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There are heroes and a few superheros.  Spankman is one of the latter.  Traveling through space-time, he does what he can to set the world right just one spanking at a time.  The legends are many; the proven reports are few.  Unfortunately, there are so very many butts that need attention but so little time.  You are welcome to use this character in your own stories.

Of course, these stories are fiction and deal with spanking.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

  1.   Spankman and the Playground Bully
  2.   Spankman and the Sadistic Prefect
  3.   Spankman and the Thoughtful Friend
  4.   Spankman and the Naughty Office Boy
  5.   Spankboy and the Contemplative Professor
  6.   Spankman and the Disorderly Class
  7.   Spankboy and the Indian Brave Naliby

The collection continues in Part 2

Spankman –
Setting the World Right – One Spank At a Time!!


#01: Spankman and the Playground Bully

A North American city late in the Twentieth Century

It was a lovely spring day but all was not well in the playground in the town park.  There was a small lad whose mother was trying comfort him.  In the mist of his crying he was yelling "He took Ranger [his stuffed bear]."  Scotty, a slightly older lad was running about – easily avoiding his young mom.  He was yelling also that the bear was his and his mother was saying that he must return Ranger to Timmy.  Some other kids were watching and laughing because Scotty was getting the better of his mother.

He seemingly appeared from nowhere over the playground and then made a gentle landing.  Scotty ran right into him and fell down backwards.  A hush fell over the playground like a fog.  Spankman leaned over and picked up the tyke and held him by one wrist so that he dangled from his outstretched arm.  Scotty howled and demanded to be let go but his cries were just as ineffectual as those of this mother had been just moments before.  The other kids had stopped their laughing and had moved back.  The older ones had heard of Spankman and some had seen pictures on the news.  A couple with guilty consciences ran away as they knew what could happen.

"Go get Ranger, Timmy." said his mom seeing that Scotty had dropped it.  She knew what was likely to happen.  It would be a good object lesson for her son.

Scotty's mom also spoke; more precisely she yelled: "LET HIM GO!"© YLeeCoyote

"Not so fast, ma'am; this laddie has earned a spanking."

"We never spank him." she said with righteous indignation.

"That, ma'am, is precisely the trouble."  Spankman walked over to a bench and sat down.  He held Scotty in front of him and lectured him about respecting the rights of others and obeying his mommy.  He finished up with: "… and for that you are going to get a spanking right now."

"NOOOOOOOOooooooo!" he yelled.  But the tyke was no match for Spankman who yanked down his shorts and briefs and flipped him over his lap.  The other kids were watching with huge eyes very glad that they were not the object of Spankman's concern.  Although Scotty was twisting and kicking, Spankman held him in position easily.  Then he raised his hand and brought it down on the small, never-before-spanked bottom with a hard SPANK.  Scotty yelled in pain.  Three spanks later he was crying and by ten he was howling like a banshee.  His little bottom glowed bright red.

Spankman released the lad who ran to his mommy for comfort.  "That's how it is done, ma'am.  You'll find that his behavior will improve after a few spankings."

With that Spankman jumped and disappeared into the sky that he had suddenly appeared from a few minutes before.  The other kids were in awe having seen a genuine superhero.  After an hour, Scotty approached Timmy.  "I'm sorry.  I won't take your Ranger ever again."  His mother was amazed.

#02: Spankman and the Sadistic Prefect

A Public School in East Anglia late in the Ninetieth Century

It had been an exciting match.  They were particularly pleased in Exeter house for they had soundly trounced York house – their arch rivals.  In the fourth form dorm Derby, Hull and Worcester were talking about the game although it was past lights out.  Several times Wells had shushed them but they persisted in this forbidden behavior.  The door creaked as it was opened and suddenly all were quiet.  But it was too late.  Blyth uncovered the lantern and hung it on the central hook.  "Is there anyone who did not know that talking after lights out was strictly forbidden?" he asked sarcastically.  All the boys could detect the joy behind the sarcasm.  Blyth was known for his meanness.  (They would have thought sadism but that word was just coming into use at this time.)  "I heard four of you – Derby, Hull, Wells and Worcester.  Get into position at the end of your beds – now."

For the three talkers they knew that they had been fairly caught but Wells had been innocent.  Wells feared the worst for Blyth hated him and relished every opportunity to beat him frequently even without cause.  But there was not anything he could do.  "Sir," said Worcester bravely, "Wells was not talking."

