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There are heroes and a few superheros.  Spankman is one of the latter.  Traveling through space-time, he does what he can to set the world right just one spanking at a time.  The legends are many; the proven reports are few.  Unfortunately, there are so very many butts that need attention but so little time.  You are welcome to use this character in your own stories.

Of course, these stories are fiction and deal with spanking.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

This is Part 2 of the collection.  Part 1 is here.

  1.   Spankboy and Wesley Crusher
  2.   Spankboy and the Traveler
  3.   Spankman and Family Values
  4.   Spankman and the Inconsiderate Subway Rider
  5.   Spankman and the Halloween Bullies
  6.   Spankboy and the Proud Father
  7.   Spankman and the Naughty Big Brother

The collection continues in Part 3

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Spankman –
Setting the World Right – One Spank At a Time!!


#08: Spankboy and Wesley Crusher
Wesley Crusher's cabin aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise in mid-2363

This story is based on the first episode of Star Trek – The Next Generation: Encounter at Farpoint in which Wesley takes the turbolift to the Enterprise's bridge and is cheeky to the Captain.

Fourteen-year-old Wesley was in his bunk with the lights out.  He should have been asleep but he was not.  It was not an urgency in his crotch such as often kept youths of his age awake this time.  He was thinking about his day.  He had achieved a great objective.  Wesley had completed a daring mission for he had actually gotten to the bridge of the great star ship he was aboard and more.

It was well known that Captain Picard did not like children and to the captain, Wesley was a mere child.  He had been told, several times, that he should not set foot on the bridge.  But youthful desires are not easily extinguished by adult words even when those words are from the all-powerful captain of a great star ship.  Since humans dwelt in caves, adults have been telling boys not to do things and boys have been finding ways to do them anyway.  Sometimes they got killed, sometimes they got punished and sometimes they achieved their objective without negative consequences, usually to the consternation of the adults.

Places that are closed for part of the day present opportunities for trespass that always occupied places do not.  The bridge was never unoccupied for it was the command center of the Enterprise.  The Enterprise never slept.  A plan was required; a plan of great ingenuity and cunning.  Perhaps if the designers of the vessel had thought more carefully they would have had a visitors' gallery but they had military minds and only thought of official things.  That the Enterprise would be more like a community rather than just a battleship was, apparently, beyond their comprehension.© YLeeCoyote

Wesley was not stupid.  He knew that if he just snuck onto the bridge, even when the captain was not present, he would be immediately ejected.  Perhaps even returned, ignominiously, to his mother, like a lost parcel, by a security guard.  Additional restrictions would result and achieving the objective would become even harder.  Also, there was the possibility of punishment or loss of privileges.  He spent a lot of time analyzing the problem.  With apparent wisdom beyond his years, he realized that partial success was better than total failure.  He made his plans.

What he achieved was unbelievable!  Not only did he accomplish his more modest objective but total success beyond his most expansive dreams.  Sitting in the Captain's chair and seeing his display screens was fantastic.  Of course, his faux pas were already minimized in his mind.

Then he had another surprise – there was another entity in his cabin.  He immediately assumed that the creature had been transported since the door had not cycled.  He studied the creature carefully.  It appeared to be human; in fact as a youth like himself.  Was that a uniform of some sort or just a strange outfit?  Whatever, it was tighter than the Star Fleet uniforms and he could see the well muscled body under the tight top with very short sleeves.  If that was not sufficient to decide that it, er, he was male then the bulge in the tight, short briefs left no doubt at all.  He was wearing low boots and the outfit was finished with a cape.  He was standing akimbo with a stern expression.  He spoke first.

"Hello, Wesley.  You should know me for I'm from Earth like you are."  The usual know-it-all youth was stumped.  He did not like that at all.  "Ask the Computer, Wes, for info on 'superheroes, twentieth century Earth'".  The Computer responded with a long list and Wes narrowed the search quickly learning that his visitor was Spankboy.  His mission was immediately obvious.

"You're pretty happy, even elated, with the way the day went?"

"It was the best – I got on the bridge and…"

"… and things were better than ever expected." finished Spankboy.  "Except that you were naughty to achieve your ends." he added solemnly.  "Not only could you have gotten into trouble but you put your mother at risk also."

"Er?  I followed the rules."

"Not in spirit and you were even cheeky to the Captain." explained Spankboy.

"I did not look at it that way.  The Captain was super nice and did not yell or anything."

