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There are heroes and a few superheros.  Spankman is one of the latter.  Traveling through space-time, he does what he can to set the world right just one spanking at a time.  The legends are many; the proven reports are few.  Unfortunately, there are so very many butts that need attention but so little time.  You are welcome to use this character in your own stories.

Of course, these stories are fiction and deal with spanking.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

This is Part 3 of the collection.  Part 1 is here.  Part 2 is here.

  1.   Spankboy and the Upper Eastside Bank Gang
  2.   Spankman and the Insolent Young Fan
  3.   Spankman and the Pep Officer
  4.   Spankman and the Subway Vandal
  5.   Spankman and the Method Actor

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Spankman –
Setting the World Right – One Spank At a Time!!


#15: Spankboy and the Upper Eastside Bank Gang

New York City early in the Twenty-first Century

The nine-year-old twins Cory and Joey with the loot clutched tightly in their hands raced down the street away from the bank followed closely by Stevie, their seven-year-old kid brother.  Their feeling of pride was enhanced by the adrenaline now coursing through their little bodies.

They had carefully planned the heist after carefully casing the premises.  The prize was always on the counter between tellers 3 and 4.  It would be easy to snatch and run if they timed it right.  The fat old clown of a security guard was often at the far end of the large space.

The opportunity came at 11:34.  The clown headed for the back and there were only two customers on the line so it was a GO!  The gang entered quietly and Stevie stayed to hold the door open.  Cory and Joey dashed up to the counter and each grabbed a handful of the coveted lollipops from the box.  They turned and dashed for the door.

Once on the street the trio continued running down the street confident that they sucessfully made the heist of the year.© YLeeCoyote


Until Spankboy suddenly appeared in front of them.  "Not so fast, boys." he ordered.  As Spankboy was standing right in their path Cory and Joey had to skid to a halt and Stevie crashed into them.

Although they really were not into fashion, all three recognized that they had been stopped by a superhero by his costume.  The immediate elation of getting to meet a real live superhero quickly faded as they realized that he was Spankboy.  They knew what Spankboy was notorious for.

"In a hurry, boys?"  They did not know what to answer.  "Trying to get away?"  They still could not respond.  "Feeling guilty?"

They were stammering now but feeling trapped.  It was a question that got to the point.  The evidence was in their hands – a mess of lollipops.

"The world is not big enough to hide from your crimes." Spankboy said firmly.

They looked down, already ashamed.  In a meek voice Cory whispered: "But they are free."

"They are free to the bank's customers although not by the handful." Spankboy paused.  "Why were you running if you did not do anything wrong?"  Of course, they did not have any answer to that.  The wonderful feeling they had but a few short minutes earlier was gone replaced by dread of what was sure to happen soon.  They could not help but to rub their hindquarters some.

Spankboy held out a small bag.  "The loot, please, boys."  The two dropped the yummy lollipops into the bag.  "This way boys." he added and lead them into the nearby entrance courtyard of a building.  He sat on a bench and beckoned to Cory as he patted his lap.  The boy knew what he must do.  Bravely he approached and opened his belt and then his jeans and pushed them down.

Cory was about to bend over the lap, when Spankboy said: "And your underpants too."  He was brave about it and also pushed them down and lay over Spankboy's lap.

"Ready, Sir." he said bravely hoping against hope that he would not cry.  Then it started.  Spankboy's hard hand hit his left cheek and then the right.  Cory's brothers could see the handprints forming.  The second pair of spanks struck and Cory knew that he was going to yell and cry the next round.

The third round commenced and Cory broke with yelps and sobs.  The fifth set had him crying.

When he was lifted up he immediately started to rub his red hot bottom as he cried.

Joey went through the same well deserved ordeal.  He dropped his pants and got over Spankboy's lap.  He knew exactly what he was in for and hoped he would be as brave as his twin brother had been.  As soon as he felt the first SPANK he knew that Spankboy really spanked hard – even harder than his daddy.

Joey knew just what was happening and, just like his twin, yelped and cried.  Then he rubbed.

Little Stevie was scared.  No sooner than he had dropped his pants he started crying.  But this did not stop the flow of events for Spankboy just pulled him over his lap and held him tightly.  The first SPANK got him howling and bawling although he only got half of what his brothers had and with less force.

"It's time to make restitution, boys." said Spankboy when the three had recovered and adjusted their clothing.  After explaining they went back to the bank and the three went inside while Spankboy waited outside.  They spoke with the person on greeting duty.  "We're sorry we swip…, er grabbed all these lollipops.  We brought them back."

It was obvious that the three had been crying to the greeter.

