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The following story is fiction about corporal punishment.  The story contains a scene of a strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the twelfth in the series and you can find the first at The Spanko and the Author  They are best read in order as addition background is developed in each.

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The Spanko and the Office Slacker


It had not been Edgar’s plan to work during the winter break but Mr. Oliver Seaton called him in mid-November asking him to fill-in.  The current office boy was going on a family trip and he needed a replacement for a couple of weeks.  It was the same job he had during the past summer so he did not need any training.  Edgar quickly accepted and was delighted that he’ll make some money without fiercely competing for snow shoveling jobs if it actually snowed and they materialized.

On the day of office holiday party Edgar was all dressed up as an elf.  He was to assist Mr. Claus (played by the boss himself) in distributing gifts to the employees. Everyone was surprised that Mr. Seaton was not early as he normally was but then there was a message of explanation.  His wife had gone into labor a couple of weeks early and he was at the hospital with her.  He insisted (ordered?) that the party should go on with the elf filling in for the jolly fat man following the prepared script.

The party commenced at two and then the company gift giving at three.  To set the mood Edgar, the elf, carried in a traditional gift sack, shouted “Ho, ho ho.” and set up for business as planned.  Actually the gifts were already stacked and readily available.  He started with an announcement: “Our wonderful and generous employer Mr. Oliver Seaton has prepared year-end gifts for us all and even what should be said to each of us.”  There was applause from the happy workers.  “He has designated me to distribute them and read the prepared comments.”

The distribution was as in past years except that there was a trim elf rather than a bloated red-suited old man doing the presentations.  The critical bits – the words, the gifts and the annual bonuses – were all the usual stuff.  Well, until it was Mr. Hertel’s turn.

It was only a few seconds into the blurb that Edgar was reading that it was obvious something was different about the presentation for Mr. Hertel.  As all the others had, he was required to open the gift but the bonus envelope was still in the elf’s hand.  The gift, in a box that was like a tie box, was unusual for it was a strap.  A heavy black leather strap about ​two inches​ (​five cm​) wide and ​sixteen inches​ (​forty cm​) long.  Everyone was confounded by it.© YLeeCoyote

Edgar read the instructions.  “Please give me the strap and after lowering your pants bend over the table for eight cuts for your frequently unacceptable conduct and under par performance this year.  You will receive your bonus envelope after that strapping.”

The confounding was increased as everyone anxiously awaited what would unfold.  Edgar was personally extremely excited.  He loved spanking and strapping older men and this was an unexpected surprise.  The horrid thought that Mr. Hertel would flee passed through his mind as a terrible possibility.  Like all the others he waited for Mr. Hertel to hand him the strap or protest.  The group was silent with expectation as in days of yore when an errant boy was called to the front of the class for a trashing.

It seemed like hours before Mr. Hertel handed the elf the strap and opened his belt.  It was another age before he dropped his pants exposing his garish seasonally decorated boxers.  Slowly he got into position.  As he desperately needed the bonus and the job he decided to accept this humiliation.

The elf walked to the proper position and read the script. Before finding his position, he yanked the fancy boxers down, knowing that spanking are only on bare bottoms.  Once he was ready, up went the strap and then back down quickly to strike the target hard.  Mr. Hertel reacted but managed to suppress the yell he wanted to scream.  “One.” said Edgar.

The strap was raised and lowered forcefully several more times and Mr. Hertel broke and yelled on the fifth cut.  Most were delighted that the elf had prevailed.  He repeated the howl another three times – once for each additional blow.  “That is the specified eight.  You may get up now, Mr. Hertel.” said Edgar, wishing he could continue with the strap rather than with just words.  “I, er, Mr. Seaton expects improvement in your work and attitude.”

Mr. Hertel quickly snatched the bonus envelope from Edgar’s hand and dashed off to the bus stop unable to bear the shame.  He was disappointed in the small bonus and decided to intensify his job search.  But at least for the nonce he was employed and now had the cash to get his car from the repair shop.

Edgar continued with the rest of the gifts although there was much murmuring in the group and he had to ask for order a couple of times.  The rest of the gifts were routine just as the early ones had been.  After the distribution was complete there was one intense discussion about the unusual but exciting event.

Edgar was very happy with the day for he got to do his favorite thing in public. He was also very glad that he had worn a jockstrap under the elf tights which concealed his arousal from the others.

Just before quitting time Mr. Seaton happily called to announce that his wife and he were the happy parents of a small, but thankfully healthy child.

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