"Nevertheless, you were naughty.  What it all boils down to is that you were just a brat insisting on getting his own way."  Wesley got the point and was silent.  "I guess you know what's next, Wes."  It was clear that he did.  "Please strip completely and get over my lap, Wes."

Wes did not like the idea, but he knew better than to argue with a superhero who traveled through space-time without any assistance from technology.  Besides, if he quarreled with Spankboy he probably could expect a visit from Spankman and surely that would be worse.

Spankboy sat on the bed as Wesley stripped and then got into position over Spankboy's bare thighs.  Wesley was surprised at the mixture of feelings he was experiencing.  He was fearful yet excited among others.  He resolved to take his punishment without resistance for that is how he felt an officer-to-be should act; even when in such an undignified position.

A tremor passed through his body as Spankboy grasped his waist and caressed his ass.  All these things he could understand but he was puzzled that his cock got hard as it pressed on Spankboy's thigh.  His thoughts were stopped as the first SPANK happened.  It was almost a surprise.  (Later, he would worry about how to prevent distractions when facing a serious problem.)  The pain concentrated his attention on his nether parts as SPANK after hard SPANK hit.

Spankboy spanked Wesley long and hard.  Although it was unprofessional of him, Spankboy found that he was enjoying giving this spanking unlike most.  As he pounded the cute buns turning them painfully red-hot, he could feel the lad getting harder even though the pain was intense.  He could sense everything that Wes was feeling, including the mishmash of emotions.  There was the discomfort of the pain, of course, but there was also a high erotic response.

Something special was appropriate for the lad's overall arrogance; something that would stay with him for a long time.  Spankboy applied many hard spanks rapidly with a special twist and Wesley exploded in orgasm.  Spankboy gently tucked the permanently changed youth into bed and departed.

#09: Spankboy and the Traveler

Town'o'sin Convention Center Hotel in the Late Twenty-first Century

Spankboy settled into the big comfortable easy chair and relaxed.  His timing had been off and the room's occupant was still partying rather than retiring (late) for the night to rest for tomorrow's affairs. This was a matter of no import to this young superhero who traveled through space-time.  However, it was a chance to relax and to savor the forthcoming events.  A certain someone was being very naughty indeed and would soon have to pay the price.  Solemn oaths that had been made were now shattered.

The wait was longer than Spankboy had anticipated but he knew patience.  He sat quietly until he was noticed by the tired and inebriated traveling man.  "What are you doing here, Spankboy?" was the question.  The question seemed somewhat silly considering that this city was notorious for having an excess of sexual, gambling, drinking and other wicked diversions to lure the traveler from his proper business.  Even both Spankman and Spankboy working together full-time could have not dealt with all the deserving butts.

The answer was quite obvious.  "You have broken your promises and neglected your responsibilities, Sir; I am here to remind you of them."  Spankboy stood up and sniffed.  "You better get out of the stinky clothes and shower before we continue.  Silently the man did as he was told; he had succumbed to several of the many temptations rather than tending to his business.  While he was in the shower, Spankboy adjusted his metabolism to destroy the alcohol harmlessly in his bloodstream, to puke up the booze in this stomach and to cough up much of the inhaled tars.  The man was cleaner both inside and out when he returned to find Spankboy sitting on the bed with a short but heavy leather strap in his hand.

"I don't think we need to discuss your failures." he said.  "Well, not with words anyway."

The now sober traveler recalled the excesses of the evening.  Spankboy was right – a powwow was not really needed.  He knew what he had to do when Spankboy patted his lap.  He stepped over to the bed, dropped the towel and lay across Spankboy's lap like many naughty boys, youths and men had done both in the past and the future.  It had been a long time since he had been in this position.  It was certainly embarrassing for a man of his years but in the deep recesses of his heart, he knew that this is where he belonged.  He resolved to accept his well-deserved punishment without protest.

Spankboy did not keep him waiting.  He took a firm grip on his waist and then started to spank using the short strap.  WHACK!!  A nice red stripe started to form as a muffled grunt was heard.  Spankboy kept at it long and hard as per the standards he followed.  The result was a red-hot butt which all would call well-spanked.  The gentleman was parked in the corner for a while.  Because this was an extra hard spanking, Spankboy was sweaty and took a shower.

Calling the miscreant from the corner, Spankboy reminded him that he needed to keep to the straight and narrow or that this could happen again.  "It's way past your bedtime and you have a heavy schedule tomorrow, so hop into the sack."  The chastised traveler did as he was bidden.  Then Spankboy joined him.