"Thank you." he said as he took the bag.  He was able to be gracious and added: "You may have one apiece, boys."

That brought a smile to the boys faces and they all said "Thank you." very nicely.

But little Stevie added: "Please, may we have one for Spankboy."

Back outside Stevie gave a lollipop to Spankboy and all four unwrapped them and started to enjoy them.

This was inspired by this news item:

#16: Spankman and the Insolent Young Fan

A contemporary popular city park

Wade H. Martin  was totally surprised when Spankman suddenly appeared right in his path as he and a mess of others were leaving the ball field to head home.  "Not so fast, young man, we have a serious matter to discuss."

"What?" exclaimed the sixteen-year-old youth.

"It's about the emails you sent to Mr. Stancliff about his story."  Mr. Stancliff was a web author.


"Mr. Stancliff wrote in response to your fan mail, which he appreciates your taking the time to thank him for the story." Spankman explained.  "Unfortunately you misnamed the story and he noted that in his reply.  Your response was inappropriately in the imperative voice and with the teen attitude of 'whatever'."

"So." repeated the youth, unimpressed.

"Mr. Stancliff cannot do what you said – 'Discipline Me.' as he does not know you but I can … and will."  Saying that, Spankman took hold of Wade's wrist and lead him over to a park bench.  A great murmur went through the mess of youths witnessing this as they imagined what Spankman was about to do.  Somehow, there was no longer any rush to get home and they all watched intently.

They were not disappointed at all.  A few words of lecture and Spankman opened Wade's pants and yanked them down.  The youth grabbed hold of his underpants but only got to say: "Not bare." before his hands were slapped and his underpants reunited his pants about his ankles.  The obvious comparisons were made by those who not seen Wade's junk before included a few girls.

Wade saw all the grinning faces staring at him and resolved not to cry like a baby.  The first SPANK from Spankman was hard and really hurt.  With great effort he kept quiet.  Spankman knew all about such games and knew he would soon start howling.  Over and over Spankman whacked the ever reddening target and soon Wade broke.  He started to howl and even to sob under the intense spanking.

After another dozen hard spanks, Wade was limp and that is when Spankman stopped.  He easily lifted up the youth and parked him with his nose to a tree.  It was almost a relief that he hugged the tree tightly knowing it was hiding his junk.  Of course, everyone was admiring his flaming red butt.  Certainly Spankman was an expert at this.

There was general tittering among the assembled watchers but Spankman easily put a stop to that by asking: "Does anyone think this is funny?"  No one claimed to hold such a belief and the tittering stopped immediately.

Once Wade stopped sobbing, Spankman called him back to the bench.  Although Wade started to pull up his pants, Spankman's command to leave them down forced him to hobble to the bench fully exposed.

"Is Mr. Stancliff's site an adult site, boy?"

Wade whispered a response: "Yes, Sir."

"Are minors permitted, boy?"

"No, Sir."

"Give me your belt and bend over the bench, boy."  Wade bent over and pulled his belt out of his pants and then bent over the bench presenting his already red butt for further punishment.  His worry about exposure faded in dread of the strapping he knew he was about to get.  Spankman, without further ado, folded the heavy leather belt and got into position.

Spankman raised up his arm.  When he brought it down the belt flew and Wade yelled in pain.  Every cut of the heavy belt caused a scream of pain and left its mark on the already red hot tail.  Everyone in the crowd automatically counted each painful cut most thankful it was not their own butt on the receiving end.  Wade had trouble trying both not to yell and not to cry.  It was an impossible wish and soon he was doing both.

When the count reached sixteen, Spankman stopped.  "Remember, boy, respect your elders and stay away from adults sites until you are of age."

Through his tears and the pain in his butt, Wade managed to say: "Yes, Sir."

"And that goes for the rest of you also." said Spankman glaring at the spectators as he faded away.

#17: Spankman and the PEP Officer

A children's playground in a contemporary popular city park

A PEP Officer is a Parks Enforcement Patrol Officer who enforces park regulations and has the power of arrest as a state peace officer although they do not carry side arms like the police do.

It is little known fact that superheros are over worked and need to rest.  It had been a particularly hard night for Spankman for he had to deal with lot of kids who thought that they were old enough to drink.  Unfortunately, not only were they underage but Demon Rum had made them very rowdy.  He had to spank a whole pack of them and his hand still hurt.

Yes, he could have used a strap but an OTK hand spanking emphasizes the point that they are still only boys rather than men like they mistakenly think that they are.  Although our hero can travel through time-space, he himself experiences each day just as we do so he needs his rest.  It was almost dawn when he had finally been able to catch some shut eye in some bushes in the park.  Now it was already midmorning and he decided to take a stroll in the park and could not resist the swing in the playground.