"Be silent.  Speak only when spoken to." snapped Blyth.  He did not let it show, but he was even more pleased that Wells was blameless as it would enhance his pleasure.  "Drop them." he ordered.  Their thin pajama bottoms gave no protection but Blyth liked seeing bums turn red especially when he was doing the coloring.  Hull was the closest and got it first.  Blyth stepped over to him and raised the gym shoe and brought it down on the target three times.  Blyth smiled at the redness and discomfort of the lad.  The same attack was made on the bums of Derby and Worcester.

Blyth was quite pleased as he approached Wells for his bum was still red from a dusting earlier that very afternoon.  "You shall have the cane, Wells.  It is clear that the slippering you got this afternoon was not sufficient."  Deliberately he unhooked his cane from his belt, sliced the air and then flexed it menacingly.  Then, like in ancient legends, there was a quiet whoosh and suddenly there was Spankman.

"I think not, Blyth." said the new commanding presence.  "It is you who shall feel the rod; the very rod you planned to use unjustly."  The entire room was still.  The boys hardly dared to breathe.  "Give me the cane." he commanded and Blyth complied meekly.  "Drop them and get into position."  Blyth pushed his trousers and pants down like a fourth form boy in the headmaster's office and bent over the table.  He did not dare say a word to the authoritative stranger.  The fourth form boys watched happily.

"Blyth, you have abused your limited authority and misused your power.  You shall get a double dose now."  The fourth form boys watched as Spankman got into position and raised the cane for the first cut.  It was clear that it was a hard cut to those that had, unfortunately, experienced the cane.  Each of them counted silently as each stroke hit the increasingly sore target – happily watching the stripes form on the hated prefect's bum.  The sixth cut was placed diagonally and thus was more painful than the others.

Spankman then moved to the other side of Blyth also switching the cane to his other hand.  The fire in Blyth's bottom was extremely hot.  He was, and knew it, at his breaking point and this was but the half way point.  Blyth gripped the table so tightly that his knuckles were white.  The first of the second set of strokes landed.  Of course, it intersected with the diagonal and also partly with the others because, although they were all straight and parallel, they were not horizontal.  Blyth gave a yelp.  The next two caused yells.  If any lad had been watching Blyth's eyes, they would have seen them fill with tears.  Several noticed that his hands had released the table and his body rose up a little. "Hold him down." ordered Spankman.  Several of the lads sprung forward anxious to help.  Spankman raised the cane for the tenth time and brought it down on target.  Blyth yelled in pain.  Tears streamed down his face.  He would have gotten up if not for the four lads holding him in place.  The eleventh cut was even worse (for Blyth) than the tenth and he reacted as such.  The final cut was, of course, diagonally.  It crossed the other eleven from top to bottom.

Blyth's behavior was noticeably different after that.

#03: Spankman and the Thoughtful Friend

An American Suburb in the Mid-twentieth Century

Luke and John were not totally surprised when Luke's angry father came into the family room.  Discussion was not necessary for Luke knew full well that he had broken the agreement that just two weeks earlier he had solemnly agreed to honor.  There were some formalities they went through but very quickly, Luke's dad was sitting in the spanking chair.  "OK, Luke, it's time."  It was bad enough to still get spanked at sixteen and to have your friends know but it was doubly awful that they actually watched.  But John was there and there was not anything to say.

"I'll wait in your room, Luke." said John surprisingly.

"You may stay, John." said Luke's dad.  "Actually, I would like you to.  It would be better for Luke that you stay."

"With all due respect, sir, I can't." said John solemnly.  "It would be sinful; I wouldn't like Luke to watch me getting spanked, sir."  Saying that, John ran out and dashed quickly around to the garage and upstairs to Luke's room.  He flipped on the TV and grabbed the binoculars.

John stretched out on Luke's bed and watched his buddy's tail turn deep red as his father spanked him long and hard.  Although they had seen each other spanked in the past, this was the first time that John could concentrate on how Luke's cheeks first got hand prints, then turned pink and then red and then deep red while not worrying about how his pants seemed to shrink.  Then, the spanking finished, how Luke pulled up his jeans and, most interestingly, needed to wipe the tears from his face.  The show over he turned over to tend to the pressing issue in his own pants.  He was still at it when Luke came in.

"YOU WATCHED!" snarled Luke when he came in and saw the binoculars by his buddy.

