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Spanking My Big Brother


My big brother, Stan, is almost two years older than I am and one of the joys I had until he turned thirteen was watching him get spanked.  Before we were tweens it was just fun for me.  When he was naughty and Mom decided to spank him, she would just do it.  She would take down his pants and underpants and pull him over her knee.

Mom did not care if any of our friends were about so we girls got to see his pee-pee and his botty as we called them then.  We giggled a lot.  Any care that Stan had about that quickly disappeared once his bottom felt her hand, her big wooden spoon or her hairbrush.  It was when he turned ten that he started to be unhappy but it wasn't until he was thirteen that things changed for she stopped spanking him.  He was delighted but we girls missed the shows.

We were all growing up and it soon just faded away like many other childish things as we found new and more grown up interests.

Then one day I got home early from school and made a discovery.  I heard the sound of spanks as I entered.  "Strange." I thought and went to investigate.  I went upstairs and it was clear that they were coming from Stan's room.  The door was not closed to keep things private and I peeked.  Maybe I should not have but you would have too so keep your big mouth zipped.  Beside things worked out better this way.

I saw my now fifteen-year-old brother laying across his bed with his pants down.  He was whacking himself with a flip-flop and watching a woman spanking a boy on his computer.  He was echoing stuff like: "Naughty boy.",  "You've been a naughty boy." and "Naughty boys get SPANKED." that came from the video.© YLeeCoyote

I did not waste any time getting this into my smart phone.  It brought back wonderful memories as you can imagine.  I did not know what it meant at the time.  It was something to investigate, of course.  The internet is a wonderful thing.  After a few days, I understood that my brother somehow felt, knew, wanted or needed to be spanked.  The possible whys were too complex for me but I did not care about that.

Stan is my brother.  I love him dearly.  If I can help him, I will.  If he needs to be spanked, well I'll be happy to spank him.  I should admit (confess, perhaps) that when I saw him spanking himself I found it very exciting.  It was not like when I was a little girl for now it had a different zing.  Again, I was not sure what it was but I knew that I liked it.

I decided to investigate further.  For the next three weeks I came home earlier than I said I would and always entered the house very quietly.  I learnt that what I saw was not a one time event but was happening frequently.  Although the exact video changed but so did the flip-flop for the second time he had a hairbrush and the time third his belt.  I watched for the opportunity to look at his computer.  I got it one morning when he rushed out to play with his buddies and forgot to log off.  It was easy to look at his browser history and files.  He had watched lots of spanking stuff and it was mainly of females spanking males.  I also found pictures which were of women spanking boys.

I knew now for sure that is what he wants.  All I had to do was figure out how to get him to accept my doing it.  I'm looking forward to doing it as it should be great fun for both of us.  I love him and want to help make him a happy brother.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was knocked for a loop when my kid sister, Janis, gave me a card:

Free Spankings
Present Card

I was still in a daze when she explained that she KNEW I wanted to be spanked by a female just like Mom spanked me until a couple of years ago.  I tried to deny it all but she said she had watched me trying to spank myself while watching videos.  There was not any way to refute that since she recorded it.  It was true although I did not understand why I did it.

Interestingly, she did not want to blackmail me for anything but insisted that she wanted to make me happy.  She even admitted that she thought she would also have fun, but she would not try to force me.  She promised that she would wait for me to ask or use that silly card.

"It's win-win for us." she insisted and gave me a hug.

It took me a week to decide to try it.  Spanking oneself is just not effective.  I grew up getting spanked a lot and Janis watched a lot so she saw what to do.  If it was not good, then we wouldn't do it again.  Sounds truly simple.

I told her: "I want to try."

* * * * * * * * * *

I was delighted when Stan said he wanted to try.  I had been working on how to do things and even watching some of the videos that he had found.  I learnt a few things to say so that he would feel like the naughty little boy who must be spanked to clear the slate and gain repentance.

I wrote and memorized a little speech that scolded him so he would feel like a proper little boy and well deserving of a good spanking.  I decided that the best implement to use was a hairbrush for the first time.

We agreed that the next time the folks went out we would play.

I started by sending him to his room and told him to wait in the corner ready for his spanking for being a naughty boy.  I wondered how he would do it.  It was hard for me to wait the ten minutes to let him get into the mood.

I was delighted to find him with his hands on his head and nose in the corner.  He had changed his clothes also so he was wearing just a T-shirt, undies and shorts at his ankles.  I sat on his bed and called him.  As he started, I said to "lose the shorts so you don't trip." which he did.  Actually, I wanted him as naked as possible.