"Sorry I had to do that to you, but orders are orders.  Of course, you deserved it." Spankboy said while suppressing a giggle.

Spankboy suddenly found himself flipped over and getting a series of hard SPANKS on his own butt.  They were hard enough that SLAP echoed in the small room.  "Now you're sorry." laughed Spankman pulling Spankboy close.

#10: Spankman and Family Values

At a Political Party Convention in the twenty-first century in the USA

It was the most exciting night in the candidate's life: the night to give the acceptance speech before all the delegates and on national, nay, international TV.  The entire family – the candidate, the spouse and their wonderful children: twelve-year-old Sally, eight-year-old Mike and the most treasured four-month-old Johnny – all were proudly there.

The great moment came and the candidate's spouse escorted the candidate to the podium and made the introduction.  The children remained in the candidate's section.  When the applause finished the candidate began to speak.  Naturally, the candidate began with an acceptance of the nomination and quickly continued with extreme promises.

The presentation was interrupted just a minute later by the appearance on the stage of a strange figure.  A large man, dressed similarly to the fictional Superman, materialized on the stage beside the candidate and spouse.  The security team, embarrassed by the obvious breach, sprang into action only to crash into an invisible and impenetrable barrier and have to fall back.  The crowd was shocked into silence.  Even the TV commentators were at a loss for words.

"It's SPANKMAN!"  yelled someone and the crowd echoed the cry.

"Sit down.  All of you – SIT DOWN." commanded Spankman.  His voice carried clearly throughout the huge hall without the need for any electronics obviously penetrating the barrier.  The awed crowd sat and watched in silence.  They all had heard folk tales of Spankman and now they were all believers as they accepted the evidence of their own ears and eyes.

The candidate and the spouse stood, quivering, before the Spankman.  He lectured them in front of the crowd in the hall and the greater crowd watching all on the live TV broadcast.  They were all dumbfounded as he admonished them and expounded on true family values.  How could they bring a tiny infant into such a place especially at night when he should be asleep – safe and snug – in his crib away from the cacophony and germs of the crowd?  How selfish they were bringing him to show off as a trophy.  How could they forget that their first duty was to protect and nourish the child?

Then a sturdy straight-backed chair replaced the lectern and Spankman sat on it.  With a wave of his hand, the candidate and spouse were naked as their clothes seemingly jumped from their bodies and were scattered about the platform.  They tried to hide their nakedness with their hands but it had already been captured by the cameras and broadcast.  The technicians could not stop the broadcast.  Network executives panicked about the 'adult content' and pounced on their telephones.

Spankman looked at the candidate and patted his lap.  The candidate walked over and lay across the Spankman's lap.  Then, in front of the entire world, Spankman raised his hand and brought it crashing down on the bare target.  There was a loud SPANK sound.  Even before the second spank, millions gasped at the hand print forming on the candidate's bottom.  Soon the hand print vanished as the candidate's entire bottom turned red and then crimson.  The candidate's yells quickly changed into the loud cries usually heard from errant children.  Spankman lifted the candidate up and gave a push.  The candidate ran to the "corner" that suddenly materialized and stood in it.

By this time millions of youngsters now found that the convention was most fascinating rather than a dull political event.  Everyone knows that watching a spanking is great fun but when it is an adult getting it, then it is even more thrilling.  Even that excitement was enhanced by the self-righteous attitude of the candidate, et al.

The spouse was next and got exactly the same treatment.  Soon the spouse was also standing in a "corner" hands on head and nose almost touching the junction of the walls.  Would be sports announcers throughout the world thought about how to describe the two hot crimsons butts that seemed to actually glow and the manner of the spanking.

Spankman along with the spanking chair and the invisible barrier disappeared as suddenly as he had come.  The body guards rushed to aid the candidate and the spouse.  Of course, they could not do anything to help the owners of those well-spanked bottoms.  Neither could the EMTs who came with the ambulance.  The doctors at the hospital were equally helpless to mitigate the pain.

There was great amazement throughout the world.  Around the globe, images of the candidate's posterior were front page news.  The spouse's posterior was relegated to inside in half the papers.

The candidate and spouse held a news conference the next day.  They apologized to everyone and admitted that they had wronged.  They both declined to exhibit their still sore bottoms although they did admit that they deserved the spanking that they had gotten.  The candidate did not wish to withdraw.  However, just two days later, the party selected another candidate, abandoning a candidate who was now a laughing stock.