There was a strange swoosh and suddenly there was a third person in the room.  He was in a tight body suit, cape and eye mask.  There was a big red S on a black and blue circle on his chest.  They had read about this superhero so they recognized him immediately.  Spankman pointed at John.  "You have been very naughty today.  You used scriptures to lie and deceive."

John looked at the floor.  "But it was important that his dad did not know I was…" he never finished the sentence as Spankman coughed.  The two watched as Spankman moved the chair into position and sat down.  John went over to him as soon as he was invited.  He stood still as Spankman lowered his jeans and briefs.  John let himself be guided over Spankman's lap.  He knew that not only did he deserve this spanking but that Luke should watch him being punished.

Spankman, John immediately learnt, knew how to spank hard.  Even the very first spank hurt.  By the fifth on each cheek, he was struggling hard not to cry and quickly lost that battle.  His butt was on fire and his tears did nothing to put it out.  Luke had mixed feelings.  He was sorry that his buddy was getting spanked but he found it exciting and knew that it was just.  Then it was over and Spankman disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.

The two red-tailed youths compared the damage and then found a more pleasurable activity to distract themselves from their painful butts.

Please note that this does not refer to any particular religion since the concept is worldwide.  See:

#04: Spankman and the Naughty Office Boy

The Business District in an American City in the Mid-twentieth Century

Theodore was cold, wet, hungry and broke.  It had been a cold, wet and snowy December; January promised more of the same.  Theodore shivered in his thin, torn coat as he waited for the day to end.  Then if he was lucky, he might find some food in a Dumpster behind some restaurant before others stripped it bare.  Perhaps he might also find a dry cardboard box to keep the wind off in an alley doorway.  There were days that Ted considered that it would be best if he just froze and moved to the next world if there was a next one.  Being cold and hungry and constantly watching out for the cops was its own kind of hell.  Dante not withstanding, at least he would be warm in the fire and brimstone hell that the hypocrites talked about rather than helping in any real way.

Spankman suddenly appeared, as always, without warning,.  Ted looked at him and asked his usual question with his hand out.  "Sorry, that's not anything I can do." Spankman said sadly.  "But I can warm you up a bit."  Spankman sat on a discarded can and pulled the surprised down and out man over his lap.  With his ill-fitting clothes, it was easy to bare his behind and spank it.  As the spanks rained down like heavy hail, a fire was kindled and then nourished.  The warmth spread through Theodore and he did not notice the pain.  When Spankman stood him up, he wondered how long the warm feeling would last.  He was, naturally, still hungry.  "I'll try to send some help but no promises."  Ted did not expect anything; but at least he was warm for the nonce.

Meanwhile, in an office above the alley where Theodore was loitering, Billy Brenner was alone there where he was the office boy. The company party was over and all had left but him.  He had done the required clean-up and was now quite busy with some unauthorized use of the copy machine.  He had already experimented to see how well the expensive top of the line device copied his hand and face.  "It's only fair that my lower parts get immortalized." he said to himself.  He lowered his trousers and briefs and sat on the scanning window glass.  He was quite pleased by the result.  Then he decided that a fore view would be a nice compliment to the aft view.

He lay across the machine and pressed the button.  He quickly decided that the result did not show off his stuff to its maximum.  He made the extra effort required for the more salient pose and pressed the button.  He was quite pleased with the result.

Then Spankman appeared.  "You being very naughty, Billy."  The lad stammered.  "Not only have you stolen from your employer, but you could have broken the machine.  Suppose that last copy had gotten stuck in the machine.  What would your boss have said when the repairman showed him?"  Billy gasped.  "I think that a spanking is in order." said Spankman, "How convenient that your pants are already lowered."

Billy did not resist as Spankman pulled him over his lap and turned his butt bright red with many hard and well-placed spanks.  Unlike Theodore, Billy felt pain.  Although he was seventeen, he cried like a well-spanked boy should.  (He would sleep prone for several nights thereafter.)

"Billy, collect the leftover food – especially some of these meat sandwiches – and give it all to the homeless man in the alley.  He is quite hungry."

Billy did as he was told and Ted was most appreciative.

Please note that even in this time of digital cameras, such use of office copy machines is still done as reported here:

#05: Spankboy and the Contemplative Professor

A wood-paneled, book-filled scholar's den in Minas Tirith, M.E.

