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The following story is fiction about spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. 

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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This is a fourteen part series and there are links are at the end of each but you may jump to any.

  1.  The Spanko and the Author
  2.  The Spanko and the Lifeguard
  3.  The Spanko and the Masked Man
  4.  The Spanko and His Uncle
  5.  The Spanko and the Evil Teacher
  6.  The Spanko and the Bullying Shopper
  7.  The Spanko and the Foursome
  8.  The Spanko and the CEO
  9.  The Spanko and the Teacher
  10.  The Spanko and the Creep
  11.  The Spanko and the School Crossing Guard
  12.  The Spanko and the Office Slacker
  13.  The Spanko and the Krampus
  14.  The Spanko and the Trouble Maker
  15.  The Spanko and the Hypocrite
  16.  The Spanko and the Obscene Heckler

You may change the following names in the story to enhance your reading pleasure. 

The young top spanko
The older bottom spanko
The diminutive of the bottom's name
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The Spanko and the Author


Edgar Sidney Pittam was a spanko.  He had been a spanko since he was a little boy although he knew nothing about such an appellation.  He first discovered his love of spanking shortly after he got out of three-cornered pants when he was playing house with other kids.  Edgar sat through many tea parties that the girls demanded and lost his pants just like all the other boys did when the girls insisted on being angry mommies and that their naughty boys needed spankings.

Edgar did not particularly like being the naughty boy but absolutely loved watching the girls spank another boy imaging that he was the spanker.  He would have been hard pressed to describe that situation except to say “I like that.”  This difference manifested itself as he got older.  As other boys his age dropped out of these girls’ games he was happy to continue playing especially as now he got to be the strict daddy who got to spank the naughty kid who was generally younger and usually a boy.  Before he was nine-years-old it would be fair to say he was a “spanko top”.

Edgar had to give up playing house before he was ten because of peer pressure but this lead to better things.  Now many of his all-boy games involved bets and the payoff was in spanks on the bare butted loser.  He was not as happy losing as winning but there were often several boys in the games so he was a watcher which was far better than being a loser but not, naturally, nearly as good as being the spanking winner.

Edgar would even dream about his favorite scenario although the background would vary.

It was a group game with a half dozen boys.  He was the winner and joyfully yelled “That’s it, LOSER!  Time to pay the piper, Loser.  Get your Loser’s ass over here.” and he would sit on a bench or rock or log or whatever was available where they were playing.© YLeeCoyote

The Loser would then present himself and Edgar would open the Loser’s belt and pants and pull them down to his ankles.  This would be done slowly to prolong the savoring of the act.  Then the second best part of slowly pulling down Loser’s underpants to his knees.  And then the final preparation step – pulling the Loser over his lap.

Then the absolutely very best part – the SPANKING.  Edgar would give the sacrificial butt a rub and a few love pats before starting the spanking.  That he would do most enthusiastically before the actual butt roasting always anticipating the changes he was about to make.  He would carefully count each spank ordained by the game’s outcome to avoid the penalty of turn about as he savored the Loser’s bottom showing his handprints and then turning pink and, if he was lucky, even bright red.

One thing he wished was that he could spank harder.  The others had objected to overly harsh spanking so he had to keep to moderate spanks.

It started when he was a tween and was a certainty when he became a teen that this dream (or variation) would assure that he awoke with a rock hard dick in the morning.

Edgar also like to read – books about kids who were spanked.  They were mostly old time books and many based on fairy tails as these were times when kids were spanked much more often then in the present day.  There was one series of books by a current author in the mix.  Edgar had the complete collection of Rudolph Longstaff’s books on his shelf.  Although the books were all set differently after a couple of years he realized that the major spanked boy character was always named Micky.

By the time he was fourteen, Edgar realized several things about himself.  Among these things were that he liked to spank and that the few targets he had were too small.  If he had known the word ‘spanko’ he certainly would have thought «That’s me!»

When he was in junior high school Edgar was constantly looking at male butts everywhere and thinking how teriffic it would be to get to spank each and everyone of them.  He was disappointed when he realized that could never happen except, as the saying goes, “In your dreams, boy, in your dreams.”  As he got older his ideal spanking target also changed from peers to older high school guys to college guys and finally adult men.  That worked well for dreams but he doubted such a reality would occur until he was of age.  Of course, he could still dream.

