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The following story is fiction about a consensual tawsing.  The story contains scenes of tawsing.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the eighth in the series and you can find the first at The Spanko and the Author They are best read in order as addition background is developed in each.  Please note that the CEO in this story is the golfer with the tawse in the previous one.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Spanko and the CEO


It was a month after the golf season had ended that I heard from Mr. Birckhead.  He admitted that he had more questions about the tawse than were answered on the last golf round and asked it I was interested in helping him find the answers.  I was elated at the prospects.  I did not care if he just wanted to bend over for me and get his rump roasted or compare reality to the stories that his father had told him his experiences.  I could not restrain myself and answered within the hour.  I also began my research project – learning about the tawse and its effects – immediately.

We met in his office on a Sunday when he knew we would have total privacy.  He even turned on the security alarm once we were inside so that we would hear anyone enter.  On the links I noticed that he was always very direct and never beat about the bush so I asked him straight out what he wanted to investigate.  “Is it how it feels with various contacts or perhaps the reports you got from your father about your grandfather’s use?  Or something else, Mr. Birckhead.”

“You’re very direct, Edgar, which I had not noticed before which I like.  I think it is some of both actually.  Although my father felt this very tawse on his rear, hands and more he did not ever use it on me although he told me many tales.  I would like to feel what he did and perhaps more.” he explained.

“The original use was on hands but there is the risk of injury so I would not like to do that more than once and only if you insist.  The more modern use is on the buttocks like a cane or a paddle perhaps with some overflow to the thighs.  That is safe unless done to great excess.” I said to explain my position.  “You sure don’t want to go to a doctor and have to explain anything.”

Mr. Birckhead explained that he wanted to experience the strap (his granddad’s term) much as his father had.  “What I felt that first time was not nearly as severe as Dad told me about.”© YLeeCoyote

I think that there are several factors for that based on the reports on the web that I read.

Mr. Birckhead smiled.  You have done your homework, Edgar.  We can’t do much about the last three although you can for the first.

“I agree, Sir.  May I suggest a vigorously applied six to your bare rump to get a true indication of the effect with a second set if you don’t get up in a starter session.”  He agreed and then I further proposed that we wrap it in a scenario to add some emotion.  The most obvious is reporting to your father in his den or to the high school vice principal.

We decided on the school scene and I wrote up a ‘chit’ to give me when he came to my office.  I sat behind his desk while he stepped outside and knocked.

“ENTER.” I roared.

“Birckhead.  You again.” and reached for the chit.  After reading it I continued with “Pushing freshmen around is quite unacceptable, young man.  Have you anything to say for yourself?”

“No, Sir.”

“This is the third time this term so it is twelve.  Drop your pants and undies and bend over the chair.”  I watched with delight as he got into position and then with the tawse in my hand found my proper spot.  I raised it and brought it down hard on his upturned butt.  It was harder than what I did after the golf game.  In just seconds the red stripe was forming and I noticed that he had flinched.

I continued after a few seconds and delivered the second cut.  Things continued as expected.  After the sixth, I announced the count and that we were halfway through.  This was to allow him time to stop if he wished to as per the earlier agreement.  He stayed in position so I continued and gave him the second set of six at full strength.  His tail was bright red and swollen.  I thought that he would have some marks for a while.

“Get up, Birckhead, and get dressed.”

He took his time getting dressed with a batch of rubbing.  “That sure smarts, Edgar.  I’m beginning to appreciate my father’s stories or perhaps reports would be a better word.”

We got some drinks from the machines and chatted a while about what we just did before heading back home.

It was a great day certainly for me and I believe for Mr. Birckhead also I doubt that he will be interested in repeats but perhaps something a bit different.  Time will tell.

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