In the forum associated with, in response to the introductory paragraph Talebearer said: «Would Spankman have a Boy Wonder as an assistant, maybe one in revealingly short shorts like with Robin, he asked in a naughty manner?».  This story is my answer.

Professor Tail Barer pressed the enter key dispatching his post to the MaleSpank forum.  He had switched away from his research project on the history of Middle Earth.  He leaned back in his chair, a great smile (actually a smirk) on his face, as he considered using the character Spankman in a story.  An expert in the history of Middle Earth, he didn't have any problem with the existence of another sentient species/creature in his world.  It was more the other way for he wondered about the lack of legends about such a creature.  What sort of magic did it have?  Magic in the most general sense of powers – both natural and technological.  Could it be that Spankman existed only in cyberspace?

He thought long and hard about the question.  The energy saver timer blanked his screen and the fire burnt down to embers casting a flickering red light over the entire room.  He was not quite sure why he opened his eyes just when he did.  Perhaps it was because he sensed another presence.  Then he saw him.  He was sitting on his desk, cross-legged.  "He" was a handsome youth, in a tight fitting polo shirt, tight short shorts and low elfin boots.  Over his heart (well, if his heart was where his own was) was a neat little logo.  The professor was not quite sure what it was but in the center part was a crimson red oval with a dark line through the middle.  "He" clearly had a body that was in great shape judging from the muscles in his legs, his upper arms and even those that showed through the tight shirt.  His teeth were perfectly even and bright white.  The professor could not help but to stare at the bulge in the tight short shorts.

The professor was speechless (which was most unusual as many would testify).  "Professor Barer, I presume?" asked the youth.  Since the professor was from Middle Earth, rather than Earth of the late nineteenth or twentieth centuries of the Common Era, he missed the reference.  "Yes, I am he.  Who are you?"

"It is a wise father that knows his own child." said the youth grinning even more.  "Of course, we are speaking only metaphorically now."  The professor was befuddled even more.  "You just created me.  And in a naughty manner at that. [tsk, tsk]" He laughed.  "I am SPANKBOY.  I travel through time-space, just like my great leader SPANKMAN, – setting the world right – one spank at a time!!"

"But I did not create you, Spankboy.  I'm not a god, magician, wizard or anything like that and I certainly don't even have even a lesser Ring of Power."

"Nevertheless, you did create me – first in cyberspace and then with help from several you know not into the tangible cosmos in a way that you would call magic.  I am most grateful for that and I humbly thank you."  Spankboy put his palms together and bowed deeply for three score heartbeats.  "I'm sorry, Professor, but there is some unpleasant business that I must take care of with you.  When you created me, you did it in a very naughty manner."  Spankboy paused and then finished: "You know well what needs to be done when a boy is naughty."

The professor was a bit surprised but he knew exactly where this was going.  It was exactly the way he had treated his boys and students over the years.  When they misbehaved, they got spanked in one way or another but without malice or anger to impart a lesson.  He nodded.

"It would be better if you said it, sir.  In appreciation of your important role in my creation you may have your choice of methods.  You are well qualified to decide what is the proper and just punishment for a naughty boy."

The professor thought about it for a while, reviewing the options – spanking, slippering, strapping, paddling, switching or caning.  He made his decision based on two points: first, he had acted like a naughty boy and, second, he wanted to get close to Spankboy who certainly was not the youth he appeared to be. "I'll have a traditional spanking, please."

Spankboy got up and moved to the center of the room.  It wasn't that he actually walked but it sort of happened.  He positioned a straight back chair and Tail walked over to him.  Slowly and deliberately and with great respect, Spankboy undressed the naughty one before him.  He removed a tie and then a belt; knelt down and removed the shoes.  He opened the shirt and trousers and pulled them off.  Tail was just in his briefs; plain white tightie-whites. «I haven't worn those for years.» he thought.  A minute later he was not wearing them for Spankboy had slipped his thumbs into the waistband and pushed them off.  He was stark naked.  He knew that he was a naughty boy about to get his due.

Spankboy sat down and gave Tail a gentle pull.  He was overlap like he had been with his father when he had been a boy.  Out of habit, he asked for a reprieve.  He was somewhat relieved that it was not granted for this was very exciting  Tail, naked and lying across Spankboy's equally bare thighs could feel the heat of Spankboy's hot blood coursing through his veins .  It was exciting to be close to this Adonis.  It was so exciting that he was extremely hard.  Then a hand clasped him about the waist to keep him in place.  He felt a shiver through his entire body.  Another hand caressed his upturned tail.  More shivers as old and forgotten memories returned.