* * * * * * * * * *

One day Edgar noticed someone moving into the ‘little house on the funny shaped lot’ as he made his way home after school.  He waved at the new neighbor as he went past certain that he was super busy with the movers and did not have time to talk.  A couple of days later when he was passing with his lawn mower he was hailed and discovered he had a new client albeit a half size one since the lot, like the house, was quite small.

A couple of hours later he was in the little house getting paid and chatting over a cold soda with the new neighbor.  He was amazed by all the books filling the many bookcases.  He learnt that Mr. Michael Mullen was an author and also liked to read.  When he looked more closely he saw that the books were, as one would expect, for adults.  However, there was an exception for on a separate shelf was the full collection by Rudolph Longstaff.  When he turned and gave his host a puzzled look he got a response.  “Those are mine.”

“But they are all yours.” he said puzzled waving at the many books.

“Those are mine as I wrote them.  Rudolph Longstaff is my pen name.”

“I have them all and been reading them for half my life.” said Edgar which would have warmed the cockles of any author’s heart.  “I wish that I had a friend like Micky for I would keep his bottom HOT like happens repeatedly in every book.”

“I’m so happy that you read and like my books.  It sounds like you like spanking.”

“Yeah!  It’s ever so exciting.  It’s even like that when I read all those wonderful details you write about spankings.  I wish I could spank more but it has become hard to find anyone to spank.”  Edgar paused and then dared to ask “You like spanking also?” recalling the long descriptions of spanking in the books.

“There is more than spanking in my books.” Rudolph/Michael replied evasively.

“Yeah – but the spankings are the absolutely very best part.  I especially love how Micky tells about them.  That’s what makes me want to have Micky over my lap and spank him.”

“That a nice complement, Edgar.  All authors want to get their readers engaged.”

“Michael you really do that when Micky describes his spankings.” encouraged Edgar but suddenly he had a revelation.  “OH!  I see it now.  Micky is the diminutive of Michael!  You are writing about yourself.”  Michael blushed deeply at that.  “I’ll bet you want to be spanked like Micky.”

There was a great silence like time had stopped.  Michael, a.k.a. Micky, was frozen.  His mind reeled that this boy had divined his secret.  Would he blab it to the world?  Or what?  Edgar was likewise frozen in the time bubble.  He wondered if he had found someone like himself into spanking and wonderfully a spankee rather than a spanker.

The bubble burst for Edgar first.  He knew the formula that was in each of the books several times.  He grabbed Micky’s hand and led him to the couch saying “Micky you have been a very naughty boy.  Now you will pay the price.”  Edgar sat on the couch and pulled the oversized boy over his lap.  He was delighted that the man did not resist.

Edgar raised his hand and started to spank the huge bottom before him.  Spank after spank rained down on the target.  He did manage to do some admonishing as he spanked.  “You have been a very naughty boy, Micky.”  “Let this spanking teach you a lesson, Micky.”

After a few spanks, Edgar grabbed the waistband of the butt covering sweat pants and yanked them down baring the target.  He then resumed spanking the first adult butt he ever had to pleasure dealing with.  It wasn’t long before Edgar wished that he had an implement to protect his hand but he hadn’t any warning to prepare so he had to stop prematurely.

Edgar how pulled up the sweat pants he had pulled down and helped Rudolph up.  The two spankos did not know what to say for a while so that time freezing bubble reappeared.  The younger one was fearing a rebuke was pleasantly surprised when he got a “Thank you.  I needed that.” from the man.

A happy discussion followed and they agreed that they should repeat things albeit with better preparation soon.  Edgar’s favorite dream metamorphosed to incorporate an adult spankee and a mess of implements.

* * * * * * * * * *

The two quickly found that they were well matched and Edgar visited his new neighbor frequently to redden his tail and to experiment with new variations.  When the next Rudolph Longstaff epic came out, Edgar was delighted to get a signed copy pre-publication date.  He was even more delighted when he read the spanking scenes for they had improved thanks to his interactions with the author.

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