#11: Spankman and the Inconsiderate Subway Rider

On an elevated subway train in a great city today

It was quiet on the number seven local to Main Street as it started its run at Times Square.  It was still peaceful at Hunters [sic] Point but as it pulled out of the tunnel, Kyle immediately pulled out his cell phone and made the first call of this trip.  He barely got started talking to his girl friend, when he got a call.  He disconnected from her and took the new call.  It was his best buddy and he reviewed the previous night's ostensible conquests in great detail.  The other passengers – even those at the far end of the car – soon learnt of the most intimate details of several extremely hot specimens of young womanhood.  That most important intelligence shared, Kyle took another call and repeated it much to the delight of the passengers who had missed a vital detail or two the first time.

A few stations later, many people were wondering why the youth needed a cell phone at all since he surely could be heard for miles without it.  Several of them were contemplating various means of execution such as ejecting him between station some ​forty-three feet​ (​thirteen meters​) above the pavement, tying him to the tracks or to ram the terrible device into Kyle's alimentary canal.  There was, however, a split opinion as to which end would be would be most effective and satisfactory.

The train ground to a halt between stations and after a minute the conductor the made unusual announcement of "momentary delay due train traffic ahead".  All but Kyle groaned as this meant that they would have listen to more yelling from Kyle.  Then the car seemed to quiver a bit and then there was another body in the car starting in front of Kyle.  Several riders realized that none of the doors had opened and re-closed.

At first glance it appeared human and he was wearing a tight body suit, cape and eye mask.  It took a few seconds before several people realized that it was Spankman.  They smiled broadly at the thought of what was certainly about to happen.  It was only when Spankman grabbed Kyle's wrist that the youth realized he was there.  The grip was so tight that Kyle could not move and even dropped his phone.  "You have been most inconsiderate yelling on that thing thereby disrespecting all the other passengers here, Kyle."  He finished up with: "… and for that you are going to get a spanking right now."

Kyle found that he could not even struggle and could only whimper a plea to be released.  Spankman pulled him to his feet and opened his belt and pants.  Gravity immediately pulled them to the floor.  Spankman sat, yanked down Kyle's boxers and pulled the youth over his lap.

Spankman held the squirming youth in place easily as he lectured him about the need to be considerate of others.  Then he got to the spanking.  Each hard spank elicited a yell from Kyle like he was a little boy and turned his bottom red.  After a few minutes of hard spanking, Kyle was wailing and his bottom fiery red, swollen and very painful.  When Spankman stopped, he dumped Kyle on the floor.  In a flash he was gone as mysteriously as he had appeared.

The other passengers continued to watch the half naked teen bawling like a naughty little boy.  In the otherwise quiet car, one could hear a young female voice calling frantically: "Kyle!  What happening?  Are you OK?  Kyle?"

A man picked up Kylie's phone and took a picture of Kyle's apple red cheeks and immediately dispatched it.  Then he calmly told the girl that her boyfriend had been spanked and was crying his eyes out.  He took another picture showing that babyish rather than macho image of the tough youth.

As the train continued its trip, he dispatched the two pictures to everyone in Kyle's phone's email list.  Then he helped the lad up and got him to pull up his pants.  Kyle attempt to sit lasted only a millisecond as he jumped up from the pain.

Several of the passengers were most disappointed that their pictures did not show the illusive Spankman but only Kyle suspended in the air kicking and bawling with a red tail.

#12: Spankman and the Halloween Bullies

Two trick or treat bullies get well earned tricks

There are always butts in need of reddening but this was the busiest night of the year for Spankman.  The day was originally a religious festival but evolved into a day of mischief.  Most of it was ritualized and approved by community standards and did not call for action.  There was, alas, some mischief that did call for action and high on that list was bullying.

It was a typical suburban community and the little ones were out in force.  It was a safe enough district that ten-year-olds were allowed to be unescorted.  Unfortunately, Jeff and Rod both thirteen were also out unsupervised.  These two boys were not interested in collecting candy from benevolent households by ringing bells and yelling "Trick or Treat!".  Actually, they did not care about the candy per se but that they took it from other kids.  They had managed to confront two pairs of younger children and took their collections leaving them crying.  They took bites from many packages and then, like apes with more than they can stuff into their mouths at once, threw the rest about.  They even tossed handfuls of candy about like it was confetti.

