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The following story is fiction about consensual spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the second in the series and you can find the first at The Spanko and the Author  They are best read in order as addition background is developed in each.

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The Spanko and the Lifeguard


As Edgar became a teen he realized some important facts about society.  The first was that guys wore pants that were loose, unlike the girls who wore them so tight that it appeared their pants were sprayed on.  Thus it was usually hard to discern his favorite and most wonderful feature of the male anatomy.  He also realized that there was one place where male butts were on full display.  That was at swimming pools and especially their associated locker rooms.

He yearned for the fabled days when males, both men and boys, swam nude with all on display.  Those days were, alas, long past.  He would have to settle for the current situation.  Of course, even in the swimming pool there were two groups.  Some wore disgustingly baggy shorts that hid everything of interrest and the others very skimpy brief sorts of swim wear.  Those he could happily and safely watch in the pool without risk.

Many a night after enjoying the plethora male tails by day, Edgar would spend time fantasizing spanking each and everyone one.  This gave him great relief from his adolescent horniness and kept tissue makers very busy.

Of course, he wished he could actually spank many of those much admired butts.  Unfortunately, he could not simply ask “May I have the pleasure of spanking you?” as that did not conform to the rules of society.

There was often ass-slapping happening when there was a gaggle of youths who knew each other as boys often like to tease.  Whenever such display occurred Edgar was thrilled for he could easily imagine that the handprints on various tails were his.  He was very fearful of watching too much as he could be set upon as a pervert.  Edgar hadn’t any desire to be attacked by a group and get pummeled and whacked excessively while being called foul names.© YLeeCoyote

Edgar also observed that there was another kind of bottom whacking happening.  Swimming instructors often gave their pupils whacks on their bottoms both for good and bad behavior.  That gave him the idea that maybe he could be a swimming instructor but they were always much older guys in their twenties or thirties.

Among all the instructors there was one who seemed to slap ass a lot more than the others.  That one was Gene who was one of the lifeguards.  He also found similar cause to slap the rear ends of boys around the pool.  Also there seemed to be something different about his slaps that took Edgar a very long time to work out.

His slaps were half-hearted!  Maybe they were wishful thinking and he wanted to be spanked.  Edgar found that to be a most exciting idea.  Gene was almost thirty but still in excellent shape with a rear that shouted loud and clear: “SPANK ME!” to Edgar.

It wasn’t a well-thought out plan.  It wasn’t even a plan.  However, one day Edgar had just changed into his swim suit in an otherwise empty aisle of the locker room.  He had just bent over to pick up a sneaker when Gene came by.  Then came the explosion for Gene gave Edgar a slap on his accidentally presented tail.

Edgar had a super fast response like a reflex action.  He had one of his sneakers in his hand and he instantly stood up, turned and WHACKED Gene’s butt hard.  “What do you mean by whacking me?” he demanded indignantly.  “You’re always going around giving people spanks.”

Gene remained silent because he was in shock which allowed Edgar to continue.

“You don’t have the right hit anyone.  You should be severely SPANKED to teach you proper manners.”

“I’m sorry.  It’s all in fun.  Nobody has ever complained before.” said a red-faced, embarrassed Gene.

“Well it’s about time.  Spanking is a serious business.  I will show you.  BEND OVER and lean on that bench.” retorted Edgar surprising even himself.

When Gene complied the surprised but very pleased Edgar used the sneaker like a British Boarding School Perfect with a plimsoll.  “Six of the best, boy.” he said and very happily whacked away.  Each WHACK echoed in the room and excited him more so he couldn’t stop.

“Get going now, boy.” he said and Gene skedaddled.  Edgar sat and tried to collect his thoughts although he was now sporting a large bulge in his Speedo.  He wasn’t sure what had come over him.  Would he be banned from his favorite place was his immediate worry.  After a while he decided to face the music and went out to the pool.

Gene was atop his throne.  Edgar approached intent on apologizing however badly but was surprised by Gene’s comment: “You swing a mean sneaker, Edgar.”

“Thank you.” he replied automatically to the compliment, as he was taught.  And then impulsively he added “Anytime.  Anytime.” and escaped into the water before he could get into more trouble and to try to sort things out.  He quickly realized he had two questions.  First, was he in trouble?  Second, did Gene want or need to be spanked?

Since nothing happened to indicate that he was in trouble, as time passed he let that worry fade away.  Now he could concentrate on whether Gene shared his spanking fantasies or not.  It was when they met in the shower a little later that things became clearer.  “You swing a mean slipper, Edgar.  Perhaps you‘re interested in trading whacks?”

“Thanks.  But I’m not interested in trading but I really do love to give.  It is said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

“That’s most interesting.  Would you like to discuss it in a more private setting?”

Edgar nearly fainted but quickly recovered saying “That would be most interesting.”  They worked out a time a couple of days later and a place.  Both were excited and unsure of what would happen.

They met in the city park.  They agreed to say they were talking about being a lifeguard should anyone question what they were doing.  Of course, they were trying to learn exactly what the other was about with spanking.  It was not long before they stopped beating about the bush and got to it since they had a cover story.  Edgar quickly told how he developed into liking to spank from his kiddy games.  It was harder for Gene to admit that he liked being spanked but rarely found a spanker.

They agreed that they were a match and that the few spanks in the locker room were adequate testing for both sides.  It was a few days later that an excited Edgar was ringing Gene’s doorbell.

In just a few minutes they got down to business.  The basic sturdy kitchen chair was now centered in the middle of the living room.  Edgar sat on it and patted his lap saying “Come here naughty one.  It is time to get your just deserts.”

Gene docilely stood in front of Edgar who proceeded to open and lower his pants.  Then he lay on the youth’s lap.  Edgar looked at the extremely spankable posterior that seemingly looked back repeatedly yelling “SPANK ME!”  He most happily obliged starting with his hand in the most traditional manner.  If it had been dark, it would have been a rapid fire succession of hard spanks but the light allowed Edgar to admire the changes taking place so he spanked slowly to savor it more.

Unfortunately Gene’s tushie was tougher than his hand so he switched to the flip-flop and started spanking with that.  It was far better at least from the spanker’s POV for hard, effective spanks came easily.  The spankee’s POV was that the spanks were now ten times harder.  There is something about being spanked OTK that makes it hard to resist feeling like a little kid and submitting to the spanker.  Gene quickly gave up and just suffered the painful spanking as his butt was set ablaze.

They were both most pleased that they had interacted and planned for many more repeat meetings.

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