When he was standing in front of me, I looked him over.  He was a lot bigger than he was the last time I saw him spanked.  Even in his undies it was clear that his boy bits were significantly bigger and that certainly would be fun to see because I had never seen a grown up guy's stuff.  I would have play that very cool.

I gave him the scolding lecture that I had memorized.  It must have been good because his whole body posture changed.  "It is time for your spanking, you naughty little boy."  Then the critical moment came.  I did not warn him but just reached out and yanked down his undies.  Yes, he had surely had grown there and had lots of hair also.  I did my best not to stare and spook him but pulled him into position.  I had him over one leg and his top half on the bed to support his weight.  I put my other leg over his so he could not kick.  I was looking at his big butt waiting for my spanking to start.

It was great.  I relished the moment.

I started with a few hand spanks.  That probably hurt me more than him because his butt muscles were so hard.  But I had to try and wished that I could be effective like when he was little.  But that time was long past and I quickly switched to my hairbrush.  The first whack showed the difference.  Not only did it make a mark but he reacted.

Over and over I spanked with the hairbrush.  I turned his entire bottom red.  He was reacting and promising "I'll be a good boy, Mommy."

Things were working great.  I was on top of the world.  I was spanking my big brother and doing it effectively.

I stopped and had him get up.  He lost his undies on the way back to the corner.  I admired his hot red tail for a while before calling him back.  He turned and faced me.  I wondered if he realized that his stuff was exposed but he did not try to cover up.  "I hope that you have learnt your lesson, young man, and will behave properly in the future."

"Yes, Ma'am." he responded most respectfully.

That sounded very good to me.

"Now get to your homework, boy." I ordered and left.

* * * * * * * * * *

I can't believe how well my kid sister managed this evening.  She lectured me better than Mom ever did and I immediately felt absolutely terrible about some transgression that was imaginary.  After some corner time I quickly slipped into a 'naughty little boy space' just like in the videos and when Mom really did spank me.  Once I was there, I was trapped.  There was only one way I could escape and that was to get a good and proper spanking.  The good and proper spanking that I truly deserved.

And I got it.  Not only did she make me know that I have a well spanked tail but she said lots of things so I even felt like a naughty little boy.  My butt was hot and red and sore.  That's just the way it should be for a naughty little boy whose transgression has been found out.  It was so much better than just watching those videos.

Not surprisingly, afterwards, I was incredibly horny and it took only a couple of minutes for me to shoot a big load into a mess of tissues for a little relief.  It was only then that I realized that Janis was the one who lowered my undies and she saw my junk for the first time since I started puberty.  I'm not the little boy she saw years ago but a youth with a large dick and pubes.  But the females in the videos always see the guys' junk so I guess that is quite normal.  Well, it happened so nothing to think about any more.

But the bottom line.  Was this a good thing to do?  Right now, I pretty sure that it was.

Sis knocked on my door and I invited her in.  I was still half naked but that did not seem important at the moment since I was this way a few minutes before when she left.  Her first question was obvious and I told her that it was good.  She was delighted and was happy also.  We agreed that we should do this again and I praised her that it worked so well.

She asked about my nudity and I explained that it does not seem important since it started while we were playing so why cover up anymore.  Again we agreed.  Finally, she wanted to examine my spanked bottom.  Again I got over her lap so she could see her handiwork.  It made me feel like a little boy again with her as 'mommy' or even better a strict spanking babysitter.

I had wonderful fantasies after I got to bed.  Sis was now jumbled up with the stuff on the web but things seem righter now.  I most definitely want to do this again.

* * * * * * * * * *

I spanked my big brother today for the very first time.  It was absolutely fantastic!  I had him over my lap and turned his butt into a little boy's hot red botty.  It was ever so different from watching Mom doing the same job.  Of course, the big difference is that I was active, rather than passive.  It was thrilling that he was over my lap like a little boy I could have been babysitting getting spanked by ME!

And then I loved how each time I whacked him with the hairbrush, and there was a change.  He would react so I knew I was getting through to him and there would be color changes in his cheeks.  The color change was gradual which was interesting.

Stan has already told me that he liked it so I'm looking forward to doing it again and again.  Since the folks go out midweek regularly when we have to do our homework and get to bed early on school nights, I know that there will be lots of opportunities.  Wonderful!

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 19, 2017

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