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The following story is fiction about corporal punishment.  The story contains a scene of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the eleventh in the series and you can find the first at The Spanko and the Author  They are best read in order as addition background is developed in each.  In this story the narrator is only a tween rather than a midteen as in the others making it a prequel of sorts.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Spanko and the School Crossing Guard


This happened a long time ago when I was a mere tween in the fifth grade.  It was my first spanking experience outside of childish games with friends.  After school dismissal I would head home like everyone does.  Most of the others would be getting on those horrid yellow school buses but some of us walked home.  Almost 80 percent headed west and 80 percent of the easterners went north although a few of us went south.

It was a pleasant walk alongside a city park until we got to the one required crossing and the one with a crossing guard.  Unlike the westside crossings this was a very low traffic crossing and did not even rate a traffic light.  The guard was one of several high school seniors.  It was not unusual for there not to be any traffic for the big kid in his uniform of a white bandoleer and holding the octagonal stop sign to stop while we crossed.

Of the five guys in the patrol four of them were fine with this.  They moved into the middle of the crossing, watched for traffic while we crossed without any waiting.  Then there was Nellinger.  He was different.  He was a jerk.  He would not allow us to cross until a car came that he could force to stop holding up that magical sign that gave him POWER over adults.

I thought about just dashing across but the school was strict and the jerk was sure to report me.  That meant trouble which was not a good thing.  I searched for another way.  I thought of an answer after several days.

The next time he was on duty and I got to the crossing Nellinger stopped me until there was traffic he could be in command of.  I objected and he told me “Shut up, little boy.  You’ll wait until I say you can cross.”  (Gosh, he did not even know the difference between ‘may’ and ‘can’.)© YLeeCoyote

I was not having any of this.  I should explain that he is a short pudgy jerk.  I just grabbed his ear.  He had little choice but to follow me over to the bench on the outside of the park.  He was panting by the time we got there because he had to run to keep up.  “Stop.” and “Let me go.” was all he could manage to say.  Naturally, I ignored his nonsense and yanked open his belt.  His chinos were below his belly and I easily yanked them down.  He was horrified and howled.

I pulled him over my lap and grabbed the waistband of his TW’s and pulled hard.  He did not react much to the wedgie but it did bare his ass checks. «What a big target!» I thought.  I pounded away as hard as I could.  It was wonderful watching my handprints form in pink and turn red.  Soon they merged into solid red.  Nellinger was still howling.  I lectured as I spanked to be sure that the pinhead got the message.

I stopped spanking after the baby was crying.  I got him off my lap and he immediately reached for his pants to pull them up.  It was clear why he had not howled when I gave him the wedgie for there was little in his briefs.

When he was dressed and wiped his tears on his sleeves, I reminded him that he had better not make us wait for traffic any more.  He found his stop sign and returned to his post.  There wasn’t any traffic so he dashed out into the middle of the street and waved a few kids across.  I was in that bunch.

“Thanks Redbutt.” one of the fourth graders in the group mocked to his shame and my delight.

I was certain that he would not report this as it would make public that a mere fifth grader spanked a big high school senior.  That surely would be most shameful and make him a laughing stock.

I, OTOH, was extremely happy with the event.

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