Like many a man he would not admit that he still liked to swing especially when he could get up high.  He was now settling down after a long exhilarating swing and just sitting on the swing as his batteries recharged away from the tiresome and never-ending task of spanking naughty critters throughout the universe.

PEP Officer Scammahorn was on patrol that morning.  The previous week there had been several complaints that unaccompanied adults had made messes in some playgrounds.  Those messes indicated the use of banned-in-the-parks substances such as alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and there were also various bodily wastes requiring extensive clean up.  The patrol commander had said that enforcement should be strict.

Officer Scammahorn spotted Spankman on the swing and he appeared to be alone.  A few polite questions soon confirmed that Spankman was indeed in violation of the regulation prohibiting persons over fourteen-years-old unaccompanied by a minor under fourteen from being in any children's playground.

Spankman was bewildered.  He tried to claim that he was special – a tactic that is guaranteed to anger peace officers – because he was The Fantastic Spankman!

The PEP Officer was going to write a ticket after that but Spankman did not have any acceptable ID.  Then he had an idea of how to avoid arresting the man at great expense to the city.  He would give the guy a taste of his own medicine.  He quickly dragged the surprised Spankman over to a bench and immediately sitting down yanked Spankman over his lap.  Before the surprised hero could jump up Officer Scammahorn promptly got an arm pinned up his back and gave him a few good spanks on the seat of his superhero briefs.

Although it had been a few years since he had been spanked, Spankman's conditioning from when he was a boy was still in effect and he did not resist the authority of the spanker.  He did not resist even when the Officer yanked down his briefs to expose his muscular bottom.

Over and over the Officer delivered hard spank after effective spank so that Spankman's bottom turned red just like every other bottom when being spanked good and proper.  Even worse, he succumbed to the terrible feeling of being small and naughty because he was OTK, his butt exposed and turning red from the barrage of spanks hitting it.

When the officer decided that he had spanked enough he raised up the crying Spankman and pulled up his briefs.  He dispatched him with a warning: "You keep out of the kiddies playground or you get a lot worse next time, boy."  And Spankman with his bruised ego and hot tail dashed off before the monster could change his mind.

#18: Spankman and the Subway Vandal

In the subway of a large metropolitan city currently

There had been a rash of emergency cord pulling in the subway system when there had not been an emergency.  Each caused the delay of many trains.  Each occurrence caused thousands of people to be inconvenienced.  The news reports indicated that it was apparently one person rather than a trend.  Spankman decided to act.

It was the work of a just a few of his subjective minutes for Spankman to visit the time-places and verify that the news report was correct.  He then went to the time-place of the last act of vandalism.  He waited just five minutes and watched the perp pull the cord of a T-train as it was pulling out of the Broadway station. The perp jumped off the rear of the train and immediately began to run down the tracks.  "STOP RIGHT HERE, William James Smith." shouted Spankman as he jumped in front of the youth.  The startled youth did exactly as he was ordered.  He would have turned and tried another track if someone on the platform had yelled but this was from someone just a few steps right in front of him with great command presence.

"Come with me, Billy." said Spankman grabbing the youth's wrist in an iron grip and heading for the steps at the end of the platform.  Once back on the platform Spankman delivered a scathing lecture to the errant youth who was literally quaking in his boots while many passengers watched.

The youth was too befuddled to resist as Spankman opened his pants and yanked them down along with his undies.  Then he sat on an equipment locker and pulled the youth over his lap.  There were several shouts of "Right On, Spankman." and "Give it to the <deleted> vandal."  Spankman needed no such encouragement as he immediately commenced the spanking.

It was a hard spanking for the youth had significantly misbehaved multiple times.  The youth yelled each time Spankman's hard hand forcefully landed on his bare bottom.  After a couple of score of these spanks, the youth broke and began to cry and then bawl.  The delayed travelers watched happily the entertaining scene of immediate justice being applied.

Once he was finished spanking the youth, Spankman lifted the crying boy up and frogmarched him into the corner of at the end of the platform.  "Keep your hands on your head, boy."  The crowded applauded.  Spankman disappeared.

A few minutes later the police arrived.  "There's the guy." yelled someone.

"Spankman gave it to him good." yelled someone else.

The police officers smiled.  How often they had wished that they could spank the perps they caught.  "Pull up your pants boy and you're under arrest."  Then they completed the legal formalities.  By then an image of the prep from the security cameras they received confirmed the identity of the well-spanked youth who they arrested and took away.

The Police Department news conference gave all the details except his name and said that the DA expected the youth to be confined to the Juvenile Detention Center for at least a year.  The riding public breathed a sigh of relief.

