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The following story is fiction about consensual spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the third in the series and you can find the first at The Spanko and the Author They are best read in order as addition background is developed in each.

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The Spanko and the Masked Man


Our teen spanko, Edgar, was always on the look out for men he could spank.  It was a difficult quest for he could not just grab them like a child molester would with his (or her) more powerful muscles nor would they docilely report like an errant high school boy to the vice principal for a whacking.  There had to be consent.  For the most part he had to content himself with other teens usually with some sort of bet payoff which was not always to his liking.

Then one happy day he discovered a chat group where the topic was SPANKING.  It was fan-fucking-tastic!  The group met twice a week and thanks to an e-mail friend he was able join.  It was great to be able to key in his spanking thoughts and read those of others without any risk of disapproval.  Since the primary hope of the members was to met for some spanking play it was restricted to men in just a small region.  Edgar realized that he would have to ‘exaggerate’ his age in order to join.

Edgar carefully studied the profile of everyone to try to find those who hinted at liking younger tops.  That was rare for almost all of the under thirties were looking for older “Daddies” who would spank their naughty little boys.  There were a few bottoms who were open to “all ages” and he concentrated on these.

The most promising candidate, with the screen name, Mr. X, was pretty secretive about personal details because, he said, of his professional situation.  What was greatly in his favor was that he lived in the same county and liked it hard with strap and paddle.  That was something Edgar had not yet experienced in his previous encounters but was very anxious to try.  Just the thought made his dick very hard and demanding.

The chat histories archive provided a treasure trove of exciting information about everyone.  Soon he knew the phrases and situations that punched Mr. X’s buttons.  The more he used them nicely in context the more Mr. X. responded to him.  Edgar felt like a fisherman who had hooked THE BIG ONE and now had to carefully play the line to haul in the big prize.© YLeeCoyote

The two of them chatted a lot and not always in public.  Several times they roleplayed.  Mr. X. suggested the scenario of a delinquent youth sent to the vice principal for a paddling.  That suited Edgar perfectly.  He had always been excited hearing the other guys tell of their experiences and had even suffered through it once himself.

E:  OK.  Roleplay time.  You’re Smith with a chit at the VP’s office.

M:  <Knocks with trepidation.>

E:  <Bellows> Enter.

M:  <Enters>

E:  You again Smith.  What did you do this time?  Give me the chit.  <Reads>  Not very nice, Smith.  Copying test answers.  Do you have anything to say?

M:  No, Sir.

E:  Then it will be six pops with the paddle

M:  <Thinks: Just what I expected.>

E:  …on the bare.

M:  <Gasps> <Wisely withholds objections.>

E:  Get on the marks and drop your jeans and undies.  Assume the position holding your ankles.  <Pickups up the heavy hard wood fraternity paddle and tested it ever so gently against his hand.>  <Finds the right position and taps Smith’s bare butt.>  <Thinks: going to enjoy turning that upturned rump into the fiery pain center of all time.>  <Tenting trousers>  <Raises the paddle and brings it crashing down on the target.> <huge smile>

M:  <Gasps from the pain.>

E:  <Smiles> <Raises the heavy paddle for another hard whack> WHACK!

M:  <More of tail turns red and painful.>

E:  <Repeats the action as the target rump turns completely red and showing signs of glowing.>

M:  <Pops four and five were most painful>  <Almost jumped up and grabbed flaming checks.>

E:  <Hopes that he would break position but he did not.>

M:  Howl. <for sixth pop.>

E:  OK, get up and dress, Smith, and get out of here.

M:  <Dresses quickly> <Bolts like a flushed rabbit and runs to the john to inspect the damage and to try to get some relief from the cold porcelain.>

E:  That was fun.  :)

M:  Yes it was.

The meeting was set for Sunday afternoon.  Edgar’s parents were scheduled to visit friends so he could meet without explanations.  Mr. X. set the meeting place in an old abandoned barn just outside the city limits which would provide lots of room and the essential privacy.  Edgar figured he could cycle there in less than a half hour.  “Bring that strap you talked about.  It would be perfect.” Edgar ordered.  “It knows your butt and will do the job best, boy.”

Edgar got there early to check things out and decide what would work.  Mr. X. arrived on time and came in wearing a mask like the Lone Ranger.

When Edgar greeted him he apologized for the mask.  Then he commented that Edgar was underage and to forget it.

“Not to worry about that.  We are not getting into sex which would make you a statuary rapist but just a little bit of discipline.  Now give me the strap, Vice Principal Rubrake and you can lose the mask.”

It was just chance that Edgar knew him.  Several times he had seen the man when his school Jefferson High played Mr. X.’s school Lincoln High in another town.

“Now strip and get over that saw horse for your paddling, you insolent brat.” Edgar barked in his most commanding voice.

The VP hesitated.  “Don’t even think of leaving for that will make me very angry and talkative.  Strip and get into position.  NOW!”  This time the man obeyed.  As the action got closer Edgar got more excited.

Edgar paused to contemplate the hairy, flabby butt he was about to spank.  He carefully studied the strap and gave it a few practice swings.  There wasn’t any time to really test it out but it was essentially just a heavy belt which he was very familiar with.

“Rubrake you are getting twelve cuts for your disgraceful conduct insulting Ms. Eliott who is a most genteel lady.” and then he raised the strap and brought it down hard on target.  It made a most satisfactory WHACK and left a beautiful red stripe on the target thrilling Edgar.

Edgar repeated the action and the results were the same.  After a few cuts Rubrake was distressed but Edgar continued for the allotted dozen.  He made Rubrake wait a bit before giving permission to rise.

“Next time it will be more, Rubrake.  Understand, boy?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And you already have ten demerits so a couple of more will get you another session with the strap.  Understand, boy?”

“Yes, sir.”

Edgar got his bike and left most satisfied with the events of the day.  He was absolutely elated that he had strapped an actual Vice Principal who regularly (and frequently unjustly) strapped real youths.  He was sure this day would provide a lot and entertainment as he relived it time after time.

After jerking off several times at home he was anxious for another session with the man.

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