That second hand slammed down hard.  Before he could howl, it struck the other cheek.  Two vivid hand prints showed briefly before three score more spanks changed the entire target area to red.  Then Tail was being lifted up and being held close as he cried.  His guilt left with his tears.  Spankboy's hug was wonderful.

All too soon, Spankboy departed as mysteriously as he came.  Slowly, Tail regained his composure and dressed.  He went back to his computer to resume his research.  Impishly, he searched for «Spankman "Middle Earth"».  He got thousands of hits.  The universe had changed.  Professor Tail Barer knew he had changed also.

#06: Spankman and the Disorderly Class

A middle school class in rural middle America in the mid-twentieth century

It was a teacher's nightmare!  Ms. Wilson, young and inexperienced, had gotten the worst class in Benedict Arnold Middle School.  She had gotten Class 9E for a long time substitute assignment.  The score of fourteen and fifteen-year-old boys thought that they were the cat's meow.  They knew they were on the top of the heap as they were about to finish the ninth grade in a couple of months and move on to high school in the fall.  Their highest priority was to impress the score of chicks in the class.

Not only would they not come to order but they were making sexually suggestive comments and signs to the pretty young substitute only ten years their senior.  They were very well pleased with themselves as she had broken down and was crying at her desk.  She had tried to run out of the class, but her way had been blocked.

There were a couple of whooshes hardly heard over the outrageous bedlam.  When Spankman roared out "SILENCE!" he was heard.  His command was obeyed instantly for he was a large, powerful male with command presence – one of the few things that they all respected.  A few of the naughty lads quickly turned to the rear door figuring that being elsewhere was a good idea.  Unfortunately for them, Spankboy was standing there with a scowl.  They were not impressed by his strong muscular legs nor the rippled abs under his tight shirt.  They saw his tight, short shorts and elfin boots and decided he was a fag.  And a tough macho youth knows that he can whip any pussy fag with just one hand.  "OUTTA our way, fag." a couple of them yelled and went at him.

They learnt a few things very quickly.  First, that the "fag" blocking the door did not back down.  Second, that he moved very fast.  Third, that punching the wall or the door hurt the puncher a lot more than it hurt the wall or the door.  Fourth, that getting one's face slapped – twice – once on each cheek – hurts like the blazes and left one's head ringing.  It was also a lot more embarrassing than getting punched – doubly so when you couldn't get a lick back and even girls were watching.  So when Spankman roared "TAKE YOUR SEATS." they all complied immediately.

Ms. Wilson had stopped crying and sat silently in her chair watching – with pleasant amazement – the tableau unfolding before her.

"You each shall get six pops."  Both Spankman and Spankboy hit their hands with their heavy, hardwood paddles to emphasize the words.  The miscreants were all well acquainted with the vice-principal's paddle.  "You shall come to the front in pairs, drop your jeans and underwear and lean over Ms. Wilson's desk.  After you get your six you shall stand up and apologize to her for your atrocious conduct.  If your apology is not sincere, you shall get another six pops.  If you have skid marks you will get two extra.  If you get up before early you will get extra.  Is that clear?"

Twenty very intimidated adolescent boys answered: "Yes, Sir."  (They much preferred to intimidate than to be intimidated.)

A timid voice called from the back: "But she'll see our pubes and…"

Spankman cut him off.  "Don't worry, she won't and beside Ms. Wilson knows what little naughty BOYS look like and the girls have bottoms like you do.  We will start over there." Spankman pointed.  "NOW!"

The first two youths slowly came forward and even more slowly dropped their jeans and underpants.  As they bent over they were both surprised for they saw that they no longer had pubic hair.  With Spankman on the left and Spankboy on the right the first two sets of six pops were quickly delivered.  The other boys flinched as they watched their classmates' tails turn bright red.  The girls, feeling safe enjoyed the show as the first two boy bottoms turned red to the accompaniments of howls.  The two stood up and apologized as best as they could as they were very fearful of getting a second dose.

These two were replaced by the next two and the paddling continued.  By now Ms. Wilson was smiling.  The third pair came forward and one had skid marks.  There were many giggles when this was pointed out.  He got eight rather than six pops.  Several jumped up before the end and got the promised extra.  The process was repeated until all twenty boys had gotten well paddled.  They were sitting, most quietly in their seats on their most hot, red and painful butts.  Most were blushing.