It was after they attacked the third set that Spankman appeared.  They knew of him but did not run as they first thought he was a big kid in a costume.  It was when they got grabbed about their upper arms and led them to the next driveway that they realized that they were in big trouble.  The strong grip was far stronger than a normal man's.  Like bullies, they immediately started to whine but that did not stop the lecture from Spankman as he sat on the bed of a pickup truck with a lowered tailgate in the driveway.  Their yelling soon had dozens of kids watching.  Spanking are great fun when you're not the spankee and these two were well known troublemakers.  Holding two wrists in one hand allowed Spankman to open and lower two sets of jeans and underpants as the appreciative crowd watched with big smiles.  Then the pair was pulled over Spankman's lap side by side and held securely in place.

Spankman played a merry tune on the four checks that quickly turned bright red from the hard spanks that rained down onto them.  Jeff and Rod yelled and kicked a lot but Spankman's grip kept them in place and he never missed a beat.  Their constant kicking caused their jeans and underpants to go flying.  The naughty pair was bawling when Spankman set them on their feet.

They did not know which way to turn for either their hot red bottoms were on view or their not-so-private privates were.  It they rubbed their flaming tails then they could not cover themselves and if they covered themselves they could not rub out the fires of hell.  Spankman with a final "Let that be a lesson for you." vanished.  A couple of young superheros threw their lower garments onto nearby roofs.

It is was their younger sisters who lead them home.  The two ten-year-old girls were friends who had watched their big brothers get reduced to bawling babies.  First Jeff's sister took his hand and said: "Time to go home, Jeff.  Come."

When Rod's sister said the same thing to him, he wanted his pants.  "Some kid ran off with them, Rod.  You can look for them half naked or go home.  Everyone's seen your pee-pee and red-hot butt already.  Come."

#13: Spankboy and the Proud Father

A contemporary American city

This is an alternate ending with permission to Proud #22 by Dkellis, originally published in the MaleSpank archive at «»  which you should read first.  We pickup the story by repeating the beginning of third-from-the-end paragraph.

I didn't have anything to say.  I knew that well enough, and I shouldn't have let my anger get the better of me.  A tear crept down my cheek.  I was such an ungrateful wretch.  Gritting my teeth, I braced myself for the belt.

There was a swoosh and there was a third figure in the room.  Dad and I both recognized the costume and thus the character – Spankboy.  I had heard of him, but did not really believe he was real.  Dad was similarly surprised.

"Yes, I'm real otherwise you would be sharing a hallucination.  I'm here to prevent a great injustice."

"Thank you but I have the situation well under control, Spankboy.  Malcolm has misbehaved and I'm about to spank him." said Dad holding up his belt as if to prove his point.

"That, sir, is exactly the injustice I have come to prevent, Mr. Spiegle: "  I was surprised that Spankboy knew to address his elders with proper respect.  Dad was evidently as confused as I was for he started to question the young super hero.

"Yes, injustice for it was you, Mr. Spiegle, who have misbehaved.  Your son did well and was proud.  You were right to be most proud of him.  Unfortunately, your pride knew no bounds.  You drove the youth to distraction with your excessive boasting to everyone even after he repeatedly begged you to stop.  Then you selfishly prevented him from speaking to his grandma to tell her the wonderful news of his accomplishment and to hear her joyful praise.  All you could think of was yourself while you basked in his glow."

Dad drooped as he was being scolded but Spankboy continued relentlessly.  I took the opportunity to pull up my pants.

"Think of the times when you spanked the boy when he kept trying to convince you to get him something or take him some place."

Dad dropped the belt and his head snagged with shame.  Not only had he behaved badly but he had almost punished me for a great accomplishment.  Spankboy, realized that further lecturing was unnecessary, so he picked up Dad's belt, pointed to the stacked pillows and said simply and firmly: "It's time, Sir.  Position, please"

Dad hesitated and then obeyed like a naughty boy should.  He dropped his pants and assumed the position I had been in just moments before.  Spankboy stepped over and began to strap Dad.

I watched in amazement as Spankboy wielded the belt effortlessly turning Dad's butt into a bright red, major pain center.  I counted automatically and there were twenty-eight hard strokes which was twice as many as Dad would have given me.  Dad made me proud as he took the hard strapping in silence.

There was another swoosh and the belt fell to the floor as Spankboy disappeared leaving Dad and me alone.  I was, to say the least, dumbfounded and confused.  Although there had been a strapping, my butt had been spared while Dad's was roasted.  I could not help but to stare at Dad's hot rump.  He had taken the strapping in silence and I had to admire him for that no matter what else happened.  I then reacted and reached out to him saying "Dad, are you ok?" hoping to console him.

