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The following story is fiction about a tween girl spanking teen boys.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Spanking Lesson


Greg was not as upset about getting the bad grade in the history test as he would have been a week ago when the test papers were returned in class.  It was not that his mom would accept it now, unlike before, but that she had sprained her wrist a couple of days ago and could not spank him.  That she would yell as usual, he was certain, but she could not spank him.

At home as he had his after school snack, she asked about the test result.  Just as he expected she was not happy but she could not spank him.  However, what she could do was talk on the phone and Greg heard one side of the conversation as she spoke to her sister.  "Stella can you do me a favor, please.  Because of my sprained wrist I can't give Greg the spanking he so richly deserves for failing a history test."  "Wonderful.  I'm sure that you will do a great job.  I'll send him right over.  Thank you very much."

Greg was horrified hearing this.  Stella was Aunt Stella to him and he had heard reports from his year younger cousin Riley about how HARD and PAINFUL her spankings were.  His lack of worry had vanished in an instant.  "Greg you are to go to Aunt Stella and ask her to give you a proper spanking for that unacceptable grade you got on your history test.  Understand?"

"Yes, mother." he said unhappily knowing that there was not any alternative.

A little later he was ringing his aunt's bell.  He was not happy that his other cousin, Kate, answered the bell but he had to say to the girl that he was here to see her mother.  She lead him into the kitchen where his aunt (her mother) was preparing dinner and Kate sat down to her own after school snack.  "What can I do for you Greg?" asked the woman (even though she knew full well why he had come). "This is private, Aunt Stella."  She was having none of it explaining that Kate knows all about the spankings her brother gets so within a couple of minutes he had to say: "Aunt Stella, please give me the spanking I earned for failing my history test."  Meanwhile, Kate grinned broadly.© YLeeCoyote

"Of course, Greg, since you asked so very nicely." she replied.

"I'll get the hairbrush, mother." said Kate gleefully and dashed off as happy as a mother's little helper could be, delighted that a spanking was about to take place.

Greg again tried to have some privacy from Kate but his hopes were dashed when Kate said: "Mother, you promised that after my birthday last week that I would be allowed to help you with spankings."

The woman hesitated and said: "I was thinking about your brother."

"But mother you never said anything like that and I need to deal with ALL naughty boys now that I'm babysitting."

Things had just taken a turn for the worse for not only would Kate know about and see him spanked but now she would participate as well.  Greg thought it could not get worse but he was wrong.

"Come here, Greg.  It's time for you to be spanked for failing your history test.  Come here and remove your sneakers."  His younger girl cousin had assumed control.  It had gotten worse by an order of magnitude.

When he hesitated, his aunt spoke sharply.  "Do as you are told by Kate, boy."  He obeyed fearful of what might happen if he did not.  Naturally, Kate was beaming now that her mother was explicitly backing her.  She was certain that this would be a great day – at least for her.  Greg knew that it was an extremely terrible day.

Once shoeless, he was standing in front of his cousin, she ordered him to lift his arms and she then pulled his T-shirt off him.  Next she opened his belt and jeans.  After she lowered them she ordered him to step out of them.  He nearly fainted when she next lowered his underpants getting a closeup view of his junk.  Although she was comparing his development to what she knew, she did her best to be casual as she had him step out of his boxer briefs.

Standing just in his socks he felt even more naked than if he had not been wearing them.  When he automatically put his hands in front of his junk he was quickly admonished to keep them at his side as she slapped his hands.  "Little hairless boys don't have anything to hide." she said making him feel like a baby rather than a teen.  It was then that he realized that she had breasts albeit small ones and thus most likely pubes even though she was two years younger than he.

It was almost a relief when she pulled him over her lap so that his little package was hidden until she started to spanking him.  He was certain that she could not hit nearly as hard as his mother could and did but just the idea that he was in this position was horrid.  He heard his aunt giving her directions about how to spank more effectively but he could not listen as his mind was elsewhere.

Suddenly there was a change and the pain level soared when she switched to the hairbrush that her mother had quietly handed to her.  That mini-paddle packed quite a wallop and he gave a howl.  After a dozen he was crying to his shame and her delight.  She sent him off to do some corner time.  He had to revise his thinking about how hard she could spank.

Of course he did not (and could not) know what his cousin was thinking as she proceeded to spank him.  Her biggest shock was leaning how undeveloped he was so that he was much like the little boys she had seen.  He was not even as developed as her brother, Riley, who was exactly midway between their ages whom she had seen when her mother spanked him.  It was definitely a thrill to have stripped and spank a boy two years older than herself.  It was a joy to see her hand prints form on his naughty bottom.  The pluses far outweighed the negative of the pain in her hand from spanking his hard butt.

Greg was still in the corner when Riley returned home.  He quickly spoke with his cousin in a sympathetic way.  "I told you mom spanks hard and it's obvious that she did a number on you."

"Except it was your sister – not your mom – who roasted my ass as practice for babysitting.  I don't think she needed any training but she used that as an excuse to do it."

Riley quickly learnt that he was also in trouble.  A neighbor had reported that he had used unacceptable language while playing.  The exact details mattered little but his mother stating: "You have earned yourself a spanking, young man." covered everything of importance.  Again Kate grabbed control as she had less than an hour before when it was Greg's tail that was on the line.  Riley was shocked into obedience to her order by additional threats from his mother.

Riley treated her brother just as she had treated her cousin as her mother stood by watching and making a few suggestions to improver her technique.  Riley's protests about being spanked by his younger sister were stronger than those of Greg but when his mom offered to give him a spanking for this disobedience and then Kate would spank him for his bad language, he got the message and complied with his sister's orders just as his cousin had.

With her brother naked over her lap, Kate was more than thrilled.  Full of self-confidence from spanking her cousin, she got a good grip on her brother's waist and started to spank with her hand.  This time she knew to spread the spanks over all the target so that it was soon a nice pink.

"The hairbrush, please, mother." she said before her hand got to hurt a lot.  The brush caused Riley to howl as had his cousin and himself when his mother used it.  Over and over Kate raised and slammed the brush down on Riley's bottom.  In only five minutes he was crying much to her delight and satisfaction.  She sent him to the corner to contemplate his misdeed and how effectively his little sister could spank.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 15, 2019

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