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The following story is fiction about school CP.  The story contains scenes of paddlings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the fifth in the series and you can find the first at The Spanko and the Author  They are best read in order as addition background is developed in each.

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The Spanko and the Evil Teacher


It was just a chance occurrence that Friday after the final bell.  Edgar had gotten into a deep and long discussion with the art teacher and was leaving late.  He was in the lavatory to tend to a very urgent call of nature when some jocks came in.  It was obvious that they were jocks because of how they talked.  “Will you be able to play tomorrow, Rex?” was the first comment he heard.

“Hell, yeah.  Lachermeier did a real number on my butt but I’ll be able to play.”

That was quickly followed by “Let’s see what the bastard did to your ass, Rex.” from another jock that his ears pricked up and he started to listen very carefully.

“You’re going to have marks for more than a week.” said another.

“And the Fuck groped me as well while he had me over his desk.” added Rex obviously unhappy.  Then Edgar heard them peeing and hoped that they would finish up quickly and leave.  Being discovered would not be healthy.  He put his ear buds in so they would assume he had been listening to music and not to them as a precaution.  He waited three minutes and hurried out of the building happy that they were not hanging about.© YLeeCoyote

Edgar knew Lachermeier and his classroom for he had him for history also.  The man was very authoritarian, rigid and frequently found reasons to paddle guys in class.  It was always bend over the desk and get two to five hard pops from a big paddle with the class watching.  His damn paddle was bigger than the one the Coach used on the senior jocks.

It must have been something else – something harsher – that made the jocks upset for they surely could have taken that sort of paddling without even flinching.  Edgar had heard rumors that sometime Lachermeier did paddlings after the last period so that must have been when it surely happened.

Edgar thought about things.  If it was just a matter of reporting Lachermeier it would have happened already.  One must get proof positive to get the pervert sacked quickly before he could get revenge.  And if one could do that, then maybe even roast his worthless tail as well.  Edgar set his mind to the task.  A task that would be very pleasant indeed.

The problem quickly resolved to its basics.  Proof required pictures.  Pictures required a camera that was hidden.  Where could a spycam be hidden?  Light fixtures or the air duct vents would be great but they were too high to reach and hauling a ladder about would attract much unwanted attention.  Perhaps in a front row student desk inside but that could easily be discovered when it was used by another student.  The student’s knee space perhaps but that would require a hole in the front which would be easily spotted.

After a while the solution came to Edgar.  The recently added internet wiring had a large junction box on the window wall near the floor.  It would be easy to open and hide stuff.  It had many vent holes and even had electrical power.  With the help of a geek friend Edgar soon had an acceptable spycam hidden in the box that watched the space in front of the desk and was remotely controllable.  He was ready.

Over the next week his cam had captured five in-class paddlings.  They were barely within the rules although harsh.  Then he got the jackpot.  It was about twenty minutes after the final bell that things got very interesting.  Trachsel, a varsity senior jock came in and asked Lachermeier.  “Sir, if I take this paddling then I don’t get those detentions for a week?”

“Right.  Now get on the spot and drop your jeans, Trachsel.” replied Lachermeier.  Then he rubbed the youth’s butt.  “This is soon going to be blazing red hot, boy.”  Then he reached around to the front and added “And this is going to be drooping.”  The sadistic teacher even laughed.  “Now bend over and stay put.”

Edgar could hardly believe it all.  Even before the first pop there was enough to get him fired several times over.

Then came the paddling.  Lachermeier swung his oversized paddle with a vengeance.  He kept at it for ten fierce whacks.  The tough jock who probably got a lot from the coach reacted to the extreme pain with yells and groans.  Lachermeier even took a couple of snapshots with his phone for a souvenir.  Trachsel pulled up his jeans – carefully – and left.

It took a couple of days to set everything up for the retribution.  Lachermeier got an email late in his break period.  “It had a secure link to the video and an order to be in his classroom after the last period to discuss not sharing it with the administration.  Be sure your oversize paddle is on your desk.”

Lachermeier was horrified.  He knew that his career would be ruined if things became known to the administration.  Thus he did not have a choice.  His mind kept jumping between how did they get the video and what would they demand.

Shortly after the last bell Edgar entered the classroom and locked the door.  He was wearing a long hood that was reminiscent of a burqa along with an ubiquitous school T-shirt and jeans to hide his identity.  Silently, he handed Lachermeier a paper.


Lachermeier realizing that he did not have a choice compiled.  Edgar was most delighted.  He picked up the oversized paddle and saw that it had holes to reduce air resistence which was another violation.  He found the proper spot.  He raised and swung the wicked thing and was most delighted with the resounding WHACK and the red stripe forming.  The yelp was pure music to his ears.

Edgar continued to paddle the evil man.  Each hard WHACK gave him great pleasure as the yells got louder and the butt hotter, redder and more swollen.  When he had finished, he just stopped and pointed to the door.  The order was clear for Lachermeier pulled up his pants and rushed out with his eyes dripping.  He was obvious that he was in great pain.

Edgar quickly retrieved the spycam as soon as his geek friend indicated that Lachermeier was gone.  Then they left mixing with the other students so that Lachermeier could not pick them out.

Soon the principal was studying the first video.  It was immediately clear that Lachermeier was violating many rules and should be immediately dismissed.  That he handled the genitals and took a picture of buttocks of a minor could indicate that he might have child porn also.  He shared with the school district’s attorney.

The authorities moved quickly for in the morning Lachermeier was directed to the Principal when he reported to work.  The search warrant that the DA had gotten let them find a mess of hot red butts images on his cell phone which confirmed the authentically of the video.

The sudden departure of Lachermeier was great news to many of the students especially those who had suffered at his hands (or should we say vicious paddles?).

Edgar would relish watching the second video of him paddling Lachermeier for many years.

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