren’t.  I chewed them out for a long time until they both knew to their very cores that they were very naughty little boys who had been caught by their very angry mommy.  I finished up with “… and you both are going to get very hard spankings.”

They both responded “Yes, Ma’am.” although not in unison.  I picked up one of Jeffery’s flip-flops and a ping-pong paddle and sat on the couch.  “Petey!  Get your naughty butt over here immediately!” I commanded firmly.  A few second later he was standing in front of me and I lectured him some more about his disgraceful conduct.  He just stood there with his head bowed – the caught little naughty boy – as I gave him what for and proceeded to open and lower his pants.  You would have thought he was just five, rather than fifteen and a half, and in my charge.  Next I yanked down his TW’s.

Petey covered his little nub (as I learnt to call later) with his hands.  I slapped his hands away saying “Nothing to hide, boy.  I’ve seen it all before.”  Then I pulled him over my lap and with his torso directly supported by the couch.  After a few more words repeating why he so richly deserved to be soundly spanked I started.

I spanked first with the paddle as hard as I could and turned his bottom bright red.  Then I did it all over with the flip-flop.  He let me know that I was making an impression with his howls that were certainly genuine.  It was definitely sweet music to my ears.  It got even better for he actually was crying before I was finished.  He was a very sorry boy by the time I parked him in the corner.

My brother got the same treatment.  Jeffery was just as deferential as Petey had been and just like he was when our mother was going to spank him.  I depants him just like I had done Petey except he was wearing boxers.  Those came down just as easily and I saw exactly what he had although my main interest was his most spankable behind.  He went over my lap and got both the paddle and the flip-flop to remember the day forever.  He took it better than Petey.  He spent his corner crying just like Petey.

I felt much better as I repaired my project elated that I had made both little boys cry real tears by really spanking them.

In the weeks that followed, I learnt that these spanking were life changing events.  Both boys were much more deferential to me especially Jeffery when we alone.  I was no longer the little sister to be pushed around by my big brother but I was now treated with respect and he followed my directions like I was the older sibling.  Petey was also changed.  Initially he had been strangely willing to be the little boy playing house and now he was always in that role now even without the game.  I certainly liked these changes.  I never thought about why he was like that but just loved that I could take down his pants and little boy briefs and spank him to real tears.  Jeffery liked it too because then I did not go for his bottom.

Jeffery was not home free by any means for in just a year we stopped having a sitter.  That we both were very pleased about.  But, thanks to Petey, Jeffery knew that I was the one in charge and would spank him when he deserved it.  That is something that has never ended even though he is twenty.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 26, 2021

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