"Perhaps you would like to try it, Ms. Wilson?" Spankman asked rhetorically.  "Which one is most deserving?"

"TJ!  Come here and assume the position." said Ms. Wilson tapping her hand with the paddle with the newly inspired confidence Spankman had given her.  The youth did not dare not to comply since Spankman and Spankboy were both still there.  Besides what could this little bitch do – even with the paddle.  He swaggered forward and got into position again.  Ms. Wilson took aim and swung.  The CRACK of the pop was drowned out by TJ's howl.  The hit was at least as bad as the ones he had already received and possibly worse.  He howled for the remaining five pops after which he went back to his seat.  The other boys and the girls were most impressed.

"If you need us again, Ms. Wilson, just whistle.  Your paddle will be quite safe on your desk for we will go after any naughty paddle thief.  Do have a nice day."

And then, they disappeared.  Ms. Wilson kept that paddle on her desk from that day forth.  The story was told for decades.

#07: Spankboy and the Indian Brave Naliby

High in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, North America, Midwinter, 1492

The sun rose as it did every day in the east and soon after so did Naliby.  He was alone in the small shack just below the ridge.  He had food for several days as he had caught several rabbits the previous day and there was lots of firewood.  He would be warm and eat well for several days until the storm passed and he could proudly return to his village as a youth that had survived solo for a week.  He should have been over joyed at the prospect.  He had been the first born of his cohort and by going early would achieve the status of a youth three weeks before any of the others could even try.  But he wanted to return on his day  –  his birthday. But that was impossible in the whiteout conditions of the blizzard.  He would not get to the village in time to receive his birthday spankings.

The shack was well built and kept out the snow.  The skins covered the windows and kept out the wind.  It was just as well that he could not look out much as all that could be seen was the white of the snow.  The small fire and the thick furs kept him warm.  But he wanted his birthday spankings.

He tried to spank himself with the strap but it was not adequate at all.  It did not satisfy him at all.

Naliby was sad on his birthday.  The day he had expected to be so very joyous.

Suddenly a figure appeared.  He looked like another youth but normal youths do not appear suddenly so it must be a spirit.  Naliby remembered that he should be polite and greeted the creature respectfully as was the way of his people.  He took note of the strange dress (for the season) of just a loin cloth, moccasins and a cape of a strange thin skin.  He noticed that the visitor did not have snow on him.

"I am Spankboy.  I travel through space-time setting the world right – one spank at a time!!" the visitor said, introducing himself.

Naliby kept low and quiet not wanting to risk offending his visitor.  Then he offered Spankboy food and water.  It was best not to be forward with a spirit but to follow them respectfully.

"Today is your birthday, Naliby."

"Yes, Great Spirit Spankboy."  Politeness, flattery and humbleness were advisable when speaking with a spirit.

"Undress, Naliby."  Naliby jumped to his feet in prompt obedience.  He quickly put aside his warm furs and removed his shirt, leggings, and loincloth.  Spankboy sat on the rug and pulled him across his lap.  Naliby was thrilled.  He was going to get his birthday spanking from Spirit Spankboy.

Naliby, as well spanked as he was, was not prepared for the effect of Spankboy's first spank.  The Spirit's hand landed squarely on his right cheek with a great SPANK and his body quivered in response.  Naliby yowled like he did when the strongest man in the village hit him with a thick branch.  Spankboy then gave him the second spank this time on the left cheek.  The effects were again electrifying.  Spankboy continued alternating cheeks with stinging spanks driving Naliby into ecstasy.

Before the spanking, Naliby would have asked for sixteen sets of sixteen spanks for his birthday but the Spirit spanked so very well that Naliby was satisfied.  Then Naliby got the extra one.  It was double with Spankboy's left-hand crashing down on Naliby's right cheek and his right hand on his left cheek.  Naliby though that stars were shooting through his head.  Naliby's butt was on fire like never before.

Naliby was floating.  This was a birthday spanking like never before.  Eventually, he came down to Mother Earth and looked to thank the Great and the wonderful Spirit Spankboy but he was not there.  In the ways of his people Naliby gave thanks to the Great Spirit and Spirit Spankboy.

Two days later, on snowshoes, he made his way home to his village with a wonderful warm glow in his tail.

Collection Continues in Part 2

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