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The following story is fiction about consensual paddling. The story contains scenes of a paddlings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the ninth in the series and you can find the first at The Spanko and the Author They are best read in order as addition background is developed in each.

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The Spanko and the Teacher


It was when Mr. Ramwell was being helped by a couple of his students to clean up the storage room that the box was found at the bottom of the pile, in the back corner where it had migrated to over the years.

Mr. Ramwell’s expression changed when one of them said “It’s labeled ‘Duskin’”.

“Who was Duskin?” asked Edgar.

“Mr. Duskin was a wonderful teacher.  This was his classroom when I was a student like you guys are now.  It was shortly after I graduated that tragically he was run down by a drunk.  Everyone attended his funeral but he was without family.  I guess they packed up his stuff but apparently no one came to take it.” the teacher said sadly.

The tape sealing the box had dried up and had fallen off when they moved the box so they looked inside.  The school records must have gone to the office so it was just ordinary stuff that accumulates in a desk with one exception.  There was a school paddle.  Edgar grabbed that immediately and carefully examined it.© YLeeCoyote

Without realizing it, he automatically evaluated it for use before studying the writing on it.  Like in the old school stories there were several signatures on it, presumably of the students after they had the honor of feeling its licks.  “You were the last to sign this Mr. Ramwell.” he said with surprise.  “What was it like?”

Having taken the paddle Mr. Ramwell was fondling it gently as he recalled the day of interest.  “I was a junior and it was the last day before the winter recess.  I had gotten into some forgettable argument with another guy and we were both getting paddled for our physicality by our homeroom teachers.  It was the last period change of the day.  He did not paddle very hard but the pops were painful.  Just as I had gotten lick two of six the fire alarm sounded.  No way to know if it was a prank or real so it was immediate evacuation.

“It was cold, but safe, outside.  When the fire department declared it a prank we were let back in to get our stuff and then had to rush back out to get our buses home.  It was a different world when we returned.  The no corporal punishment law had taken effect with the new year.  Mr. Duskin could not finish the paddling but he had me sign it as the last awardee.”

“Did you get a detention in lieu of the other four?” asked Greg.

“Nope.” replied Mr. Ramwell, “The matter was closed after I signed the paddle.”

“Then the system owes you four pops.” said Edgar with a shit-eating grin.  “The No CP law only applies to minors.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Not at all.  You don’t want to get to the Pearly Gates owing a debit that could keep you out?  Best to deal with it here and now – quick and easy – rather than the millennia long punishments that reportabledly take place there.”

“After that we can use the paddle for fund raising.  The paddle for the last official paddling will go over big with the alumni.” added Greg.  “It will do even better if your four licks are in class.”

They discussed a lot of possible variations.  In the end it was decided on doing the paddling immediately in the classroom making a recording which could be used to hype an auction on the web.

They set up their smart phones to record the event and gave an introduction explaining all.

Mr. Ramwell then stood in front of his desk, dropped his pants and bent over.  Edgar carefully displayed the paddle, found his spot and showed it was right.  Then he raised up the paddle and WHACK.  The target quickly showed a ​four inch​ (​ten cm​) wide pink area.  The second pop widened that and actually had a red center.

The last two licks finished the job embedding a nice warm red glow into Mr. Ramwell’s butt.  After a few seconds for the video, he pulled up his pants and turned to the camera.  “OK that’s it.  The last official paddling at Union High.  Enter your generous bids to own this unique paddle that was owned and used by the late beloved Mr. Duskin to support your teams here at Union High School.”

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