We then hugged and confessed that we were proud of each other.  I broke away, explaining that I had to make a call.

"Hello, grandma.  Sorry about the trouble before but Dad and I had a little problem that's all cleared up now. … Thanks for calling to ask about the test results.  As Dad said, I did great." … "Thanks grandma."

I put the phone down and gave Dad his belt back.  "We have some unfinished business." I said thinking about losing my temper and being disrespectful, before dropping my pants and getting back into position.  I gripped the duvet again but this time hoping that I could be as manly as Dad had been.

#14: Spankman and the Naughty Big Brother

A brothers' bedroom in a middle class western home

Spankman had just dealt with Jeremy Sessler.  A fourteen-year-old know-it-all smart ass.  The boy thought that he was the next Messiah and all should kowtow to him.  Jeremy was an extremely easy case for he was basically a coward and as soon as Spankman confronted him and refused to take any of his bluster he started to crumble.

He started to sob even as Spankman opened his jeans.  As the jeans and briefs were lowered Jeremy was already begging and promising.  Spankman knew that they were empty words as he pulled the boy over his lap.  Two spanks and Jeremy was crying like tot.  By the time Spankman had turned his fat ass a glowing painful red Jeremy was bawling.

Jeremy continued to cry for a half hour as he stood in the corner afraid to move or even check to see if he was being watched.  However,  Theodore sat watching him the entire time, replaying his vivid memory of Spankman punishing his big brother.  It was the absolutely the best show he had ever seen beyond a shadow of a doubt.  The two brothers had been home alone with Jeremy picking on Theodore as was frequent when Spankman dropped in.  Perhaps it would be more accurate to say when Spankman materialized in the room and changed things forever.

After quickly getting over the initial shock, Theo was most content to sit quietly and watch Jeremy get it.  "It" being a severe lecture and a long over due spanking.  It was all very thrilling starting with Jeremy's assumption that it was not he due the spanking and his abject horror when it finally got through his thick skull that he was to be spanked by the fantastic Spankman.  Theo, was most content that he was one step removed from the avenging Spankman yet close enough to watch the fireworks safely.

Theo could not keep from nodding his head in agreement as Spankman lectured Jeremy about fault after fault.  It got better after that for Spankman removed Jeremy's clothes exposing his out of condition body and then up ended him over his lap for that grand spanking.  As he watched Theo couldn't help wishing that it was his lap that his brother was across and that it was his hand turning that naughty butt bright red and causing the tears to flow like monsoon rains did.  Theo certainly was not about to complain about Spankman doing it.

After his brother was in the corner, Theo shuddered a bit as Spankman approached him.  "Don't worry, Theodore, I'm not going to spank you."  As Theo relaxed, Spankman reached out and suddenly there was a card in his hand which Theo took.  "Your brother needs to change, Theo.  Please give him these rules and I think that you will find the last one of great interest."  With that Spankman vanished as miraculously as he came.

Theo read the rules with great interest.  Spankman was definitely right about the last one.  Theo happily sat there admiring his brother's hot red tail and studying his brother's explicit rules which had enforcement protocols.  When the prescribed time was up and the timer chimed, Theo spoke.  "OK Jeremy, you may leave the corner."

Jeremy's ranting and raving went on for a while before Theo could say: "Spankman left this for you.  I strongly suggest that you read and follow these rules.  Note that there are some enforcement provisions."  Jeremy ranted some more.  After a while, Theo said: "That's enough, Jeremy.  Anymore nonsense and I'll give you a SPANKING."

"Sure you will.  Just try it and I'll knock your block off.  You're just a little kid." snorted Jeremy pulling up his pants.  "Now get out of my sight."

"Don't bother pulling them up.  Jeremy Michael Sessler just get over my lap for another spanking." ordered Theo.  Jeremy tried to continue pulling up his pants but found that he couldn't.  Inexorably, like a bug in a pitcher plant heading for the deadly pool at the bottom, he was drawn to his brother's lap.  And then over it.

Theo gripped his brother's waist and gave him a dozen spanks on his already hot red bottom.  Jeremy howled both in pain and surprised that his little brother could inflict such pain.  He was crying again by the time Theo stopped.  "I think that you should follow the rules or you'll be spanked every day."

Jeremy slunk off to nurse his hot red tail and try to understand why he obeyed his brother.

In a few months, Jeremy was reformed.

Collection Continues in Part 3

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