In the previous century that would have been the end of it.  However, now almost everyone had a video recorder in their smart phones and a couple used them.  Two of them went viral on the web.  One focused on the youth's face showing him yelling and in pain eventually turning into a crying boy and then a bawler.  The other focused on his posterior and showed Spankman's hand prints in pink at first and gradually blurring and the entire area turning red and then the deep crimson of a well spanked youth's bottom.

However, Spankman did not appear in the videos although it was clear that someone was holding naughty Billy in place as he appeared to be floating above the locker.

#19: Spankman and the Method Actor

A kitchen in the Richmond District of San Francisco   Click to open the image off-site.

Spankman was having fun with his buddies high diving into the Pacific Ocean about ​200 miles​ (​320 km​) west of San Francisco when he received the call.  Immediately he told his buds “Gotta go.” and headed east at top speed on his mission.  He quickly zoomed in on the house in the Richmond District of the city and, in the nick of time, caught ten-year-old Scott, cookies in hand, as he tumbled down as the stool he was climbing on crashed to the floor.

It was the crash that startled Telly out of his day dream and back to reality.  The fifteen-year-old youth looked down at his wet feet and turned off the water.  He was dressed as a housewife so as to live his role in the school play following the method acting of Stanislavski.  Spankman snapped at him.  “Clear the drain boy and mop the water up.”  The youth obeyed reaching into the sink and letting the water flow out and then went for the mop.

Spankman put the boy down and started to lecture him and his year younger little sister who still was munching a cookie.  “Climbing on the stool as if it was a ladder is very, very dangerous.  You could have broken your head had I not caught and saved you.  What were you thinking?”  Of course, that was a stupid rhetorical question for he was not really thinking except about getting the yum-yum cookies from the jar on the top shelf.  Partly out of wisdom and partly because he did have an answer the boy stayed silent and stared at the floor.

“And you, young lady, are just as naughty.  Stuffing your face with forbidden cookies and not even trying to save your brother from falling.”  Jewel remained silent and she also found the floor interesting.

Spankman reserved most of his anger for the youth.  “You, Telly, are a disgrace.  You were charged with caring for your young two siblings and insuring that they were safe and you did not even stop them from a reckless act that could have killed Scott.  It is not even worth mentioning letting them get to the forbidden cookies.  You even could not pay attention to what you yourself were doing.  You are NOT qualified to be a babysitter as you need one yourself.” scolded Spankman.

“I’m sorry.” whined the boy.

“You all have earned good hard spankings for such terrible behavior.” said Spankman sternly.  “You first, Telly.  Remove that dress so it does not get messed.”  Telly removed his dress and stood there in just his briefs.  “Now lose the briefs and get over my lap.”  Again the youth complied and Spankman clamped a hand on his waist and began spanking with the other.  He spanked hard as Telly was not a little child although he was acting like one.

The spanks rained down rapidly as Spankman was impatient with the careless youth.  They quickly had an effect for Telly began to cry as his butt turned bright red.  His two younger siblings watched in both amazement and fear (of being next).  They were not usually permitted to watch their big brother getting his tail throughly roasted.  Rather than flee, however, Jewel clung to her brother Scott who protectively put his arm about her.

By the time Spankman decided it was enough, Telly was bawling.  He lifted the youth up and parked him in a corner.

As Spankman sat down, Scott knew that it was his turn and did not wait to be called but walked to the superhero’s side.  Continuing without instruction, he pulled down his beltless shorts and briefs.  As he leaned forward Spankman guided him into position.  “I’m ready, Spankman.” he said bravely with a hint of a sniffle.  “I was very stupid.”

Spankman was quite impressed but Scott was still going to be spanked although not as harshly as originally planned.  With just half the force he had used with Telly and half the spanks, Scott was a well-spanked boy with a hot red tail in just a few minutes.  He sobbed a lot but managed not to bawl as had his big brother.  He had kicked enough so that his shorts and briefs had taken flight, nevertheless, Spankman was impressed that he accepted responsibility far better than his older brother.  He decided that corner time was not warranted.

Spankman just said her name and Jewel bust into tears.  Once again Scott surprised the experienced superhero.  He stepped forth again and wrapped a protective arm around his crying little sister.  “Please don’t spank her Spankman.  It was not her fault but mine.  You can spank me again.” and once again he approached the spanker’s side ready to bend over once again.

Spankman was choked up with emotion because of his bravery and chivalry.  He took a minute to respond.  “But remember no more climbing on stools and no more cookie snatching.” and just as suddenly as he came he left before the boy could respond.

The End of the Collection

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